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  1. 1st Job Shadow Eq

    From Trans WoE ~~ Pretty easy to setup a Trans Woe Guild, recruit ppl, make trans jobs, compete in the WoE.
  2. game doesn't start after Char selection

    What programs do you use that intercepts into the client? o,o any keyboard or mouse programs?
  3. @oyo, try to do one of the task again, either Ian Atnad or memory record player. Once then speak with Aureth.
  4. [Poll] More ways to get Exp?

    @Caphleo, the ones in the Limit HQ gives good amount of Quest EXP which today is 10x compared to before. And gives badges ~~
  5. New items

    Ancient hero series are from where in official? quest or episode?
  6. [Poll] More ways to get Exp?

    @Caphleo, its in Limit HQ.
  7. Pile Bunker P

    Changed Status to Pending
  8. Rebel Awakening HP/SP Mod Update

    this is all i could balance up to for Rebellion, not 100% accurate but whadaheck? @Caphleo, you can test on test server with admin account I updated both oboro reb hp/sp there see if like reasonable accurate to Official <.<
  9. Rebel Awakening HP/SP Mod Update

    @Caphleo any cleaner photo with like all stats 1 and max level 175 sccreenshot?
  10. Rebel Awakening HP/SP Mod Update

    @Caphleo not really higher, should they? can you give me any screenshot of Oboro kagerou max level HP/SP?
  11. Snack Food Exchange System

    I will consider ~~
  12. Rebel Awakening HP/SP Mod Update

    Already fixed Will be added on monday, you can test the HP etc on tests erver. Average improvement by 15k HP i think. @Caphleo hmmm even after my update, I still dont get 18k at max level I have 16k at max level. all stats 1 On the first picutre you have 4988 at level 99 and then 5231 at level 99, how come ? O,o
  13. Ok guys, you can try this npc again <3 It should be fixed now!
  14. game doesn't start after Char selection

    Hi there. Download Use it to uninstall and then reboot PC and try again!