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  1. @SpaceBound, you dont have to show the hat
  2. Changed Status to Fixed
  3. So many talented! I will send out some Happy Easter Balloons, for the already submitted players ~~
  4. Attack ended.

    1. GreatestGuyYoullMeet


      Written on (Apr 4, 2017)
      My connection in LRO is smooth ever since I played in 2009 (1click, no delays) but now it's laggy after that last attack which you've mentioned.. Now it takes 2 secs for my character to move..
      I play in PH and logging in Singapore / Japan Proxies..

      Edited by GreatestGuyYoullMeet
      added date of writing
  5. Hi, we were attacked 4 hours ago, which caused some trouble with connection. (System auto protection were activated 4 hours ago.)


  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Changed Status to Closed
  8. Download AI folder from our download page.
  9. Western Union Update New donation details Receiver First Name: WANGQIONG Receiver Last Name: MAO Receiver City: WenZhou, ZheJiang New WU VIP ratio 50 USD = 45 VIP Coins 100 USD = 90 +5 VIP Coins (95) 200 USD = 180 +20 VIP Coins (200) 300 USD = 270 +35 VIP Coins (305) 500 USD = 450 +65 VIP Coins (515)
  10. 🗡️ New Instance 🌲 Wave Mode - Forest 🐞 Bugfix: 🐱 Catnip Fruit Is A Healing Item 🔫 Shotgun Slug Is Not Consumed
  11. Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Changed Status to Closed
  13. LimitRO Silk WoE #limitro #ragnarokonline #woe
    *Max 24 members in active castle
    *No refined item
    *Fixed usable items
    *All gears rentable
    It's all about your tactics and skills.
    Literally everyone can join, can't be more balanced than this!
    I hope this update will encourage New and Mid players to rise and enter the WoE scene.
    More info: on LimitRO forums
  14. EASTA, EASTA, EASTA!!! ;D I ate like 10 eggs today!

    1. Entity 808

      Entity 808

      Poor eggs

      :P XD



    2. S e n t i m e n t a L

      S e n t i m e n t a L

      Muscle building? 

  15. NPC Easter Egg Collector Location: Asgard Exchange easter eggs into Joyful Easter Egg Shell Alien Egg Shell