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  1. Cannot Click Anything in The Game

    Hi there. Add me on and download teamviewer, I will help you remotely.
  2. Costume Headgear List

    Many New CEs for the tomorrow maintenance <3 Updated the list.
  3. Hi, what is your char named? Did the game load properly?
  4. cant log in

    Hi, add me on Install teamviewer and we can help you remotely.
  5. Coming Changes 2017-12-18

    Monster Released God Quests Okolnir, tested and all works, also made guide in Essential Quest Guides on forums. Wish Maiden in Okolnir drops several equipments. NPC Updated some miss information NPC dialogs for some NPCs. Feature Pet Disabled inside Castle when WoE is on. Bug Fix Added a fix patch to fix the display issue of costume garments on Santa dress and Summer dress.
  6. Limit HQ Part 1

    Limit HQ About Limit HQ stands for Limit Headquarter, just as it sounds, it's a place gathered by many new adventurers and mid geared players. In the HQ, there are plenty daily quests, shops, supply and support to make your gaming easier and more intressting. There are also some end game gears obtained from Limit HQ ~~ How to join Limit Group? It requires a test, and this guide, I will walk you thru it. You will be sent to Limit HQ, after completing the Limit Academy ~~ You can also type @go HQ to teleport to HQ. Start the whole process by speaking to Secretary Lime Evenor She will welcome you to the Limit HQ, and direct you to Job Change ~~ Click on the Admiral in the NPC chat for Navigation directions ~~ She will also recommend you to Granma if you are not level 10, but mostly you will be level 10. So, let's goto Admiral for the Job Change. OH, don't forget to add the 9 Basic Skills on your novice. Speak to Admiral, and choose Change Jobs. He is a helpful person, also gives you full heal and Agi Up / Blessing when you speak to him. My personal recommendation as FIRST CHARACTER, choose to become an Archer. Now, back to Evenor ~~ She will congrats you for turning into first job. Reward Limit Group Hat Limit Manteau I Limit Uniform II Limit Boots II She will then ask you to become Job Level 50, and speak to Granma. Now it's time for some field actions, to level up! Before we go on, let's gear up! You remember the from Limit Academy? Open them. Now goto Cheap Weaponary NPC and buy a Bow. Buy some Arrow from Cheap Supplies NPC. Your equipment should look like this: Now, you need to add some STATs, press [ALT] + [A] to open Status Window. Add some Agi and Dex ~~ Now, let's goto Granma for some action! This old lady will be your favorite person for some time! She owns some traning fields, which you can warp to. Depends on your level, you will be warped to different "maps" with different hardness of monsters. Now level up to Job Level 50 and talk to Evenor ~~ Turn on your @autoloot and loot everything to then sell to NPC later to make some zeny. Use @storage, for putting loots into storage, if your inventory is getting full. You can also use a Mercenary, to assist you in battle. Loot all the Limit Group Coin, you can obtain them from monsters in Granma fields ~~ After reaching the Job Level 50, speak to Evenor again. ~~ She will tell you to speak to Admiral, to advance your Job into 2nd Job. Change the job into Hunter ~~ Speak to Evenor again, and she will ask you to reach level 99/50 and speak to her again <3 She will also introduce, Bounty Boards. You can take daily mission from them, and get rewarded + EXP <3 Finally, reaching , now speak to Evenor again! She will direct you to Admiral again, for REBIRTH TIME! Now, speak to Evenor, she will say "Level up all over again ;D" You have to repeat this process Reaching Base/Job Level 10. Change Job at Admiral, High Archer. Talk to Evenor. She will tell you to reach job Level 50 Change Job at Admiral, Sniper. Talk to Evenor, she will tell you to reach 99/70. Change Job at Admiral, Ranger! After turning into Ranger at level 99/70, speak to Admiral again, he will give you an extra FREE LEVEL! Talk to Evenor, she will reward you Reward Limit Group Hat II [1] P.Uniform IV Limit Manteau II Limit Boots IV She will also direct you to the Kafra Girls in HQ. Now, you need to speak with those Kafra Girls in order. (Those NPCs will give you more guides and tips about LimitRO) Speak with Curly Sue Speak with Leilah Listen to her Tutorial, she will tell you about how Enchant works. Then talk to her again, to Experience Enchantment. She will give you some Enchanted Tutorial Mantles. Then talk to her again, to Returning Enchanted Equipment. Speak with Roxie. Speak with Jasmine Speak with Pavianne After speaking to all Kafra Girls, and learned some new knowledge, you can take the Test from Evenor. All Question and answers in Spoiler ~~ After taking the test and have a perfect score, you can speak to Evenor, she will ask for 1,000,000 zeny as member fee! She will recommend you to the Warper NPC You can warp to any field, dungeon, etc, but recommend to visit Moscovia + a Mercenary to level up there plus farm some loot to sell for zeny! YEY, you have 1,000,000 zeny and can finally join the Limit Group! Congratulations, you officially have: A 3rd job character Plenty zeny and loot Knowledge to farm zeny, level up, add skills, use mercenary etc. Member of Limit Group, and you can talk to the rest of the NPCs in the Limit HQ ~~ You can continue to level up abit, or farm for zeny etc, explore a bit, make some friends in Limit HQ, I would say you are done for today! <3 As member of Limit Group, I promise to be helpful and loyal towards the community of LimitRO ~~
  7. Monster HP?

    @Chester, glad to see you around every time I make a hidden move <3
  8. Monster HP?

    FAK! Why you always bust me?
  9. Read Me First

    Hi there. This forum contains a handmade GM Lai recommendation tutorial of what to do on first day in LimitRO ~~ Handful of guides and tips/tools to make your gaming experience much easier <3 Less time for more! Read in this order Estimate 5 minutes. Estimate 5 minutes. Estimate 5 minutes. Estimate 10 minutes. Estimate 20 minutes. Estimate 1-6 hours, depends on how much you'd like to grind ~~ Kind regards, Lai
  10. God Quests

    God Quest Okolnir Reward Brynhild (Himinn & Viblainn) Asprika (Mardol) Requiments Leader / Member of the following castle owning guild: Mardol (Arug_cas01) Himinn (Schg_cas01) Viblainn (Schg_cas03) Need to have Castle Economy above 64 and Defence above 29. Need to have 16-20 Member online. Have following items to make Asprika: 2xDusk Glow 2xDawn Essence 2xCold Moonlight 2xHazy Starlight Heavenly Maiden Robe [1] 100xSoft Feather 10xAgate 10xRose Quartz 20xElunium Have following items to make Brynhild: 2xGoddess Tear 2xValkyrie's Token 2xBrynhild Armor Piece 2xHero's Remains 2xAndvari's Ring Valkyrian Armor [1] 100xValhala's Flower 10xGold 20xElunium Hint: The critical materials are trade-able and obtainable from God Material Box II which drops from Mardol & Himinn Castle treasures at lowest rate. Step by Step In each Castle, there is a Guild Member only Room. Enter the Guild Member Room, and you can find a NPC named Guide: (This one is in Mardol, Guild Member Room.) Speak to Guide, and he will give you option: He will teleport you to Fallacious Okolnir (Mardol castle). You will meet Wish Maiden NPC as she will check if you have brought the required items with you. Also you need to have 16-20 members around you on the nearby spot. If all are ready, you have 1 hour to complete the whole quest. The Okolnir dungeon first part is The Garden Labyrinth. And in there, there are Flower's of 3 colors that will block your way. Each color flower, blocks different path. Each flower shift is between 1-2 minutes. If you kill the flower, your way will be blocked. YOU MUST Kill all the Biolab Monster inside the MAZE to be able to EXIT! Now onto the 2nd part Passage through the Sky. During this path, you will have to face a bunch of Garden Keeper, Garden Watcher. They drop Crystal Key, which is account bound, so all member must get one of their own. Follow the path until you reach the next destination Warp (suggest that all member get their own Key before all enters the warp.) The 3rd part is called Battle Versus Piamette You need to challenge Piamette ~~ You enter a large room, with Piamette sitting near the center. Piamette cannot be attacked at this time. Randomly, 6 of your teammates will be captured and placed petrified in cages around the outskirts of the room. The remaining players will be attacked by a large number of Violies, Alices, and Ancient Mimics. When all the monsters are dead, 6 barricades will appear near the cages. By destroying the barricades, your teammates will be freed. Be warned, as there is a very high spawn rate of constants near the barricades. At this point, Piamette will become angry with you and attack your party. You must defeat her in order to move on. 4th part is called Temple After leaving Piamette's room you will be greeted by the NPC of the Valkyrie Wish Maiden. You must clear your way through a temple filled with Frus, Skogul, and Garden Watchers. There are extremely large numbers of monsters here; it is estimated that there are nearly 150-250 Frus and Skogul in a relatively small area. You must kill all the monsters here and make it to the top of the temple. Final battle Battle Versus Valkyrie Wish Maiden Having made it to the top of the temple, the monster Valkyrie Wish Maiden will appear. You must defeat the Valkyrie Wish Maiden at this time to finish the quest. Valkyrie's Gift Following the successful completion of the quest, the Wish Maiden will reward the item-maker with Valkyrie's Gift. The item can be used to summon various monsters in Yuno or Rachel for an hour.
  11. AFK in BG 2

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Costume Headgear List

    Added Costume Box Winter as Seasonal Event Reward ~~ And Astro Circle into CE Girl <3
  13. Gladiator Tournament

    Tournament 2 Winners
  14. Changelogs NPC Lucky Fairy now has two more Boxes for you to choose, with additional rare equipments. Highlight: Kirin Wing Garment and Golden Wings Garment Both with it's own enchant NPCs. Kirin Wing enchants of AAW. Golden Wings enchants of FAW. HIghlight: The oroginal Mad Bunny Shield slotted, some never seen before equipments. Lucky Fairy costs 5m zeny + Lottery Ticket per try. Feature Monster Count increased by +50% Donation Shop (Website) Added Christmas Sale ~~ Bug Fixes