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  1. You find, you win #10

    Hint #1 - somewhere in Hugel field ~~
  2. Trolling in Buyer Vending

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Scammer (Troll) #2 in Buyer Vending

    Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Scammer (Troll) #3 in Buyer Vending

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Scammer (Troll) #4 in Buyer Vending

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Scammer (Troll) #1 in Buyer Vending

    Changed Status to Fixed Player disconnected.
  7. Event Halloween 2017 ~~ Patch Added support for new Halloween pets ~~ Added new Halloween login screen. Added new LimitRO login logo - removed the old ugly one Added support for future NPC and NPC cutins.
  8. Today's unplanned Reboot Fixed NPC refine bug Released new Refiner NPC located in Asgard Blacksmith table - lower zeny fee. Fixed some dailies not working.
  9. Another week ~~ Soon Halloween <3

    1. Lex Luthor

      Lex Luthor

      @Lai GM can we still have this Whisper Tall Hat, we have some issue before last year event ,l was under impression that the event was cancel, but it was still continue last nov, I been waiting for almost a year hope you can still add the Whisper Tall Hat <3.


    2. Razer


      hey @lai, add "Toy Syringe" item to your server bruh, very useful item!

  10. Changelogs A relaxing week for us to bring you new content! Many new dailies and completed Episode 16.1 ~ 👳Banquet of Heroes Daily Quests Total Reward of 40 Tokens Washing 15 Dishes Griffin Barbeque Unexpected Sauce Clean Life To My Beloved Fellow Lowly Standards Supressing Darkness Bothersome Little Thing Finding Lights Refreshing Prison Life 🐛Bug Fixes Minor issue in Achievement "Master Job Level" giving OPB instead of LMP. Tomb of Honor Cards now give bonus damage. Fixed some Amulet's not disabled in Silk Mode. 👲NPC Added a PvP Room NPC in Malaya. 🃏New Cards Sarah's Memories Feature Brand new Refining window ~~ Easier to refine your equipments No need to equip the item to refine. Easier to refine and understand the rates etc. Improve the rates by 1%
  11. AFK BG

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. AFK BG

    Thank you for the report. Updated
  13. DW module Error

    Did you launch the game with WineBottler?
  14. DW module Error

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. DW module Error

    Hi there. CrossOver doesnt work with Gepard. You need to use WineBottler. Try that, and tell me if it works.