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  1. Lai

    Error just after login

    @rvmanzanojr, please patch up LimitRO.exe
  2. Lai

    Error just after login

    Hi there. Please patch up LimitRO.exe again.
  3. Hi there. Close the restart the game and try select main server.
  4. Lai

    How to activate Frede's Request Quest

    @Komari AB Did you follow all quest guides here? Done all pre-quests?
  5. Lai

    Asgard Blessing

    Hi. This version of Asgard Blessing is what we have to offer here in LimitRO. Many items of our server differs from other databases etc, for explainable/balance reasons.
  6. Lai

    how to enter a guild dungeon

    @waduhek here is a guide:
  7. Lai

    Why Are the entire Doram race nerfed?

    @Tim Goodrich, I added an item patch to update the item descriptions. The item description that says "Doram" in it, has Doram affecting effects. Example:
  8. Lai

    Private Message Harassment

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Lai

    Lowball Scammer

    Changed Status to Closed This is no longer a crime. Market freedom.
  10. Lai

    Non-English Spamming on Main Chat

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Lai

    Non-English Spamming on Main Chat

    The player has been banned.
  12. That is very weird. Try contact Internet Service Provider, see if they blocked any game port.