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  1. Lai

    Magma Eruption and Mado

    Isn't Mado immune against stun? O,o
  2. Lai

    Madogear Improvements part 2

    Oh, I see i see. I think the topic creator, can try this in test server.
  3. Lai

    Stephane Jack Earnest Wolf Card Matter

    Keep trying. And you will see that they do stack.
  4. Lai

    Soul Linker Link Buffs

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Lai

    Soul Linker Link Buffs

    After watching the video etc. You have to use the Memorize Autospell, after you use Soul Link. The 2nd attempt you did, you Autospell first, then soul link... The 1stattemp you did, you soul linked first, then autospell ^^
  6. Lai

    PET TALKs challenge!!!!!

    I have read thru many and saw some having some TYPOs ~~ are they on purpose? Please correct some TYPOs ~~ "fannished = vanished?" Also, please a pet has curse words/bad words...please remove that as well... ❤️ PG -13
  7. Lai

    Madogear Improvements part 2

    If mado has same speed as Peco Peco riding etc.... Why do they have "Acceleration" skill ? o,o Isnt Peco peco having the same speed as accelerated mado? O,o
  8. Lai

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    We have decided to work on Skill Update patch in following order: 185/65 skill update patch 3rd Job skill updates first (kro announced 2018.06.xx) 2nd / 1st job skill updates (kro announced 2018.11.xx) extended job skill updates (kro announced 2019.01.xx) summoner job skill updates (kro announced 2019.01.xx)
  9. Why is this part of suggestion? o,o No need to suggest something that is official and we will add eventually..... We have this in our todo list already... Missing item description, please anyone make an item bug report. ~~
  10. Lai

    kRO Update 2019

    Super excited to see this news ~~ This gives every expanded and summoner players a relief ❤️ But, I just want to say that, I won't rush this change.... Need to find following data: Job level bonus Total stat points gain info Then I will be able to implement the 185/65 and 185/55 ~~ About all the skill etc updates, we will still much more info ~~ So it's good update, looking forward to work on those during 2019 ❤️
  11. Lai

    Madogear License

    @Neville, can you make a new report? this report is closed.
  12. Lai

    Player Harrasment

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Lai

    Player Harrasment

    Hi there. Thank you for the report. I will approach this player. For the mean time, you can use @ignore Jose Arcadio Morales (It will ignore all his msg, public, main, pm on all his chars of that account.)
  14. Lai

    Mute NPC

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. Lai

    Mute NPC

    Hi, you are doing it wrong. Please follow my guide on our wiki. You must stand infront of the desk and try to cook etc...