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  1. Lai

    Isle of Bios Instance

    Maybe instant click all item NPC? :O We have already boosted this instance, maybe in the future when we get more content ~~
  2. Lai

    Hi guys!

    Hi Popplio ~~ Warm welcome to LimitRO! <3
  3. Lai

    Make a Video

    Make a Video About Hey, you know, I recently figured out that youtube is the best platform to attract players, wahahaha! And guess what, now I'm going to use the power of our community, and lure you into making a video for us. 1 person 1 submit Time Starting now until 2018.10.21 Task Record one of following ingame activity: Doing a long quest. Doing a instance Leveling up Farming in different dungeons PvP WoE The Video can't exceed 10 minutes. The video must be 720p/1080p. The video must be well edited with good background music. The video must be entertaining when watching. The video must have clear context, sub titles, and explanation so the audience can understand. The video must have a lot of tags ~~ The video must be made after this event announcement. How to submit After creating the video, upload it to your Youtube Channel. Post the following to this topic: Character Name: Video link: Short description: Reward All qualified submissions will receive 1x Costume Box(Lai) 1x Bag of Cash Points(S) Best video The video with most views on youtube before the deadline will receive 2x Bag of Cash Points(S) Tips You can use OBS to record game You can use sony vegas to edit videos. Google is also a good guide ~~
  4. Lai

    alien language in @main chat

    Changed Status to Fixed Please been banned for 1 day.
  5. Lai

    Some Achievement bugs

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Bug Fixes Fixed @search command not being able to open Buying Shops. Fixed bug with Catnip Meteor being 1100% at level 5 instead of 700%. Fixed bug with Catnip Meteor behavior and damage output, now 100% kRO style and sync with animation. Minor issue in Achievement treasure, Gonryun field and Kunlun field is reverted. Fixed minor bug on storage open by NPC in Lasagna. Patch Added new Guild Base map files. Lasagna Updates Published full town quest guides on LRO Wiki Boosted few quests with more Doram Coin rewards. Disabled Dead Branch in Lasagna, field / dungeon.
  7. Lai

    Bug with Daily Attendance

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. Lai

    Bug with Daily Attendance

    Hi. You need to delete the Mails, your mail is full.. @Inkfish anyway to active this 0/100 mail box feature?
  9. Lai

    Spamming in Trade Chat

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Lai

    Low FPS

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Lai

    Low FPS

    Hi guys. I have replied to cases like this. There is nothing I can do about this atm. Hopefully in future client exe kRO fixes these issues :(
  12. Hi. We have other guidance for players 100+ ~~ After 100+ it's time to xplore the world ~~ Our new Limit Group HQ World Expedition will be added ~~ to guide people how to explore the world and of course as alternative for Infinity Space ~~
  13. Lai

    Unable to use My Skill points

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. Lai

    My game crashes. Need help :(

    Hi. Can you patch up LimitRO.exe?
  15. Lai

    Bows, Arrows & Elements

    Hmmm I believe there is only 1 bow that has element right? Should we make that Neutral, just to make it easier :O I'm afraid that future there will be few more misunderstandings. :O