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  1. Lai

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    Then the lower headgear can be added to Limitless in the future, if someone brings it up
  2. Changed Status to Fixed
  3. So it should say "For ever 2 levels" right? I will update the item desc.
  4. Lai

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    We are here to talk about how to balance things. If it's a real balance, then it's show we make Lava a bit longer or reduced rewards compared to Forest and Sky, not the other way around. Not making the game easier than it is today, we can make Lava a bit more challenging with more waves or reduced rewards. I know it sounds bad, but I have given too much candies, making LimitRO less worthy to play day by day in the past months, I already said it's enough.
  5. Lai

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    Ok Maybe we can add both shield and ears. This is not OP items? 😮 I can add to Gladiators, it seems fun
  6. Lai

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    This item comes with Lapine Shield and Lapine Staff. We need to release these well?
  7. Lai

    Introduce DT on BG

    Hi. Please make this a Poll. This is a better way to reward PvP with DT, rather than PvP room.
  8. Lai

    aquatic spear slot count

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Lai

    Faceworm Leg Wrong Description

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Lai

    Faceworm Leg Wrong Description

    Will be fix with coming item patch.
  11. Lai

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    I'm just saying that the Lava Mode exploit was due to a bug. It will not be as "appealing" as it was, after the fix...
  12. Lai

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    Forest Wave was giving 20 LMP at first. Then more and then more. I have said from last Maintenance, that I will stop making server more and more "friendly". We are too friendly by now. Limit HQ is at fullest right now, never been this easy before. Don't compare "Forest" with "Lava". It's totally difference. Compare "Forest" before and today, then you will feel better.
  13. Lai

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    @Karyu, Lava mode had bugs in it, thats why. Without bug, it's harder.
  14. Lai

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    Probably going to be part of the new Dragons.
  15. Lai

    "Unregistered ID" error. New player, No characters

    I probably should rename it in near future. To LimitRO Main & LimitRO Test