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  1. Lai

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    @Xelloss, we will see if kRO will implement it back. But, on the happy part: All Homunculus will get buffed:
  2. Lai

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    @Xelloss, kRO removed all Homunculus AI codes from their game clients in 2017.09.12. And we are using 2018.06.20 client, so our client has no Hom AI codes. Which means ,all AI folders doesnt work.
  3. Lai

    Coming Changes 2018.07.23

    Soul Reaper Updates Released the following skills: Soul Collect Soul Reap Soul Energy Research Soul Unity Shadow, Fairy, Falcon and Golem Soul Links. Soul Revolution
  4. Lai

    Coming Changes 2018.07.23

    Melon Farm Updates Removed MvP Guardians. improved the Watermelon farming feeling ~~ Increased capacity of your fruit basket from 20 to 50. Now need 5 people to start the farm.
  5. Hi. Do you have any super mouse or keyboard? Try change to a regular mouse. and long time no see ❤️
  6. Lai

    How to Install LimitRO?

    LimitRO Setup Graphics Graphic Device Choose a graphic device you have on your PC. If you have No graphic device, you need to install one, try google for correct drivers. Resolution Here you can set the desired game size. Options Play in Full Screen To play the game in full screen, pretty cool Enable Fog To show fogs on maps with fogs Trilinear Filtering Not sure what it is, I left it out. Sprite / Texture Quality Lower it down if you have game graphic issues. Sounds Simply game music settings. Settings On / Off different ingame commands ROExt Mouse Freedom Allowing your mouse to move freely in and out of the game window. Codepage: Allow you to use different language and chat codec ingame.
  7. Lai

    missing file?

    Hi. Did which Anti virus do you use? Im sure that file was deleted by Anti virus, maybe placed in a quaratine or something.
  8. Lai

    More Details on Excellion Enchantment Please

    @Akabane I updated the LRO wiki.
  9. Lai

    Deepsea City Treasures

    Toy Syringe already exists in game, you can obtain it from Limitless Island. The Crown, not yet. @verasan, it should give extra, if not then its a bug you can report on forums <3
  10. Lai

    Deepsea City Treasures

    @GentatsU, not to this quest, no. All future "Deepsea" items are added to Limitless Island features.
  11. Lai

    Deepsea City Treasures

    @GreatestGuyYoullMeet i will patch in the correct item info on the next item patch.
  12. Lai

    More Details on Excellion Enchantment Please

    So the first slow should be Fire Property Reacto Water Property Reacto Earth Property Reacto Wind Property Reacto 2nd slots Recovery Reacto 101 Recovery Reacto 102 Recovery Reacto 201 Recovery Reacto 202 3rd slots Supportive Reacto STR Supportive Reacto INT Supportive Reacto DEF Supportive Reacto Perfect Supportive Reacto Attack Supportive Reacto Magic Supportive Reacto MaxHP Supportive Reacto MaxSP Supportive Reacto Frozen Supportive Reacto ASPD ? :O
  13. I will patch in a Skill Description update, in case of future missunderstandings.
  14. Lai

    annoying kill steal

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. @Hades Not asap, but with time, yes....