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  1. Lai

    Mr Cash not appear on Infinity Space instance

    Changed Status to Closed This script is not something new. It's super old and people have done this 1000000000 times. Please...must be someone in the team that was "double account or something."
  2. Changed Status to Fixed Will be fixed after next item desc patch.
  3. Bug Fixes Fixed Comet have knockback effect. Fixed Comet no magic intoxification on mobs. Ignition Shadow Weapon - IB autocast doesn't work Wrong Fire Breath Shadow Weapon Description Fixed EP17.1 Quest NPCs Fixed a conflict with EP16.2 NPCs where its stucked / not accessible for some players when starting EP17.1 Quests. Retrieving Identification Bracelet Quest Quest items doesn't drop when hunting part was completed. Cor Mission and Second OS Mission Fixed pre-requisite quests. Fixed invisible NPCs. Updates: Updated EP17.1 Quest NPCs Retrieving Identification Bracelet Quest Quest items drop rate are greatly increased. Updated Second OS Mission Poison Gas no longer instant kill players upon contact. Update Instance Popularity List Cor Mission Second OS Mission Cooking System Improvement Normal Status Food (Level 1 ~ 10) Item Weight are greatly reduced to 5. Item no longer heal HP/SP by percent. Each level heal a specific amount of HP now. Introduced Assorted Dishes (Level 5 ~ 10) Cooking Kit Ingredient items for cooking are reduced. Enable to cook for Assorted Dishes. Added Cash Exchanger NPC Enable players to exchange to other items within same category with a small cost. Note: only non-rental and clean items can be used for exchange. Available Category: Costumes Amulets Deco Stones Introduced Anti-Player-AFK System Players no longer allowed to AFK in Thanatos Tower maps. Note: This included killing a monster while idle. Never standstill and hunting even if groups of monsters ambushed you. Players will be sentenced to death if system believe you're currently AFK. Players name and location will be broadcast across the map. QoL Changes for Non-AFK players - Since they no longer need to do the 20 seconds countdown if they suspecting a players is currently AFK. - They could just screenshot the broadcast messages and report it in the forum. - Anyway they could still continue do this to ensure no one escaped from AFK punishments. Players shall receive an alert message if system believe you're probably AFK. Existing penalties are still applicable if players are found AFK or reported in forum. Note: System may not have the banhammer, but GM does.
  4. This has nothing to do with this skill itself. More like all our Weapon ATK Rate should be changed to ATK % = bAddClass,Class_All. Same goes for Random Options. Question is, should we change it? It's been like this for so long time.
  5. @Akin That has nothing to do with Inkfish. This is Item Bug fix if you want to update the "Weapon ATK Rate" on items to ATK % = bAddClass,Class_ALL. This also means, I have to update all item descriptions related to it and same goes for Random Options. Right now, all uses wAtkRate.
  6. Lai

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    @diesincebirth what about it? 😮 If its any bug, please report on report center
  7. Changelogs Casual maintenance! Bug fixes and last content of 17.1! Instance Added last part of EP17.1 contents, OS-Mission. Fight Miguel! Updated LimitRO Training Ground Added Guild Castle NPC - It update the Emperium stats depend on the guild defense invesment. WoE Update Emperium and Guardian HP/DEF/MDEF now works according to official depends on investment of castle. Bug Fixes Fixed few crashes caused by RK updated skills. Fixed many bugs of quests in 17.1 Ignition Break Shadow Weapon Not Working Temporary removed all Mob Transform scrolls to prevent "mob sprite" edit for no delay animations. Item Updates Fire Breath Shadow Weapon Ignition Shadow Weapon
  8. Lai

    Green MVP only receive 1 damage

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Lai

    Green MVP only receive 1 damage

    Not bug. You need to become stronger.
  10. Lai

    Can't oppen main in GB

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Lai

    Can't oppen main in GB

    This is not bug. can only claim in Towns.
  12. Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Lai

    bug when i trying to loggin

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. Lai

    bug when i trying to loggin

    Hi. Download our latest installer from download page and reinstall the game.
  15. Lai

    No vote points rewarded when voting at top100

    Changed Status to Closed