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  1. Lai i used to play Limit a really long time ago and i wanted to come back but i cant get my acc it says my password is wrong and i lost my email cuz ''spam'' you think you can help me to recover it ? i still remember tons of things on that account please

    1. xhellb0rnx


      There's no way to recover your account if you forgot your email. Tried to communicate with Lai but he wont help me recover my old account even though I already provided the correct username and email. 


    2. Hilmir


      This kind of issue is best to be through private message.

    3. Lai


      Hi there.

      Msg me on 

  2. CHANGELOGS 07/24/2017 🎉Ongoing Events 🎉 Facebook Event - Let's Play Limit RO! 🎉 Forum Event - Maybe Yes, Maybe No 🎉 Ingame Event - Summer Calendar 🎉 Monthly Events: Best Guild Record (season 2) World Fishing Tournament VII Zodiac Return VII 🐞 Bug Fixes 🐞 Missing cast delay timer/indicator 🐞Glt. Cross Shadow weapon and shield set 🐞 Flame launcher no animation delay 🐞 ATK and MATK buff food should give equip ATK/MATK
  3. One of the added features of an upgraded 32143.pngL-Phone is the ability to save skill or stat builds, so I reset my character's stats and skills and then saved it.

    Now, I can reset my skills and stats using the 32143.pngL-Phone instead of the Admiral's Reset Option. It's quite a bit more process since I have to get the item from the storage and then put it back in after usage, the stat or skill build is also saved separately but the good thing about it is it's free!

    Is this an intended feature? I hope it is since I will regret notifying you about it.

  4. Changed Status to Closed
  5. Hi there. Your CPS.dll is infected by virus, please make a computer virus scan, delete LimitRO and - RE-Install it.
  6. Changed Status to Closed
  7. Hi, download our full installer.
  8. @nuwebe, already activated ^^
  9. Gm. Lai. Are  you  planning  to  put  limitro  on  android.. I  really  want  to  play  this  game  again  on  this  server.. I'm  just  1  of  the  more  other  people  waiting  for  an  android  installer  of  this  server..

    1. Lai


      Hi, not our version.


  10. Cap, you need more TAGS ~~
  11. NPC Event Genie no longer sells Guild Base Ticket(Event) Server Config Server monster spawn rate back to official rate. (no longer +50% more mobs in fields/dungeon)
  12. Event Zodiac Return #7 is here ~~ Horse pins ~~ Fishing Tournament ~~ A Clockwork Hat as reward! Summer Presents are here ~~ 2017.07.03 until end of July ! ~~ Feature Sushi making ~~ create different sushi plates as bonus supply ~~ You need "Combination Kit" buy it from HQ. Has chance to "Fail". Small Sushi A = Sea Squid x4, Fire Octopus x2 Small Sushi B = Red Snapper x2,Tiny Trout x2 Medium Sushi A = Small Octopus x3,Alligator Shark x2,Large Tuna x2 Medium Sushi B = White Shark x3,River Sickleback x2,Grass Carp x2 Large Sushi = Baby Whale x4, Winged Fish x3,Flower Koi x2,Prickly Salmon x2 NPC You can socket enchant Mad Bunny Shield at Leablem (10% success chance) Items Mora Coins are not tradeable. Other Uploaded new fresh LimitRO Full Installer 2017.07.02 (1.7GB) Removed lite installer.
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Changed Status to Fixed