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  1. Lai

    Kunai Explosion Scroll turn out CE box

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Lai

    Kunai Explosion Scroll turn out CE box

    Hey! ~ Description issue Patched in fix ^^
  3. Lai

    Donation via GCash

    Hi, will consider this type of donations! ~
  4. These came very late in kRO. We won't be adding this ever I think. We will end at episode 17.2
  5. Lai


    Changelogs Preparing for a new instance coming next MT ~ Bug Fixes Updated Strain shadow pendant Updated Jack shadow armor Updated chain shadow pendant Updated Crimson shadow pendant Updated Sonic shadow armor Updated Force shadow weapon Updated Bolt shooter Updated Welding wand Fixed Fixed Bounty Boards Item Updates Added Kunai Scrolls Suggestions Updates Added Added
  6. Hi. Our client don't support that. We have our updates stayed at 2018, on pair of with episode 17.2 at max. We will not be getting those OP updates.
  7. Lai


    Changelogs Small fixes here and there ~ Bug Fixes Update Reverberation Shadow Weapon. Update Soutane Items Fixed Shadow Spell Shadow Pendant Fixed Dust Shadow Armor Fixed Grave Shadow Pendan Fixed Psychic Shadow Armor Fixed Varetyr Shadow Pendant Fixed Dust Shadow Shield Fixed Gold_Dragon_Plate Fixed Purple_Dragon_Plate Silk Mode Disabled RK enchant stones. Cash Shop Added more cards.
  8. Lai


    Changelogs Few bug fixes from previous update ^^ Item Fixes Update Safety Foxtail Updated Safety Lute Update STR Blessing Update Reverberation Shadow Weapon Update Welding Wand Update Dragon Plates Update INT Blessing Update Valkyrie Hammer NPC Fixes Update EDDA Bio Lab Enchant Added some missing enchants to Update EP17.2 Dungeon Expansion NPCs Cash Shop Added cards to cash shop.
  9. Lai


    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Lai


    Hi, the item is not same. The cash version use it in cash refine NPC in asgard.
  11. Lai

    Changelogs - 17.2 Expansion Dungeons

    Next Xmas Event in 11 months 20 days ~
  12. Changelogs Happy New Year to all Limitronians ~ It's time for some new content Details Einbech Mine F3 monsters now has drops. Past Odin temple monsters now has drops. Abyss Dungeon Floor 4 monsters now has drops. Dynite Shop Exchange for new Accessories Exchange for a random new Weapon Exchange for new Random Option giver. Abyss Gear shops Exchange for Abyss gears. Enchantment inside Hugel Weapon store. More details on wiki later. Item Fix Fixed Reverberation Shadow Weapon. Events Xmas sale and event ended.
  13. Lai

    Just a thought

    Yo. I think you mean LimitRO Metro or Retro. IT was a sub server 😮 But closed down, later, cause I had no time to manage...
  14. Lai

    Changelogs - Balance 2

    Changelogs Berry Guud Donation Tokens Removed "Hourly DT feature". Added DT to few Battlegrounds, winner team receives 10 DTs. Added Zeny fee in DT exchange NPC. Added Zeny -> DT feature in DT exchange NPC. Added DT -> Zeny feature in DT exchange NPC. Skill Updates Custom balances Deep Sleep formula to (Int+base level) *150. If you have 130int and 200 level, it will reduce around ~52seconds of deepsleep. Item Fixes Fixed Infinity Shadow Earring Fixed Arm Shadow Weapon Updated Juu card not working properly. Updated Trumpet Shell not working properly. Updated Engine Pilebunker NPC Updated Tomb of Honor exchange npc, now possible in bulk.
  15. Lai

    Surviving 2020

    Epic post ❤️