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  1. Classic War Badge & BG Phoenix

    @Nowander7079, a minor bug ^^ Will be fixed! <<3
  2. L-Phone Manual

    Here is the most current guide of L-Phone with all updates.
  3. Today's Splendide and Manuk has been updated and the Daily Quests been customized to suit LimitRO. here is the more updated topic.
  4. Classic War Badge & BG Phoenix

    Hi there. Which guide did you read? The official guide is here:
  5. Bug Fixes Missing item description for Powered Soldier Skeleton Card. Reported by @Huntarded
  6. Powerd Solider Skeleton card

    Changed Status to Fixed Will be fixed after next item patch.
  7. Black Screen after loading screen

    @whippy, this is graphic card issue. Add me on for live chat or LimitRO Discord. What laptop do you use?
  8. Ash Vaccum & Into the Unknown

    Ash Vaccum & Into the Unknown In Day 5, you should have accomplished at least 1 character level 100+ and got used to LimitRO! It iss time to set off your first journey into the vast world of wonder~~ The exploration team has setup a guideline for the expedition of Ash Vacuum and Into the Unknown! Full details, step by step, made my me, to make sure you won't miss a single piece of this story ! Make sure to read the NPC dialogs, they are very very interesting <3 Guide Link: Very rewarded using Manuk / Splendide Coins later on to buy the most critical equipment you need, to advance further into the game <3 GOOD LUCK and be safe!
  9. Gladiator vs Monster

    Week 3 Winners Parakins MiiSoNoisy Trust The Process True Demonstration Shappo
  10. Changelogs The gap between new and old player is getting bigger everyday, and as the administration, we need to work hard to make sure the balance is kept. The new expansion and customize of Episode 13 Ash Vacuum / Into the Unknown will bring people back, more use of Manuk / Splendide Coins. Limit Academy > Limit HQ > Asgard > Episode 13 is the new guideline for new players Enjoy and welcome to LimitRO! 🎴New Cards Release Magic Geffen Tournament Arhi Card Dio Anemos Card Geffen Gang Member Card Geffen Bully Card Geffen Shoplifter Card Faymont Card Ordre Card Blut Hase Card Kuro Akuma Card Ifodes Card Licheniyes Card Ju Card Ju Card Dwigh Card Fay Kanavian Card 🔥Feature Added 10x Quest EXP Rate. More value with doing daily quests and other quests ~~ Another way to level up than (Hunting :P) Guild Base Updates Removed plants from Guild Base Allowed monster teleport. Added extra warp to Guild Base. Fixed @gopvp to work in GB. (Reported by Bula) 💵VIP Donation Added two new packages 2000 SEK = 250 VIP Coins (~1USD = 1 VIP) 6000 SEK = 800 VIP Coins (~0.9 USD = 1VIP) 🐛Bug Fixes Fixed Poison Smoke not working properly Reported by @Sehild Fixed combo of 2x Shining Eggplant Talisman [1] didn't give instant cast for [Silvervine Stem Spear skill]. Reported by Carlos. Fixed a tiny bug with costume Unique Glasses not deleting Transparent Plate. Reported by Improbable. Fixed Vavayaga card and Uzhas Card being added to wrong part of equipment. Reported by @Honey Mustard Fixed Battleground 2 not giving Classic Badge as reward. Fixed Battle Surcoat minor bug. Reported by @Symilee Fixed Fox Ears Bell Ribbon [1]. Reported by Abhi on Facebook. Fixed NPC Kenny did not have Silver Bullet Ammo Case making option. Reported by @ixNJxi Fixed Royal Guard Shield cannot be refined. Reported by @Caphleo Fixed Judgement Shoes + Holy Stick combo effect. Reported by @Shinchou Fixed bug on +10 food effect did not vanish on death. Reported by Yuuki 👴NPC Added Ash Vacuum (Mid Camp) Munkenro extra warper in Asgard. Added extra Manuk&Splendide coin reward into Ash Vacuum quests. Manuk & Splendide expansion with Manuk Merchant Selling equipments for Manuk Coin. Splendide Merchant Selling equipments for Splendide Coin. More info on 📗Guide Completed Ash Vacuum & Into Unknown quest guides. 💾Patch Added mini maps for Nidhoggur's Nest instance ~~ Added new Item Description patch. Silk WoE You can wear Amulets & Costume Garments inside Silk Maps but their effects are Disabled.
  11. The item script needs to be updated. Those items are "Old items" but got a boost not long ago in official.
  12. Magazine exchange

    Changed Status to Fixed Hi, I added the option into this NPC ^^ Thank you for the report.
  13. Manuk & Splendide Coin This article will explain the use of Manuk Coin & Splendide Coin. Official NPC Merchant of Manuk Exchange Manuk Coin into usable items. 1 Coin = 3x Manuk's Opportunity 1 Coin = 3x Manuk's Courage 1 Coin = 3x Manuk's Faith Merchant of Splendide Exchange Splendide Coin for usable items. 1 Coin = 3x Pinguicula's Fruit Jam 1 Coin = 3x Luciola's Honey Jam 1 Coin = 3x Cornus' Tears Armor Merchant Naphara (/navi ecl_in01 66/95) In Eclage, you can exchange 10x Splendide Coin into any of following Accessories: Str Glove Int Glove Agi Glove Vit Glove Dex Glove Luk Glove Slot Expert Nattuer (/navi ecl_in01 64/97) Standing beside Naphara. She offers chance to add slot to the Gloves for 5x Splendide Coin Herb Merchant Plafina (/navi ecl_in01 33/98) Exchange into Herbs ~~ 5 Coins = Snow Flip 5 Coins = Peony Mommy 1 Coin = Slapping Herb 1 Coin = Yggdrasil Dust LimitRO custom Feature NPC - Added 2018.02.19 Manuk Merchant Can access it after complete the Ring of the Wise King quest. Items in Store: Headgear Dark Bacilium [1] Beret Sagittarius Crown [1] Sagittarius Diadem [1] Capricorn Crown [1] Armory Diabolus Robe [1] Diabolus Armor [1] Diabolus Boots [1] Diabolus Manteau [1] Diabolus Ring [1] Sacred Mission Exorcism Bible Cross Shield [1] Skin of Ventus [1] Orlean's Gown [1] Wool Scarf [1] Tidal Shoes [1] Black Leather Boots Expert Ring [1] Mithril Magic Cape [1] Spiritual Ring Cursed Hand [1] High Fashion Sandals [1] Bunny Slipper [1] Memory Book Divine Cloth [1] Shadow Walk Platinum Shield Orlean's Glove [1] Sniping Suit [1] Pauldron [1] Meteo Plate Armor [1] Lesser Elemental Ring Flame Spirit Armor [1] Ring of Flame Lord Ring of Resonance Variant Shoes Rider Insignia [1] Thorny Buckler [1] Weaponary Bloody Eater [2] Nemesis Wild Beast Claw [1] Tooth Blade [1] Scalpel [3] Wasteland's Outlaw [2] Platinum Shotel [1] Lever Action Rifle [2] Lich's Bone Wand [2] Long Horn [1] Hunting Spear [1] Wand of Occult Death Note [2] Staff of Destruction [1] Bison Horn [1] Bloody Roar Hurricane Fury [1] Berdysz [2] Zweihander Muscle Cutter [2] Doom Slayer Luna Bow [2] Berserk Guitar Fire Brand Burning Bow [1] Piercing Staff Drill Katar [1] Heart Breaker [1] Electric Eel [2] Huuma Blaze Shuriken Earth Bow [1] Inverse Scale Dragon Killer Ruber [1] Loki's Nail Various Jur [4] Krishna [2] Vecer Axe [2] Croce Staff [1] Falken Blitz [2] La'cryma Stick [2] Survivor's Rod [1] Edge Dragon Slayer Brocca Longinus's Spear Brionac Ice Pick Assassin Dagger Exorciser Moonlight Dagger Ginnungagap Mysteltainn Byeollungum Great Axe Sabbath Combat Knife Sucsamad Grimtooth Tomahawk Guillotine Splendide Merchant Can access it after complete the Ring of the Wise King quest. Items in Store: Headgear Binoculars Spiky Band Golden Gear Magni's Cap Goibne's Helm Jewel Crown Crown Majestic Goat Gemmed Sallet [1] Tiara Coronet Fricca's Circlet Morrigane's Helm Morpheus's Hood Ulle's Cap [1] Sphinx Hat Grand Circlet Capricorn Diadem Noah's Hat [1] Duneyrr Hat [1] Armory Valkyrian Armor [1] Valkyrie Shoes [1] Valkyrian Manteau [1] Valkyria's Shield [1] Fricco's Shoes Stone Buckler [1] Morpheus's Shawl Morpheus's Ring Morpheus's Bracelet Mage Coat [1] Greaves [1] Eagle Wing [1] Morrigane's Manteau Bloody Iron Ball Goibne's Greaves Goibne's Armor Goibne's Spaulders Odin's Blessing [1] Vali's Manteau Vidar's Boots Falcon Muffler Holy Robe Glittering Jacket [1] Safety Ring Robe of Cast Critical Ring Red Silk Seal Mage Coat Cape of Ancient Lord Survivor's Manteau Morrigane's Belt Morrigane's Pendant Bow Thimble [1] Vesper Core 01 Vesper Core 02 Vesper Core 03 Vesper Core 04 Weaponary Quadrille Grand Cross Berserk Rudra Bow Dragon Wing Cursed Dagger Dagger of Counter Survivor's Rod [1] Katzbalger Fortune Sword Cowardice Blade [2] Book of the Apocalypse Sage's Diary [2] Hardcover Book [1] Windhawk Spike Wing Staff Butcher [1] Tablet [1] Atlas Weapon [1] Crescent Scythe Kronos Haedonggum [2] Cutlus Krasnaya [3] Krieg [3] Gae Bolg Ice Falchion Golden Mace [1] Ixion Wings [1] Pole Axe [1] Masamune Azoth Zephyrus Katar of Cold Icicle Katar of Piercing Wind Katar of Dusty Thornbush Katar of Raging Blaze Infiltrator Frozen Bow [1] Gust Bow [1] Orc Archer Bow Combo Battle Glove [4] Oriental Lute Electric Fist [3] Magma Fist [3] Seismic Fist [3] Gakkung [2] War Axe [1] Iron Driver Dea Staff [1] Gungnir Spectral Spear Long Mace Staff of Bordeaux Orcish Sword Light Epsilon Giant Axe [1] Erde [2] Bloody Axe Chakram [2] Bazerald Solar Sword Weihna [2] Wrench Immaterial Sword Nagan Schweizersabel Tjungkuletti Slash Slaughter Scissor Sword Tirfing Ballista Wizardry Staff
  14. Heya! Warm welcome to LimitRO! <3
  15. Magazine exchange

    Which bullet are you trying to change into Magazine? Item ID of that bullet please ^^