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  1. Lai

    Inside TODG - last npc (for exit)

    Changed Status to Pending
  2. Lai

    Give more value to zeny 😀

    I like @Zombie ideas Very very nice .
  3. Lai

    RNG Random Number Generator

    I have mentioned many times on the Gemstone boxes, nothing will be changed to those boxes, it's already out, a lot of players have already spent their shares. It was designed this way on purpose and exactly how it is, and the effect that came is exactly what I aim for. As for other ingame content, is what we are discussing as of now, so far I have come to the following: There will be a separate Deepmines NPC which will allow you to 100% craft the item for 3x amount of materials. To remove the RNG on RNG and super RNG on this case. I will increase the chances of dropping the valueable item from egg scrolls ^^ To lower the RNG amongs the eggs. FAW, AAW, GW, Kirin will be sold by Iris for 7k/7k/10k/10k LMB each. TO removed the RNG on RNG Slot enchant = checked Are there more that we can think of for the next upcoming MT? hmmmm About @Noein case, I was a bit annoyed and stressed during the time i replied, I appologize.
  4. Lai

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    @koma, Correct. Sell it to NPC. We do not go in and change item ingame.
  5. Lai

    Pet's work on silk WoE

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Lai

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    @koma, if you had an OLD enchanted Physical Enchancer ring, then this bug exists. Just sell that ring to NPC or reenchant it and this topic is end.
  7. Lai

    Item Release Suggestion

    @spdnep, there is a mistake one time with "Ancient Hero weapons" when we added both jRO and kRO version. I will not add another double items with 2 version, if there is kRO, we will add kRO one.
  8. Lai

    Full Screen Resolution Problem

    Hi. Please add me on Discord or FB, I will help you with teamviewer.
  9. Lai

    unknown items on daily reward

    Wait for our new full installer that i will release soon. Some can fail to get the patch.
  10. Lai

    Heart Card in Mouth incorrect effect

    Let's not "jRO or iRO or kRO". I just want to say that in LimitRO, the description is Player, from day 1 it was released.
  11. Lai

    RNG Random Number Generator

    @Noein Do you play in LimitRO? It feels like you are out of touch... 1 VIP ingame can easily be bought from other players for 150-160m zeny. If you consider your CE is more valueable than 5x 150-160m, then use the feature. If it's less than that value, then destroy it and easily obtain the same. Everything under 5 VIP coins ingame, is not hard to be farmed. Ontopic: Progression is under work, first step we made yesterday was the increase of Slotting chances, to lessen the RNG in there. Also we found out few bugs in the script were the success chance of many items were lower than mentioned on our wiki. On incoming changes, you can read more details. I will keep this post updated as we make more progress towards lessen RNG. Do keep in mind that many item may lose some "value" in short term, but in long term, they will gain their purposes back, as more people will get the hope to "get them" therefore the demands will go up as well as the supply goes up.
  12. Lai

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    @koma there are 0 way that you can get "positive" Variable cast time enchants" since the fix weeks ago. Please double check that it's truly fresh made. I tried to enchant just moments ago, 100 and all i got was negative results.
  13. From and this is latest kRO skill desc: Google translated: Also the tolerance is 3% 6% 9% 12% 15% I will also update ingame skill desc to following: