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  1. Lai

    Changelogs - Coins Shop

    Changelogs Small update to improve quality in our high rate PK server. Vending Harbor Coin shop added to Vending Harbor Bug Fixes Fixed BG not working properly. Disabled PK in some towns.
  2. Lai

    Changelogs - Higher Rate - PK Mode

    Cash Shop Update Removed Gemstones and Star stones from cash shop. Removed Deluxe Pets from cash shop. Added them to be sold by cheap zeny in Reduced cost of Refine Tickets in Cash Shop.
  3. Lai

    Offensive language and rule violation 2

    Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Lai

    Offensive language and rule violation

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Lai

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    Yes. Currently, that's the answer.
  6. Lai

    Item Sling can't be leveled

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Changed Status to Closed
  8. Hi. The 7x7 means xxx0xxx So this does what it does, works as intended.
  9. Lai

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    Lets not discuss new server here... No plans, people already participating etc. 17.2 is possible, but visual effect update is not.
  10. Lai

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    Impossible without wipe.
  11. Lai

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    Limit Ragnarok will start with 16.1 and then progress. Because when we open it, everyone will be novice Adding 17.2 asap will give overwhelming feeling
  12. Lai

    help please asap

    Hi. You can register on our website.
  13. Changelogs Herro everyone ❤️ Some new content is here in LimitRO. Many may already know a new up coming server, named Limit Ragnarok, and I will be full time there. In LimitRO, Emistry will be taking over, and I will be his assistance. Im still 25/7 available on all platforms ~ Old Glastheim Challenge NPC Oscar Location: glast_01 143/288 New Headgears Temporal Circlet New Enchants New monsters Note: The new items are disabled in Silk Mode. Fixes Updated bounty board NPCs. Updated L-Phone instance list. Fixed illusion hunter bow. Updated sealed randgris card. Silk WoE Removed VIP coins from treasures.
  14. Lai

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    No, it won't. Our emulator can't support it. Thus is why Limit Ragnarok was born.
  15. Lai

    Reverberation Bug

    Skill effect requires new client, which we will not support.