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    Char Name: xhisui Image: BMP File: LIMITRO_SCREEN.bmp About: A ranger and her pet Domovi WIP Screenshots:
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    Char Name: Shappo BMP File: Final BMP Scene.bmp About: Tiny dragon, phat dragon, egg dragon? Adventures in Nidhogg's Dungeon. WIP:
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    IGN: InfinityBless ♥️ Process: End Result: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    CharName: AndiBless Original: LoginScreen 1024x768.bmp Preview: About: The basic idea here is a party of friends taking a break from a quest, I wanted to show as many things from the game as possible the homun, pets, mercs, mobs, foods and mounts... and make it seem playful, so the story here is that the Sorc dropped his Arunafeltz Sandwich and it was picked by a poring, then the mean AB gives the poring Increase Agility !! and it runs away with the sandwich while the Gene just spits out water in laughter, in the background Luciola Vespa is lovingly glancing at Sera but she only cares for her Apple Pudding and Egnigem Cenia is madly in love with Doppelganger just like Dali Bow Merc who doesn't appreciate the competition, then all the other pets just around their masters... The technique is mixed media, the photographic background is not from google ;D also my pics Hope u like it ;3 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ProjectCOCO/photos/?tab=album&album_id=708932379129126 WIP: First Try: Second Try xD
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    Introduction After the recent re-emergence and blooming popularity of Critical Rune Knight build. I've decided to share some of the information that newbies keep asking me about. I do not claim myself as the most knowledgeable on this build but I'll do the best I can to pass on the things that I do know. This guide will only encompasses the PvM aspect of the build. I'll be using only two-handed sword EXCLUSIVELY since I never really liked shield, but I may touch upon one-handed weapon + shield builds a bit. Note: This guide has certain game mechanics that might not yet arrived on other servers. The Multi Hit Critical update and the Runestones Improvement update have been implemented recently and they have immensely improve the viability of this build. Some particular equipment might also be unavailable, especially those that originated from jRO. Warning: Before considering to use this build for PvM/MVP please note that this build is relatively hard to play especially if you are soloing and can't give the highest damage output. If you wish to have an easier time MVP-ing or soloing instances please try out Rangers or Geneticist class instead. Pros & Cons Pros: - Relatively cheaper to gear up compared to the GX/Ranger counterpart. Access to runes that can boosts your RK greatly. Better tanker than GX if geared properly. High Natural MDEF when not using berserk (Immunity to Stone Curse and Frozen status effect). Cons:- Can't match up to the DPS of GX at the highest possible level. Heavy reliance on buffs, foods and runes adds to long term cost. Unable to solo certain High tier MVPs without support. Stats Status: Now to stats allocation. Generally it's similar to DD GX, but It's more flexible aside from the 120 base LUK needed when equipping Temporal LUK Boots and Gambler Seal. The hard part is to get your Crit Rate to at least 110 w/o spending too much on consumables. STR - For damage and weight capacity AGI - For ASPD and Flee VIT - Raises your Max HP and HP recovery, a 100 total VIT will provide immunity to stun status effect INT - Max SP, Cast time and bonus damage to Enchant Blade buff. DEX - Hit Rate and Cast Time LUK - Raises Critical Hit rate and provides other misc attributes like sATK, sMATK, Flee, Hit and Perfect Dodge Allocation suggestion: The stats given below are by no means the only way you should assign the status points. These are just basic guidelines. You can freely fine-tune the stats to your preferences based on the equipment and buffs that you have. Some player would be inclined to focus more on the Critical part while others aims to balance the stats to be more skill oriented as well. STR - 90~120 AGI - 50~120* VIT - 80~100 INT - 1~100** DEX - 9~70 LUK - 120*** *RK has a easier time reaching max Attack Speed than most classes due to various buffs at it's disposal. So you can cut down some AGI and put it elsewhere if you want. The minimum AGI required to reach 193 aspd (with Two-hand Quicken/Berserk, Berserk Potion and Fighting Spirit activated) is around 139 total AGI. With additional AGI Buffs/Foods, aspd % bonus, and flat aspd bonus it's pretty easy to reach top speed. (As for those who are wondering, Flee rate isn't really that important.) **Getting high INT isn't really required but if you are aiming for the highest possible DPS output, pumping some INT will help boost your Enchant Blade damage substantially. ***If you are not going for the Critical path (Why are you even reading this guide then? ) It's not necessary to raise LUK to 120 if you are not using Temporal LUK Boots, you may choose to use a Temporal STR Boots and raise STR to 120 instead. Skills I'll be dividing the related skills into two categories based on their importance. I'll be sorting them between the [Lower Priority] skills and the [Must Learn] skills. I'm not saying that you shouldn't learn them all, since you'd pretty much be doing just that. It's just to clarify the difference in significance of each skill. Swordman: Two-Handed Sword Mastery - Provide some Mastery ATK when using a two-handed sword. Magnum Break - Adds 20% ATK bonus for 10 seconds. Best used before using Crush Strike. Auto-Berserk - Cast level 10 Provoke to yourself when your HP is below 25%. Useful during Berserk as you have 0 DEF for the duration anyway. Endure - Adds 10 Hard MDEF, cause why not? One of two skills to provide flinching resistance. Note: Might as well raise them all since you don't have much option for swordsman skill tree. [Lower Priority] Knight/Lord Knight: Auto-Counter - Commonly used in conjunction with Crush Strike to guarantee a Critical Hit if your Crit Rate isn't high enough. You need to be facing the opponent so it needs some practice. Bowling Bash - Not the most useful AoE skill at higher levels as we can easily reach max level here. But has it's uses. Aura Blade - Adds 100 Mastery (?) ATK for 2 minutes. Not that huge of a bonus, but it still helps raise your damage nonetheless. You should just learn it. Charge Attack - Lets you 'teleport' to an opponent in a distance with some cast time.. Have a lot of practical use, like to rush a MVP or move between targets quickly. Rune Knight: Sonic Wave - The only far reaching Ranged Physical Skill available to this build. There isn't really much use for this skill due to the long cooldown and cast delay. But it may be the only skill that you can use to hit Bakonawa. (Need further testing) Wind Cutter - While useless on it's own, you can use this skill to chain with Ignition Break during it's cooldown. The Fear chance will also help you to lower the damage you receive by chance. Dragon Training - This skill is optional? Yes, it actually is. You won't get any size penalty negating effect like you would with Spear type weapons. But personally I wouldn't pass on the +25% Movement Speed and Weight Limit bonus just to look cool brandishing my sword while on foot. Dragon Howling - Not really useful on solo runs or PvM situations for that matter. But it has it's moments in helping stop the movement of mobs while in parties. Or.. You could simply kill them yourself. Full Throttle - Fully restores HP and places a temporary buff on the user that increases all base stat by 20% and doubles Movement Speed. But the very short duration, long CD, and the terrible rebound after the effect expires really doesn't make this very useful. Berserk is a much better alternative. [Must Learn] Knight/Lord Knight Berserk - The classic LK buff for this build. It hasn't change much from the early days. With two exception. It now adds +200% ATK instead of +100% and the attack speed bonus no longer stacks with Two-hand Quicken's. Please note that it does not increase damage from Enchant Blade . (Currently there's a bug that prevents you from learning this skill before reaching 50 Job Level as Rune Knight) Two-hand Quicken - Temporarily boosts your attack speed by 30% at max level while equipping a Two-handed Sword. Quagmire and Decrease Agility will cancel it's effect. DO NOT STACK with the attack speed increase from Berserk. Parrying - Your main defensive skill. Blocks most incoming physical damage at 50% chance. Lasts for 1 minute. Always recast right before using Berserk as it is your lifeline. Concentration - Increase 25% ATK and lowers DEF by the same amount. The Hit Rate bonus and flinch resist more than make it worthwhile despite the downside. Recast before Berserk. Rune Knight: Rune Mastery - MUST BE MAXED. Rune knights are called what they are for a reason. I've linked a page from our own wiki as the irowiki's article is not yet updated. The rune carrying limit is bugged as of this writing. You still can't carry more than 20 runes. Enchant Blade - One of the most useful skill in your arsenal. Adds Magic Damage on top of your normal ATK. From what I've experienced, this skill makes up between 10-30% of your total normal attack DPS. I've also linked the page from our wiki as the irowiki page is outdated. Ignition Break - Your main Area of Effect Skill. It's functions as a melee attack regardless of the range of the damage. Make the most of it by using a fire property endowed weapon. Old Rune Circlet [1] is the best Headgear to use with this skill. Some players would pick Dragon Breath/ Dragon Breath Water instead as their AoE skill, but I don't recommended it. My Personal Skill Setup Equipments For the equipment I will only list out what I think is important and not everything that is available. My personal recommended equips will be marked with (R) and be placed at the top of the lists. I might tag them with the price range someday. Weapons Headgears ( Upper, Middle and Lower) Armor Garment Footgear Accessory Essence of Evil Donation Costumes (DPCE) Costume Head gear Gemstones These are 'enchants' for your costumes headgear. You can have up to 8 but be mindful that you can't have more than 4 of the same kind. At the time of writing, each gems costs 50 cp. Aura Amulet and Wings/Backpack Shadow Gears Scatter Shadow Set Physical Shadow Set Rune Knight Shadow Set Pets Consumables Runestones HP/SP Recovery Status Boost Elemental Properties Getting started Here I shall give a few pointers on starting this build and RK in general. This includes leveling, some zeny tips and basic equipment. Leveling Future updates & equipments Episode 16.1: Banquet for Heroes (Added September 2017) New Hugel Monster Race Nightmare Biolab Missing Update JRO Item Gear Swapping Videos Bios Island - Reaper Ankou FAQ/Tips FAQ Tips Credits/Links My good friend @S e n t i m e n t a L a.k.a Grandmaster of GX a.k.a Yowai and his astonishingly detailed and LONG guide (which I shamelessly copied some of the info from. ). He inspired me to write this guide despite me being quite lazy. Another good friend @Caphleo just for being an awesome chap. This dude's channel. He is partly responsible for me to go crazy over this build all over again. blackCROSS's guide on warpportal forum. I'm not sure if he is flattered but, he influences me as well. Artwork (NSFW site) by Tsukimori Hiro and edited by @Skillhunter. Artwork by カチ. Artwork by Garuku.
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    Name : Andres Ingame Character : Buls Cross LimitRO Experience : 7 years Languages Spoken : English and spanish Timezone : COT (UTC-5)3 What inspires you to be a Helper? I´been playing limit ro since i was a child and everytime i see a new player reminds me when i started and i like to help all the new players. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? Im usually online and willing to help people when other helpers are offline because of my time zone. I have 7 years of experience playing Limit ro, With that i could help people in their request some instances and guides. and last i´ve noticed there are a lot of other players that speak spanish from different countries but not english so they have a hard time trying to communicate with other players thats one of the reason why they quit. i can act as middle man to help make these spanish speaking players experience with limit ro more enjoyable.
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    Name: Angela Ingame Character (Main): Ellenia LimitRO Experience: 2 Years + RO Experience: 5 Years 😇 Languages Spoken: English / Indonesia / Chinese / Hokkien / Cantonese Timezone: GMT+7 What inspires you to be a Helper? Helping people always been my hobby, there is always new comers in LimitRO but they seem lost, wondering around to find help end-up quit within a week. This make me really want to help them to keep playing and enjoy in LimitRO 😊. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? I believe with my experience and knowledge in LimitRO, i could brighten up or guide new player. Since my AB is awesome, i can always been helping hand and guide them how to finish on every instances that i have completely done. 🤓
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    Character Names: Akin/Katalina Alize How long have you been playing LimitRO? 8 Years How long have you been a Forum member? 4 Years+ Is your suggestion a duplicated one? No. Have your suggestion been denied before? No. Describe your suggestion: Update Hugel Monster Race System. 1. Participation Fee is slightly increased (from 2,000 z to 30,000 z ) 2. Prize Medal is replaced by Mysterious Medal 3. Wayne will exchange your current Prize Medal to Mysterious Medal. 4. Ei'felle in Einbroch factory will no longer receive Prize Medal. 5. Add new NPC "Crane" that use your 10 Mysterious Medal to for Racing Thank Tickets. You can use your Racing Thank Tickets to purchase items as following list. (1 T = 1 ticket) 1 T : 5 Cat Hand Ticket 1 T : 3 Dungeon Teleport Scroll 3 T : 10 OBB 5 T : 1 Str decrease potion 5 T : 1 Int decrease potion 5 T : 1 Agi decrease potion 5 T : 1 Vit decrease potion 5 T : 1 Dex decrease potion 5 T : 1 Luk decrease potion 6 T : 1 OCA 6 T : 5 OPB 6 T : 1 High Weapon Box 10 T : 2 Taming Gift Set 400 T : 1 Racing Cap 200 T : 1 +7 Weapon Cert 400 T : 1 +8 Weapon Cert 600 T : 1 +9 Weapon Cert 1000 T : 1 +10 Weapon Cert 2000 T : 1 +11 Weapon Cert 400 T : 1 +7 Armor Cert 600 T : 1 +8 Armor Cert 1200 T : 1 +9 Armor Cert 2000 T : 1 +10 Armor Cert 4000 T : 1 +11 Armor Cert (KRO Certs works EXACTLY like Limit Ro Safe Ticket. Just in-case you guys didn't know.) 1800 T : 1 Neuralizer 4000 T : 1 FAW initialization scroll. (FAW enchant in KRO can be reset via this scroll only and it reset card and refine rate too.) Racing Cap Details: Class : Headgear Defense : 10 Location : Upper Weight : 0 Required Level : 100 Slot: 1 There are 17 kinds of Racing Cap, one specific for each jobs Enchantments for the headgears What is this? Earlier this year kRO has updated the Hugel Monster Race Minigames, which include lots of new items and rewards. Why do we have to add it? It's a really cool update and have new headgears for certain build for every class. (I need the RK one ) Who will benefit this? Everyone that need the headgears. Will this change the system drastically? Not really. Well, maybe major improvement for certain builds. Room for improvement? Aside from the headgears, the rest of the items on the prize list can be customized. I doubt we will be giving out +11 safe refine tickets as prize lol. Our server is known for the difficulty of upgrading equipment even if compared to official servers. Other: Nothing else. Just help by showing some support.
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    Farming Spotlight Selected monsters will have DOUBLE Spawn Rate on specific maps on certain days from 00:00 until 23:59 server time. Tuesday - Gourmet Day Savage Meat - Savage - mjolnir_07 Blood of Wolf / Claw of Desert Wolf - Desert Wolf - ra_fild01 Cold Ice - Ice Titan - ice_dun03 Ice Piece - Freezer - tur_dun03 Ice Crystal - Iceicle - ice_dun03 Beef Head / White Herb / Star Crumb - Majoruros - gl_dun020 Drosera Tentacle / Maneater Root / Maneater Bloosom / Sticky Poison- Drosera - ve_fild02 Petite's Tail / White Herb / Dragon Canine - Petite - gef_fild06 Thursday - Mad Scientist Day Soft Silk - Evil Nymph - gon_dun03 Witch Starsand - Bathory - alde_dun04 Blue Herb / Empty Bottle - Goat - yuno_fild11 Honey / Royal Jelly - Zipper Bear - gon_dun01 Detonator / Tendon - Marine Sphere - iz_dun03 Heart of Mermaid - Iara - bra_dun02 Zenorc's Fang - Zenorc - orcsdun02 Mould Powder / Tear Gas - Noxious - ein_fild05 Smoke Powder - Alicel / Aliot - kh_dun02 Prickly Fruit - Beholder - ra_san02 Gun Powder - Pitman - ein_dun01 Lemon - Minorous - moc_pryd05 Friday - Artisan Day Venom Canine - Anacondaq - ra_fild08 Bee Sting - Hornet - prt_fild05 Cactus Needle - Muka - moc_fild02 Poison Spore / Spore - Poison Spore - mjolnir_06 Scorpion Tail - Scorpion - moc_fild18 Snail's Shell - Ambernite - gef_fild09 Horn - Horn - mjolnir_02 Rainbow Shell - Stainer - prt_fild02 Steel - Apocalypse - juperos_02 Sunday - Rune Day Blue Hair - Kobold - ra_fild05 Burning Heart - Magmaring - ve_fild03 Dragon Skin / Dragon Canine - Deleter - mag_dun02 Tangled Chains - Disguise - nif_fild01 Light Granule - Mimic - tha_t02 Solid Shell - Arclouse - alde_dun01 Ogre Tooth - High Orc - alde_dun02 Honey - Bigfoot - pay_fild07 Horrendous Hair - Medusa - beach_dun Destroyed Armor - Tamruan - ayo_dun02 Worn-out Magic Scroll - Baba Yaga - mosk_dun03 Armor Piece of Dullahan - Dullahan - nif_fild01 Elder Branch - Pinguicula - spl_fild02
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    Name: Jeannie Ingame Character (Main): Momochann LimitRO Experience: Around 7 years RO Experience: 7 years Languages Spoken: English and Spanish Timezone: GMT + 5 GMT + 6 What inspires you to be a Helper? LimitRo is my home I have been here forever ~ so I should like to make it a better place for newbies to come What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? I'm a patient and cheerful person, I like to help people specially newbies, I want to make LimitRo a fun and happy place for everyone <3
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    Char Name : NiwaKun BMP file : BMP_Image_Limit Preview : About : Wandering bard and his eternal companion WIP pics :
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    IGN: xhisui Description: Bijou and member of Royal Families
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    Cap's Noob Guide to Bow SC I've mentioned to a few people before that I'll make a guide on how to build a Bow Shadow Chaser. It's a miracle I wasn't feeling lazy. Before I start, I wanna preface this by saying unless you have 999999999999999 safe ores and cash shop ores, it would still be hard to be competitive in the PVM/MVP scene against those end-game geared Rangers, Genetics, Guillotine Crosses, and other MVP classes out there. This build requires a ton of investment for you to do significant damage. I wouldn't recommend this build to new players. This build is more like a luxury build. Not really for people who are on a tight budget. Now, don't get me wrong, you can still build a Bow SC with budget gears, just don't expect your character to do high damage. Okay, moving on!!!! STATS First, we're gonna talk about your stats. There're only 2 stats that you should be worried about. Those stats directly affects the damage of the two main skills you're gonna be using as a Bow SC. Mainly, Agi and Dex. I recommend to have at least 120 points allocated each for Agi and Dex. Your stats should be like (these are base stats): STR - 30~50 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 60~90 INT - 80~90 DEX - 120 LUK - 40~77 GEARS Now on to Gears... There really isn't that much option for Bow SCs. We get our damage mostly from our Headgear, Weapon, and Shadow Set. Upper: Old Shadow Crown [1] - There really isn't that much choice when it comes upper headgear. This is where our main damage boost will come from. Every 2 refine will increase Triangle Shot damage by 25%. Get this to at least +6 for +75% damage. Not to mention that ATK and MATK bonus you get for every refine. Duneyrr/Dark Pinguicula Card - +10 ATK. Pharaoh Card - -30% SP consumption. Arc Angeling Card - +100% SP recovery if base LUK is 77 or above. Any status resist cards. Essence of Evil Concentration 3 - +4 DEX, +8 HIT, -4 LUK. Good if you're lacking HIT for those high FLEE monsters Essence of Evil Force 3 - +4 STR, +12 ATK, -4 INT Mid: Robo Eye - There aren't really that much Mid HGs to choose from. Eye of Darkness - Resists Blind Status and gives +1 Dex. It's important to have some blind resist if you're fighting a monster that inflicts the status. Not only is your vision impaired, but your Hit will suffer as well, making you mostly likely miss your attacks. Your Flee will also decrease. Dark Blindfold - Same as Eye of Darkness without the Dex bonus. Black Devil Mask - +2 to all Stats. Not really worth the investment, in my opinion. Sigrun's Wing - +1 flat ASPD. More ASPD isn't a bad thing. Lower: Spiked Scarf - +35 ATK with -2% Max HP penalty. Father's White Moustache - +20 ATK Pirate Dagger - +5 ATK. Meh, you can do better really. CD In Mouth - Casts random bolt skills when doing physical attacks. This works on bows too, but you have to be 7 cells or less from your target. This is useful if you're up against instances where you have to kill plant defense protocol monsters (Bakonawa and Bangungot Instances to name a few.) Armor: Excellion Suit - +10 Vit if you're over level 130, Max HP +4% every 3 refines. This is like my go-to armor of choice. STR ATK ATK or STR ATK ASPD are decent choices of enchants. You can also have a lot of this with different elements. Definitely cheaper than other armors if you wanna have multiple elements in your inventory. Not to mention it combos with the Wing for -20% after cast delay. Heroic Hidden Cloth [1] - Max HP/SP +5%, Increases Triangle Shot damage by 10%, and a chance to increase ATK and MATK by 10% with every physical attack. For me, this is like the second best armor you can wear. They're hard to find tho, and expensive AF. Valkyrian Armor [1] - +1 to all Stats, Unbreakable, and +50% resist to Stun when worn by Thief Classes. This is still a good armor to wear. You can have multiple of these and card them with different elements. Porcellio Card - +25 ATK, -5 DEF. A good start-up card. Marc Card - Protects from Freeze. Evil Druid Card - Gives Undead property. This is really the only way you can protect yourself from getting Stone Cursed since you can't wear a shield. Just be careful if you're in a party, your priest won't be able to resurrect you should you die. Ghostring Card - Enchants armor with Ghost property, -25% HP Recovery. Good for tanking neutral attacks (Earthequake, Hell's Judgment, monster normal attacks). Any elemental cards. Essence of Evil Concentration 3 - +4 DEX, +8 HIT, -4 LUK. Essence of Evil Force 3 - +4 STR, +12 ATK, -4 INT Weapon: Crimson Bow [2] - +(Refine*Refine) ATK, +5 ATK every 10 Base Level above level 70. In my opinion, this is the best bow you can get for your Bow SC. The only downside is you have to refine it to at least +12 for it to shine. iRO peeps have tested damage against Catapult in this thread. Catapult [2] - +2% Triangle Shot damage every refine, +2% increase SP consumption of skill per refine. Not really worth getting imo. The additional SP consumption is also a huge drawback. Not to mention it only adds 2% damage per refine, not like a GXB that adds +5% per refine with Arrow Storm. Well, if you really need a bow and can't get an over-upped Crimson Bow, I guess this could be the better substitute. Infinity Bow [1] - Nothing really special, but the enchants are promising. If you're patient enough, you can get a bow with EA 16 (+32% ranged ... Downside is they're account bound. Upgrade Bow [1] - +7 ATK per refine, +2% ranged damage per refine, +10 ATK per 10 base level when base level 70 or higher. Let's just say you have a +16 Upgrade Bow, you'll have a bonus of +328 ATK from refining it, +0~88 variable ATK per attack, and +32% ranged damage. Is it worth it tho? I don't know, and I don't wanna ever find out because I just made a +15 Crimson Bow... Memory of Thanatos Card - Increases damage based on the target's DEF. Thana is bae. White Knight Card - +20% damage to medium and large monsters, +15 ATK. Archer Skeleton Card - +10% ranged damage. Garment: Fallen Angel Wing [1] - Effects too many to mention lol. Enchant with Expert Archer for additional Ranged damage. Excellion Wing - Awesome combo for Excellion Suit. 3x ATK Enchants are the best option. 3x Reactor 202 for +300% SP recovery if you have troubles with SP and don't wanna consume too much SP items. Cloak of Casualty [1] - I don't even wanna mention this. But think of this as FAWs on steroids. The only thing is you have to over upgrade this garment to really feel its effects. It's expensive AF! Heroic Backpack [1] - Good if you're on a budget. Kinda cheap-ish. Menblatt Card - +1% Ranged damage every 10 base DEX. Cheapest damage card there is. Deviling Card - +50% resistance to neutral property, but -50% resistance to the other properties. Flamel Card - +200% heal from Red, Yellow, Orange, and White Potions. I have a lot of Flamel garments, don't judge. Infinite Chimera Card - +8% Max HP, +4% Max SP, +10% ATK/MATK when compounded with Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card Footgear: Temporal DEX Boots [0]/[1] - Really, I feel like there's no other option. Enchant with Expert Archer and Hawkeye. Applause Sandals [1] - Haven't really tested if this is better than a pair of DEX Boots with Hawkeye enchant. The after cast delay redux is awesome tho. Can't really card this other than with Amon Ra. Verit/Green Ferus/Matyr Card - Depends on you really. I'd go for Verit for that added SP Outrageous Cookie Card - +1% ATK/MATK, -2% Max HP. +1% ATK/MATK, -2% Max HP every 2 upgrades. Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card - +10 ATK, +10 ATK when refined to +7, +15 ATK when refined to +9. Accessories: Pendant of Maelstrom [1] - +1 to all Stats, +6% ATK/MATK, chance to autocast level 1 Maelstrom when magically attacked (basically a 3x3 mini Land Protector). Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo - +7% ATK, +10% ASPD Physical Enhancer Ring [1] - +5% ATK Dex Glove [1] - +1 Hit for ever 10 base DEX, +1% Ranged damage when base Dex is over 110 Gold Scaraba Card - +20 ATK, -1% Max HP I can't really think of any other accessory card that would be beneficial to this build. Shadow Gears: Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon - +20% Triangle Shot damage, +5% Triangle Shot damage for every refine. Shadow Chaser Shadow Shield - Effects aren't really important. +20% Triangle Shot damage, +2% ATK/MATK, +2% Ranged damage when worn with Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon. If you have donate costumes, it's up to you which gems you'd like. I have ASPD gems on my donate because I mainly share that with my GX and my Ranger. I also have an all-stat one but I prefer the ASPD one to help with hitlocking if needed to. SKILLS There really is only 1 major skill that you need to worry about, and that's Triangle Shot. The others are mostly for support/debuff that are useful when doing instances alone. I'll highlight my most used skills Triangle Shot - Fires 3 Arrows to a target and has a chance to knock them back. This skill scales with your AGI. That's why it's important to have high AGI, not only for ASPD, but also for this skill. Emergency Escape - Needs 1 Special Alloy trap to cast. You basically backslide from your target and leave a trap behind, rendering them immobile. This is a nice combo if you reproduce Ranger's Aimed Bolt. Aimed Bolt deals multiple hits when the target is trapped. Can deal high damage. Maelstrom - A 3x3 mini Land Protector. Manhole - Traps whoever walks into it for up to 15 seconds. Useful for trapping mobs you don't wanna fight with. Feint Bomb - Just a nice FU skill. You enter into hide status and backs away from your original position, leaving a mirage of yourself that will explode, dealing AoE damage. Bloody Lust - Forces everyone who step on it into Berserk Status. Free LK card lol. I mainly got it just to support other ctrl+click classes. Reproduce - Well, it reproduces a skill. Plagiarism - Copies up to 2-2 skills. Reject Sword - Reduces damage taken and reflects it back. Preserve - Prevents your copied skill from getting overwritten. Notable skills to copy: Severe Rainstorm - Over all, this is the best Ranged AoE you can copy. This deals more DPS than Arrow Storm, and can trigger Hawkeye enchant more frequently. I also prefer this since the target is semi-hitlocked for the duration of the skill and you can then spam Triangle Shot. Aimed Bolt - This is more like a trick shot than anything else. Great for bragging in PVP, but there's really no usage in PVM. You have to trap your target using Emergency Escape, then cast Aimed Bolt. The drawback is the trap will disappear if Aimed Bolt hit. So unless you can 1 shot your target, this is generally a useless combo. You'd get more DPS if you trap your target and spam Triangle Shot. Arrow Storm - Just for the lols, why not. Frost Nova - When you wanna escape. Or Freeze a target and equip Wind Arrows for more damage. Triple Attack - just for the lols. Useful for hitlocking. Not much else. Claymore Trap - I'm really running out of ideas on what useful skills to copy. Here's my current skill build. You can customize your skills as long as you have the important ones. Items Must-haves: Makeover Brush Paint Brush Face Paint Surface Paint Arrows - Every kind and every element lol Bow SCs don't really need that much consumable really. But your main arsenal should be: Berserk Potion - ASPD!!!!!!!!!! Enriched Celermine Juice - MOAR ASPD!!!!!!!!! Guarana Candy - Level 5 Agi Up, Concentration Potion effect. Authoritative Badge - Increases Movement Speed. Speed Potion - VRRROOOOOMMMM!!!!!! Holy Elemental Scroll - Endows your armor with Holy level 1. Undead Elemental Scroll - +25% resistance to Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. Hwergelmir's Tonic - +10 DEX. Either the normal version or from WPS. WPS is easier to get actually. Since only Lady Tanee drops the normal version, and it's more expensive to make these than just buy the WPS version. Steamed Desert Scorpions - +10 AGI. Dragon Breath Cocktail - +10 INT. Just for cast time in general. Stew of Immortality - +10 VIT. So as to be not so squishy. Anodyne - Grants Endure effect. Resists Potions - +20 Resistance from the corresponding element, -15% resistance from the element it's weak against. At least have every elemental resist potion in your inventory. Cursed Water - Endows weapon with Shadow property. Royal Jelly - Heals HP/SP, cures almost all statuses. I'm addicted to this shit. Those are the items I usually being in my inventory. Other optional items are: Drosera Herb Stew - +20 AGI Siroma Iced Tea - +20 DEX Minor Brisket - +20 VIT Warg Blood Cocktail - +20 INT. If you really wanna get instant cast. But it's a waste really. When Hawkeye procs, you'll have instant cast anyways. Box of Resentment - +20 ATK Box of Gloom - Casts level 1 Improve Concentration for additional DEX and AGI Box of Thunder - Increases movement speed. Distilled Fighting Spirit - +30 ATK. Doesn't stack with other +ATK consumables. Takoyaki - +20 ATK/MATK, +10 LUK. Doesn't stack with +10 LUK food for some reason. This will just override your +10 LUK food, so instead of having +10 LUK for 30 minutes, you'll get only 10 minutes. Aloevera - Casts provoke level 1 on yourself. Yggdrasil Berry - Fully restores HP/SP. Has a 3 minute cool down here in Limit, so use wisely. Yggdrasil Seed - Heals 50% of HP/SP. Also has a long ass cool down. Military Ration B - +33 HIT This my SC currently. I'll post some videos when I record stuff. Idk what to record tho. Maybe some instances runs. I went with an ET run the other day. My bow was only +14 before. I'm happy to say that with my set up, you'll be doing 50K+ damage per hit of Triangle Shot on MVPs. That's 150K+ damage every .5 seconds. And on MVPs that have really beefy defense (like Ifrit and Valk), I did 70K each hit (200k+ total damage). I'm now curious what my damage would be if I have full buffs and full consumables (and if only I have a +16 Old Shadow Crown ). VIDEOS Awakened Ferre Valkyrie Fenris Fenrir (More videos to come. Lel, whenever I can make it tho, and whenever I can find a willing AB slave.) I'm gonna say this again. This is more of a fun character to play. You can out-DPS mid-tier Rangers and Genetics out there, but it's gonna be hard to beat end-game geared Rangers. Unless you have +16 of everything. So there you guys go. That's the gist of building a bow SC. Hope you have fun spending your money on a niche build!
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    Costume Headgear List About Official list of all LimitRO Costume headgear, and a little info of where to obtain them. This list will be updated. NPC Costume Girl Alice Location: Asgard *Unique Glasses *Holy_Rosario *Stem Mouth *Wing Glasses *Blood Sucker *Charm of Flame Heart *Charm of Mistic Frozen *Charm of Rough Wind *Charm of Great Nature *Imperial Feather *Angel's Guidance *Chocolate Bar *Cheer Whistle *Bushy Moustache *Accessory of Ascetic *Double Horn Helm *Wing Prairie *Bork Hat *Future Glasses *Lincoln Beard *Grand P.Captain Cap *Venus Golden Wreath *Melina's Headdress *Commandments of Chain *Dragon Tooth Corona *Gryphon Ears *Chemical Protector *Pipe of Carnation *Crystal Ears Cover *Mars Golden Wreath *Poke Me Bear *Koi Queen Hat *Mysterious Sakkat *Filir Wings *Rose of Crimson *Chewed Pencil *Dounut In Mouth *Ice of Watermelon *Black Musang Hat *Cheese Crack Mouth *Eyeband of Heart(Black) *Eyeband of Heart(Red) *Hot Ramen *Tiny Silk Ribbon **Imp Hat **Aura Crystal Crown **Skymet Helm **Ears of Resonation **Twin Aureate Ribbons **Fan Mouth **Eremes Scarf **Core Bio Essence **Superman Hair **Valkyrie Circlet **Ignis Cap **Tear **Full Moon **Elder Crown **Lupus Cover **Heaven Cage **Lightning Speed **Drooping Panda **Angel's Whisper **Rosetic Feather **Angel of Happiness **Tengu Mask **Cop Glasses **Victory Ears **Sakura Above **Superman Hair(Black) **Superman Hair(Red) **Superman Hair(Silver) **Lovely Cheek **Analyze Screen **Mayor Doram Pawhat **Axis Mask **Singing Bird **Gold Cross **Odysseus Veil **General Doram Pawhat **Crispinette Tribe Hat **Pawn Officer Cap **Singing Bell **Cat Lady Cape **Burberry Scarf **Odenius Crown **Warlord Helm **Indian Chief Band **Heaven Judge Cap **Geisha Hat **Cloverleaf In Mouth **Runed Beret **Elven Slim Ears **3D Glasses **Skull Cap **Cube Mask **Mr Meeh **Transformer Hat **Heart Fairy Hairband **Nut Donut **Choco Donut **Candy Hat **Cat Lace Headband **CD on Mouth **Vanguard Helm **Blue Star Eye **Handkerchief Mouth **Sakura Coronet ***Subject Bio Essence ***Cursed Four Horsemen ***Aqua Spell ***Happy Lunatic Ears ***Bloomed Hairpin ***God Spell ***Artifact Helm ***Valhalla Officer Hat ***Asgard Runehelm ***Myotis's Ears ***Eleanor's Disguise ***Astro Circle ***Diares Crown ***Dragon Turtle Hat ***Vampire Hairband ***Circlet of Kriemhild ***Evil Druid Hat ***Earth Hat ***Guardian Hat ***Galanthus Guard ***Protect Feathers ***Biretta Ribbon ***Gothic Lolita Hat ***Princess Hairband ***Elder Druid Hat ***Sura King Pledge ***Royal Rabbit Crown ***Rabbit Priest Cap ***Eden Jewel Hat ***Fallen Angel Ears ***Anonym Mask ***Sky Officer Hat ***Holy Feathers ***Capricon Crown ***Goly Feathers ***Elven Bold Ears ***Evil Mask ***Spare Card ***Mask of BlackDevil ***Neko Agent Cap ***Mic Hat ***Red Pom Band ***Gold Adornment Iris Shop Location: Limit HQ Costume Box(Balloon) *Blue Poring Balloon *Big Deviruchi Balloon **Happy Balloon **Santa Angeling Balloon ***PedoBear_Balloon ***LoveLove_Balloon ***Panda_Balloon ****Jinn Poring Balloon ****Jinn Marin Balloon ****Octopus_Balloon Ancient Egg Scroll Costume Black Glasses Costume Vicious Stop Bandage Arara Hat Mad Bunny Egg Scroll Costume Beanie Costume Cake Hat Costume Funeral Hat Shave Creame Angel Egg Scroll Costume Rose of Frozen Land Costume Cat Eye Costume Angeling Hat Boto Hat HQ Emblem Hat HQ Gear Machine Location: Limit HQ Novice on Top Fishing Master Location: Asgard 750 Fish Points: 1x Fantastic Bunny Ears 1500 Fish Points: 1x Happy Summer Cap 3000 Fish Points: 1x Cold Breath 6000 Fish Points: 1x Mermaid Headphone 12000 Fish Points: 1x Twin Kitty Hat Chance to fish directly up from Prontera fishing spots: Space Booster Chance to fish directly up from Alberta fishing spots: Deluxe Summer Hat Chance to fish directly up from Amatsu fishing spots: Puppy Grass Chance to fish directly up from Brasilis fishing spots: No Fear Chance to fish directly up from Hugel fishing spots: Diving Glasses Chance to fish directly up from Dewata fishing spots: Sailor Hat Chance to fish directly up from Moscovia fishing spots: Rice Ball Temple Articles Manager Location: Rachel Costume Drooping Casual Pope Costume Drooping Luwmin High Priest Doll Billy The Golden Hands Location: Lutie Fresh Rose Santa Hairband Costume Red Bonnet Quest Mark Esha - Eclage Quest - ecl_in04 224 234 Oliver Wolf Hood Replication Expert Palt - Eclage - ecl_in01 67 39 Costume Frog Hat Costume Romantic Flower Costume Majestic Goat Costume Blush Costume Valkyrie Helm Costume Deviruchi Cap Costume Assassin Mask Costume Elven Ears Costume Hahoe Mask Costume Boy's Cap Mr Brando - Hat Festival Quest in Comodo 160 318 Drooping Kiehl Doll Drooping Aliot Doll Howard - Location: Rockridge inside Tool Building Black Bandit Mask Costume Cactus Flower Corsage Costume Black Cowboy Hat Unbox Costume Invisible Cap from Gift Box Costume Invisible Sunglasses from Old Purple Box Costume Invisible Flu Mask from Old Blue Box VIP Group Daredevil Scarf Lucifer's Disguise Satan's Disguise Great Dragoon Helm Achievement Special Gift Box Chance to obtain Fotia Eyemask Pity Mask Ace Card Angeling Fur Hat Beast Helm Dark Lord Helm Mint Bubblegum The list will be updated, more costumes incoming <3
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    Rune Knight is on the way on road before end of this year they will release it this upcoming December 26 2017. Sura is on!! <3 Get ready it may release next month...! Sorcerer 2nd costume Hope you like It...xD
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    New Illusion Gears will be added to complete the set (sort of irrelevant since we don't have the dungeon yet). The next in line to get Job Improvements are Arch Bishops and Performers. Basing on the interview they've had in the past, ABs might get a DPS boost, and Performers will get some flexibility with their weapons (can use song skills while wearing Bows). Star Emperor and Soul Reaper sprites seems to have been finalized as well. Their skills Tress have also been revealed. Skill: Book of Dimension(?) PVP/WoE only skill. Reduces cool down of certain skills and/or creates a barrier(?) Star Emperor Skill Tree Solar, Lunar, Stellar Perception (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Opposition (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Shadow (10) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Record (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Purification (1) Solar Stance (3) Lunar Stance (3) Stellar Stance (3) Galaxy Stance (3) Blazing Kick? (7) Cutting Kick? (7) White Light Kick? (3) Divine Explosion (5) Gravity Control (1) Solar Explosion (7) Full Moon Kick (7) Falling Meteor (7) Star Emperor Advent (5) Solar Light (5) Lunar Light (5) Stellar Light (5) Book of Creation (5) Book of Dimension (5) Skill: Eshu Basically a GIANT FCK YOU AoE version of Esma. Can be chained with Esma. Can only be used on monsters. Soul Reaper Skill Tree Soul Accumulation (5) Curse of the Demonic Soul (5) Soul Energy Research (5) Soul Harvest (5) Commander? Explosion (5) Kaut (5) Esha (5) Soul Connection (7) Soul Cycle (3) Espa (5) Soul of Shadows (5) Soul of Fairy (5) Soul of Hawk (5) Soul of Golem (5) Eshu (7) Soul Explosion (5) Soul Split (5) There's an earlier release of what the skills might do, you can view the source here. The translation for the skills can be found here. BTW, winter in South Korea starts at late December. So we'll probably see these updates in action early 2018.
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    Happy Easterr!! IGN:straubreyyy Materials: Process: Step #1: Make yourself a bunny. ? ✓ Step # 2: Crack an egg into something like this.. helps to draw it out first. ✓ Step # 3: Make the flower base~ Check ✓ Bonus: Add some life to your bunny :3 Step #4: Colour with chalk pastels. Use exacto knife to scrape the chalk pastel into powder. Mine looked something like this~ ✓ Step #5: Cure the polymer clay. ✓ Once it's done... Step #6: Assembly.. ? Bonus: Mica powder for shimmer. :3 and lastly.... paint yo background~ Fin~
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    Feature Monster Count increased by +50%
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    Sorry guys for the bad impact of the CE quests....and thank you really for caring and voicing up, it means a lot. I have now made some real common sense, considering all cash costumes value etc, and I hope the new requirements today and for the future will be acceptable. <3
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    Item Expedition Report Vol1, Expedition Report Vol2, Expedition Report Vol3 and Expedition Report Vol4 are now tradeable. Crimson Weapon drop rate adjusted accordingly () Crimson Shuriken is now dropped by Tengu. Updated Combination set making, you can make the following items thru Combination set from HQ. Novice Red Potion Novice Magnifier Novice Fly Wing Novice Cutter Little Unripe Apple Four Leaf Clover Banana Juice Apple Juice Carrot Juice Grape Juice Unripe Apple Feature Removing Quest Maniac NPC Monday maintenance - instance maintenance changed to 13:00 to 14:00 server time, only 1 hour close. Game Setup Global skill use delay reduced from 250ms to 150ms.
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    Just wanted to take a moment to recognize all the GMs and Helpers for their hard work towards the server. Yes there are bugs and whatever that needs to be fixed , updates etc .. But they're all human and have a life ..I hope Keep up the amazing work and thank you to each and every single one of you for your efforts. Limitronians, if you're reading this, post and let them hear it from you
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    IGN: Shappo Process Clean eggs Rough sketch birb parts Media: Watercolour, waterproof marker & drawing pen on watercolour paper & post it notes lel Image Filir is rabu <3
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    IGN: Entity Genetic Procedure Sorry Lack of Procedure,Kinda Forgot that it is needed Final Result Behind the Picture lol
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    Hello there, Wondering how to level up faster? Well here's a guide to your problem. Read carefully Requirements: Fly Wing - (depends if you ran out) *Note* If you ran out of Fly Wing, you can buy it in Asgard - 176 , 220 7th Grade Bow Mercenary - Can be bought in Asgard or Limit HQ Mercenary Red Potion - *Recommended* Character - duhhh Getting Ready - Step: Choose your decided job/class Buy a 7th Grade Bow Mercenary in Limit HQ *NOTE* This mercenary die easy if more than 5 - 6 Wolves Attack it that's why I recommend you to buy Mercenary Red Potion 3.Buy a Mercenary Potion - *Recommended* 4.Summon the Mercenary by double clicking the 7th Grade Bow Mercenary Scroll you have. 5.Open the Mercenary Info by clicking Ctrl + R 6.Click the Skill Button in the Mercenary Info 7.Hold the "Arrow Shower" and Drag it into the Shortcut Keys Window(F1) 8.Put the Fly Wing into the Shortcut Keys Window(F2) 9.Put the Mercenary Red Potion into the Shortcut Keys Window (F3) And you're set ^~^ Leveling Part - Step: 1.Click the Warper (NPC) and go to Fields>Rachel Fields>Rachel Fields 1 2.Don't Move , You and your mercenary must be in the same cell (for your own safety ^_^) Also DON'T DIE 3.Once you go there Use Arrow Shower "Skill" (Using F1) and use it on the ground you are standing - Repeat until they die (by 2x Arrow Shower) 4.Once they die Use Fly Wing in your F2 . And do the Step 3 Again 5.If you notice that your mercenary has low HP left . Don't hesitate to use the Mercenary Red Potion (F3) 6.Repeat Step 3,4 and 5 Until you rebirth and until you become a Max Leveled Transcendent Character 7.Talk to Admiral to Become a 3rd Job ^~^ If you die buy another mercenary and do the same steps but remove the DIE Part! And also there's a Doppelganger Version of this but for me this is much faster because of it's AoE skill (Arrow Shower) So that's pretty much it Hope it helps you
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    Instance All 1-day and above coooldowns now reset at 4am server time. e.g. ET will reset 3 days later at 4am. So easier for players with different CD to do instance. Easier to remember when CD resets.
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    Topic Name (Make +7 and below refine ticket tradable) Character Names: Ken Ma / Chrow Lucilfer Describe your suggestion What is this? (Make +7 and below refine ticket trad-able) Why do we have to add it? Someone just got scammed again, took his item and disappear. it Keeps happening. Who will benefit this? All, mostly new players who does not now how things works in our server and how retarded people are. Will this change the system drastic? NO Room for improvement? YES, Other
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    Ign: KinkZ "Happy LimitRO Halloween 2017 " Get in your kitchen and make some scary treats to share. Trick or Treat > However it comes 😛 P.s They are actually tasty af.... P.p.s Molten hot chocolate burns please be careful.
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    Trashtalk that hits below the belt (about mother, racism, gender orientation etc) usin trashtalk is a strategy so opposing side would loose focus but please keep your mothers out of it or anything below the belt Big headed so called "pro players" ( some people act like they are god or something having godly end game equips but just averagely skilled) End game pvp that isaw usually end with just 1 or 2 hits thus relying heavily on equips and not skills. Multiple dual buffs and ganging ( cant they duel fair and square with honor). A pvp room with dispell on entrane would help Evil op seller , couple of times i saw evil venders selling items for 50-100m and the item being vended can be bought from npc for 10m, usually victims would be newbies (common peeps dont be mean, its not the way to welcome newbies to this server). But overall this server is good met lot of friends aredy
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    Sooo... Translation Source The question was about the state of Arch Bishops, and how a lot of the cash items buff scrolls have made an Arch Bishop not really necessary, and also how hard it is for an AB to level alone, due to the limited attack power. The devs said the Awakening System addressed the issue above, and they adjusted the characteristics of ABs. They also said something about enhancing Adoramus by a new skill. This question is about possible new costumes/job sprites. They answered there's no definite plan. Although they were talking about adding new colors (We already have 699 of those here lol) The question is about Bio Nightmare and how it's only certain classes than can farm there. They answered they are trying to balance the dungeon to suit party-oriented play styles, but they worry that it might be too difficult. They will continue to review the situation. Idk what this is about tbh. lol. But I think it's talking about job classes not having similar DPS, and the possible introduction of a "damage meter"? This is about wings costume not being properly implemented for Doram race. They said devs are working on re-adjusting them to fit Dorams. The question is about the improvement of the inventory system. Devs said they are thinking of ways to improve the inventory system, but since the client is so old, it is difficult to improve. They can't promise anything will change immediately, but they are working on some improvements. The question is about if there will be a change in exp table when the Awakening system is implemeted. Devs said they will reduce the amount of exp to reach 175. This is about improvements on non-mainstream classes. They've mentioned they made adjustments for RKs (maybe this is about the recent Rune update) and Mecha (the only mecha update was the weight and speed thing, lol). They also plan to do the same to Genetics (seriously, making Genetics more OP?) and SC (YUUUUSSS!!!!!) This question voices concern about the difficulty of some 3rd class job change quests. Devs said they will make some class change quests easier to understand and do for new players. Question is about the limited number of skill points available to some classes, and asking to increase skill points. Devs gave Dorams as an example, and that too much skill points will make the character too much of a jack of all trades. Devs said they are reviewing this issue for some classes. This question asks about the introduction of 3D Graphics to the game. Devs said that some monsters, like Bakonawa, are hard to implement as 2D. They said it would be nice to have 3D monsters in the game. The question states that too much attack power is an issue with the game, and even armors have attack enchants. Devs said they are aware of the issue and are discussing some Def related formulas that they are not ready to share yet. Something about chat windows being more visible. This one is about unused cards being recycled through a system in kRO (WHAT??? THEY HAVE THAT?), and suggested to have unused equipment to be recyclable as well. Dev said they are considering adding the system for equips that everyone can use. Something about improving the map system. They said they will change how map names are displayed in the navigation system. That they would use the more commonly known map names, instead of their database name. Something about support for beginner equipment? This one talks about the aspect of Guilds having their own Guild Dungeons. Devs said it would be nice for Guilds to have their own farming spot. They asked if it's possible to add a Skill Point Reduction Potion, as well as Stat Point Reduction potion. Devs said they will review it. This might be similar to the potions included in the Mad Bunny Scrolls in iRO, where it will reduce your stat point by 1 if you double click on it. Cheaper if you just want to adjust how many points you want for a certain stat in your build. This is useless here since we have stat/skill reset. This one is requesting for limited edition CEs to be offered again. Devs said they consider it. This is more about their punishment system. Not really important. Idk what this is about. Seems like content where you can buy things with rewards you get from a quest. They asked if they can be bought by zeny. Devs said they will introduce a new system that will let players buy things with zeny (I'm assuming for that specific quest thingy) This one talks about the downside of classes that use projectiles in terms of weight. They asked if it can improved. Devs said it should be improved. Also said something about removing the weight penalty? It didn't say more. This is just about their password/login system. More on kRO's system about their website and character slots. Something about increasing Guild position slots. So I guess we'll get more than 20? This talks about the quest system in Eden Paradise Group. Not really relevant to us. Something again on that new currency system a few questions back. Players are saying that the reward system is too much. This is about the Homunculus system. And how it affects some dungeons because Homunculi will just be everywhere. They are asking for this system to be improved. Devs said they are planning to introduce a system where the Homunculus and Master will share EXP. They also said they are discussing whether to remove Homunculus AI completely to prevent AFK Homunculi overcrowding some fields and dungeons. This one is about how some gears don't look as good when characters are wearing them. Devs said they will take action if it gives players errors. Arrow Crafting will receive a new UI to make it easier. This one talks about the legal system of selling character names, character and account deletion. Not really important to us lol. This is about revamping some Guild Dungeons. This one is about improving the UI of some skills. About magical attacks in siege. Devs said they will reveal more info when they announce details for the siege reform. This one talks about the "attack" mark on siege, some bugs in siege maps in general. Devs said they will gather players who often participates in siege and have a discussion with them. This one talks about the support for bow thieves early in the game. Devs said they will improve this. Question is about how in the old times, the only party composition you'll see are Knight/Hunter/Priest. They are asking for the party and hunting system to be reorganized to make use of more classes. Devs said they are discussing about the re-organization of the even share in party systems. This one is about the new system kRO has to quickly switch between sets of equipment. Devs are talking about improving the feature. (Q&A translation were made with the help of mister Google. If you find a better translation, please link it.) Well, there are definitely some interesting things about the future of RO.
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    Just to share with you my first ever video against Root of Corruption and Realize Amdarais... Feel free to drop some comments.
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    Sorry for the delay of maintenance. Soon we will bring updated EXE with new client side features and new website + new patcher. Ofcourse, I will upload a brand new Full installer.
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    IGN: Gandus Lima Materials: Procedures: Result:
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    IGN: Luann Process: Result:
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    Char Name: Ssechtre Image: BMP FILE: final-bmp.bmp About: Clash in the battlegrounds. WORK:
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    Up-to-date --- 21st Febuary 2018 Updated Rolling Cutter Build Contents Dual Dagger DA Critical Build Consumables / Costume Equipment / Shadow Gears HP/SP Recovery Potions Increase Weight Capacity Best Party Members Videos FAQs Future Potential Items Additional Topics : Katar Critical Build Rolling Cutter Build Dual Dagger DA Critical Guillotine Cross Overview Introducing to new players or existing players who love the old first job Assassin, second job Assassin Cross (SinX) and the new third job Guillotine Cross (GX). This is wielding daggers MVP Build Guillotine Cross. The primary skill is Physical Attack/Hit-lock with High Critical Damage and High Attack Speed. The secondary skill is Rolling Cutter, the Area of Effect(AOE) skill for Guillotine Cross. WARNING do not skip below: have already Implemented Double Attack Critical (10/07/2017) [NEW Build] Dual Dagger Double Attack Critical Guillotine Cross or Dual Dagger DA Critical GX era started on 10/07/2017 in Limit RO. You may change job to Assassin Cross from High Thief at job level 42 to 50 (50 is always recommended). Because we have already Implemented Double Attack Critical which you do not need to skip Double Attack High Thief job. This is an official KRO Update since around December 2016. Thus, what if your existing Guillotine Cross had changed job at job 42 previously before this implementation? Then the first job skill Hiding and Steal are suggested reset to Level 5. [OLD Build] Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross : In other Servers which have not Implement Double Attack Critical This is very important here. You MUST change job to Assassin Cross from High Theif at job level 42. The reason is because you have to skip Double Attack. If you have taken the Double Attack, DA will interfere the Critical Attack depend on the level of Double Attack you have raised. So, be careful here. Because once you have made mistake here, you have to recreate the character. [The reason I do not remove this is because maybe other Ragnarok Servers around the world are still not up to the new mechanism yet] Job Changing Guide (Beginner) Select Change Jobs. Then, make sure choose the Thief class. Once a character has chosen their second class job, they will not be able to choose another job path even after transcending. E.g., after a Thief chooses the Assassin path, and the Assassin transcends, they must become an Assassin Cross and cannot become a Paladin or any other class. A character can also only become the third class with the same base. E.g., Assassin Cross can only become a Guillotine Cross and not a Royal Guard. Stats and Skills are only reset during the transcending / rebirth process / Admiral (Paying 80k Zeny). The character would have to use a stat reset / skill reset for any other circumstances, especially a leveling, PVP and MVP build. The job changes process can be confusing. An example of the general path is as follows: Step 1 - Start off as Novice Step 2 - Reach job level 10 a. Then, find the “Amiral” in any town. Choose change job b. Select “Change Jobs” Step 3 - Choose a first class (Thief) Step 4 - Reach job level 40-50 Step 5 - Choose a second class (Assassin) Step 6 - Reach base level 99 Step 7 - Rebirth (transcend) Step 8 - Now a base level 1 job level 1 High Novice (all stats and skills are reset) Step 9 - Reach job level 10 Step 10 - Job change to the same first class (High Thief) Step 11 - Reach job level 40-50 (50 always recommended but - except OLD Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross builds is Job 42 job level). The reason is you have to skip Double Attack. [The reason I do not remove this is because maybe other Ragnarok Servers around the world are still not up to the new mechanism yet] Step 12 - Job change to the same transcendent class (Assassin Cross) Step 13 - Reach base level 99 and job level 50-70 (70 always recommended) Step 14 - Job change to the third class job (Guillotine Cross) Step 15 - The character may now level up to base level 175 and job level 60 Pros and Cons Pros:- For low & middle range budget, is cheaper to have an Ice Pick[1]. Memory of Thanatos card is for the End Game GX to reach to the highest potential of a GX. Medium Defense, High Flee & Perfect Dodges Able to solo most Low & Middle Difficulty MVPs Good escape-able abilities by using Backsliding & Exceed Cloaking High Critical Damage and High Attack Speed High Flee, Hallucination Walk Boost up Flee Rate +250 and Chance to ignore MATK 50% Cons:- Very High Cost and expenses for the equipment, potion & foods Relying on the Equipment, Buffs, Foods and Supports Skills. Therefore, you need to use foods most of the time Could solo some but not all high range MVPs Hard in the beginning. Because lack of stats points Hard to balance Attack Speed, Critical, Defense and Damage Rolling Cutter AOE covers small area This is not a job for a new starter. Because the cost is very high Imbalance and poor performance in some Instances due to the melee attack weakness Very Challenging Job and not easy to play compare with Range Attack Jobs The Stats Build (End Game) Stats at Level 150 STR : 70 AGI : 100-120 VIT : 70-95 INT : 1 DEX : 1-50 LUK : 90-120 Stats at Level 175 STR : 80-100 AGI : 100-120 VIT : 70-95 INT : 1 - 30 DEX : 29-60 LUK : 120 The Skills Build (Job Level 60) 1st Job Skills Tips : For those who change job at job level 42, skill Hiding and Steal set to Level 5 For the [OLD] Dual Dagger Critical Build, you have to skip Double Attack. But for the [NEW] Dual Dagger DA Build, you need to max Double Attack 2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills Main Buff · Poison React · Enchant Poison · Weapon Block · Enchant Deadly Poison Powerful Buff · Hallucination Walk (LV 5 : Flee Rate +250 / Chance to ignore MATK 50%) · Full Throttle(LV 5 : All stats +20%. Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed for the duration of the skill. Duration: 30 seconds / Consumes 1% Max SP per second. After the skill duration ends, you will be inflicted with 'Rebound' status. During 'rebound status', your movement speed is lowered and your natural HP/SP recovery is disabled.) Main Attack Skills · Hit Lock / Ctrl + Click for MVP · Dark Claw (Give an enemy a painful wound that lasts for 5 seconds, causing the target to receive higher damage from short-ranged physical attacks. Lv 5, 500% Damage / +150% Short-ranged physical damage received) · Rolling Cutter + Counter Slash against Ton of Monsters Secondary Attack Skill · Cross Impact(Sometimes), · Cross Ripper Slasher(This you have to use Rolling Cutter first then second only use Cross Ripper Slasher, not always need to use this). Equipment Headgear Upper: · White Drooping Eddga Hat (STR +2, DEX +2. Increases damage inflicted on Brute monsters by 10%. When dealing or attacked by physical attacks, adds a chance to transform into king of tigers 'Eddga'. When transforming, drains 5 SP every sec but gain a brutal power for a while) [Refine +12 to +16 is recommended. Each refine increases both proc (transforming to eddga) and strength(25 Base Attack] [Refine +12 to 16] [Recommended] [High Cost] · Old Bone Circlet [1] (All Stat + 1. Max HP + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. Max SP + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. Aspd + 1% per upgrade level of the item. Increases critical damage on targets by 1% per upgrade level of the item. Increases the damage of Cross Impact by 10% per 2 upgrade levels of the item. Increases the damage of Cross Ripper Slasher by 20% per 2 upgrade levels of the item) [Refine +12 to 16] [FUTURE Nightmare Biolab Headgear Enchant up to Level 10 : Critical +30, Critical Damage +110%] · +7 Little Feather Hat[1] compounds Angra Mantis Card (Dex +2. Critical Damage +10%.If refine +7 add 5% critical damage. Warning : "GX is no longer available for equipping arrow") [If +7 Little Feather Hat[1] compounds Angra Mantis Card is giving additional 5% critical damage] [Refine +7 ] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Wickebine's Black Cat Ears combo : Whikebain's Black Tail (FLEE +10. Critical damage +10%, Adds a high chance for 5 sec ignore target's MDEF when attacking magically) [Optional: combo with Whikebain's Black Tail gives bonus ASPD + 3%, Critical + 7] [Medium Cost] · Glorious Crown[1](All stats+7. ATK+7%,MATK+7%, ASPD+1. Reduces damage taken from Demi human monsters by 10%) [Very High Cost] · Indo Warrior Cap[1] (Reduce damage from demi human by 10%, Crit Rate +10, LUK +5, ASPD +1, ATK & MATK +3%. Increase the healing effect of Red Potion and White Potion by 100%) [It boosts the ASPD, Critical Rate and little damage. It is good for PVP and WOE too] [Medium Cost] · Ancient Gold Deco[1] (When base level is 150 or higher, All Stats +2. For Swordman, Merchant and Thief add ATK +8%. For Mage and Acolyte add MATK +8%, +7% heal effectiveness. For Archer adds DEX +3, long ranged physical damage +10%) [This item can be equipped by multiple jobs, although it is not specifically for GX but it is a good item for sharing with different jobs] [Medium Cost] · Wandering Wolf Hat[1] (Agi +5, Flee +10, Ignore 10% physical defense of Demi Human and Brute monster. When Angry Mouth (Reduces after-cast skill delay by 3%) Crit +10, when refined to +7, increase critical damage by 10%. When refine to +9, ASPD +1) [Medium Cost] · Helm of Abyss[1] (Increase tolerance to MVP & Demi-human by 10%) [Low Cost] · Faux Orc Boss Hat[1] (Has a chance of autocasting [Weapon Perfection] Lv 3 with each melee attack) [This is not recommended, only for user who doesn't have a Drake Card] [Not Recommended] [Low Cost] Card Options: · Angra Mantis Card (Critical damage +2%. [Thief and Thief Upper Classes]. Every 2 refine on the compounded item adds 1% critical damage) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Lord Knight Card (Enables use of Level 1 Berserk. Maximum HP - 50%) [Very High Cost] [High End User] · Phylla Card (DEX + 1, AGI + 1. When dealing physical damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds you will receive CRIT + 20) [It proc is high, if you're lack of critical rate this card is recommended to boost the critical rate] [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Violent Coelacanth Card (ATK + 2% For each 2 refine, ATK + 1%, Max SP - 1%) [High Cost] [High End User] · Vanberk Card (STR +2. Each attack has a chance of gaining CRIT +100 for 5 seconds) [Very low proc] [Not Recommended] [Low Cost] · Dunyerr Card (ATK + 10. When dealing physical damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds your Perfect Dodge will increase by 10.) [Low Cost] · Dark Pinguicula Card (Attack +10, When killing a monster, adds a chance to have a poisonous herb drop) [Low Cost] Middle: · Gambler's Seal (Crit +3 & Critical Damage +3%. Reduce damage taken from Arrow Storm & Gate of Hell. Every 10 base Luk Crit+1, Atk +2, Matk +2. When Base Luk is 108 or higher, Crit +5, Critical Damage +10%. When base Luk is 120 or higher, Crit +10, Critical Damage +17%, reduces damage taken from Arrow Storm and Gate of Hell by 30%. Every 10 Dex Base critical damage -2%.) [Recommended] [High Cost] · Sigrun's Wing (If worn by a Swordman, Merchant, Thief or Taekwon Classes, increase ASPD +1) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Imperial Feather (ASPD + 1%. Resistance to Wind property attacks + 5%. When having more than 108 base AGI, increase ASPD +1, ASPD +1%.) [Medium Cost] · Robo Eye (Attack Power + 2%, MATK + 2%, Dex + 1) [Low Cost] · Monocle [1] compounds Lord Knight Card (Enables use of Level 1 Berserk. Maximum HP - 50%) [Very High Cost] [High End User] Lower: · Spiked Scarf (Atk +30 & MaxHP -2%, when using PC Gold Cafe, MaxHP +2%, ranged physical attack +2%, all stats +1) [Recommended] [Medium] · Father White’s Moustache (+20 Attack) [Medium Cost] · Blood Sucker (Drain 5% HP out of the damage given to the enemy. Disables HP and SP recovery.) [Medium] · Advanced Assassin Mask (Critical Rate +1 & Critical Damate +1%) · Gangster Scarf (+5 Attack) [Low Cost] · CD in Mouth (While attacking has a 6% chance of activating for 5 seconds a random level 1-5 Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Earth Spike or Soul Strike] on your target) [Not Recommended] [High Cost] Armor · Heroic Hidden Cloth[1] (Add MaxHP +5%, MaxSP +5%. Increase Damage on Cross Impact and Cross Ripper Slasher by 10%. Has a chance to get Crit +20, Flee +20, ATK +10% and MATK +10% bonus for 10 seconds when doing physical attack.) [Refine +4 or Above] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · +7 Cursed Mail[1] (Reduce damage taken from all elemental attacks by 5%. Atk & Mtk +10% . Refine +7: Indestructible MaxHP and MaxSP +5%) [Refine +7] [Recommended] [HighCost] · +7 Excellion Suit enchants with the Reacto Supportive Str/Def/Aspd/Element(s). [Indestructible and high defense] [Refine +7] [Medium Cost] · Sapha’s Cloth enchants with the Sharp/Critical [Low Cost] · Nab's Cloth [1] enchants with the Fighting Spirit/ATK [Low Cost] Card Options: · Elemental Resistance Cards [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Gloom Under Night Card (Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel monster and Demon monster by 40%.) [High Cost] [High End User] · Tao Gunka Card (Maximum HP + 100%. DEF - 50, MDEF - 50) [High Cost] [High End User] · Ktullanux Card (Increases damage against Fire Property monsters by 50%. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Frost Nova on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.) [High Cost] [High End User] · Sarah Card (If the user receives damage greater than their current maximum HP amount, this card will decrease the damage received by a large amount) [High Cost] · RSX-0806 Card (Can not be knocked back. VIT + 3. Make an armor indestructible) [Medium Cost] [Berserk User] · Detardeurus Card (MDEF -20 Gains immunity against Frozen status. Has a 5% chance of autocasting Level 1 Land Protector around the user when the user receives magical attack) [Medium Cost] · Realized Amdarais Card (ATK + 20%, MATK + 20%. Each 6 seconds lost 666 HP and 66 SP. Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the armor is unequipped.) [High Cost] · Amdarais Card (ATK + 15%, MATK + 15%. Each 4 seconds lost 666 HP and 66 SP. Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the armor is unequipped.) [High Cost] · Porcellio Card (ATK + 25, DEF - 5) [Low Cost] · Ancient Mimic Card (Every 18 Base LUK, you gain 1 AGI) [Low Cost] · Venatu Card (Every 18 Base LUK, you gain 1 AGI) [Low Cost] Weapon Main Hand (Right): · Faceworm Queen Leg[2] (High Attack. Attack 180 and Level 4 weapon Has a low chance of casting the Illusion of Faceworm Queen while you are attacking and you have change to transform to Faceworm Queen and casting Earthquake) [Refine +10 to 16] [Recommended] [High Cost] · +15 Vicious Mind Dagger[1] (Attack: 105. Weapon Level: 4. Atk + (upgrade level * upgrade level) up to a maximum upgrade level of 15. Matk + 50. Additional Matk + ((upgrade level * upgrade level) / 2) up to a maximum upgrade level of 15. with Enchants, Slot 1 : Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size(drake effect), Slot 2 : Boss Damage 20%, Slot 3 : Critical Damage 20%) [Recommended] [High Cost] · Scalpel[3] (Attack 120 and weapon 4. Every time you attack, small chance to cause Bleeding status ailment) [Refine +10 to 16] [Recommended] [Low Cost] · +15 Crimson Dagger[1] (Attack : 55. Weapon Level 3. Attack increased by (Refine*Refine), up to +15 refine. MATK increased by Refine*Refine)/2, up to +15 refine. Level 70 or higher:Per 10 BaseLevel,ATK +5) [Refine +15] [High Cost] · Octopus Knife (Attack 140 and weapon 4. Each refine +1 Hit. When equipped with either Crab Card & Aster Card or Aster Card & Shell Fish Card +8% Damage to Water Type Monster. When equipped Crab Card, Aster Card & Shell Fish Card Damage to Water Type monster 16%) [Compounds with the Drake Card/ Turtle General Card/ Abyss Knight Card/ White Knight Card/ Valkyrie Randgris Card are more versatile] [Refine +10 to 16] [Not Recommended] [High Cost] Card Options: · Drake Card (Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size) [This card is very important reason is because of Size Penalty. It gives you 100% weapon perfection which doesn't have any size penalty] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Turtle General Card (Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%. Add a 3% chance of automatically casting Level 10 Magnum Break on the enemy when attacking.) [High Cost] · Abyss Knight Card (Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · White Knight Card (ATK +15. Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%.) [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Armed Guard Soheon Card (ATK +10 .[+Dagger Weapon] When the compounded equipment is refined to +10 or more add ASPD +1. When the compounded equipment is refined to +14 or more add ASPD +1) [Medium Cost] Off Hand (Left): · Ice Pick[1] (Deals more damage depending on the target's Defense) [If the player doesn't have Memory of Thanatos, this is a MUST. Without an Ice Pick, DD Crit GX won't able to deal high damage to high defense MVPs] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Ice Pick (Deals more damage depending on the target's Defense. Enchants with the Sharps) [Low Cost] · Sandstorm[4] [4x Abyss Knight Card for low defense monsters which are lower than 100] [Low Cost] · Main Gauche[4] [4x Abyss Knight Card for low defense monsters which are lower than 100] [Low Cost] Card Options: · Memory of Thanatos (Deals more damage depending on the target's defense. Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack. DEF - 30, Flee Rate - 30) [If you have this card, you DO NOT NEED an Ice Pick[1]] [Recommended] [High Cost] [High End User] · Drake Card (Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size) [Recommended to put on the main hand, because you might need to change your Left hand weapon to MG or SS. So, you do not need to have extra drake card] [High Cost] · Abyss Knight Card (Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%) [Low Cost] · White Knight Card (ATK +15. Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%) [Medium Cost] · Immortal Cursed Knight Card (Atk + 10%. Adds a 2% chance of casting Level 5 Ignition Break on the target when performing a physical attack +1 Aspd if Combo card : Stephen Jack Ernest Wolf Card) · Sniper Card (Reduces HP recovery by 100%. Add a 5% chance of gaining 20% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack) [High Cost] [High End User] · Armed Guard Soheon Card (ATK +10 .[+Dagger Weapon] When the compounded equipment is refined to +10 or more add ASPD +1. When the compounded equipment is refined to +14 or more add ASPD +1) [Increases ASPD +10 bonus 1 ASPD and +14 bonus another 1 ASPD] [Medium Cost] · Infinite Phreeoni (Critical Rate + 100) [Not necessary for a GX. But if you really can't reach at least 100 critical rate, then you may use this] [Not Recommended] [High Cost] · Aunoe Card (Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks) [Low Cost] · The Paper Card (Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks. Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack.) [Low Cost] · Mobster Card (Inflict 15% more damage with Critical attacks. [Thief Class] Critical Rate + 4) [Low Cost] · Sedora Card (Increase critical damage by 15%.) [Low Cost] · Angry Student Pyuriel Card (Increase critical damage by 30%. Increases damage received from all monsters races by 10%.) [If the monster is dealing high damage on you, this card is not recommended because it will make you received 10% more damage. Only use this on the monster which doesn't really hurt you much] Garment · Cloak of Casualty [1] [It's balance and suitable for GX. It increases Attack, ASPD, Critical Damage, Neutral Reduction and More Bonus but required highly refine. Save a lot of Foods] [Refine +12 to +16] [High Cost] [Recommended] · Fallen Angel Wing [1] enchants with the Fatal/Fighting Spirit/ASPD [Increases Attack, ASPD, Critical Damage, Neutral Reduction and it is enchant-able] [Refine +7/+9] [Recommended] [High Cost] · Heroic Backpack [1] [Refine level +7/+9 Boosts Attack, ASPD, Critical Damage, Neutral Reduction and Not Enchant-able] [Medium / High Cost] · Bloody Muffler[1] (Critical damage +3%. If equipped with Critical Ring, critical damage +5%, CRIT +10. When refined to +5, Critical damage +3%. When refined to +7, Critical damage +4%) [Low Cost] Card Options: · Immune Manteau[1] [It boosts resistance against different elements and especially for neutral] [High Cost] · Hero Manteau[1] [It increases Flee and Neutral Resistance] [High Cost] · Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb[1] (Add a 7% resistance to all Elements. Increases SP by Level/3 + (Refine Rate * 10). When dealing physical damage there's a 1% chance that you'll recover 1% of your damage as SP. MDEF + 3) [It increases resistance against different elements, Increase SP base on refine rate and 1% chance recover SP] [Low Cost] Card Options: · Deviling Card (Add a 50% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Receive 50% more damage from other property attacks) [Without a Deviling card, it will be harder to tank MVP like General Egnigem Cenia. Deviling Card is very important especially for MVPing] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Petal Card (Every 10 point of base LUK increases critical damage by 2%) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Infinite Chimera (Max HP +8%, Max SP +4% paring with Infinite Vagabond Wolf get extra Atk & Matk +10%. Increases Damage, Max HP & SP) [High Cost] · Kades Card (Increase resistance to Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Shadow and Undead property attack by 50% Receive more damage from Ghost and Holy property by 100%) [High Cost] · Cenere Card (Every 10 point of base AGI increases ASPD by 2%) [Low Cost] · Raydric Card (Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%) [Low Cost] · Elemental Resistance Cards (Increase resistance against Different Properties) [Low Cost] · Wakwak Card (Every 10 base STR, you gain + 5 ATK) [Low Cost] · Giant Whisper Card (Flee Rate + 10, [Base STR >= 80] ATK + 20, [Base VIT >= 80] Maximum HP + 3% , [Base LUK >= 80] Critical Rate + 3. Increases a little of the Damage, Max HP and Critical Rate) [Low Cost] Footgear · Temporal Luk Boots (Enchants with the Fighting Spirit 7 and Lucky Day) [This boot really help you to boost up a lot of critical rate and damage] [Refine +3/+6/+9] [Medium Cost] · Temporal Luk Boots (Enchants with the Attack Delay 4 and Lucky Day) [If you are hard to hit 193 ASPD, Attack Delay 4 is a good choice] [Refine +3/+6/+9] [Medium Cost] · Temporal Agi Boots (Enchants with the Attack Delay 4 and Lucky Day) [If you are hard to hit 193 ASPD, Temporal Agi Boot with Attack Delay 4 is a must for your depend on the build] [Medium Cost] Card Options: · Matyr Card (Maximum HP + 10% & Agi + 1) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Stephen Jack Ernest Wolf Card (Adds a 3% chance of buffing the user for 10 seconds when performing a physical attack; Flee + 200. Adds a 2.5% chance of buffing the user for 10 seconds when performing a magical attack; Increased Movement Speed. Adds a 3.5% chance of casting Level 5 Fire Walk on the user when receiving a physical attack. Adds a 8% chance of casting Level 5 Electric Walk on the user when receiving a magical attack) [High Cost] · Vicious Cookie Card (Atk + 1%, Matk + 1%, MaxHP - 2%. Additional Atk + 1%, Matk + 1%, MaxHP - 2% for every 2 refine) [Medium Cost] · Infinite Vagabond Wolf(ATK +10, Refined to +7 ATK +10, Refine to +9 ATK +15 paring with Infinite Chimera get extra Atk & Matk +10% and Max HP 8% & Max SP 4%) [High Cost] Accessory · Luminous Blue Stone[1] If base Luck is 100 or above, Critical Rate +15, Critical Damage +12%, Agi +2, Aspd +5%. When combine with any equipment with Sharp 1 +10% Critical Damage and Sharp 2 for another 10% Critical Damage. Recommended : Sharp Bonus item Sapha’s Cloth enchants Sharp 1 and Sharp 2. [Recommended] [High Cost] · Pendant of Maelstrom [1] compounds Gold Scaraba Card (ATK +6%, MATK +6%. All Stats +1. When magically attacked, there is chance to activate lv 1 Maelstorm.) [Increase Attack & Magic Attack. All stats +1 and with a slot] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo (ATK +7% and ASPD 10% increase) [Increase both Attack and ASPD. More balancing and reduce the usage of Foods] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Sarah's Left Earring / Sarah's Right Earring Enchants with the Critical Damage [Increase critical damage maximum up to 14% each earring. Use this if you already have sufficient ASPD. Obtain from Sarah and Fenrir Instance] [Low Cost] · Buffalo Horn[1] (Pairing with Bison Horn[1]) [Bison Horn[1] pairing with Bison Horn[1] total ASPD +2. This sets are low cost version of Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo if you attach the Gold Scaraba Card] [Low Cost] · Luk Glove[1] (MaxHP +100, MaxSP +20. CRIT+1 per 10 points of LUK.Critical damage 1% when LUK is 110 or higher. Increases Critical Rate if you have enough of ASPD) [Low Cost] · Rogue's Treasure ([Base Strength >= 90] HIT + 10, FLEE + 10. [Base Agility >= 90]ATK + 10, CRIT + 10) [Low Cost] · Heroic Ring is available for Heroic Ring Enchants (Enchant 1 : Str 5 / Agi 5 / Luk 5 , Enchant 2 : Attack 5% , Enchant 3 : Max HP 5% , Enchant 4 Defense : 15) [Obtainable from Isle of Bios and Morse Cave Instance. Not Recommended, but if low budget this can be still used] [Low Cost] · Critical Ring (Critical Rate +5) [Low Cost] · Ring Of Flame Lord [Changing differnet equipment sometimes will cause a GX lack of critical rate. This accessory will Autocast Critical Explosion Level 1, +10 Critical Rate and Spirit Calls to Increases Attack, then change back to main accessory] [Low Cost] Card Options: · Gold Scaraba Card (ATK + 20, Max HP - 1%) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Owl Baron Card (Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Lex Aeterna on an enemy when attacking) [Low Cost] [Berserk User] · Marine Sphere Card (Enables use of Level 3 Magnum Break) [Cast Magnum Break first before you hit the monster to boost 20% more damage and endow fire element weapon for 10 seconds] [Low Cost] · Kukre Card (AGI + 2) [Not Recommended : Only if you lack of ASPD] [Low Cost] Essence of Evil · Essence of Evil Force Lv3 / Essence of Evil Str 3 (STR +4, ATK +12, INT -4 and Compound on all slots) [Medium Cost] · Essence of Evil Luk Lv3 / Essence of Evil Luk 3 (LUK +4, CRIT +4, DEX -4 and Compound on all slots) [Not Recommended : Only if you lack of Critical Rate] [Medium Cost] · Essence of Evil Speed Lv3 / Essence of Evil Agi 3 (AGI +4, Flee +8, Vit -4 and Compound on all slots) [Not Recommended : Only if you lack of ASPD] [Medium Cost] Consumables / Costume Equipment / Shadow Gears Recommended Foods HP/SP Recovery Potions Best Party Members Increase Weight Capacity Videos Frequent Ask Questions Future Potential Items Katar Critical Build (Additional Topic) Rolling Cutter Build (Additional Topic) External Links 1. (V)adHatter's Dual Dagger Crit GX Guide 2. Wiki's Guillotine Cross 3. CharAznable's [kRO] 15.1 Fantasmagorica Additional Equipment and Enchant Update (Mar 25th. 2015) 4. Cooking - iRO Wiki
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    What is the L-Phone? Simply put, it's a terminal for in-game functions like Points Checking, Online Helper Guide, etc. The L-Phone comes in two modes: Basic and Upgraded. Basic mode looks like this: The Upgraded L-Phone looks like this: And there you have it! All the information I gathered about the L-Phone. The upgrade on the L-Phone is account based, so it doesn't have to be unlocked for each character on the account. TIP: Reset your Stats and Skills, and then save the current Stat & Skill Build! This allows you to have a free reset instead of paying for 160k zeny for a complete reset. And the good thing is you can do it anywhere when you have the L-Phone on your inventory.
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    В данном гайде мне бы хотелось поведать вам как правильно раскачивать персонажей на сервере LimitRo! Академия Новичков Первое что мы увидим после создания персонажа, это будет LimitRo Novice Academy. Данная локация объяснит вам все тонкости сервера. Каждое NPC имеет полезную информацию которую вы должны знать об это сервере. После завершения диалога, вам будет проложен путь к ному NPC и так до конца обучения! После окончания обучения нам стоит найти NPC Admiral, он нужен для того что бы получить нужную профессию. (он находится практически во всех городах!) Способы повышения начальных уровней персонажа (1-100lvl) Тут у нас будет 3 способа по прокачке персонажей, а именно: Первый способ: Афк кач при помощи Doppelganger Contract или Fencer Scroll 7, которые можно купить у NPC Mercenary Manager за 170.000 zeny (Sword Lv7) (см. на скрине ниже) Doppelganger Contract мы получаем после прохождения Академии новичков, хочу подметить, что нам могут дать от 3 шт. до 0 шт.. Для того что бы начать наш AFK кач, нам нужны будутFly Wing и Battle Manual (книги на опыт мы так же получим в Академии Новичков, но не советую все тратить) Далее нам нужно использовать Doppelganger Contract и выставитьFly Wing на свой Skill Bar. После чего через Golden Warper мы можем отправляться в Fields > Rachel Fields 1. Для того чтобы монстры нападали не на вас, а на Doppelganger , нужно знать, что после применения телепорта вы должны стоять неподвижно. Это позволит избежать урона от монстров. (Примечание: Status Bar своего саммона можно открыть при помощи комбинации клавиш: Ctrl+R) Таким способом мы будем качаться пока не получим 3-ю профессию и 100 уровень. Займет это примерно около 1 часа нашего времени. Второй способ: Это более быстрый способ, для этого нам нужны будут Bowman Scroll 7, которые можно купить у NPC Mercenary Manager за 170.000 zeny (Bow Lv7) (см. на скрине ниже) Для этого способа кача, нам так же понадобятсяFly Wing и Battle Manual. Так же нам нужно будет выставить Skill наёмника Arrow Shower lvl 10 на нашу панель скилов: После того как мы всё подготовили, нам нужно будет через Gold Warper отправится в Dungeons > Magma Dungeon Lv 2 И с помощью Arrow Shower lvl 10 нашего суммона убивать большие пачки монстров. Этот способ заберёт у нас 15-20 минут. Третий способ: Это альтернативный вариант прокачки в Limit Group. В Limit Group можно прокачаться с 1 до 99 уровня. Прокачка немного медленнее первого и второго варианта, но есть свои преимущества в виде Limit Coins. За 100 Limit Coins можно собрать шапку 3 профессии, также они продаются NPC по 10.000 zeny или же можно продать их игрокам, Их средняя цена 150.000~300.000 zeny. Подходим к Granma в Limit Group (@go hq). Говорим с ней, oна отправит нас на одну из трёх локации. (локация зависит от уровня персонажа) 1-39 Уровень: с монстров падает по 1 Limit Coin(@autoloot на Limit Coins не обязательно прописывать, так как они автоматически попадают в инвентарь). 39-80 Уровень: с монстров падает по 2 Limit Coin. 80-99 Уровень: с монстров падает по 3 Limit Coin. Для этого способа у нас уйдёт около 1 часа +/- 20 минт. Заметка: Так же на 3-м уровне обитают Mavka с них падают Witherless Rose, так что смело можете ставить @autoloot! Повышения уровня персонажа после получения 3-й профессии (100-175lvl) После получения 100 уровня персонажа, кач на обычных мобах уже не такой актуальный, поэтому тут нам необходимо отправляться в Asgard для поисков Party или же самому создавать Party для похода в Instance > Infinity Space. Примечание: Для похода в Infinity Space, желательно иметь в группе Arch Bishop (Для Хила, Бафов), Sorcerer (Для заливки маны и усиления урона), Sura (Для того чтобы он танковал MVP с помощью скила Steel Body), ну и естественно профессии которые смогут наносить урон, а это Ranger, Genetic, Warlock и другие. И так, после того как мы нашли/создали свою группу, мы отправляемся с помощью Golden Warper в Instance > Infinity Space. Тут нам нужно будет поговорить с NPC Reckless Explorer, это делается для того, чтобы нас пропустили в подземелье через Transporter. Так же, если вы являетесь лидером группы, вам нужно будет дополнительно поговорить с Reckless Explorer для того, чтобы открыть подземелье для своей группы. Далее нам нужно будет пройти 50 уровней, которые состоят из усиленных мобов! На каждом 10-м уровне будет находится MVP: 10-й уровень: Infinite Eddga По этому MVP лучше всего проходит урон от Water элемента. Замечание: Иногда он бросает на пол Demonic Fire, который имеет шанс сломать вам оружие! 20-й уровень: Infinite Osiris По данному MVP хорошо входит урон от Holy и Fire элементов. Замечание: Когда у него остается 25% он входит в эффект Rage, данный эффект увеличивает уворот существа и его показатели физической атаки. Сбросить данный эффект можно при помощи скилов Arch Bishop: Clearance или же скилов Sorcerer Dispell. 30-й уровень: Infinite Phreeoni Данное MVP является нейтральным, по этому все элементы входят одинаково. Замечание: MVP часто кастует Wide Petrify, которое бросает всех людей рядом находящихся в статус Stone Curse. Так что Arch Bishop обязаны иметьMedusa Card что бы не попадать в статус Stone Curse и была возможность снять данный статус со своих союзников с помощью скила Clementia. 40-й уровень: Infinite Orc Hero По этому MVP отлично входит урон с Fire элементом. 50-й уровень: Infinite Tao Gunka Это MVP имеет нейтральный элемент. Замечание: При нанесении урона она будет сжигать ваше SP. В этом подземелье мы будем получать максимальный 175 Lvl 60 Job. Infinity Space имеет Cool Down в 4 часа. Заработок Zeny для своих начинаний Начальный капитал, будучи не одетым новичком, можно заработать в Dungeons > Moscovia Dungeon 3. Убивая Mavka. С нее нам нужно будет поднимать: Witherless Rose Crystal Mirror Blue Herb. Облегчить поднятие лута нам поможет команда @alootid (ID или название предмета(Примечание: для того чтобы поднимать несколько предметов, нужно будет прописать эту команду несколько раз с разными ID)). Гайд был написан при поддержке гильдии BlackCat Rampage! Так же хочу поблагодарить двух замечательных девушек @SunLight и @Tora за помощь в написании данного гайда!
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    Hi there! I'm a bit late Character Name: Shilin Choice of receipt: Banana Ghosts It was not so easy as I thought! They a bit ugly and strange, but yummy anyway. So here it is, some process pictures, and result with me dressed as my AB ^^" Happy Halloween LimitRO, it's best year time to dress up, make funny and spooky things, and yummy ghosts~! And also to catch and tame the spooky cute kitty Scatleton! Thanks for viewing!
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    IGN: Kizuke Urahara Recipe choice: Apple Mouth Production Pictures: Apple Monster Family with childrens
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    Your Character Name: Tariss Your choice of receipt: Banana Ghosts Your pictures: Progress pics under the spoiler tag: And here we go! I kid you not. Use longer bananas next time. The MnMs were falling off their faces. Happy wishes: Happy Halloween!
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    Compensation Event Compensation for the down and unstable 2 past days, I decided to give all this event, and I hope you will like it! 1 week EXP & Drop Boost - 200x200x30x (except card drop rates) Guild Base Guild Base Ticket(Event) is now available in Vote Shop and Genie's Event Store. Client Area view size from 22 to 18. To improve performance and less chance to crash. Patch Added NEW Gemstones support Synced all Item Trade restrictions. Renamed all Event Box into Costume Box.
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    Lets See My EB First Try follow play...
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    Instance Updated Horror Toy Factory behaviour to be closer to official. Updated Old Glast Heim behaviour to be closer to official.
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    https://www.divine-pride.net/database/monster/2475/corrupted-soul http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/popup/monsterview.asp?monsterID=MG_CORRUPTION_ROOT All MVPs in OGH do not cast Full Strip. They never did, afaik. Can we please update their skills and remove the customization. I think this was a remnant of a certain GM lol.
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    Easter Egg Hunting ??? Intro Easter is all about eggs, eggs, eggs and eggs xD It's time for us to HUNT 'em all! Hunting Methods Fishing for Star Easter Eggs. You are able to obtain Star Easter Eggs, from fishing. Sky dropping Happy Easter Eggs. On certain hour, the Asgard sky will drop down Happy Easter Eggs for everyone to pickup. Lovely Easter Egg baskets. On different towns, there are many easter egg baskets for you to collect! Funky Rabbits in the wilderness drops Stripe Easter Eggs. You can find Funky Rabbits, that drops those eggs. Easter Egg Collector Location: Asgard Collects Easter eggs that you hunt. Gives Alien Egg Shell and Joyful Easter Hat.
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    IGN: Lim The Chaser I saw so many ppl so pro on decoration.. Im done with my brains, This is not about looks so beautiful or not.. But this is about Creativity !!! Sorry not pro about design and paint. but i have good idea. No one try to make this right?? xD
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    New Instance Wave Mode - Forest
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    Battleground New map for Conquest ~~ Feature Released new Shadow Chaser outfit and colors for it ~~ Bug Fixes Fixed broken Doram female color Fixed Monady sword + genetic boarding halter mount crash.
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    This coming on Monday.