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    2. Expansion of Base and Job Level . They expand the base and job level to 200/70 of each class, however, for the doram they have extended the job level up to 60 . 3. 3 New Dungeons In addition they add 3 new dungeons. Einbroch Mine Dungeon 3rd Floor Abyss Lake Dungeon 4th Floor Ancient Odin Shrine Dungeon 4. Episode Equipment Update Once your base level is at lvl 100 , there's 2 new sets related per episode for each class . Its only available for specific episode Ep. 16.1 , 16.2 and 17.1 , the equipment's above belong to each character and they cannot be trade. 5. Update New MVP Pet MVP Gloom Under Night Source: http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3956818&curpage=1 Sigma translation https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-kro-classes-improvement-project/&ct=1560300567
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    +1 This will be addressed also a rebalance, too easy CP right now. Our plan by suggestion is Base reward is 30 - 80 DT. 6+ minimum to trigger Mr. Cash spawn. Each +1 player receives 10 extra DT. in total 30 to 80 + (player x 10) DTs. 30 to 80 + possible 60 extra if you are full party. we also plan to add 1-2 more instances with this feature.
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    June Update 2019 1. Warlock Improvement will be updated on July. Many skills except Tetra Vortex will be improved to have more efficiency and improved the convenience on using Reading Spellbook. The contents of improvement as below : 1.1 Reading Spellbook - The skill will be improved. The player can click on spellbook to memorize skill directly. 1.2 Release - Removes the effect on level 1 (release 1 elemental ball on target). Level 1 will release the memorized skill only. 1.3 Summon Fire Ball / Summon Water Ball / Summon Ball Lightning / Summon Stone - Reduces max level from 5 to 2. Level 2 will summon 5 balls instantly. (If you have 2 active Water Balls and then cast level 2 Summon Fire Ball. 2 Water Balls will be replaced with 5 Fire Balls) - Changes skill damage formula. 1.4 Soul Expansion - Improves skill damage formula. 900% Matk is increased to 1500% Matk on level 5. 1.5 Earth Strain - Improves skill damage formula. 2500% Matk is increased to 4000% Matk on level 5. - Reduces cooldown from 10 seconds to 7 seconds. Reduces delay after skill from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. - Removes equipment divesting effect. 1.6 Frost Misty - Becomes target skill. Deals damage on target enemy and nearby enemies. So the skill's area of effect will be changed. - Inflicts new status effect "Frost" on target. Target under Frost effect will take more damage from Jack Frost for 10 seconds. (Frost will apply to all type of target, include players) - Changes damage display from 7 split hits to 5 cumulative hits. 1.7 Jack Frost - Becomes target skill. Deals damage on target enemy and nearby enemies. So the skill's area of effect will be changed. - No longer deal more damage on target under Freezing status. - The skill will deal more damage on target under Frost status instead. - Improves skill damage formula. 2500% Matk on Freezing target is increased to 4200% Matk on Frost target on level 5. - Removes Frozen inflicting effect. - Adds 4 seconds cooldown. 1.8 Crimson Rock - Reduces delay after skill from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds. - Improves skill damage formula. 2800% Matk is increased to 3700% Matk on level 5. - Improves damage scales on base level. - Removes Stun inflicting effect. 1.9 Hell Inferno - Becomes multi-target skill. Deals damage on target enemy and nearby enemies. Area of effect is 5x5 cells on level 5. - Improves skill damage formula : - - Fire damage : 300% Matk is increased to 2000% Matk on level 5. - - Shadow damage : 1200% Matk is increased to 3000% Matk on level 5. (damage display is changed to 3 split hits) - Removes Burning inflicting effect. - Adds 3 seconds cooldown. Reduces delay after skill to 0.5 seconds - Increases SP consumption. 1.10 Comet - Removes partner benefits. Removes Red Gemstone consumption. - Reduces SP consumption. 800 is decreased to 150 on level 5. - Fixed casting time is 2 seconds regardless skill level. (reduces from 3 seconds on level 5) - Reduces variable casting time. 14 seconds is decreased to 10 seconds on level 5. - Reduces cooldown from 60 seconds to 20 seconds. - Reduces delay after skill from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. - Inflicts new status effect "Magical Intoxication" on target for 20 seconds. Target under this effect will take more damage from all property by 50%. - Reduces number of hit from 20 hits to 10 hits. - Reduces area of effect from 19x19 cells to 13x13 cells. - Removes damage variation depends on distance from the center. The skill will deal the same damage to all over the area. - Improves damage scales on base level. 1.11 Mystical Amplification - Increases Damage amplification. 50% is increased to 100% on level 10. - Increases SP consumption. Consumes 75 SP on level 10.
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    Bug Fixes RK and GN racing stone level 3 bug. Fixed minor bug in Phreeoni Suit. Fixed bug for Fighting spirit, Praefatio, coluseo heal, TK_POWER no longer check party members' job. Fixed minor issue in Thanks Ticket Machine. Fixed issue with Sara's Memory, allowed create instance without being "leader". Fixed Deepsea Quest reseting after each reboot. Fixed Cutie card minor bug. Fixed Illusion Apocalypse wrong effect. Updated Daily Instance Cash System Updated Infinity Space Instance (some QoL changes) Fixed Helper NPC locations Fixed Achievement Treasure NPC locations Solar Temple Updates Rifa no longer drops King's Saviour [3], now drops Light Blade [2], Slate Sword [2] and Barbed Wire Whip [2] Nabe no longer drops Haze Demon Blade [3], Glorified Royal Sword [3], Ruin Bringer's Sword [3] and Ancient King's Twin Blade [3] now drops Kiri no Tsuyu [2] and Surudoi Kaze [2] and Golden Lord Launcher [2] Titania now drops Katar of Shiver [2], Crimson Rose [2] and Master Soul Rifle [2] Bloodfallen now drops Exorcist's Bible [2], The Black and Huuma Shuriken of Clearness [2] Ram now drops Thousand Sun [2], Spirit Plumb [2] and Aquatic Spear [2] Rem now drops Demon Slayer Shot Fiore now drops Meowmeow Foxtail [2], Trumpet Shell [2], Meteor Striker [2] Fiore no longer drops Mirage Foxtail Wand [1] and Diva Foxtail Wand [1] Felt now drops Dragonic Slayer [2] Added Emilia and Beatrice Emilia drops Saint Scepter [2], Ray of Knuckle [2], Fatalist [2] Beatrice drops Blade Katar [2] and Scarlet Dragon Leather Bow [2] Afred Milo exchanges Royal Servant's Badge into Ancient Hero's Bravery and Ancient Hero's Wisdom. Deepsea Quest Updates Added King's Saviour [3] and Haze Demon Blade (jRO) [3] Added Diva Foxtail Wand [1] and Mirage Foxtail Wand [1] Added Ruin Bringer's Sword [3] and Glorified Royal Sword [3] and Ancient King's Twin Blade [3] Silk WoE Updates Added mid slotted hats to black list! God Quest Updates Added Sleipnir and Mjolnir
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    Player: I want this.. that and this. Me: , , 🤯
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    Hello and meow. Unemployed Unit II here. This post… it has been pushed back for too much nyaaow. I was hoping to have gotten better pictures, but this will have to be it for now. Most of my (mis)adventures are only halfway done. :< It is... my short visit to Verus City! Too short, in fact… I will have to revisit it one day. So, me travelling with Sven. Rebels and cats are good combination, you know (that is why Rebellion HQ has cat). We were curious about Charleston quest and above all, I have been wanting to visit this Verus city. I have an inaccurate meowmory of it which I want to correct. Put on our Beast Helms and let's go to Verus! We were supposed to be able to take the elevator constructed by Rekenber Corporation. Yes... Rekenber... hiss. Dubious (mega?)corporation... Anyway, the guide, Elisha said it not working. So, we had to walk there and well, it was a nice walk. A bit crazy because too many robots and I not have a good area effect skill. Regardless, we arrived in Verus and went to see Guide Scarlet. This Verus is a place for mechanics! Apparently, we were not alone. Starting from me in front, clockwise: Tamarin, Du Lian, Mark Esha, Sven Mq, Maggi Steen (only hair visible), and Alf Ackhart. Spelling of names may vary because translations. Yes, that is the very same gang we meet in Eclage if we go there for the first time. That said, you can guess what happened to the elevator: the same thing that happened to the Eclage bridge. Deu had broken it. So, they got stuck somewhere below (again); Sven and I helped them up. We headed to Charleston Factory afterwards. It is an interesting place... One of the things I saw (sorry, did not take pictures because too excited and gawking away) was a Sword Guardian being suspended in air. This must have been where they were made... which means this place has connections to the Heart of Ymir fragment thing which is what was used to power those creations up. @[email protected] Oh wait, pose for forum cover photo, hewhewhew~ So... I will be visiting Verus again AND Charleston Factory, just to take pictures. I also have yet to share my trip with Lazy going to the Rebellion HQ... I’m sort of, uh… well… never mind that for now. Bye!
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    @Icy Kitsu pushed this fix to the test server. You may test it there. Thanks bro I tested in Main server without this fix yet. And I created an instance "Not being part leader" Went in there, and the NPC did not talk to me. I tried to create instance in Test server "WITH FIX", it didn't let me create without being the leader. When being the leader, went in, the NPC talked to me. I assume this might be the case.
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    if 500 is 100% then 75% is 375 which is roughly around the damage you are dealing. Note only weaponATK and ExtraATK are affected by size penalty modifiers.
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    Sven: Real farming, must protecc Melon
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    Update after recent changelog there's new lava wave 20 waves all then you get rewards at the end this is what I got 5 lava crate = 5 invi egg, 12 lava egg = 960 lmb worth 12 lmb - so I think if your after fire dragon armor and heart poker card in mouth this is best for you then forest have been "adjusted" still 179 waves but less lmb I got 690 lmb I think this is best if your looking to open other eggs like the digital eggs for phreeoni suit not sure yet how this will fair against sky wave if your after the cursed mad bunny slotted also nice that the eggs now have +8 and +9 weapon and armor tickets for sure we will have more overrefined equipments in Limit XD Why farm this? for eggs, lucky ticket some of the awesome things you can get and the prices as of writing this fallen angel wings around 3vips, golden angel wings around 5 vips, adventurers backpack around 100m , invisible costumes around 3 vips, heart card in mouth around 20 vips and rising, boitata armor material for immune manteu, cursed mad bunny shield [1] around 9 vips, ancient sandals refine to +9 to make applause sandals, refine tickets, you can also choose to create gambler seal which is around 6vips etc best ways to farm LMB based from my tests thanks a lot @Mavne so the bestest method so far is forest wave gave me 1,240 lmb in 60minutes. i didnt even finish all the waves coz some monsters escaped. bounties a and b, doing all of them gives 66 lmb in all - can repeat a bounties in 15 minutes, b bounties in 30 minutes. what i do is switch accounts while the other account is on cooldown. i would do 1 run of bounties a and b, then sometimes if i take too long on b. i can go for another round of bounty a before switching. newbie friendly, some of the bounty stuff might take a while for newbies but not impossible. plus you can max out to 185 by doing these. catering lady gives 35 lmp, easiest food for me is the fried sweet potato, which u can farm in thana 10/11 buy equiping an accesory with baroness of retribution card. i do this once for 2 accounts im using. sky wave, last time i tried i gave 65 lmbs. its a luck thing you can get more or less by chance. plus you might want to do this coz there are free eggs. you might get lucky and get a cursed mad bunny shield [1]. you can run this once per account per day. you can do it in several accounts. takes around 30mins to finish tho. can be hard if your not that equipped. forest wave havent tried yet delivery give 15 lmp, i usually skip this eve natalia - trades items for 20-40 lmb. easiest to get is ring [1], drops from thana 10/11 monsters. next is valk armor which u get free on achievement. pipe from eddga is also quite easy. pet egg, i tried too slow. so good luck lemme know if you have questions and/or suggestions to improve this guide
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    update as per new lava wave and forest wave adjustment
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    Come on Lai just solve (- 1) + (- 1) first 🤣
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    Ahaha gm lai look alike doraemon. Just enjoy the play. Not all the obstacle should be rid away
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    +1 I'm OK with this. It would bring people more motivation to enchant without the need to go by Godly. It does reduce randomness and is imo a good alternative for Godly (if it does not cost too much). Makes this a possible scenario: Getting Spell6/6 on a GW (you'll keep these as long as you want Spell enchants) Getting Spell6 on the 3rd enchant Resetting the 3rd enchant only and try to get Spell7 Better than resetting the 3 enchants and try to get Spell6... And it still give you chills when you get all the enchants you want rather than just pay to get the max...
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    I tell you, most of meow hats come from Sven. Look he gave me this Crab King's Helmet… a crab hat. I went to get it from him when he was fishing in Amatsu. Here’s one for the picture! xD I guess it doesn’t look so bad… *swooshes head from side to side* Nipper sounds, nyaahahaha~
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    Changed Status to Fixed Uffffffffff. Must been blind when I made that... Thanks ❤️ Will be fixed!
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    or better yet if they would allow us to put those spell books on the hot key bar, it would be a lot easier
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    Hi Fixed. Made it to magic damage instead of weapon damage.
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    Item Name: Libra Diadem Item ID: 19468 Official server: jRO item Source Links: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3920-jro-zodiac-set/&ct=1560116916 Which year was this item released in officials? 2019 Describe short how to obtain it in official server: Part of Zodiac set in jRO Describe how good this item is, for which job benefit: RK Can't be destroyed.Mdef + 15.Str + 10.Atk + 50.Reduces delay after skill by 20%.Increases damage against all race monsters by 10%.When equipped by Rune Knight, reduces damage taken from boss monsters by 5%, recovers 500 HP and 50 SP when killing monsters, enhances effects of runestones. Verkana Runestone When using Millennium Shield. Grants following effects for 60 seconds. - Reduce physical and magical damage taken by 50%. - When receiving physical damage, has a chance to activate Millennium Shield lv.1. If refine rate is 6 or higher, adds an additional the chance to activate Millennium Shield lv.1. If refine rate is 8 or higher, adds an additional the chance to activate Millennium Shield lv.1. - The enhance effects are disabled in PVP environment zone. Nosiege Runestone - Remove fix casting time of Refresh. - Increase HP and SP recovery rate by 100% while Refresh is active. - Remove all Masquerade debuffs. Rhydo Runestone When using Crushing Strike. Grants immunity to knock-back for 30 seconds. Turisus Runestone When using Giant Growth. Adds and additional Str + 30 and Int - 30 for 300 seconds. Urj Runestone When using Abundance. Adds and additional recover 40 SP every 10 seconds for 300 seconds. Asir Runestone When using Determination. Add and additional Atk + 10% and ASPD + 10% for 300 seconds. Hagalas Runestone When using Stonehard Skin. Reflect 10% of damage taken from melee physical damage back to attacker for 300 seconds. Isia Runestone When using Vitality. Recover 500 HP every 10 seconds for 300 seconds. Pertz Runestone Increase damage of Storm Blast by 30% If refine rate is 6 or higher, adds an additional damage of Storm Blast by 20%. If refine rate is 8 or higher, adds an additional damage of Storm Blast by 20%.
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    It should be inc damage on demihumand magic race like red pom band
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    There was a bug fix in the source code giving some elemental boosts twice.