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    Winter Amusement Park Intro An exclusive winter park has opened it's doors in LimitRO. Cold but fun place to be, with holiday feel and snow! Many, solo mini games, and competitive challenges, plus a little monster hunt ❤️ Here until 2012.01.06 Park Info Winter Park Guide Location: Asgard Speak to him to enter the park. Need level 170+ Santa Shop Exchange prizes for Christmas Coin Winter Park Guide Gives you coordination and guidance of different mini game locations. Xmas Buffet Booking Book a buffet table with a party. Total 3 tables to book. Cost 8m zeny per party, any member can pay the fee. All in party have 5 minutes to eat as much as you want from the buffet table. Each time you eat has chance to obtain Christmas Coin and other item depends on what you eat. Low chance to get stunned = 3 hours cool down. Monster Counting Starts every hour 44 minute. Get close to her. She will spawn a bunch of monsters The first player who types out the correct number of monster wins. Example: 28 Total 3 rounds per game Whack a Mole Start the game Whack as many mole as you can Each mole you whack equals Christmas coin in the end reward. Park Present Minion Kill those minions to summon many Presents near the Xmas tree Park Fountain Every now and then, the park will buff the fountain. There will be 100 potions in the fountain. Claim as many as you can, until the stock is gone. Superman Test Pick up a hammer and Hit it with all you have Make sure you choose the correct style Chance to win christmas coins Worried Parent Help the worried parent to find her hiding kid. Queen & King of Gamblers Use Christmas coin to win more christmas coins! Or lose... Snow Scholar Hit the exact moment he tells you to. Will you hit it? Mad Santas Be careful of those Mad Santas... When you see them, please hunt them down and put them into the Jail. Park Manager will give big reward to everyone in park, when all 4 are jailed! Arctic Crack A little spot for ice fishing. LimitRO wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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    Content Updates Partial Episode 17.1 dungeons and monsters + cards + weapons. Bug Fixes Fixed poisoning weapon bugs. Partial fix of Cross Impact Minor fix of Robust Magical armor Fixed Gladiator tournament minor bug.
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    Changelogs A quick maintenance to release some events Event Updates Enabled Winter Park. Item Updates Added function/bonus for new dungeon cards of 17.2 Improved drop rate for Rough Zeluniums and Shadowdecons. Bug Fixes AB shadow item bug fix.
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    1. this ghostly things, boss/miniboss from Mors Cave. 2. creepy lady with pigtails, Bangungot. 3. boss from Last Room, T_W_O
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    Christmas stuff. Christmas stuff! CHRISTMAS STUFF! -bangs my tiny fist on the table-
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    AHH How could I forget: HODREMLIN!!
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    KOBOLDS!! ATROCE/ CUTIE I CANT THINK A 3RD ONE I will come back if I remember
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    Maybe we can add a "re-roll" item. For you to be able to re-roll these enchants using an item?
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    Post 78 – The Memory Records (Pt. 2 of 2) …in which Atnad’s past is explained! Seems like he and the Chairman’s Secretary have an unpleasant history that might soothe Nile’s hatred for her father! It sounds like an honest mistake, but who is this man, really? And why even Chairman wants to see us?? So, hello and meow. Continuing from myaa previous post, off we go to Rekenber Corporation Headquarters in Lighthalzen… to see this guy! The Chairman of Rekenber Corporation. Oh right, be very careful of this thief below… He changes location sometimes, but he will steal your money!! Always make sure to nyaa your Zeny when you arrive in Lighthalzen. Beware the pickpocket! The glorious Rekenber Corp. Click for full wealth. I mean, view. OK, so we are all gathered today to straighten things out (more like making sure everything is still under Rekenber’s paws…). The Secretary spoke up. His name is Tatio. He says he is actually from Verus City, one of the robots made by Atnad’s great grandpappy. He said that us going through the Memory Records is like going through his diary. While he does allow us to continue playing the Records, he says keep it secret, don’t tell people. Of course, the Chairman knows all this already… The meeting with the chairman. Clockwise from Chairman: Atnad, meow, Nile with Luke behind her as escort, Aureth, and Tatio the bot. Tatio also said that after his creator (and friend) was gone, he was left in Verus alone, so he took it upon himself to protect this city that his creator loved by keeping it safe from outside world. When Ian Atnad first went on his expedition some time ago , he attacked Atnad because the world is not ready for Verus and its technology, saying it is like putting lethal weapon into children’s hands. Atnad had found the passageway to the city, that was why he had to be stopped; but Tatio took care of him while he was unconscious because he was related to the Atnad who created him. Hmm, me assumes this is why Tatio went with Rekenber’s Chairman, to ‘protect’ Verus, to keep it intact. Meow has doubts, but let’s continue listening to Tatio. While doing that, he altered Ian Atnad’s meowmery to cover up on Verus’ existence. That’s why Ian Atnad never returned to Nile and family. He forgot he had family and the letters he wrote all had inaccurate addresses, thus never reaching Nile… or something like that. Conclusion is that Atnad’s Excavation Team can continue their work as usual, just don’t go around meowing about it. What happens in Verus, stays in Verus. Hmm. What meow is wondering… hmmm… Rekenber has already taken some of Verus tech (and Tatio say we’d already advance greatly with the remnants of Verus tech). With their Phantasmagorika Project there, wouldn’t they have also the Memory Records and access to the techs? If they rebuild Verus… what would happen? Rekenber rules the world?? OK, that all for tonight. Meow tired now. x_x
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    LimitRO Installer Limit Ragnarok Online Installer 2019.12.01 File List: LimitRO data grf files LimitRO.exe (patcher) All .dll files to play LimitRO data.grf Installer Download Links Europe For people located within or near Europe. USA For people in America. ASIA For people in Asia. Mega.nz Download with uTorrent LimitRO Installer 2019.12.01 Torrent Fil PLEASE, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS ASAP, to be able to PLAY Episode 17 content!!! There are NO AUTO PATCH for Episode 17, all must re-download this!
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    Ahhh! I forgot about the beholders! A+ monster. Now that you mention it, I can see the similarities to Barry. And the small scarabas are great. I haven't encountered Boitata yet, but they do look pretty hecking cute. I approve of a bonus MVP.
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    Kro getting their 200 lvl patch tomorrow along with 3 new illusion dungeons and new gears and card😁