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    Sorry for the delay of maintenance. Soon we will bring updated EXE with new client side features and new website + new patcher. Ofcourse, I will upload a brand new Full installer.
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    TAG, YOU'RE IT! Limit RO 8th Anniversary Event About What's better to celebrate anniversary than being together? Exactly! Let's gather and take a picture so we can capture this moment and remember it forever! How To Join Be present for our anniversary photo session on May 20th at 16:00 server time (after WoE). After photo session finished, @Lai will upload the picture on his Facebook. Tag yourself into the picture and share the picture to your timeline. Make sure you share it to public so we can check. Leave your nickname as comment. Rewards Every participants will receive 1x 8th Anniversary Box.
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    Been a blasting 8 years, many many more years to come ~~
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    GET YO LAI ON Limit RO 8th Anniversary Event About What's Limit RO without Lai? No Lai, no Limit RO! But not just Lai, Limitronians are also important because you help the server to grow by being part of it and that's why we present to you this event as our appreciation! How To Join Talk to NPC Lai Fanatic in Asgard from May 15th to 29th. She will offer you to make a special Lai costume just like the ones in cash shop if you bring her the ingredients below: 1x Marionette Doll #5141 88x Dark Green Dyestuff #979 888x Old White Cloth #7751 Once you give her the ingredients, she will make it for you. Unfortunately, she breaks her scissors during the process and she needs a sharper tool. Bring her a +8 Cutter [4] so she can continue her work. Reward You will be rewarded 1x Drooping GM Lai [1].
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    Star Stone Box. Never again. http://prntscr.com/fa4ub3
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    Here's FAQ regarding the new client update and bug fixes. Please check this out before you report a bug!
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    DEAR LIMIT RO Limit RO 8th Anniversary Event About Limit RO has been around for 8 years and we're here to celebrate it! Tell us what do you think about this server that we call home, and share with us your most precious memories in this Dear Limit RO event. How To Join Go to the main page of our forum, and click Testimonials tab. Click on Submit Testimonial button and fill in the space. Put your nickname, rating, and content of your testimonial. 1 person can only submit 1 testimonial. To be accepted, testimonial has to be at least 15 words long and doesn't contain bad language. Testimonials with bad/vulgar/lewd language will be automatically disqualified. Rewards Everyone who leaves testimonial will receive 10x Lucky Coin (Bronze). 5 Lucky testimonials will receive 10x Lucky Coin (Silver).
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    Hi everyone, I have some important notes for you: 1. We just moved host and still stabilizing so if our website is down and you can't patch, please use Lro.exe to login instead of patcher. 2. A new installer with the latest update will be released soon but if you can't wait, here's a copy of my client >>download<<. It has the latest update including new patcher and it is not an installer so all you have to do is just extract it and play.
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    download this all file and put in Program Files/LimitRo/System can be fine i hope can help you XD achievement_list.lub monster_size_effect.lua monster_size_effect.lub monster_size_effect_new.lub monster_size_effect_sak.lub MsgString.lua MsgString.lub optioninfo.lua OptionInfo.lub PetEvolutionCln.lub PetEvolutionCln_sak.lub PetEvolutionCln_true.lub ShadowTable.lua ShadowTable.lub Towninfo.lua Towninfo.lub
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    The issue has been solved, simply just follow the steps above
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    New War of Emperium Schedule (Revised) Wednesday 0600: Silk SE (Vidblainn) schg_cas03 1500: Silk FE (Fadgrinh & Neushwanstein) prtg_cas03 & aldeg_cas01 Thursday 0600: Normal FE(Repherion) gefg_cas01 1500: Normal SE (Mardol) arug_cas01 Saturday 0600: Silk FE (Fadgrinh & Neushwanstein) prtg_cas03 & aldeg_cas01 1500: Silk SE (Vidblainn) schg_cas03 Sunday 0600: Normal SE (Himinn) schg_cas01 1500: Normal FE (Bamboo Grove Hill) payg_cas05 Bugfix: Fixed fishing issues.