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    Skill Shadow Set Crafting Skill shadow set can be crafted by using Skill Shadow Set Combination Scroll. There're 6 types of Skill Shadow Set Combination Scroll for each part of shadow set. They can be obtained randomly from Kashua's secret box. Skill Shadow Weapon Combination Scroll give you 1 type of skill shadow weapon randomly. Recipe - Shadowdecon 50 ea - Zelunium 50 ea Skill Shadow Shield Combination Scroll give you 1 type of skill shadow shield randomly. Recipe - Shadowdecon 50 ea - Zelunium 50 ea Skill Shadow Pendant Combination Scroll give you 1 type of skill shadow pendant randomly. Recipe - Shadowdecon 50 ea Skill Shadow Earring Combination Scroll give you 1 type of skill shadow earring randomly. Recipe - Shadowdecon 50 ea Skill Shadow Shoes Combination Scroll give you 1 type of skill shadow shoes randomly. Recipe - Zelunium 50 ea Skill Shadow Armor Combination Scroll give you 1 type of skill shadow armor randomly. Recipe - Zelunium 50 ea Source: Sigma Translation https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3377-kro-cash-items-enchant/ https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/4078-kro-changelog-september-04-2019/
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    September Update 2019 1. Improvement of Vending / Market Items. Will improve the npc and also adjust the npc shop and it may change the item that are selling by the npc. 2. Improved Enchant Options Blessed Enchant additional option is added 3. Runes Stone of Rune Knights All of the rune ore can be sold now by the npc NPC does not add any discount, They also selling light granules and elder branches. Increasing the chance to crafting runes are improved. New set of NPC that selling Gold it set to 150,000 zeny , Major component for crafting Lux Anima Rune Stone , It does not apply discount to this new npc. Source: http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3981072&curpage=1
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    So there you are, collecting mobs in thana, when this particular rebel goes up and steals them all. Player in question: Aeniss Also this mob stealing happens quite often. I mean I know it states in Level 1 Rules under 3rd topic that is is allowed "Kill Stealing If someone steals your kill, use the @noks feature instead of reporting to a GM. In LimitRO we only protect 1 Monster per Player, which @noks will already protect, so in LimitRO there is nothing called KSer. If you aggro many monster and other ppl kill them, it's ALLOWED, because in LimitRO we only have 1 Monster per Player rule. MvPs are free for all, NOKS doesn't apply." But since mob stealers bring inconvenience to other players, I trust your good management to look into this. lro_2019-10-14_22-46-36-620.mp4
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    INSTANCE guild by Misogynistic hahah now i think the better best pvm guild now we had games i got lucky regular timed dt runs still jumping around the diff active guilds curious about silk but dun wanna pressure self not too sold on the idea of pvping yet
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    Today I went to Endless Tower for the first time in this life. Party led by @Yesus and joined in later by others. @onion was there too, but where is cat... Cat's Bahamut needs to drive faster. I fed my Peco food so it can go fast. It was a lot to climb but good exercise to have a healthy body and work on leg muscles. Eventually we got on top. It felt boss. Yesus and OP players were already waiting for us in there but... Obligatory Rebel and Cat photo! Even though 1 party member left the fun party without saying goodbye, we still had good fun and group pic. Gotta say the green flames and my purple aura looks good together. After party! Bloody branch breaking session. There was Kiel, Detale, Gopi... In all, good fun!!! A++ Would love to do it again.
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    Item Grants +5 Dex AND +5 Luk.
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    Equipping the item does not grant +5 LUK
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    Today, I go into Orc's Memory of a time when there was war in Orc Village. A shaman name Cargalache (which meow has no picture of, sorry) has taken over the village. An orc named Kruger is trying to help end the war, but he needs our help. This adventure needs a party of two people and Svenni was available to tag along. So... OK. Let's talk to this Mad Scientist and then this stone. In we go~ Inside, we will meow to Kruger and he will ask you to defeat specific monsters so that you can proceed to the next zone to find the Shaman. This is like a Poring Hunt, in a way. Don't kill the wrong mobs or High Orcs will come get you. Don't kill the usual Orcs, hunt special one, and proceed! Soon, we meet up with Kruger again. He will ask us to find and light up braziers (Torch) and it will call forth the special orcs. See? And then out comes special mobs like these: OK, so we can't see the Orc Sniper... he just Orc Archer type. Myaa sorry, wrong house. Once all that is done, the Shaman Cargalache will come out! Meow not have picture because was shocked with action, but she look is like Orc Lady. With her will be the Depraved Orc Hero! Defeat him! End this war! Nyaah, nyaah~ meow know. That victory picture is horrible... but it is done! So... that all. OK bye!
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    Hello and meow. Un here. Today I share with you my adventure to Mors Cave! Svenni has posted a bit on it before, now is meow turn. Mors Cave is a cave where Surt/Morroc lays hidden to recover from his wounds. It is protected by a poisonous miasma that can only be cured by consuming Sonia plants. Tamarin is swimming carefreely at this miasma outside the Cave, but maybe because he have a whole cart of Sonias. So OK! If picture too small, maybe can click for full mew, depends. First we talk to Senior Tracker and then jump into a big Red Flower~ Something will greet you and welcome you into the lair! We see a Weakened Morroc, and he will fight you! Doram power, initiate! Arclouse Dash and Bunch of Shrimp!! (Svenni will do his own pre-battle buffs) After that, he will run away and call forth his set of nerds (Ghouls) to distract us, nyaa. Meow call them 'nerds' because when I travelled to the Cursed Abbey (or was it Glast Heim?), meow saw Ghouls at bookshelves. Anyway, these minions are not too tough, but be careful when hoarding them. This one was a must, nyehheheheh~ xD Nyaa? More minions? Meow not scared. You may have tried to tire us in Isle of Bios, but it not working. Bring it on, Rebels and Cats will not die here! Uuuuu it seems Morroc is escaping. Hiss! He throws us his Necromeowcer instead. Ha, we will defeat you! The creature has been hiding in Svenni's soul all this time, gaining energy! And there we have, it all done. Once meow returned to HQ, me realised that all myaa poofy clothes were damaged thanks to Giant Jakk (event). Forgot to repair, so that means meow not have set bonus of HP +4000 and uninterruptable cast. Also, meow stats not up (recently resetted it, nyaa). Svenni even forgot to unleash his Hodremlin pet, Tero. He did say that during the first part of Necromeowcer fight, he used Party Assumptio Scroll. Apparently, a little Assumptio goes a long way. I guess we were lucky, nyaa? Ha ha ha . . .
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    My pumpkin's a good boi. Late to the party, but I got a Bunny Wig! After possibly 140+ egg scrolls. Still glad I got something.
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    Went MVPing with Cat today... Ifrit contributes to 90% of my death counts. Not sure if this is a bug worth reporting, but look, I'm dead but my sprite is still alive: Also bonus death shot:
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    Me and my girl basically >>
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    Yesterday, there was a shoutout on Main channel about some lost newbies in Mountain City, Payon. Supposedly, a Royal Guard left them there. So, I decided to check it out. Not many of them left when I got there. Meow suspect if they really newbies… Hmm… Still, it was an amewsing sight. That all.
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    Erm so, is it safe to say that we can take this as your approval moving forward, to use this method instead of paying 50k?
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    Also, I got my costume from killing 10 Dark Lords! It looks so fkin boss!!! # instafilter When I was done with that, I called Cat and asked if Cat wanted to go Morse Cave. Cat meowed a yes. I was ready for some deaths and whatever. At some point we got teleported to this map that I forgot existed. It matches my snowfall. That's my soul on the floor. Kept on accidentally shooting it, hahaha. Cat helped by being distraction to mobs, so I could deal with the big boss there. Result: Didn't die!!! YESSS And I gotta say that Yesus gifts helped a lot in survivability too.
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    [recruit] ET for fun got serious we went all the way was just suppose to show Un and Sven the bosses but alas they didnt get to see pros killed them too fast White Rabbit II left party at 100 wew so apparently baby his baby was crying aldy and wife crying aldy rip ET for being so long
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    Kraken cannot kill my Rebel Spirit.
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    If we can get 17.1 for holidays i'd believe it is great. nobody got FAW +16, it was useless to get it beyond +9. The new updates bring my gene a wep and maybe an armor. I'll probalby keep my wep to hunt down demi-human and the armor, well, I dont know yet. But it's not like I'll be able to get everything the day of the patch. I dont see the big deal here, this patch is pretty much like any others. I wont toss my applause, neither my midas or my shield and probably not my GW. And even if I do, someone will profit of it, at a lower cost. And new content is fun to play. I have both SW, i dont need to TODG again, what will replace it? Old players needs treats too. On the other hand - new items means a regain in economy and probably an incentive to get new players. I call this a WIN WIN. In between, unlike any other servers, we dont have refining event, or double drops. I noticed before there was like, extedend skill tree. DT on TODG maybe. Other builds gear progression... I dont expect LimitRO to always innovate and all. But progression is always fun. And I trust you to bring it when you believe the time is great.
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    1) For the most people on the server any gear above +20 either impossible or impractical. You can make full +16 builds in the same time/cost it takes to achieve one +20. It is not on us, but on how refining is implemented on Limit, making stuff above +16 a hobby for those who are lucky and those who are extremely rich. 2) Gear progression always was and will be a thing. If you try to stall it, you will lead to people being content, but at the same time to stagnation. 3) Correct me if I am wrong, but I will talk from my personal experience and experience of many other players. When I first joined, I joined because LimitRO was close to current episodes and it was more stable than many other servers. By stalling the updates, worried about parts of the community too upset they'll need to get things again, you WILL fall behind. Voted for release ASAP (after proper testing)
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    The Pro of 17.1 is what new players can easy and cheap get strong gear, and no need to +16 +18 +20 it... just +9 is great And its update not make you old gear useless, you old staff still strong and be with you... But if you want more power => need do something
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    Gloom Under Night Egg Evolved from Hodremlin. Items required : Powerful Spirit Essence x 30 Hodremlin Card x 10 Agav Card x 10 Isilla Card x 10 Pet Bonus When intimacy is Awkward or Shy, Matk + 10. When intimacy is Neutral, Matk + 20. When intimacy is Cordial, Matk + 30, increases ghost and fire property magical damage by 5%. When intimacy is Loyal, Matk + 40, increases ghost and fire property magical damage by 7%.
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    New MaxHP of Amdarais's Phantom According to sigma the MaxHP is changed depended on difficulty of dungeon. The Amdarais's HP mechanism now HP = 450m + (level of stage x 150m) stage 1 = 600m stage 2 = 750m stage 3 = 900m ... stage 10 = 1950m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUIgb8kDgNg Ancient Odin Temple Most of the mobs in Ancient Odin temple are holy 4, spectrum plasma is undead 1, arc plasma is holy 4, while Ingrid is water while Reginleif is fire. Einbroch Dungeon Lvl 4 Abyss Lake Lvl 4 Require lvl 190 to access so require the time for leveling from 185 to 190
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    cmb = cursed mad bunny