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    Seriously... Dear GMs. we need to help other classes too. I know it is hard to make the game balance. But at least give chances to other classes too. Add some new items for them. Do not only adding for gene only. Plz.....
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    NPC Added feature where you can view item description (double click) of materials in the following shops: Professor Butte Costume Girl Alice Goddess Valkyrie Mr Wise Bugfix: Fixed Evil Slayer Sword being 1 handed. (Should be 2)
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    Topic Name I suggest disabling Golden Thief Bug card in BG2. Character Names: Role Drugstore, Role AD This Describe your suggestion What is this? I believe GTB card is too strong in BG2 setting. Magic classes already have hard time dealing decent damage, and the large amount of GTB cards makes it very hard to play magic classes in BG2, except for few exceptions like Dispel Professor. I think most BG2 players would enjoy this, as it would bring more strategies and tactics to the battleground. I don’t believe this to be a drastic change since magic classes are already very weak in BG2. The only concern I have is Coma, as GTB is one of the only ways to prevent Coma. However I believe Coma is more of a gimmick that is limited to certain situations than actual strategy and disabling GTB shouldn’t be too big of a problem. I’m interested in other players’ opinions.
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    Activity 3 Mr. Santa / Miss Santa Location: Asgard Reward Costume Box(Winter) Special Exchange Cupon Golden Santa Poring Costume White Cat Hood Activity 4 Xmas Kitty Location: Asgard Reward (chance to obtain) Marhaval Potion Tyr's Blessing Star Stone(Matk) Refine Ticket(Weapon) +7 Safe Refine +1 Ore(Weapon) Field Manual 500% Bloody Box Token of Siegfried Convex Mirror Christmas Snow Rabbit Egg Bloody Roar Glorious Lance Mystical Card Album White Wing Suit [1] Supplement Part AGI [1] Golden Rod Orb [1] Lex Aeterna Scroll Costume Box(Balloon) Cash Point Coin Deluxe Dress Ticket
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    Just gimme the Celine's Brooch plox
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    +1. Magic classes are already suffering from having huge fixed cast times. I also don't see magic damage being abused. Either wear an FBH or a Fenrir. Slow Cast Big Damage vs Fast Cast Shit Damage. lol And yea, Coma is unrealiable.
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    Sropho card causes target crystallization. However the timer is not supposed to reset if the target is currently under crystallization. There should be a delay before you can get crystallized again after recovering from the status. Currently in BG 2 you can permanently Crystallize a target if you equip 4-8 sropho cards, as there is no effective counter to Sropho, except not getting hit, which isn't really a counter. Currently reaching 0 SP also cancels the effect, but that was a bug in the original kRO script, and doesn't work in official servers. In other settings standing in Warmer or getting Lauda Ramus from AB helps you recover from the status. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Status_Effects#Crystallization Currently in iRO Sropho card is disabled as they don't have the fix for the card effect kRO apparently already has. By the way, in jRO crystallization makes you take 50% more from lightning, axes, maces and knuckles, and 50% less from swords, daggers and bows, but apparently we don't have that mechanic. Not sure if iRO or kRO follow that.
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    Limit Ragnarok Novice Academy About Free equipment, free experience, free knowledge! Take these lessons with you, for everything you need to know about surviving the game is in here! Academy Walk-through: Good luck and welcome to LimitRO!
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    make some love on other classes also haha
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    Playing Pere Card doesn't increase physical damage against neutral property monsters by 20%.
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    +1 The Greater Drakulehorn good for farmers like me for leech HP , Toy Syringe good for pvm and woe ,good for farming Small Scouting Machine , just wondering you guys add the Valkyrie Hammer why not the Valkyrie Knife?? and lastly the Futoshi's Twin Blade good for Gx farm and PVM like me.
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    My friend told me about someone plan add new list Deepsea Item, I want come here to view and comment😍 all the list is OK, but i cant accept those equipment: -1 too op, This item like Applause Sandals, don't add-in this pls. I hope GM also can change Applause Sandals refine effect given max is +10(follow JapaneseRO Maximum) -1 please don't add Genetic item anymore, their very OP now -0.5, this item for other classes is OK, but for Genetic, I will -1, because Genetic CC or AD also can gain OP benefit. -1 Deepsea has this Valkyrie Hammer, Pls dont suggest any equipment relate with Genetic, give chance to other Classes pls
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    Agreed, I don't even think the problem it's the safe refines, some of these items are not even balanced to be over-upgraded, regardless of how easy or hard it is to do so, if the item comes from a server that has an upgrade cap of +10, then cap those bonus at +10, if the item comes from (or exists in) a server with over upgrades, then follow that description. My point is, money in Free to play games it's supposed to save you time, so I don't see a problem with cash ores letting you skip farming for equipment for months to get an over-upgraded one, however there are some items suggested in this thread that are simply broken if you get them to the refine rates that are possible in LRO, just emulate the conditions of the native server and everything should be fine, we get new gear that is very good without breaking anything.
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    lets just make it simple, any items from any official servers that has effect that depends on its refinement(especially those that has a great impact when over upgraded like applause, and these other suggested items here) should either be adjusted before implementing, or implement it right away if its already balance, or just not implement it at all. Over upgrading here is way too easy when you look at it from the rich player's perspective.
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    Now that's interesting. Sonic wave build RK XD +1 for diversity +1. We need love on magic user
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    God Quest Okolnir Reward Brynhild (Himinn & Viblainn) Asprika (Mardol) Requiments Leader / Member of the following castle owning guild: Mardol (Arug_cas01) Himinn (Schg_cas01) Viblainn (Schg_cas03) Need to have Castle Economy above 64 and Defence above 29. Need to have 16-20 Member online. Have following items to make Asprika: 2xDusk Glow 2xDawn Essence 2xCold Moonlight 2xHazy Starlight Heavenly Maiden Robe [1] 100xSoft Feather 10xAgate 10xRose Quartz 20xElunium Have following items to make Brynhild: 2xGoddess Tear 2xValkyrie's Token 2xBrynhild Armor Piece 2xHero's Remains 2xAndvari's Ring Valkyrian Armor [1] 100xValhala's Flower 10xGold 20xElunium Hint: The critical materials are trade-able and obtainable from God Material Box II which drops from Mardol & Himinn Castle treasures at lowest rate. Step by Step In each Castle, there is a Guild Member only Room. Enter the Guild Member Room, and you can find a NPC named Guide: (This one is in Mardol, Guild Member Room.) Speak to Guide, and he will give you option: He will teleport you to Fallacious Okolnir (Mardol castle). You will meet Wish Maiden NPC as she will check if you have brought the required items with you. Also you need to have 16-20 members around you on the nearby spot. If all are ready, you have 1 hour to complete the whole quest. The Okolnir dungeon first part is The Garden Labyrinth. And in there, there are Flower's of 3 colors that will block your way. Each color flower, blocks different path. Each flower shift is between 1-2 minutes. If you kill the flower, your way will be blocked. YOU MUST Kill all the Biolab Monster inside the MAZE to be able to EXIT! Now onto the 2nd part Passage through the Sky. During this path, you will have to face a bunch of Garden Keeper, Garden Watcher. They drop Crystal Key, which is account bound, so all member must get one of their own. Follow the path until you reach the next destination Warp (suggest that all member get their own Key before all enters the warp.) The 3rd part is called Battle Versus Piamette You need to challenge Piamette ~~ You enter a large room, with Piamette sitting near the center. Piamette cannot be attacked at this time. Randomly, 6 of your teammates will be captured and placed petrified in cages around the outskirts of the room. The remaining players will be attacked by a large number of Violies, Alices, and Ancient Mimics. When all the monsters are dead, 6 barricades will appear near the cages. By destroying the barricades, your teammates will be freed. Be warned, as there is a very high spawn rate of constants near the barricades. At this point, Piamette will become angry with you and attack your party. You must defeat her in order to move on. 4th part is called Temple After leaving Piamette's room you will be greeted by the NPC of the Valkyrie Wish Maiden. You must clear your way through a temple filled with Frus, Skogul, and Garden Watchers. There are extremely large numbers of monsters here; it is estimated that there are nearly 150-250 Frus and Skogul in a relatively small area. You must kill all the monsters here and make it to the top of the temple. Final battle Battle Versus Valkyrie Wish Maiden Having made it to the top of the temple, the monster Valkyrie Wish Maiden will appear. You must defeat the Valkyrie Wish Maiden at this time to finish the quest. Valkyrie's Gift Following the successful completion of the quest, the Wish Maiden will reward the item-maker with Valkyrie's Gift. The item can be used to summon various monsters in Yuno or Rachel for an hour.
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    this thread was started like june, 2017 is almost coming to an end still no 1st job costumes
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    Before introducing stuff like this, there should be consideration for how hard/easy refines are in this server vs the original server of the item, we have safe refines here but JRO only has refine up to +10 and no safe refining, maybe they could just cap the refine bonus' up to +10 for JRO items (not much to do about safe refines I guess, unless you exclude them or something, but that sounds convoluted and muddy to do), it might not be the exact description of the items, but it's the effective description (it's still extremely good), and the same consideration should be given to other items yes they sound OP when you put them on the context of LRO, but that can be fixed... just try to emulate their context.... they'll still be really really good, but maybe not broken.
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    When we include items from jRO, we need to remember that refining is much harder there and max refine rate is +10.
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    -1 on that boots. sometimes, combining stuffs from different servers is not good. it's like u r trying to cross-breed a dog and ends up making a pug(no offense with owners but it looks like a mutation).
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    Link - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28513/celines-brooch-1 - http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/28513/ give magic user some love 😍
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    +1000 Just for this beauty
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    Not yet We have MANY MANY headgears not released. Maybe we really should release them...
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    In the front page of this topic, the details are all there.
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    Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram Pussy Power! We've come a long way since the implementation of Dorams here in LimitRO. I think most notable bugs have been fixed in order for us to play some Summoner builds. It's fun to play as a cat. A tiny character that can pack quite a powerful punch! Not to mention it doesn't really require that much investment to deal huge amounts of damage. So get ready to shrink down, and grow some ears and tails!!! STATS Distributing stats for a physical Summoner build isn't really that hard. Your main damage dealer stats are STR and DEX. Others are really up to your preference. STR is for ATK, and DEX is required for the accessories you'll be using for a Picky Peck build. These are base stats and does not include the bonuses from Job levels and equipment. STR - 90~120 AGI - 70~90 VIT - 80~90 INT - 1~30 DEX - 120 LUK - 30~70 Play around with your stats. See what's best for you and your gears. With the new Tengu set, investing 120 points in STR is definitely worth the damage bonus. It's also wise to get at least 100 total VIT for stun immunity. Take advantage of out Admiral's stat reset. You can also use stat calculators available online. Just choose a non-trans 3rd job in the settings to get the correct number of stat points. GEARS Upper: Captain's Hat [1] - The cheapest hat you can get. Adds 7% ranged damage and Dex +1, MaxHP +100. Cat Ear Beret [1] - For Demi-human targets. Also for the rich. Adds 2% damage and redux to/from Demi-human when refine is +6 and above, up to +12. Total of 14% extra damage and redux. Giant Magestic Goat - +12% damage to Demi-humans. Large Baphomet Horns - +12% resistance against Demi-humans. Helm of Abyss [1] - +10% resistance against boss protocol monsters, but -10% resistance against normal monsters. Useful for tanking MVPs. Vanargand Helm [1] - Useful for HP/SP leech. Noticeable effects at +7. With the low SP of Dorams, this helm is preferable than a Rideword Hat since the SP leech proc is higher. White King Tiger Doll Hat - +25 ATK per refine when transformation procs. Higher the refine the higher the chance of transforming into Eddga. Duneyrr/Dark Pinguicula Card - +10 ATK. Pharaoh Card - -30% SP Consumption. Kiel D-01 Card - -30% after cast delay Status resist cards like Nightmare, Deviruchi, Gemini, etc. Essence of Evil Concentration 3 - +4 Dex, +8 HIT, -4 LUK. Good for additional hit. Essence of Evil Force 3 - +4 STR, +12 ATK, -4 INT. I actually prefer using a defensive upper headgear with status resist cards. There's really not that much damage headgear that a Doram could wear. Mid: Crow Tengu Mask - If you have 120 STR, this is the best mid gear you can use. +4% physical damage and +7% ranged damage when STR is 120. Robo Eye - More basic than your average white valley girl. Angel of Ghost - +15 HIT. If you're really desperate for that extra hit. There really isn't much to choose from. It depends on your budget. Lower: Tengu Scroll - Has a chance to absorb 5% of damage dealt to targets as HP. If worn with Crow Tengu Mask, and your STR is 120, +6% physical damage and +3% ranged damage (total of +10% to both physical and ranged). Spiked Scarf - +35 ATK, -2% MaxHP. Father's White Moustache - +20 ATK Pirate Dagger - +5 ATK CD in Mouth - Casts random bolt skills. Only use this when you have to fight plant protocol monsters inside instances (Port Malaya instances). Armor: Excellion Suit - If you wanna go full attack, this is the best armor you can get (at least I personally think so). With STR ATK ATK enchants, you'll get a total of +100 ATK with 120 STR. You can mix and match the enchants you want, depending on your target and use. Elegant Doram Suit [1] - Adds 1 DEX/INT for ever refine. If worn with Manteau and Shoes, MaxHP +4000, -25% Fixed Cast Time, additional fixed cast time reduction per upgrade level of the suit, manteau, and shoes, and uninterruptible cast. These are fairly cheap that you can have multiple of them with different elemental and resist cards. Cursed Mail [1] - +10% ATK/MATK, 5% Elemental resist, 10% resistance from boss and normal mobs, +5% MaxHP/SP. A little bit on the expensive side. I haven't tested this yet, but seems promising. Elemental cards. Basically any card that would benefit you. I would suggest elemental resists for survival. I'm not gonna list the level 100 and level 145 armor set for Dorams because well, why would you dress up a non-maxed character. Weapon: Exquisite Foxtail Staff [2] - For me, this is the best weapon you could use. Adds a crap ton of DEX per 2 refine. +40% base weapon ATK when refined to +7. Additional +20% base weapon ATK per refine beyond that, up to +10. Total of +100% base weapon ATK. Not to mention there are 2 slots. Exquisite Yellow Foxtail Model [1] - Every 2 refine +1% ranged damage and +20 SP. Has a chance to activate Fresh Shrimp when using Picky Peck. Same effect as 2 slotted version when refine to +7, up to +10. I have tested this, and the 2 slotted version does better because of the extra slot. The +1% ranged bonus per 2 refine isn't as good as, let's say, an AK card or WK card. There's hope for this staff tho. This can be enchanted in kRO through Malangdo. So that EA12 might (probably will) outshine the 2 slotted variety. Foxtail Replica [3] - Only use this for ****** around tho. lol. Put status cards, aspd cards, etc. Useful in fighting plant protocol monsters in certain instances. Memory of Thanatos Card. Nuff said. White Knight Card - +20% damage to medium and large monsters, +15 ATK Abysmal Knight Card - +25% damage to boss monsters Archer Skeleton Card - +10% ranged damage Big Bell Card - +10% damage on Formless and Demon Monsters. When worn with Neo Punk Card, ignores 50% of their Defense. Nightmare Minorous Card - Like Nightmare Big Bell but for Brute and Undead race. Combos with Nightmare Arclouse Card. Shield: Valkyrja's Shield [1] - The most flexible shield out there. 20% resistance to Water, Fire, Shadow, and Undead property. Armour Sleeve Guard [1] - Useful for fighting enemies with long range attacks. At least have it at +7 for 20% ranged resistance. Immune Shield [1] - If you want extra neutral resistance. Although tbh, I don't think it's worth investing the money to make this +9. More useful than Valk for tanking monster normal attacks tho, even at +7 (8% neutral resistance). Magical Reflector [1] - More like a troll shield if you compound it with Maya Card. Adds 3% chance to reflect single target magic damage. Statistically increases the chance to reflect magic damage. Adds 3% more at +7, and another 3% at +9. Not really worth investing to make it +9 tho lol Khalitzburg Knight Card - +20 DEF, 25% resistance from medium and large monsters. When equipped with White Knight Card, +5% additional resistance, +15% more damage inflicted to medium and large monsters. Hodremlin Card - 15% resistance from small, medium, and large monsters. Has a chance of adding +30 P.Dodge for 10 seconds when hit by physical or magical attacks. Alice Card - -40% damage from boss monsters, but +40% damage from normal monsters. Neo Punk Card - 25% resistance from Formless and Demon property. When equipped with Big Ben/Big Bell Card, additional 5% resistance. Nightmare Arclouse - Same as Neo Punk but for Brute and Undead. Combo with Nightmare Minorous/Nightmare Mimic Cards. Any Racial cards depending on the situation. Garment: Fallen Angel Wing [1] - Enchant with Expert Archer. Elegant Doram Manteau [1] - +10 Flee, +1 INT/DEX/LUK/P.Dodge every 2 refine, +5% Neutral resistance. Excellion Wing - Enchant with 3x ATK or DEF. Depends on what you'll use it on. If worn with suit, -10% after cast delay. Additional -10% after cast delay when base level 130+. Cloak of Casualty [1] - It's like Fallen Angel Wing on steroids. Too expensive tho. And you have to refine it at god knows how high to feel the effect. Use it if you're rich or you already have it. Heroic Backpack [1] - Like the budget version of Fallen Angel Wing. A +9 Backpack is only a little bit more expensive than a decently enchanted +7 Fallen Angel Wing. And arguably, you'll get more bang for your buck with a +9 Backpack since it's for general use. Not like a FAW where you have to have a designated enchant for a specific build. Menblatt Card - +1% ranged damage every 10 base DEX. Deviling Card - +50% Neutral resist, but -50% resistance to all other element. Flamel Card - +200% heal from Red, Orange, and White Potions. Infinite Chimera Card - +8% MaxHP, +4% MaxSP. +10% ATK/MATK when worn with Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card. Randel Card - Allows the use of Auto Guard level 3. Compound this to any garment you like for switching. Footgear: Heroic Silver Fox Leather Boots [1] - +5% ranged damage. +1% ranged damage per refine at +8 to +13. Elegant Doram Shoes [1] - +10% MaxHP, +5% MaxSP, +100 MaxHP/+20 MaxSP per 2 refine. Applause Sandals [1] - For the rich lol. Haven't tested. But I can see the potential because of the after cast delay reduction, not to mention additional stats. Gotta have an Amon Ra Card tho. Verit/Green Ferus/Matyr - Choose your poison Outrageous Cookie Card - 1% ATK/MATK, -2% MaxHP. +1% ATK/MATK, -2% MaxHP per 2 refine. Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card - +10 ATK. +10 ATK when refined to +7. +15 ATK when refine to +9. Accessories: Chubby Earthworm Talisman [1] - This will be your life and blood if you are a Picky Peck build. Not really sure about the formula. But it adds a crap ton of damage to Picky Peck, and also halves the variable cast time of the skill. Best thing is they stack. Bonus damage scales with base DEX. Gold Scaraba Card - +20 ATK, -2% MaxHP Essence of Evil Concentration 3 - +4 Dex, +8 HIT, -4 LUK. Good for additional hit. Not really gonna list the other Doram accessories you can wear because...well... they suck and adds nothing beneficial to your build. Shadow Gears: Doram Physical Shadow Weapon - +1% ranged damage per refine. There are other effects, but not really notable. Doram Physical Shadow Shield - ATK +3%. There are other effects but meh. When both are equipped, +3 to all Stats, +2% MaxHP/SP, -10% SP Consumption. Donate costumes aren't really that important to a Doram. Of course the gems and star stones are nice to have, but not having them are not really that detrimental to the build. SKILLS Picky Peck - 700% atk, ranged damage at level 5. Deals double damage when target is at 50% or less health. Has a chance to activate again when the user is above base level 30. This basically deals a crap ton of damage when you have the 2 accessories. Scar of Tarou - Has a chance to debuff the target. Drains HP per second. Boss monsters are not affected, but attack rate is doubled. Has a chance of activating again when user is above base level 30. Not really that useful in PVM. Lunatic Carrot Beat - Useless skill. Even with the accessories to boost it's damage, the cool down is unbearable. Arclouse Dash - +10% ranged damage when target is a Doram. Adds a crap ton of AGI depending on the skill level. Power of Life - +20 FLEE/HIT/CRIT. +20% ranged physical damage when more than 20 skill points is used for animal based skills. Recognizes skill points used in new animal based skills. Power of Flock - Causes Fear and Frozen status on all enemies. Still bugged. Spirit of Savage - Kinda like Cannon Spear, but only 1 cell wide. Hiss - P.Dodge +50 for 3 seconds. Increases movement of whole party for 6 seconds. Bugged. Spirit of Life - Arguably the best skill ever. Adds 1% damage when using animal based offensive skills per percentage of current HP. So at full HP, your damage is doubled! Lope - Able to jump through obstacles and escape danger. Although this is disabled on most maps here in Limit. You're still stuck with the skill tho. Stoop - It's alike a mini-Steel Body that lasts for 6 seconds. The major differences are you can't move from your cell or the effect will get dispelled, but you can use skills and attack. This is really useful in tight situations. ITEMS Must-haves: All elemental converters! Aspersio Scroll Holy Water Cursed Water I suggest you hotkey your converters. If you're gonna farm/hunt a place that has mobs with different elements, it's better to change your weapon element instantaneously. Pots: White Slim Potion Mastela Fruit Giggling Box Blue Potion Mora Mandarin Mora Berry Vitata500 Royal Jelly You'll be spending a **** ton of SP pots. More than you'll spend on HP pots. Any way you think of to minimize your SP consumption, do it. All in all, Summoner is really a fun class to play with. Most important thing is you enjoy playing the class. Here's a fun clip from Lasagna Dungeon 3.
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    This looks like homeless Champion.
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    first i will use a portion of money to set up my own startup in tech field. i want to innovate and automate the manual processes that the world is doing right now. e.g. retail. then i will use a portion of money to invest in stocks. this will help lift up the economic status of the nation that i'm in. then after being financially stable for a long time, i will use the remaining money to advertise myself and make myself famous. two ways of doing that - become a first in the field (e.g. set up a successful asteroid mining company, do research and development on untouched laws of physics) - run for president of the state
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    dont let ppl know yet...call all friends and relative and borrow money from them...they will surely refuse...so next time they have no face to borrow money from ME