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    Cash Services Removed the 1 VIP Coin requirement when Unenchant Gemstones.' Suggested by community. NPC Updates Added Wolf/Falco flute creator NPCs to Asgard Walk Street.
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    You're just really unlucky. I've gotten some in the past and tamed a teddy bear.
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    Those are refine ores, that you have mentioned Refine Tickets, on the other hand, refine things up to the level of refine specified on the ticket automatically. Overall: Elunium/Oridecon/Cranium/Bradium - low priority/low cost refines. The most basic ones. Fail for Elu/Ori breaks the item, for Cranium/Bradium there is a chance to break but also a chance to downgrade 3 levels. Enriched Ores - low priority bulk refines. I do not know the exact numbers for LimitRO but usually on official servers they provide +10% to +20% to the chance of refinement. Again, there is a chance to break equipment still. It is the most efficient type of ores to use if you want to refine a lot of items to get them to high level. Example: Refining level 4 weapon from +0 to +10 with normal oridecon on iRO has a chance of 0.03456% or 1 in 2894 Refining level 4 weapon from +0 to +10 with an enriched oridecon on iRO has a chance of 1.4112% or 1 in 71 The total efficiency increase is roughly 40 times. Again, these are not LimitRO rates, but it gives a good enough indication of usefulness of the enriched ores. High Density (HD) Ores - High cost items. HD ores are expensive and have the same chance of refine as the normal ores. The difference that instead of breaking the item, a failure will decrease the refinement level by 1 (2 for cranium/bradium) instead. HD Cranium and HD Bradium will never decrease item level below +10, so it can be the best way to upgrade the item from +10 to +12. Also it is the best way to upgrade items past +16. Safe Ores - Very expensive. Automatically increase refine level by 1, but can only be obtained via cash shop. They do not upgrade items past +16 Refine Tickets - As explained before, they increase item level exactly to the level of the ticket. Most tickets range +5 to +7, up to +11 can be bought from the cash shop. +12 and +16 tickets exist, but most of them were used up. In theory - fastest way to upgrade the item to the desired level, but probably the most expensive.
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    Character name: Liata Facebook account name: Anna Borysova Shared content link: https://www.facebook.com/anna.borysova.16/posts/1949997581699495
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    Sarah's Memories instance, you can sell everything to NPC. Sarah vs Fenrir instance, the only thing it drops are Sarah'a Battle Robe and Fragment of Gigantes.
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    Character Name: Noble Knight Gwenhwyfar It's a vanilla cake, the pink flowers are strawberry flavored and the white flowers are vanilla flavored. LimitRO was written in chocolate cookies. They didnt had any birthday candles in the store, tho. Hahaha Happy Birthday, LimitRO.
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    Looked at some gears from 16.2 I think YSF01 set might be pretty decent. Although it does require extra points in luck and str, so the viability would need to be tested. Combo plate and greaves at +16 both will give +40% crit damage, +1 aspd, +24%aspd, +27% atk Manteu might be less viable for crit rk, as it is not enchantable like FAW/GW but still. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15212/ysf01-plate-1 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/22141/ysf01-greaves-1 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20856/ysf01-manteau-1 Drops from Seyren in 16.2 instance
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    Character Name: Yoruichi Shihoiin Facebook Name: Joshua Psalm R. Perez SHared link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1920910911261802&set=a.101955149824063.4291.100000287366075&type=3&theater
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    i just notice im always in the photo XD
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    Sarah's Memory - Good source of +6 foods. They're good to use for instance runs. They're also expensive to sell. If you loot all item drops and sell them to NPC, you're gonna get around 5m - 7m per run. No special gear needed. Sarah and Fenrir - This might take a bit of patience if you're under geared. But the profit is quite nice. You can get 6 Fragment of Gigantes, which you can sell up to 7m each. Cheapest class to play this on is an HP leech GX. Just spin around until they die. The Gigantes really do hurt tho. Geffen Magic Tournament - You don't have to finish the instance to get good rewards. Without fighting the MVPs at the end, you get 70 Geffen Coins, and the chance to get the cards. Either poison or burn them while doing damage. OGH - As mentioned above. You can loot everything for maximum profit. Even with just normal mode, you can get quite a bit of money. What I do is not kill the two mini bosses at the second floor. Monsters will continue to spawn as long as they're alive; so you can get as much Coagulated/Corrupted Spells as time will allows you. 16.1 Quests or "Royal Banquet" - If you do all the main quests and daily quests, you can get either a Flattery Robe/Abusive Robe in less than 20 days. That's already 8-11 VIPs clean, depending on the demand. You can also try enchanting them with the extra tokens you get to ramp up their value. 3/3 or 3/2 enchants sometimes double their worth. Sky Fortress - This is all RNG. A decent to good enchant Vicious Mind weapon could go up to 100m-300m in value. You don't even have to fight the MVP to get them. Those are the instances I can think off that are easy to do and could yield a bit of zeny.
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    I agree that magical jobs are reaally far behind and pretty hard to gear with only a few options. PoM and slotted mid. Rainbow scarf or foxtail. Faw +9 only, temp dex. And only mvp cards. Kiel, fenrir, timeholder, fbh.
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    because so many newbie ask how to farm zeny, so i create this video.. this video only need 1 equip : TEMPEST.. no more.. WARNING : this is only for newbie.. this is not the most effective way to farming.. STAT : str : 100 agi : 91 vit : 100 int : 100 dex : 110 luk : 2 EQUIP : TEMPEST SKILL : ROUND TRIP
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    1. The name of instance has been changed to "Royal shoes heel" - added Gold Card drop from killing Charleston. NPC : Ingrata A 1. Sell the equipment - Supplement Part Str [0] : 3,999,999 Zeny - Upgrade Part - Plate [0] : 3,999,999 Zeny 2. Upgrades Pilebunker Pilebunker [0] + Dented Iron Plate 300 ea + Broken Engine 15 ea You can choose type of Pilebunker you need. Pilebunker S [1] Pilebunker P [0] Pilebunker T [1] NPC : Ingrata M 1. exchange Charleston component for equipment. Charleston component 15 ea can be exchanged to Supplement Part Agi, Supplement Part Con, Supplement Part Dex, Upgrade Part - Booster, Upgrade Part - Engine, Upgrade Part - Bun Barrel 2. exchange Charleston component for enchant catalyst Charleston component 15 ea can be exchanged to Charleston upgrade part (melee) and Charleston upgrade part (range) - Enchant-able weapons - Robot's Arm Pilebunker Pilebunker S Pilebunker T Pilebunker P Tornado Axe Gigant Blade Enchant details NPC : Ingrata D Enchants equipment - Enchant-able armor - Supplement Part Str [0] Supplement Part Str [1] Supplement Part Agi Supplement Part Con Supplement Part Dex Upgrade Part - Plate [0] Upgrade Part - Plate [1] Upgrade Part - Booster Upgrade Part - Engine Upgrade Part - Bun Barrel - Enchantment is the same as old version Charleston Crisis - NPC : Su Winterguard Exchanges unslotted armor to slotted one. 1. +9 Supplement Part Str [0] + Charleston component 300 ea > +0 Supplement Part Str [1] 2. +9 Upgrade Part - Plate [0] + Charleston component 300 ea > +0 Upgrade Part - Plate [1] Slotted version require level 130 to equip. NPC : Magnetum Exchanges Gold Card 50 ea to 1 old fuel cell. source : http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?seq=220&curpage=1 Thanks to Sigma from iRO for the translation.
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    I agree, why we have all the end content for atk dealers and we are far behind for Matk users?, i mean no celine combo no survivor set no mob scarf we (magic user) have no opportunity vs atk (brutes) users, we deserve equip to allow us to get the content done
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    Videos: Sky Fortress Instance with my Baby Bishop
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    Lets See My EB First Try follow play...