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    Wish everyone Chinese or not Chinese a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 2020, year of mouse! Event Rates 500x500x50x
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    Content Updates Max Level increased to 200/70 (doram max job level is 60) Illusion of Underwater (more details soon)
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    The hat of myaa dreams! After about one year of desiring it, I finally has the Republic Hat [1]!! xDDD This was supposed to be myaa starter headgear... or so I had planned long ago... but Elena put up a tough fight (tough but possible to defeat!) so I had to gear up a bit more. Finally, I was able to start collecting Schwartz Tokens for this hat. It's like to defeat her, you must have this hat, but to have this hat, you must defeat her. Funny. Anyway yassss, myaa hard work has bore its fruit! Hooraaaaayyy~ This hat will go to Salad, the household Rebel and farmer (once I have worn it as many times as I want, nyehheheh). If Salad not want, she can give to other household members. Hmm… I have always though that this hat is so stylish, must find the costume version… OK, that all, goodnight.
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    i just want to to share some of my Farming Trick im using this trick when im tired but still need to farm FOR future You can Fly,Spam skill or even use potion in with this you can drink,scratch your back or even HMMMM maybe this not the useful but hope this help other LAZY FARMER LIKE ME Sorry For Bad ENG. #HEADLESSMULE GREETINGS FROM ASGARD BOTTOm
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    :: 42-094 [RO] CNY Year of the Tarou :: Happy Chinese Mew Year everyone! (or 'Happy 500x 500x 50x' xD) --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
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    Finally, the stress and responsibility of adulting caught up with me and I decided to find a server to escape to my distant childhood past. I found three mid-rate servers and after much procrastinating and thinking (mostly), I decided to join the LimitRo family. I just made my character last night and bracing myself for a bloody farming spree that is not so different from my real-life grind. Hope to see you in-game. I'm a new soul in this very strange world 😑 hoping to meet new friends and maybe mentor to help me get started! Ign: Vernotta signing in!
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    when i do this i get macro detected error T_T
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    As far as I tested earlier today no skills shadows for crazy weed, cart cannon and genesis ray can be gotten. Attached is my rrf opening them where i opened 500 pendant scrolls SKILL_SHADOW_.rrf
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    nah just telling you, dont copy people stuff and report.. thats all.. it make you look annoying.. get it? it will be easier if you do it your own at first.. my regard is not on the item.. is on ur ACTION. 👍 Hope you learn k.
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    i do hope the daily check in same as our daily instances CD timer. Login 1 hour is OK! But very hard to have the same login time everyday everytime! sometimes night sometimes morning. so i hope daily 4am the check in counter will reset. so i can anytime when i am available sry for my bad english. anyone understand or can explain futher do help
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    U need to have Veteran Sword [1] Than use the socket enchant in walking street in Asgard: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Socket_Enchant
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    Changed Status to Fixed Banned for 3 days with a tag of being a SHIT person.