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    Sven Mq & Xueren's Rebellion Crit/Auto-Hit Basic Guide A very specific guide for very specific people. Each category is arranged from beginner to higher end equipment. This guide is brought to you by Xueren and I (Sven Mq). 《 E Q U I P M E N T 》 Headgear Upper Rideword Hat Vanargand Helm (better HP/SP leech than Rideword) Tiger king doll hat (slotted) / White Drooping Eddga (better, but unslotted) Mid Sigrun's Wings / Robo eyes Tengu Mask Gambler Seal Any slotted mid headgear for cards (sunglasses, monocle) Lower Father's White Beard (it's a moustache btw!!) / Spiked Scarf Tengu Scroll Heart Poker in Mouth (combo with Gambler Seal) Mob Scarf (combo with Sunglasses) Armor Glittering Jacket or anything with some slot to put in cards Airship Armor / Ferlock set (Ferlock set is better when refined +9 and above, but Airship set is lighter) Fire Dragon Armor Unexpected Fortune Armor, get the ATK , Long or Crit % Illusion Armor A (the set bonus is good for mid-gear too) For modules, 2x Power or 2x Shooter, with 1 ACD because nothing else is cool Garment Airship Manteau/Ferlock's Manteau Adventurer's Backpack Giant Faceworm Skin (join parties for instances) anything Dex, Luk or Agi is good Lesser Temporal Agi Manteau (again, join parties, temporal crystals are some of the loots there, or buy it for cheap) Fallen Angel Wings with Fatal enchants (EA is fine too, but Fatal's better) Illusion Engine wing A-type (buy from others, relatively cheap, or do the quest) with ASPD, Crit, Above All enchants Temporal STR/AGI Manteau (get Crit or Long range enchants) Shoes: Airship Boots/ Ferlock's Boots Spurred Boots (Rockridge goods; SP and speed but needs refinement) REVISED Temporal LUK Boots (Revised ok) with EA4 Hawkeye enchants Illusion Leg A-type For modules, 2x Vital, Firing Shot Accessories Morrigane's Belt/Pendant or whatever the heck they give you in school Heroic Ring (quest stuff, can be enchanted, ATK and HP are good) Sheriff's Left Badge, a Rockridge favourite Physical Enhancer Ring (Atk% or Crit% enchant) Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo Illusion Booster (EA, Fatal, ASPD or last one is drain life / drain soul. Note: enchant Fatal EA and hp drain on right side, and EA fatal drain soul on left side) Blacksmith's Gloves (optional) Rebel Scarf x2, The truest Rebellions wear these. Take note on the scarf skill bonuses) Guns [These are highly dependent on which gun you choose as your main. Just remember: every gun has its uses depending on the situation. My personal favourite is a Rifle, for its good damage, natural Crit bonuses, beautiful sound... and of course skills -- ahem -- Hammer of God] If you're new to the class or have no clue on which gun to choose, I recommend Gatling guns, for reasons: speed (+Gatling Fever), higher damage than a Revolver, bigger AoE (Round Trip). Revolver is nice for easier to get max ASPD, more spammable but smol AoE (Fire Dance) and you don't have to use Eternal Chain; some Revolvers have pretty decent damage, though not as good as Gatling and Rifle. Whatever guns you can buy at shop or are given as start Crimson Revolver (the best gun you can equip as Gunslinger) Minigun/ Tempest for Gatling gun Calf guns from Rockridge (Deathadder, Kingcobra, Diamondback) Heart Hunter guns from instance (Dark Rose, Finisher, Burning Rose) But the final ones would probably be something like: Crimson Rose for revolver Calf Kingcobra for rifle Calf Diamondback for gatling (Optional: Illusion Butcher) 《 C A R D S 》 Headgear Dark Pinguicula Card Furious Hero Card Deep Sea King Dramoh Card (combo with Deep Sea Merman) Purple Ferus Card Violent Coelacanth Card Jitterbug Card (Rebel favourite) Armor [Generally, anything that increases damage, who even cares about anything else. (Actually, you should have some armor with elemental specific cards at ready for different occasions)] Evil Druid Card (for the unfrozen-ness and cannot be stone cursed) Living Dead Card Miner Pitman Card Furious Nine Tail Card Corrupted Raydric Card (bonus with Raydric card for reduce Neutral damage by 10% and increase WATK +5% not bad for start) Realized Amdarais Card (kinda deadly hp/sp drain, but what I do is switch to Vanargand Helm and shoot for a few seconds and it quickly heals) Jewgoliant Card (Increases physical damage against formless race and plant race monsters, fire property and water property enemies by 40%) Gloom Under Night Card (specific damage increment, but good) Chaotic Baphomet card Morocc's Minion Card + Despair God Morocc Card (on foot) = 10% WATK + dmg against Demi-human and Angel by 30% but HP- 20% Reginleif Card (looks painful though) Garment Petal Card Optional: Deviling Card (Reduces damage from Neutral by 50% but also increases from other elements by 50%) Shoes Deep Sea Merman Card (combo with Deep Sea King Dramoh which gives +15% critical) Blut Hase Card (or Geffen Bully, Odoric, which have similar attributes) Faceworm Queen Card (Endgame goods, needs high refine to be lit) Accessory [Please make sure to slot the cards in the right locations or they won't work!] Revolver Buffalo Bandit + Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card combo (which totals up to STR +7 AGI +7 WATK +7% HIT+7) Gigantes Card Chaotic Mantis Card Dancing + Singing Pere Card (for Jitterbug Set) Weapon Powerful Archer Skeleton Card (better than your average Archer Skel) Corrupted Raydric Archer Card Corrupted Wanderer Card Turtle General Card & Thanatos Card (So far probably the best card combination for us) 《 T H E L U X U R Y S T U F F 》 Shadow Equipment [Try to get Long, Crit or Atk% enchants] Rebel Shadow set - made by Rebels for Rebels. [Armor, Shoes, Weapon, Shield ] Thief Shadow Earring and Pendant (For a set bonus of WATK +3% and HP +3% when total refine is at least +10) Gemstones / Jobstones Destruction Lv3 x4 (for a total of Damage +12%) Assassin Cross Stone II (1st) + Guillotine Cross Stone II (3rd) combo = 30% crit damage and WATK + 5% Stalker stone II + Shadow Chaser Stone (Epic) combo = 10% long range [Although I say these, my personal preference is all of the Rebel stones because I like to switch builds -- budget option -- but you can always have different costumes with different jobstones for different situation.] Starstones Max CRIT, ATK or LONG! STATS [The stat range is up to your preference. You could cut down on AGI a bit and if you need ASPD, Heat Barrel helps ya as well as Gatling Fever, Berserk Potion, etc] STR DEX LUK 120 AGI 80~100 VIT 50~80 INT 1~20 SKILLS Just follow the guidance of the Rebellion Scarf! Example (for Gatling users): 《 S H O O T I N G T I P S 》 Our style is to take em out from afar so by the time it gets close to us, it's already dead. Remember to use skills like Increase Accuracy, Adjustment, Magic Bullet, etc. My general flow is: Rich Coin > Increase Accuracy > Magic Bullet > Adjustment > Eternal Chain > Rich Coin > Heat Barrel > Rich Coin > Crimson Marker (the target) > Shoot > spam Quick Draw Shot But ofc it depends on what you're shooting. Sometimes I do without the Gunslinger Buffs. If you can get your hands on a Royal Guard Shield to use the Shield Spell buff that's good too. Don't forget Pets have their function too! Domovi's good for base ATK+100. But I love my Hodremlin ( DEX + 2, HIT + 2, Critical Damage + 9% ) Always Crimson Mark the target first if you're using Rebel Scarf. This is to trigger the auto-Dragon Tail skill which helps a lot to wipe out the nearby mobs and gives good extra damage. Bound Trap + Flicker is underrated af. Not detonating the trap works fine too to slow down the mob. I generally detonate stuff which have a big chunk of HP. Don't be deterred by the 100z for Rich Coin. We are the Rebellion, Zeny is easy to farm. Just 1 Limit Group Coin ensures 100 times Rich Coin. Experiment with the builds (save it to your L-phone for faster build switch) and try every gun!! Enjoy playing the class. That's it, no one else can tell ya how to have fun! Special thanks to: My pal Xueren for brainstorming with me the gears and such, my pal Aleth the beautiful Fire Dancer who's helped me in-game a lot, my broski @YEEZY BOOST for sparking that Rebellion fire in me and of course my mentor @Farlhart who's taught me a lot about the skills and combat training, and all other Rebels out there who keep fighting the good fight. Yeehaw! The world needs Rebellion!
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    The problem was solved. When you do Main Quests - you speak with Jurgen Wigner. And when you start doing quest Wigner Side Quest you should start with step 2 - Speak with Maid in kitchen. Still with that stupid box ^^
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    Changelogs Casual maintenance! Bug fixes and last content of 17.1! Instance Added last part of EP17.1 contents, OS-Mission. Fight Miguel! Updated LimitRO Training Ground Added Guild Castle NPC - It update the Emperium stats depend on the guild defense invesment. WoE Update Emperium and Guardian HP/DEF/MDEF now works according to official depends on investment of castle. Bug Fixes Fixed few crashes caused by RK updated skills. Fixed many bugs of quests in 17.1 Ignition Break Shadow Weapon Not Working Temporary removed all Mob Transform scrolls to prevent "mob sprite" edit for no delay animations. Item Updates Fire Breath Shadow Weapon Ignition Shadow Weapon
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    YooOOooo~ This guide looks wickeddd!! Explosssssiivvee~
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    As many have attempted to report... Comet is not having Magic Intoxification effect (reduces resistance of mob on all element by 50% for 20 seconds) I did comet on right egg, followed by Jack frost on right egg and left egg to compare the damage difference. No change.
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    The QoL for the quest at this stage is wrongly applied. Anyway this has been fixed, it shouldn't kick you out of the pub again 😂
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    Not bug. You need to become stronger.
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    @Ruinous I was waiting for a reply like you. In your "fantasy world" hope = reality? Because things dont exists is all because lazy? I hope we have flying car tomorrow, who's fault it doesnt exists? I have more fantasy than you, everyone has fantasy, ideas, etc, but to make them reality its not just about "being lazy". Hope next life you will realize.
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    Nope akin, i dont have any sources that state the watk influence. So now, even the muscle fool will halves the damage too. So, yea, pls do if it's a bug.
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    When I ask which skill to disable, I literary mean Which skill to disable. Why nobody answer the question? I don't need other ideas, because all other ideas like "roll back changes" only for silk, wtf is this? It doesnt work like that. "the dmg reduce" only for silk, no it doesnt work either thats for whole WoE. Please focus on the topic.
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    i would not invest much on luk - i know the idea of crit AB is fun, but lets face it, this aint not melee class - unless u really in it for fun. The thing with renewal is that, it is really skill oriented.. If u notice on the video, the one that really killed the mobs was the Psychic Wave, not the crit itself XD As you said that u wanna use mob set, better allocate some dex as mob set (int+ dex) bonus is superb... This guide was written when Mob set combo was not existed yet..
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    about the newbies who dont know, i usually help them all.. so many newbies i've been teaching. not just report them right away.. i let them know.. yes this is my mistake.. for all good things i've done, this is my first time made mistake.. and i regret about that..