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    Bug Fixes: Fixed some items job masks, some card bonus that triggers with certain base job. Fixed some Twisted Clock tower monster spawn. illusion sacred mission enchant bug Impossible Illusion enchant (UPD) Holy Frus Card doesnt increase holy magic Arch Plasma Card doesnt increase wind magic Spectrum Plasma Card doesnt increase ghost magic Barbed Wire Whip [2] - wrong +11 effect NPC Updates: Updated Wave Mode Instance - Lava - Party Leader no long auto warp into instance upon generate dungeon. - Party Leader required to talk with Belka NPC to initiate the dungeon. - Dungeon expire time extended to 60 seconds. Updated Instance Popularity List Rune Knight Skill Rebalance ? More info soon. Item Updates: Assaulter Spear Glorious Spear Glorious Lance Death Note [2] Book of the Dead [2] Waste Stove Card Holden Card Wickebine Tres Card Archdam Card Green Ferus Card Yellow Novus Card Lady Solace Card Aliza Card Byorgue Card Alphoccio Card Trentini Card Sorcerer Celia Card Sura Chen Card Minstrel Alphoccio Card Guillotine Cross Eremes Card Arch Bishop Magaleta Card Ranger Cecil Card Merchanic Howard Card Warlock Kathryne Card Rune Knight Seyren Card Genetic Flamel Card Genetic Flamel Card Shadow Chaser Gertie Card Wanderer Trentini Card Parade Hat [1] Gangster Scarf Brave Assassin's Damascus Valorous Assassin's Damascus Valkyrie Hammer [4] Yoichi's Shawl [1] Illusion Moonlight Dagger [1]