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    Seriously... Dear GMs. we need to help other classes too. I know it is hard to make the game balance. But at least give chances to other classes too. Add some new items for them. Do not only adding for gene only. Plz.....
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    Topic Name I suggest disabling Golden Thief Bug card in BG2. Character Names: Role Drugstore, Role AD This Describe your suggestion What is this? I believe GTB card is too strong in BG2 setting. Magic classes already have hard time dealing decent damage, and the large amount of GTB cards makes it very hard to play magic classes in BG2, except for few exceptions like Dispel Professor. I think most BG2 players would enjoy this, as it would bring more strategies and tactics to the battleground. I don’t believe this to be a drastic change since magic classes are already very weak in BG2. The only concern I have is Coma, as GTB is one of the only ways to prevent Coma. However I believe Coma is more of a gimmick that is limited to certain situations than actual strategy and disabling GTB shouldn’t be too big of a problem. I’m interested in other players’ opinions.
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    Activity 3 Mr. Santa / Miss Santa Location: Asgard Reward Costume Box(Winter) Special Exchange Cupon Golden Santa Poring Costume White Cat Hood Activity 4 Xmas Kitty Location: Asgard Reward (chance to obtain) Marhaval Potion Tyr's Blessing Star Stone(Matk) Refine Ticket(Weapon) +7 Safe Refine +1 Ore(Weapon) Field Manual 500% Bloody Box Token of Siegfried Convex Mirror Christmas Snow Rabbit Egg Bloody Roar Glorious Lance Mystical Card Album White Wing Suit [1] Supplement Part AGI [1] Golden Rod Orb [1] Lex Aeterna Scroll Costume Box(Balloon) Cash Point Coin Deluxe Dress Ticket
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    Just gimme the Celine's Brooch plox
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    +1. Magic classes are already suffering from having huge fixed cast times. I also don't see magic damage being abused. Either wear an FBH or a Fenrir. Slow Cast Big Damage vs Fast Cast Shit Damage. lol And yea, Coma is unrealiable.
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    Limit Ragnarok Novice Academy About Free equipment, free experience, free knowledge! Take these lessons with you, for everything you need to know about surviving the game is in here! Academy Walk-through: Good luck and welcome to LimitRO!
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    make some love on other classes also haha
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    In the front page of this topic, the details are all there.
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