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    Thank you. For Violet Fear, despite having a decent ATK the DEF piercing effect does not work on MVP and the Meteor Storm proc doesn't really help much as the Rune Update already increased our normal damage by a huge amount. So I won't personally recommend it but it is still viable.
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    Adding to the post above... You can achieve 193 aspd (without donate headgears) but your damage would most likely suck without uber high upgrades. Switching to a +7 Backpack with a Cenere Card would be better than just having a +4 FAW, in terms of aspd and bonuses. Sohyeon Card increases aspd +1 when equipped with a dagger that's upgraded +10, and it adds another aspd +1 when the upgrade is +14. Another Bakonawa Tattoo would be better than a LUK Glove. You can always use Abrasives for that extra Crit. But all in all, you'd benefit more in having a donate upper CE with Mars gemstones (aspd). With that, you could focus more on damage cards/gears rather than aspd. You'd ultimately want a Gambler Seal, Eddga Hat, and Pendant of Maelstroms. You'd lose up to 3-4 aspd when you switch to those equipment.
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    the best way to achieve 193 aspd is the donation headgear with 3x aspd +1 stones. you can use other consumables in the list also like enriched celermine juice, guarana candy etc... but i think the consumables alone won't make it to 193 aspd
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    Hi Sentimental, can you help me, or any suggestions with my current item build.. with +20 and +10 food, still getting 190ASPD. Do you have any recommendation about some equips to add some damage or increase my damage