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    Title and IGN: Lava and Snow by Shappo Description: Always wanted to draw the homunculus that melted (no pun intended) my heart upon reading the description in game. Dieter’s image appealed as gentle, fragile, but a strong companion and this ball of lava looks like the excellent portable heater keeping you warm amidst the chilly winter air. Here is my interpretation of our beloved meat shield Dieter
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    Up-to-date --- 21st March 2019 Contents Part 1 (Currently Viewing) Dual Dagger DA Critical Build Job Changing Guide(Beginners) Stats & Skills Build Consumables / Costume Equipment / Shadow Gears HP/SP Recovery Potions Increase Weight Capacity FAQs Future Potential Items Part 2 Additional Topics : Katar Critical Build Rolling Cutter Build Best Party Members Videos Weapon Damage Calculation Hit Per Second(HPS) / Damage Per Second(DPS) What should I choose? Dual Dagger DA Critical Guillotine Cross (Part I) Overview Introducing to new players or existing players who love the old first job Assassin, second job Assassin Cross (SinX) and the new third job Guillotine Cross (GX). This is wielding daggers MVP Build Guillotine Cross. The primary skill is Physical Attack/Hit-lock with High Critical Damage and High Attack Speed. The secondary skill is Rolling Cutter, the Area of Effect(AOE) skill for Guillotine Cross. WARNING do not skip below: have already Implemented Double Attack Critical (10/07/2017) [NEW Build] Dual Dagger Double Attack Critical Guillotine Cross or Dual Dagger DA Critical GX era started on 10/07/2017 in Limit RO. You may change job to Assassin Cross from High Thief at job level 42 to 50 (50 is always recommended). Because we have already Implemented Double Attack Critical which you do not need to skip Double Attack High Thief job. This is an official KRO Update since around December 2016. Thus, what if your existing Guillotine Cross had changed job at job 42 previously before this implementation? Then the first job skill Hiding and Steal are suggested reset to Level 5. [OLD Build] Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross : In other Servers which have not Implement Double Attack Critical This is very important here. You MUST change job to Assassin Cross from High Theif at job level 42. The reason is because you have to skip Double Attack. If you have taken the Double Attack, DA will interfere the Critical Attack depend on the level of Double Attack you have raised. So, be careful here. Because once you have made mistake here, you have to recreate the character. [The reason I do not remove this is because maybe other Ragnarok Servers around the world are still not up to the new mechanism yet] Pros & Cons Pros:- For low & middle range budget, is cheaper to have an Ice Pick[1]. Memory of Thanatos card is for the End Game GX to reach to the highest potential of a GX. Medium Defense, High Flee & Perfect Dodges Able to solo most Low & Middle Difficulty MVPs Good escape-able abilities by using Backsliding & Exceed Cloaking High Critical Damage and High Attack Speed High Flee, Hallucination Walk Boost up Flee Rate +250 and Chance to ignore MATK 50% Cons:- Very High Cost and expenses for the equipment, potion & foods Relying on the Equipment, Buffs, Foods and Supports Skills. Therefore, you need to use foods most of the time Could solo some but not all high range MVPs Hard in the beginning. Because lack of stats points Hard to balance Attack Speed, Critical, Defense and Damage Rolling Cutter AOE covers small area This is not a job for a new starter. Because the cost is very high Imbalance and poor performance in some Instances due to the melee attack weakness Very Challenging Job and not easy to play compare with Range Attack Job Job Changing Guide (Beginner) Stats & Skills Build Headgears Midgears / Lowgear Armors Weapons Garments Footgears Accessories Consumables / Costume Equipment / Shadow Gears Recommended Foods HP/SP Potions Increase Weight Capacity Frequent Ask Questions Future Potential Items External Links 1. (V)adHatter's Dual Dagger Crit GX Guide 2. Wiki's Guillotine Cross 3. CharAznable's [kRO] 15.1 Fantasmagorica Additional Equipment and Enchant Update (Mar 25th. 2015) 4. Cooking - iRO Wiki 5. https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/200461-r-crimson-weapon-evaluation/page-2 6. Sigma's Hugel Monster Racing Continue Next Page..... [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build (Part II)
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    Theme: Creepy. SS: IGN: Cast like a PRO
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    The guild already Inactive, thanks for everyone who joined us before. ======================================================= KIT KAT GUILD Leader : Izumi Kanako Save Point : Lighthalzen (@go 20) Welcome to Afkhalzen Lovehalzen AFKLovezen(?!) Lighthalzen, the town full of AFKers dead people with love (hold on) WoE time Requirements : + WoE Active + Resourceful - geared, supplied (We can help you if you lack on gear but that didn't mean we will give you free item ._. ) + Prefer high level (We can leech you but pls dun come with a naked novice ._. ) + Attentive - listens and reads + Access to Discord + Loyal people only for drawing things with corpses at Dewata... Satisfaction Guaranteed*1 Classes We Need: + Royal Guard (Devo type) + Arch Bishop + Sorcerer + Minstrel + Sura + Shadow Chaser We actually lack everything + Please drop by Lighthalzen for interview or + PM any interviewer shouting on @main RGM> or + PM to here so we can contact you. *PS: Please get your eq of woe when the time we gonna do interview. -------- Omake:-- When bored we get together, together, together! *1: Credits to our lably AB -- Sir Joel
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    You can access this page easily by typing bit.ly/zenyguide (all in lowercase) - UPDATED JANUARY 2016 So, are you new to Ragnarok Online or at least to this server? Don't have any friends to help you out with money or gear? This guide aims to teach you on some basics on earning zeny. This guide will not teach you how to play your class, it is expected that you to learn that yourself, go check iRO wiki for that or visit the other sections of the Limit RO Forums. Learn the Trade After you've done familiarizing yourself with your class and this server, go take some time and observe the market. Visit the vending harbor (@go vending) to check what other players are buying or selling and take note of the price ranges. You can also check the Market section in the forums Pay attention to the Main chat sometimes, occasionally people will make buy/sell offers from time to time. Make sure you make a merchant class, they are not that hard to level considering the 100x Exp/Job rates here in Limit RO. If the merchant class is not your thing, at least get level 10 Discount and Overcharge it really helps a lot. Transferring Funds Limit RO has a Banker and a Coin Shop NPC. The banker lets you Deposit or Withdraw your zeny but also charges you 500z fee for each transaction and you can only transfer 999,999 zeny per transaction, not very efficient. The Coin Shop exchanges your zeny into Limit Coins, there are Three Types of coins. Bronze coins which are worth 1 Million zeny, Silver Coins for 10 Million, and Gold Coins for 100 Million. Once you exchange your money into coins, you can easily trade them with other players if you're trying to buy some very expensive items. Coins can revert back into Zeny by double clicking. Server commands for FARMERS! @storage - Opens up your kafra storage almost anywhere in the game. You can take advantage of this when you're farming in maps that are far from towns, unloading some loot when you're over weight, or stocking up on supplies (ex. potions, fly wings, food...etc). @storeall inventory - for storing all the items you have in your inventory except your equipment. Alternatively, just type @storeall if you want to store everything including your equipment. @autoloot [1~100] - You can use this command when you are just farming for items that drop at a lower rate. (ex: if you want Unripe Apples from Porings, set autoloot to 5% type @autoloot 5) @alootid [item id or name] - This command is for autolooting a specific item, when you want to get something but don't want the rest. When using this command just specify the item name or item number. (ex. type @autoloot old blue box or @autoloot 603). You can get upto 10 specified items, and to reset it just type @autoloot again. @whodrops [item id or name] - When you don't know which monster drops what loot, you can use this to find it out. (ex. for Elven Ears type @whodrops elven ears or @whodrops 2286) @ii [item name] - This is the item information command. If you don't know what's the item id number of a specific item, try using this. (ex. @ii white herb) @mi [mob name or mob id] - Mob Information, this command shows some basic information about a monster you want to check out. It displays a mob's id number, Stats, how much Exp/Jexp it gives, Size, Race, Element, and what items it drops. (ex. @mi bathory) @whereis - Tells you which map a certain mob is located. (ex. @whereis anolian) @go [number or town name] - When a warper is out of reach, you can use this command to go to different towns. (ex. @go geffen or @go 2) To find out which number represents which town/map, just type @go. Useful for quick escapes or when you run out of butterfly wings. What to Farm to Increase Income? There are some items that are worth more than you think, so think twice before you just sell them to an NPC. You might find a player who will pay for it at a higher price. Stems, Spores, Herbs (any color), Alcohol, Prickly Fruit, Karvodailnirol, and Detrimindexta. These items are commonly used by players who make dyes or potions. Although somewhat related, do try to collect lots of Fabrics and Witched Starsands, alchemist-based classes love them, for making Fire Bottles and Slim White Potions. Rough Oridecon and Rough Elunium. Never ignore these... collecting 5 gives you a pure Oridecon/Elunium. Worth keeping for personal use or for selling. Since you'll always need some for Weapon/Armor upgrading. Phracons and Emveretarcons are worth keeping as well. Mixed Cooking Ingredients. These are components for making those +20 Stat foods. Either keep them for personal use, if you plan to cook them yourself and vend, or look for players who buy them. Ingredients for Level 5~10 Food are sometimes in demand so use your discretion if you wish to keep some. Light Granule and Elder Branches. WoE active Rune Knights love them. You might want to check this list for other Rune Mastery ingredients. Red, Yellow, Blue Gemstones. Yes all these gems are useful. Blue ones are for keeps, if you intend to make an Acolyte-based class. Yellow gems are popular with people who love to do Abracadabra. Red gems for Assassins, Wizards, or even Rune Knights. Honey, Royal Jelly and Mastela Fruit. Popular restoratives used in WoE, simple as that. Anodyne and Alovera are other items commonly used in WoE/PvP. Quest-related goods such as corrupted spells, temporal crystals, broken magic stones, and mora coins (Please refer to the advanced skill section below for more details). Card-Based Goods Some popular sellables can be obtained by equipping these cards. Take note that Box of Sunlight, Resentment, and Giggling Box are the ones with the highest demands. Cloud Hermit [Accessory] - Box of Gloom from Plant Monsters Jing Guai Card [Accessory] - Box of Sunlight from Angels types. Orc Archer Card [Accessory] - Box of Panting from Demi-Human. Raydric Archer Card [Accessory] - Box of Resentment from Demons. Sleeper Card [Accessory] - Box of Drowsiness from Fish monsters. Stem Worm Card [Accessory] - Box of Storms from Brute types. Wraith Card [Accessory] - Giggling Box from Undead monsters. Gargoyle Card [Accessory] - Box of Thunder from Insects. (Guarana Candy is a better alternative obtainable via Quest) You can refer to the Produce List to see which items are needed for crafting. You can ignore the materials for weapons since only a few people craft weapons. Beginner level Farming So you are still new to this server.. this guide will give you some good spots to start out farming and eventually help you gain levels and decent income to be able to afford some decent gear. Mt. Mjolnir 6 - Spores...lots of them. Blue Herbs. You might get some lucky drops like a Creamy Card(a good item for farming - enables use teleport 1), Smokie Card and a Kitty Band. Payon Cave - Opals and Skull rings sell for a decent price to an NPC. Soldier Skeleton and Skeletal Archer Cards can help you get your first few millions. Ninja Suits dropped by munaks can also sell decent to players. This dungeon can also give you a good set of starting gear if you have nothing at all. Shoes [1], Apple o' Archer, Muffler [1], Puente Robe [1] and an assortment of weapons. Sohee and Greatest Generals drop Authoritative Badges which gives a boost of speed for 3 minutes. Sohee and Horong Cards are a good sell as well. At the lower levels, you can start farming Dead Branches, Royal Jellies and Old blue boxes from Nine-tails, just be careful of Moonlight...the resident MVP boss. Comodo Field 4 - Though Sea Otters don't drop any rare equips, they do drop some expensive items good for NPC selling (Pearls, Sardonyx, Sapphire). Galapagos drop Aloevera and a rare Hat (Galapago Cap) that makes monsters drop Anodynes by chance. Glast Heim St. Abbey - Once you can survive this place, this map a good spot for leveling from 70 to 90. Notable drops are Fabrics, Red Gemstones, Light Granules and Yggdrasil Leaves which are worth stockpiling. Other items like Bibles and Manteaus are a good NPC sell as well. Another interesting item that drops here is the Wraith Card (enables drop - Giggling box) and Mimic Card (enabled drop - Old Blue Box). Intermediate Farming If you are now comfortable using the server commands mentioned int he previous part, this guide will no longer mention how to look for mobs or specify a map. Anolians are a good source of Oridecons, they also drop Brooch [1] and Carga Mace [2]. You'll eventually encounter Gargyoles in the same area which drops Bow Thimbles, Elven Bows [1] and gargoyle cards are a must get. Raydrics can hit very hard so make sure you are decently geared when you fight them. You'll also encounter Raydric archers, Khalitzburgs and Abymsal Knights. These mobs are a good source of Elunium and their other drops and cards are also very good. Majoruros, these big bad beef boys spawn 2 Minrouses and they drop a good haul of goods. Beef Heads for cooking, White herbs, Oridecons and an expensive Silver Ring for NPC Sell. There are also some Gargoyles that lurk around. Petites (Ground and Flying types) are a good source of a food ingredient (Petite Tail) that sells well. Flying types drop pure elunium white herbs and an expensive ninja dagger (khukri) that is a good NPC sell. Enchanted Peach Tree are best farmed for Royal Jelly, also a good source of Dead Branches. They also drop Elder Branches and it's card is quite decent. Grand Peco a good source of Mastela Fruit, they also drop gold and wind of verdure. You'll also encounter either Goats or Sleepers. Goats are a good source of Herbs while Sleeper cards are useful for farming. Advanced Farming Aside from these cards that drop some goods you'll probably know that there are other cards or equipments that drop items upon killing mobs, try to study them so you can customize your gear to take advantage of what you can get from location to location. Participate in Old Glast Heim runs where you can get Temporal Crystals, Coagulated Spells, and Corrupted Spells which sell for not lower than 2-3 million zeny each. Join Infinity Space parties where you can get Broken Magic Stones which you can sell from 100,000 zeny and above, or use these stones to get your own Infinity equipment. If you're lucky enough, you may even get a rare infinity card. Too lazy to do Abra for summoning MVP? You'll get to kill lots of MVPs and get good rewards by taking your party to Endless Tower. Get cool stuff like white wing set, AB rings, and other profitable equipment by unlocking Mora Daily Quests through Wandering Guardian Quest. If you're more focused in generating zeny, autoloot items while farming in Thanatos Tower (ideally on the 10th floor). +20 food too expensive for you? You can get various food rewards while doing Sara's Memory Quest. Hunt and refine your own Biolab equipment by killing mobs in Somatology Labs (3rd, 4th, and Nightmare Mode yield promising profits). Farming Skills This is a basic overview of farming skills for each class. Please refer to the JOBS DISCUSSION section and inquire how to develop farming builds there for biolabs and other advanced quests/instances. The common method is simply gathering mobs and nuking them with a strong AoE attack. Rune Knight (Dragon Breath) Royal Guard (Overbrand) Mechanic (Madogear - Cold Slower/Ice Launcher) Genetic (Cart Cannon) Homunculus (Lava Slide / Poison Mist) Sorcerer (Psychic Wave + Elemental Summon) Warlock (Frost Misty > Jack Frost > Earth Strain ) Ranger (Arrow Storm) Maestro/Wanderer (Severe Rainstorm) Sura (Skyblow, Rampage Blaster, Earth Shaker) * Suras and ABs may want to farm using Lunakaligo, so that every mob you kill gives you a food item based on their race. There are much more techniques that this guide might have missed out, but surely if you were able to read this whole thread, it's guaranteed that you have the eagerness to do your own research independently. Good luck and have a great adventure!
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    Theme: Creepy. SS: IGN : InfinityBless
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    Sentence containing exactly the following patterns are forbidden to be said on global channel(including chatroom) "<GM>""-GM-","[GM]","+GM+",">GM<""(GM)","^GM^","|GM|""=GM=" Updated Faw Magic Decoy item requirements Activated Ranger traps nolonger have a 1.5 sec animation delay. Remodel Mainframe and Madogear License works without mago
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    Title and IGN: Nidhogg by Rinnnv WIP: Artwork Images: Description: Alpha watercolour, Windsor and Newton Inks, on Fabriano. Picking this character to try out new colouring style and mediums. While drawing her, found out that she is actually the Nidhogg dragon that drops proxy, learnt about her background story which is closely related to ragnarok online storyline such as the one in Hazy Forest. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Happy New Year~
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    Merry X-mas LimitRO - Ken Ma Love you all god bless!
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    Merry X-mas LimitRO Fudjee The Sura :3
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    A. Title: Xmas B. ING: Lingoya C. Image: Seems to be kinda blurry huh - -", please view here for more details : http://s1294.photobucket.com/user/linh_nguyen31/media/Xmas_zps267889ad.jpg.html D. WIP: 1. 2. 3. E. Description: Um. Actually, this is the art I make to fulfil my promise with my friend Rey. Due to my work's crazy deadline, I only had like this weekend to make this one, just so simple and has nothing special much then. It's a real pity that I couldn't make it with more Christmas feeling, like large scene with many characters as I wanted at first ( maybe I will draw it someday later). But still, that's the best I could do within my range of time. This art is inspired by Lutie theme that I put much efforts finishing in time. Hope you guys can enjoy it. So then, Merry christmas to all!
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    PolloTowel by LaDelDinero Description: I decided not to follow the Christmass theme because yolo? anyway quick description this is a drawing about my deluxe pet Elephant with a towel and is a joke between my friends so this piece is dedicated to LimitRo and my friends ~ que les den bots
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    " Let me take you down I really wanna take you down And show you what I'm about Can I take you now? " Azure's first WOE Merry Christmas LimitRO! from Azure Valkyria. YT: www.youtube.com/zkej.gaming
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    Title and IGN: "A gift for nerfing my home" by Ssechtre Artwork Images: Description: It's Christmas so I looked up all the features in game involving the holiday. I came up making having an artwork with the theme of Horror Toy Factory Instance, since her home has been nerfed recently to follow the official mechanics. She's now depressed after having been killed so many times by limitRO players. She's offering a gift of appreciation for torturing her. SPOILER ALERT: The gift contains 1,000 cash points.
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    It's been one month since I started playing in this server, after being invited by my friends. One of the great things about Limit RO is... the community. One of the worst things about Limit RO is... also the community. During my stay here, I did meet quite a number of... different people. ------- The Newbies These players are really new to the game. They're quite open, they have no idea that the Doppelganger Mercenary could carry them into high levels in the single span of one EXP buff. You've been there, I've been there, everyone has. I was one of the lucky ones where one of the players (Thank you, Abutt!) actually helped me and showed me around the game. We should definitely try to help these players out, especially since Renewal is different from pre-Renewal. The Leechers This is a side-route of the newbie, where they relied on IS runs too much. They sit around, having no idea what to do with their character, and believe they are useless until they get their Infinite Space run. And when they finally get that IS run, they just stand around instead of contributing damage, over the fear of death. Some of these people also beg for items, and the more people fulfill their wishes, the more they believe their methods work, and will keep doing them. The Veteran Someone who has a basic understanding of the game, and have been around for like a month or two. These people tend to be really helpful, and wouldn't mind conversing with you sometimes. They're still actively farming for items, weather it's hats, melons, Giggling Boxes, or cards, and sometimes being in Battlegrounds. Some of them are quite helpful and guide new players, while some of them tend to be spamming in chat. The Rich Kid They're that one person who over-refined most of his equipment, would buy off your entire shop just to get that one vending spot in the Vending harbor, and most likely donated a large amount of money to the server. Money is no obstacle to these people, and would shove money into you to get every single MVP card in the entire game. It does give the kind of impression that they have lots of money, but have no idea how to make money, or farm it. The Overpricer Mostly seen in the Vending Harbor, these people try to sell things to you for a large, LARGE sum of money, when it should be much, MUCH cheaper. There's no such thing as a 'just right' price for them, because they're trying to scam you with every ounce of penny you have. Just a little story, is that I tried buying a Marina card from someone in trade chat before, and someone replied by trying to sell it to me by 5m. I'm not even going to explain further on that- The Helpers The people who had sold their soul to Satan GM Lai, it feels like these people are trying their best to be nice to other people, while experiencing hell deep inside their soul. Being constantly barraged by IMs everyone 24/7, they do their best to host events, with some of the rewards coming out from their own pockets, along with being constantly begged by leechers to carry them through Infinite Space. With the Helper desk which shows if they're online or not, I kind of feel sorry for them- The Trashtalkers These people are... very, very apparent in War of Emperium, from what I seen. Sometimes in the PVP Arena too, where people just show off their mad skillz because they feel superior that way. I don't know, I personally don't WoE or PVP very often, but it feels like a salty environment, and something which I don't think I should approach in. I tend to mix these people with the skill spammers in Asgard. Then again, I'm not much of a PvP person myself, so... The Pros These people comes in two types. Either that they are the trashtalkers, or they are basically an upgrade of the Veteran. I really mean no offense to the pros out there, or the people who had been in this server for a very long time, but from what I have seen, people with shiny costume equips sitting in Asgard tend to be less helpful to other people and newbies, believing that they're above everyone else. Most of them won't bother taking time to help other players, unless they have a personal gain from it. Only a minority of them are actually really helpful, and most of these people tend to be Helpers, from what I seen? The GMs ... Okay, I'll be honest. I don't have much an opinion of them, seeing as the only GM I know is Yuuki. She has been quite helpful, and very casual to talk to once you get to know her. I know there are other GMs who are probably in hide mode, and I personally see Lai sitting in Asgard doing... Well, other than me seeing him ban two people from AFK Farming in Thana 10, I don't know what he's doing, actually, I'm sorry- But if you guys are reading this, I hope you all could communicate with the players once in a while! I know most of you are doing back-end stuff, but a little interaction and manual event hosting wouldn't hurt! But... yeah, I think that's basically it for my one month. Anything else is just a really small minority. Regardless, it's been fun!
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    2016 Client List of Features One Click Item Identify Feature: This feature allows quickly (ctrl + click right) in you item unidentified Request 1 Magnifier when used. Shift + Left Click and item to link it to your chat. Add Body Style & Dressing Room Feature: A NPC that allows you to be able to PREVIEW different styles. TO switch into a new outfit. (Supporting Guillotine Cross, Genetic, Mechanic & Royal Guard.) Player Commands /quake (Turns shake effect of skills on/off) /cashshop (Turns the Cash Shop icon on and off) New Character Creation Windows Feature (Unique Sex): You can now have both Female / Male in 1 account. Doram job is available to be created. Add New Skill Cart Design Feature (Pushcart Decoration): New Carts for Merchant jobs Vending & Buying Store Report Feature: This feature when user close shop, the client showing report for buy/sell. An Updated World map feature. More details and also added extra maps for localization maps. New Mini map navigation system, now with Coordinate display. Expand Mini Map New Prontera City Fixed blurry graphics for several users with newest Graphic Cards from GeForce etc.
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    Hmm, My problem is not with the server itself, I do not like the community hostility. They insist on speaking in tagalog in the main, or making jokes at my side, when in fact, it is not funny at all. I wish we have a more united community, to do instances such as biolabs nightmare, for example. But people only think of themselves, in getting things for them and selling expensively, instead of trying to make more people happy. I think often we, and here I include myself, forget that the server is nothing without the others. :/
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    Hello , i'm new at Limit-Ro since i know that Limit-Ro have Limitiant Art section, i just want to share my artwork. previously I never make work about Ragnarok, but after I played back ragnarok in Limit-Ro, I became interested in creating artwork about Ragnarok, arguably limit-ro inspired me to create ragnarok artw :: Assassin Cross Eremes :: ----------------------------------------------- :: Valkyrie Randgris :: ----------------------------------------------- :: High Wizard Kathryne Keyron :: ----------------------------------------------- For Hires : Govertz.deviantart.com
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    Hattori Haleng Cathegory Strong Pro killer, best rk. hahaha..
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    Fruit Farm About The Farmer brothers Tim and Mike is back in town. They are recruiting farmers to help them with gathering well grown fruits from their hidden farm. Event Time 1st February to 29th February Cool-down period: 23 hours Farm duration: 20 minutes NPC Tim the Farmer Location: Prontera Speak to Tim to... Enter the Farm waiting area. Turn in farmed Ripped Fruits for Fancy Fruit Baskets. You can farm up to 400 ripped fruits every farming session. 10 ripped fruits = 1 fancy fruit basket. Mike Location: Chicken Farm Enter Mike's chat room for queue to farm zone. Yal Location: Chicken Farm Exchange your Fancy Fruit Basket with the following rewards: Rewards Fried Octopus Legs/Takoyaki Sesame Pastry Bloody Branch Bloody Coin Convex Mirror Silvervine Fruit Death Bin High Weapon Box Mystical Card Album Spring Rabbit Egg Bok Choy Safe Refine +7 Armor Safe Refine +7 Weapon Cash Point Coin Cat Ear Cyber Headphone
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    Theme: Creepy. SS: IGN: Abunene.
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    Too much homophobia in the community. It's just not a cute look when you are around Prontera and every 5 Minutes someone says "u gay", "u fag", "that's so gay" or something like that. I thought those times were over.. but sadly they are not.
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    T__________T waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~ My cell phone just hates me! I would like to edit it~ at least spin (because in addition to taking mirrored, was turn to left. ¬__¬'). But rules are rules.... Anyway, there we go: {Mitzi: Happpy Xmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!~} And that's what supposed to be read, if was not "pranked" by my cell: {In the case of link break, that was the original source: http://i.imgur.com/muL0l6U.jpg}
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    @annoyance, the GMs who cheated and helped and abused the bug because they were GM are already removed. Those screenshots provided has nothing todo with me, but the other GMs who cheated, those are removed as well. its good now they are all admitting. CheatKat. im not scared or worried if whole cheat guild leaves the server. Since cheat guilds makes Moore people leave than 20ppl In from a guild . thanks for understanding why I do this for LimitRO to stay balance and 0 cheats. For all who do not know, this happened because I for along time checked thru our database because manh people say kitkat cheats, then I found out GM had a loophole and knew one of the admins passwords. then the GM used the admins password to login to website and could give other of his accounts admin powers. ofcorse his GM was core of kitkat. thank god we have IP MAC ID which I spent about 8 hours digging plus in our old logs and finally started to give out penalties to those involved. Thanks. im following this thread, Please fill in.
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    a: Title of work : By your side b. IGN: CaIypso c. d. e. Description: Let's not forget that Christmas is not just about presents under the tree, nor carols being sung at winter nights or wishing St.Nicholas would visit your house, but above all else, Christmas reminds us that for that one day, we spend it with the people/s who're most important to us. Thanks for my friends who've been helping me to complete this entry and those who're always by my side through the ups and downs~ Wishing you all Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year