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    IGN: xhisui Description: Bijou and member of Royal Families
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    Instance Updated Horror Toy Factory behaviour to be closer to official. Updated Old Glast Heim behaviour to be closer to official.
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    Let's see, let's see~ IGN: Kaedo Hibiki Description: Well, a quick look at this made me notice a 3 eyed freak... and a Vicious Book. Maybe the critter is bored, and needs to read a bit? so... A quick sketch, led to... some light reading~ Then I added a simple BG, resized and added the server's logo and...~ 640x480, JPG. (I prefer PNG, but... ) Hope this works! :3
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    IGN: Shappo Description: Bijou <3 Process: (Large image so I put under spoiler tag) Loading screen file:
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    With the recent fiasco I have withdrawn my entry from the loading screen contest, https://www.limitro.com/forums/topic/7658-161-loading-screen-contest/?do=findComment&comment=50650 and rewards will be returned. Well since its rights are mine again, might as well post the full -res non watermarked one :^] It is not so much for the monies that I entered. I drew because I want to, because I love the new content, and want to show my appreciation for the work that has been put into releasing said content for us to enjoy. I have messaged the responsible party asking for an explanation about -that- decision and this is mine that I came to from the answer I get. What has happened is a serious offence that I have seen happen too many times to my friends and role models and one I do not take lightly, has been since many many years ago. Having said that, still I respect that decision and only wish that you respect mine, too. Sorry if its childish and wrong of me to back out of what I signed up for, but I have to and will defend my stance on that problem since I can't stress enough how important it is. Really really thankful for all the support * ^^ * and thank you for putting up with my selfishness and hope you can truly see how much more precious are the efforts that everyone has put forward there <3
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    Cap's Guide to Auto Shadow Spell Shadow Chaser Just to preface this guide, this build can be a decent alternative farmer to those maps where AoE won't make much of a difference, but when used for end-game-ish stuff like mid-tier instances, you will spend a f*ck ton of consumables. The Original Farmer and The Wannabe DPS Going back to its roots, you can use this class to farm pretty much anything. Now that Jack Frost is fixed and can't be spammed anymore (without spending a ton on fixed cast time redux). You'll be taking advantage of high aspd coupled with auto steal. The skill you'll use with auto shadow spell depends on what monster you're trying to farm. Sometimes a single target spell is more advantageous than using an AoE (like auto looting at 100% when there are other monsters on the map besides the one you're targeting). Farming equips aren't that expensive. All you have to make sure is to have high aspd, flee. You can put high STR for increased weight capacity and higher physical attacks. If you just wanna farm, you can focus more on aspd equips like Buffalo Horns or Bakonawa Tattoos. For the sake of this guide, I'm only gonna be focusing on the magic side of things. As for the Wannabe DPS part, that's where things get A LOT more expensive. Not only do you have to make sure you have at least 191 aspd, you also have to raise your matk by a considerable amount. You'll be relying more on your auto casts than your physical damage do kill monsters. There are three routes you can explore with an Auto Shadow Spell build, but all of them pretty much do the same thing (which is making meteors rain like there's no tomorrow). Our Upgraded L-Phone also makes switching between builds on the fly really easy, even inside instances. STATS STR - You can pretty much leave this at 1, or up to 30. Depends if you still have some points to spend. Just remember that this will be your least wanted stat. You can get your extra weight limit from Gym Passes. AGI - This can go as high as 120. Or as much as you need to get at least 191 aspd with equips and buffs on. VIT - Just get up to a total of 100, including the bonus you get from Job Levels and equips, for stun immunity. INT - Depending on your build, this can be 100~120, since we're letting our magic kill our enemies. DEX - Can be as low as 1 or as high as 120 LUK - Evert 3 points of this stat gives MATK, but put points on this stat sparingly, unless you're doing the one specific build. WHERE THE PATH DIVERGES As I've mentioned, there are three builds for this class. Two of which are pretty much the same, and the last one is focused more on MVPs. Most of the equipment/gears will stay pretty much the same. INT Boots Build STR - 1~30 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 70~90 INT - 120 DEX - 80~100 LUK - 1~60 DEX Boots Build STR - 1~30 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 70~90 INT - 100~120 DEX - 120 LUK - 1~30 INT and DEX builds are pretty much the same. They both function like one build. It honestly depends on what equipment you have on ready. Finding a Runaway Magic enchanted DEX Boots would be more likely than an INT one, and also cheaper, so it's up to you. If you already have a DEX Boots then just go with the DEX build. Of course, INT build would deal more damage tho. Ideally, you'll want an INT Boots, but you can always use what you have on hand. This build is already considered a luxury build, might as well bring down the cost, even if only marginally. But if you're starting from scratch, then look for an INT Boots with Runaway Magic. CRIT Caster STR - 1~30 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 70~90 INT - 100~110 DEX - 1 LUK - 120 This build is interesting. This focuses more on hitting monsters with high flee, like Agi-Up MVPs. The crux is finding a LUK Boots with Runaway Magic enchant. They are pretty cheap tho, if you ever see one, since there's really not much use for those boots. GEARS You really have to invest in this build if you want it to actually do something. Now, the chances of this build being used in competitive hunting is slim to none, since it takes some time to get the DPS up. Meanwhile, you have burst damage dealers like Ranger, Genetics, Guillotines Crosses, and recently, Rune Knights. Headgear Upper Hyuke's Black Cat Ears - This is currently my Holy Grail and go-to headgear of choice, no matter the situation. Relatively cheap, but the effects are simply too good to ignore, specially for a class that dishes out multiple magic hits per second. This headgear completely pierces the MDEF of enemies, even MVPs when it procs, for 5 seconds. Right now, Auto Shadow Spell Shadow Chasers are the only ones that can truly utilize this equipment. Other classes rely on manually casting spells on enemies, which most of them have long cast delays and cool downs. You have to keep hitting monsters with magic non-stop for this to proc, which is what an ASS SC is good for. Only downside is there's no slot. Bacsojin Doll Hat [1] - I consider this as my second go-to headgear. Depending on the refine, you can get a pretty high MATK bonus when this hat procs. MATK is increased by 30 multiplied by the refine level. Slotted. But still outclasses by Wickebine's Black Cat Ears in terms of damage when the MDEF pierce procs. Skull Cap [1] - Total of +8% MATK at +7. I wouldn't really recommend getting this hat tho. It sucks lol. But hey, if you already have it, might as well use it. Balloon Hat [1] - When you're starting out. I shouldn't even be including this. Wickebine's Black Cat Ears are about the same price as this hat. And you actually need this refined. Meh. Kettle Hat - If you wanna be a hipster and bank on auto casting Water Ball after auto casting Deluge. It's still fun tho. This has a chance to auto cast level 2 Deluge and level 3 Water Ball with each physical attack. Red Pom Band [1] - For Demi-Human. If you have one that's already high refined, great, otherwise don't spend on this hat if you're planning to run instances with this build. There really aren't that many Demi-Human bosses around. And the other headgears would be more beneficial to you. Fenrir Card - If you have it the use it. Not only does it shorten your fixed cast time (specially beneficial if you're using a crit build), it also adds matk per refine of your headgear. Lichtern Blue CardLichtern Green CardLichtern Red CardLichtern Yellow CardTikbalang Card - Choose your poison. Additional MATK and elemental damage, depending on the card. But if you're mostly using Meteor Storm, might as well choose Red Lichtern. Engkanto Card - If you're ever facing with a Poison monster. Adds 30% damage. This card is also scripted to work with magic attacks. Just not the DEF pierce. Mutant Coelacanth Card - If you're lucky enough to get one. Increases MATK by 2%, and an additional 1% per 2 refines. Downside is it also decreases your Max HP by 1% per 2 refines. Rata Card - MATK +10. Not really worth the investment. Mid Robo Eye - Cheap and reliable. Imperial Feather - If you wanna get more aspd. You must have at least 108 AGI. Sigrun's Wings - A Walmart version of Imperial Feather, but it doesn't have the AGI requirement. Gambler Seal - The only Mid for the crit build. Adds MATK and Crit Rate. Black Devil's Mask - All stats +2. I've still yet to see the allure of this headgear. It's hard AF to make and I don't think the effects are worth that much trouble. But hey, if you have it, use it. Low CD in Mouth - The staple of auto cast SCs. Not only does it deal additional damage with the bolts it casts, it also helps proccing your Boots and Wickebines. Golden Fish - If you feel like you don't lack auto casts anymore. +10 matk and +2 all stats. Rainbow Scarf - Additional MATK. Basically, you really want a CD in Mouth. That's what you should aim for. If you don't have it yet, just use whatever it is you have on hand that will increase your MATK. Armor Robe of Flattery [1] - Once the rest of 16.1 is released, this robe will pretty much become the go-to robes of Magic users. +150 MATK by just being level 140 and above. Not to mention the enchants are powerful. Downside is you have to have the item refined to at least +7 to get the minimum effects of the enchants. Exerion Suit - This is my current go-to armor. I have one of every kind. My main one is INT/MATK/MATK. You can also make an elemental one with 2 MATK reactors. It's pretty much mix and match. Excellion Suits are fairly cheap, and the elemental reactors and MATK reactors are also fairly cheap. Cursed Mail [1] - If you're really rich. +10% MATK along with other bonuses. Heroic Hidden Cloth [1] - A decent armor. MATK +10% when it procs, which is quite often. Also adds 20 Crit Rate. A good armor for a crit build. There's really not much variance you can use. As long as it adds MATK. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - Really awesome if you're up against Demons and Undead. Which is what makes more than half of the content in RO. Entweihen Crothen Card - MATK +100. That's about it. Bijou Card - MATK +10% and immunity from Frozen status. Any elemental cards or status resist cards to counter the monster you're facing. Sometimes choosing a defensive card for your armor is better than choosing an attack one. What good are you when you're dead lol. Weapon Old Parasol [3] - This sword is just awesome. If you can get high aspd with a sword equipped, then this one is pretty much recommended. Not really that high base MATK bonus, but it does increase per refine. It can also be enchanted once (up to Spell 9). Not to mention there are 3 slots. Elemental Sword [3] - Next best thing you can wear. If you wanna focus more on using bolts as your main spells. This couple with the Cold Bolt procs with CD in Mouth. *Currently, this sword isn't working as official servers, so playing a bolter SC isn't really recommended for now.* Faceworm Queen Leg [2] - A really nice dagger with a relatively high MATK for daggers. Can also cast level 1 Earthquake. Which is pretty much useless since the formula is based on your ATK. I try to avoid using this dagger tho. If you have an Old Parasol at at least +7, then you'll be leaving this dagger in the dust when it comes to MATK bonus. Thanatos Dagger [1] - MATK +130 and INT +6. The downside is you'll always be losing HP, and with this build, you'll be pretty much always at over 50% weight. Infinity Dagger [1] - MATK +100, but this can be enchanted with Spell Enchants. It has the potential do be a decent MATK dagger. Bazerald - This is one of those items that I still don't know why I included in the list. Since I've been preaching this build isn't really for the budget conscious. But hey, it can be enchanted, and it has a pretty decent base MATK. Timeholder Card - MATK +20% Immortal Wind Ghost Card - MATK +10% and has a chance to cast level 5 Killing Cloud when performing magic attacks. Magic Racial Cards. You can't go wrong with them. I have like 3 of almost every kind. Red Eruma Card - A chance of inflicting Curse on enemies when they're hit with magic attacks. Useful for crown control. Octopus Card - Another crown control card, but this time it inflicts Blind with your magic attacks. Shield Cursed Mad Bunny - The Main Shield. This nullifies the aspd penalty you get from wearing shields with its +3 flat ASPD bonus. Also adds +5% MATK, and reflects 10% of every melee damage (which is important since it gives reflected damage is also included in the chance to proc your auto casts, barring Auto Shadow Spell). Mad Bunny [1] - This doesn't have the ASPD bonus, but it is slotted. If you're willing to spend more on AGI/ASPD consumables, then you can opt for this shield instead, otherwise the non-slotted variety will do wonders. Valkyria's Shield [1] - Still one of the best shields in-game because of the elemental redux. You can always go with no shield on in case you don't have a Cursed Mad Bunny and can't raise your ASPD to decent numbers. Standard Racial cards if you're using a slotted shield. GTB if you need it. But you'll mostly be fine without a card. Garment Fallen Angel Wing [1] - Refined to at least 7 and get Spell enchants. Heroic Backpack [1] - A +7 backpack is better than a +0~+6 FAW. I like having both of them. FAW for attacking and Backpack for Defending. Giant Faceworm Skin [1] - Only get this at high refines. +10 or above. You'll be mainly using this for a Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card Antique Book Card - Your standard MATK garment card. Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card - +3% damage to your fire magic every refine. Also has +15% neutral resistance. Use it if you're mostly on Fire auto casts. Salamander Card - +40% more damage to Meteor Storm. Pretty meh to be honest. You have more spells on your auto cast list that you'll benefit more from an Antique Book Card than this. Flamel Card - Great for recovering using slim pots. I like to compound this on a +7 Backpack. Farming while Linked is a dream when using this Card and Ranked Slims. Randel Card - Enables level 3 Auto Guard. Compound it on a different garment. Cast Auto Guard and switch back to your main one. Shoes Temporal INT Boots [1] - Spell Enchant with Runaway Magic and nothing else. You can get away with Lucky Day, but Runaway Magic is really the best option since it amplifies one of your auto casts greatly. Temporal DEX Boots [1] - Again, enchanted with Runaway Magic. Same as INT Boots but you're just gonna spend more points on DEX to take advantage of the .5 second fixed cast time reduction. Temporal LUK Boots [1] - If you can find a LUK Boots that's enchanted with Runaway Magic, snatch it. Crit build is the only build that would work in most instances, or MVPs that have high Flee or casts NPC Agi-Up. Temporal AGI Boots [1] - If you somehow got yourself or see a pair of AGI Boots with Runaway Magic enchant, and you, for some reason, can't find the others, still don't buy it lol. What you want is to have the best of both worlds. Have a pair LUK Boots along with either a pair INT Boots or DEX Boots. Depending on the instance or the thing you want to farm, one pair would be more beneficial from the other. Fallen Bishop Card - Even if you aren't fighting Demi-Humans or Angels, the card still adds +10% MATK. Nightmare Verit Card - MATK +5% at below +6. Another +3% When refined to +7. And another +3% at +9. Accessories Evil Spirit's Silk Glove [1] - Auto Caster's wet dream. Casts Psychic Wave, Frost Nova, Scream. Also let's you use Spider Web. Broken Heart [1] - A cheap alternative to Evil Spirit's Silk Glove. You must wear it with Gentle Heart to activate the auto casts. The only downside is you consume 2 accessory slot. You forfeit proccing Psychic Wave when you switch one accessory with Pendant of Harmony for some recovery. Gentle Heart [1] - Same as Broken Heart. Alchemy Glove [1] - Amplifies Fire damage. Auto Casts Fire Ball with physical attacks, and Fire Bolt with magical attacks. Pendant of Harmony - Auto Casts level 1 Renovatio and Sanctuary. Get this item in your inventory. Switch accessories once Renovatio procs. This is specially good for long farming sessions or in instance runs to alleviate your potion consumption. Silversmith Bracelet [1] - If you ever need to Spell Break something. Shadow Gears Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon - Not really useful when worn by itself. Shadow Chaser Shadow Shield - MATK +2% when worn with the Shadow Weapon, along with other bonuses. Wizard Shadow Armor - Useless when worn alone. Wizard Shadow Shoes - +20% damage to Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm, and Storm Gust, and another +5% damage with every refine, if worn with the Shadow Armor. Scatter Shadow Earring - +5 INT Scatter Shadow Pendant - +5 STR Physical Shadow Earring - If you're still missing that extra umph for your ASPD. Although you're gonna need to +7 this to get a measly +3% ASPD lol. But hey, maybe the difference between 192 and 193 ASPD is that 1%. Donate Gears Upper Gemstone(Mars) - x3 on any upper donate costume. You're gonna need that +4 ASPD Mid/Low Shard(Uranus) - x4 on any mid/low donate costumes. Total of +4% final damage. Garment/Wings/Amulet Star Stone(Matk) - If you're ever lucky enough or rich enough to get MATK star stones. Only feasible if you're playing other magic characters on your account. SKILLS There are only a handful of skills you're gonna need. The rest if up to you to decide. I'll just note the most important ones. Plagiarism - Your main source of damage. Can copy up to second class skills. Preserve - Prevents the skill your copied via Plagiarism to be overwritten. Be sure to cast this constantly. And cast this immediately after you've been revived. Reject Sword - Halves the damage you take and reflect it back. Tunnel Drive - Allows the character to move at half movement speed while in Hiding status. Chase Walk - Like Cloaking but you can't be revealed. You can still take damage from AoEs tho. If you are Linked, you can move really really fast while in Chase Walk. Gank - Auto casts steal. Useful for farming. Reproduce - Let's you copy up to 3rd class skills. Skills that you've copied via this skill will have 2x the SP consumption when used. Auto Shadow Spell - Chosen Magic spell learned from Plagiarism and Reproduce will have a chance of casting automatically with every physical attack. Those are pretty much all the notable skills you need in order to play this build. Other skills will depend on how you use the character. Consumables White Slim Potion - Ranked or not, this is still one of the best healing items you can use, specially when used in conjunction with other healing item boosters. Mastela Fruit - Heals well and light weight. It's just they're kinda expensive. Mora Mandarin - One of the best SP healing item you can find. Kinda hard to farm tho. Strawberry - A lot of monsters drop this. Either farm them or buy them. Grape Juice - Recovers a decent amount of SP. HP Increase Potion (Large) - Increases your Max HP. SP Increase Potion (Large) - Increases your Max SP. Concentrated White Potion Z - Increases HP regeneration rate. Vitata 500 - Increases SP regeneration rate and Max HP. Concentrated Ceromain Soup - +10% ASPD. Berserk Potion - Increases ASPD greatly. Regeneration Potion - Increases heal rate of all recovery items by 20% for 30 minutes. Small Life Potion - Recovers 5% of your Max HP every 5 seconds for 10 minutes. Big Defense Potion - 3% resistance to physical attacks for 3 minutes. Big Magic Defense Potion - 3% resistance to magical attacks for 3 minutes. Abrasive - Crit Rate +30 for 5 minutes. Elemental Converter - Just in case you're up against a ghost monster. Fire Resist PotionCold Resist PotionEarth Resist PotionThunder Resist Potion Holy Elemental Scroll - Endows your armor with Holy Element for 5 minutes. Undead Elemental Scroll - +20% resistance from Fire, Earth, Water, Wind for 5 minutes. Does not stack with Holy Elemental Scroll. Guarana Candy - Casts level 5 Increase Agility. Those are the consumables I always have in my inventory. SP items are a MUST! Your SP will constantly be brought to 0 because of Runaway Magic. ~TBC~ VIDEOS Example of a Crit Build: DEX Build ~More vids to come~
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    IGN: Carealle Description: Well...I like blue :x Creative process: (step by step how you made the loading screen) Loading screen file 😐
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    i must i must say, this is a contender shappo senpai
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    Name: Angela Ingame Character (Main): Ellenia LimitRO Experience: 2 Years + RO Experience: 5 Years 😇 Languages Spoken: English / Indonesia / Chinese / Hokkien / Cantonese Timezone: GMT+7 What inspires you to be a Helper? Helping people always been my hobby, there is always new comers in LimitRO but they seem lost, wondering around to find help end-up quit within a week. This make me really want to help them to keep playing and enjoy in LimitRO 😊. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? I believe with my experience and knowledge in LimitRO, i could brighten up or guide new player. Since my AB is awesome, i can always been helping hand and guide them how to finish on every instances that i have completely done. 🤓
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    CHANGELOGS 09/11/2017 👑 16.1 Updates Finding Prince Ernst Walther Family Quest The Maid & the Jewelry Box Dress Dilenma (Daily) Jurgens & the Maid (Daily) 🛠️ System Item database minor updates. Item description patch updated. Added missing sprites for future purposes. 🎮 Features Verus Mechanic Enchants added to Godly Enchanter 🎊 Events World Fishing Tournament IX Zodiac Return IX
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    Well....i dont even know how to start...maybe puting it clear that i am NOT skilled, ok? 0 percent at all hahah x_x . Well here we go: IGN: Sukhoi Description: I coudnt start the quest for now...so this is what i try to transfer in this loading screen (dont worry i promise to start this week D: )... Creative process: (step by step how you made the loading screen): What is the most representative monster in this game??...yup, a Poring ;D ...so i will try to do it Dx first the body the porings are pink i think eyes and little improve of his body this is his final form >:3 hmm...i think that there is something wrong.. oh...i see.. fixed..like the cd?? hah now lets put some life in his eyes.. ..and some acttitude >:3 . In this time i already know how to connect this new episode with him...and what will happen Loading screen file: ...and yes..even Porings wants to try this new episode . I hope that everyone can enjoy this lack of talent haha. P.D.: i already told that i dont have skills...sorry
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    🔥 HOT Ep 16.1 - Banquet for Heroes is here! Released new headgear and amulets to cash shop 🎮 Features Ep 16.1 - Banquet for Heroes Main quest "Banquet For Heroes" is available Added new instance - Room of Consciousness Added new instance - Sky Fortress Currently with dummy reward (still in test phase) Added new dungeon - Prontera Prison Added new dungeon - Invaded Prontera Guild Guild storage can now be accessed from guild UI window Guild master can now set the privilege of opening guild storage for each position Battleground BG items are no longer tradeable through GM transaction Cash Shop Added new headgear and amulets to cash shop Removed VIP Coin exclusive from VIP Shop, all cash items are now available on cash shop Removed Mailbox NPC Moved 3rd Job Hats quest from Mr. Wise to HQ Gear Machine in @go 38 Moved Plant Me feature from Prontera field to Asgard - Garden S-2 🎊 Events Special event - 16.1 Loading Screen Contest Special event - Lai's Birthday Wishes Monthly events World Fishing Tournament VIII Zodiac Return VIII 🐞 Bug Fixes Fixed Picky Peck SP consumption Fixed Kagerou's Mirror Image MATK +% item bonus no longer displayed in status window and no longer affect heal Fixed Teleport Device in Asgard to match name of places Added original look update for headgear: Awakening Limit Group Hat I & II Fixed Wickebain's Black Cat Ears
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    LimitRO Helper Recruitment Hello people, greetings from Yuuki! LimitRO is currently recruiting active & dedicated players as Helpers to foster a closer LimitRO community. Helpers would be composed of a team of players supported by the GM Team, acting as representatives of LimitRO. Criteria: Fluent in English Having knowledge of additional languages is a plus Objective outlook on issues Without prejudice, favouritism or personal feelings Pleasant & able to work in a team setting Having Initiative makes you stand out Ability to stay calm in annoying/stressful situations Take a moment to calm down, it helps. Willing to spend time as Helper, interact & building player relationships. Ingame, Forums & Discord Knowledgeable on LimitRO (cash system, event system, custom feature & quests, which instances we have, leveling spots ... etc) If you aren't familiar with those features. Read up our Wiki! Duties: The main role of a Helper is to Empower Players with Knowledge Players achieve greater heights by knowing the game better Introduce LRO features to players On your own initiative Interact with players in Towns & Forums Get to know current issues amongst players Host Q&A Sessions to provide tips & solutions to players Advice on BG, WoE, MvP, PvM, PvE Leveling Advice Zeny-Making Tips HQ & Asgard NPC Features General knowledge about RO and LimitRO Host parties (access quests/instances/dungeons) Guide players how to complete it So that players can do it on their own without your assistance Wiki contribution. (optional) Enrich our Wiki with relevant information of our game features Benefits: Special <Helper> character Comes with special commands to assist your role! Special forum for helpers to discuss current issues/events with GM Team. Experience new content before release. Together we hope to bridge the communication gap between our players and the GM Team. Players are encouraged to apply via reply or PM using the following format: Name: Ingame Character (Main): LimitRO Experience: RO Experience: Languages Spoken: Timezone: What inspires you to be a Helper? What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? Note: Selected applicants who pass the selection will serve a full term of 6 months. After that, only outstanding Helpers will be renewed for another term. If selected applicants were deemed to be unsatisfactory, their position can be revoked at any time. Good luck. Application Deadline: 27 September (Wednesday)
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    Up-to-date --- 19th September 2017 Added a new FAQ : Sample Equipment for Mid-End Build Added a new FAQ : Consideration before creating a Guillotine Cross Contents Overview Job Changing Guide Pros & Cons End Game Build (Stats, Skills, Equip) Consumables / Costume Equipment / Shadow Gears HP/SP Recovery Potions Increase Weight Capacity Best Party Members Rolling Cutter Build (Stats, Skills, Equip) Videos FAQs Overview Introducing to new players or existing players who love the old first job Assassin, second job Assassin Cross (SinX) and the new third job Guillotine Cross (GX). This is wielding daggers MVP Build Guillotine Cross. The primary skill is Hit-lock/normal with High Critical Damage and High Attack Speed. The secondary skill is Rolling Cutter, the Area of Effect(AOE) skill for Guillotine Cross. WARNING do not skip below: have already Implemented Double Attack Critical (10/07/2017) [NEW Build] Dual Dagger Double Attack Critical Guillotine Cross or Dual Dagger DA Critical GX era started on 10/07/2017 in Limit RO. You may change job to Assassin Cross from High Thief at job level 42 to 50 (50 is always recommended). Because we have already Implemented Double Attack Critical which you do not need to skip Double Attack High Thief job. This is an official KRO Update since around December 2016. Thus, what if your existing Guillotine Cross had changed job at job 42 previously before this implementation? Then the first job skill Hiding and Steal are suggested reset to Level 5. [OLD Build] Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross : In other Servers which have not Implement Double Attack Critical This is very important here. You MUST change job to Assassin Cross from High Theif at job level 42. The reason is because you have to skip Double Attack. If you have taken the Double Attack, DA will interfere the Critical Attack depend on the level of Double Attack you have raised. So, be careful here. Because once you have made mistake here, you have to recreate the character. Job Changing Guide (Beginner) Select Change Jobs. Then, make sure choose the Thief class. Once a character has chosen their second class job, they will not be able to choose another job path even after transcending. E.g., after a Thief chooses the Assassin path, and the Assassin transcends, they must become an Assassin Cross and cannot become a Paladin or any other class. A character can also only become the third class with the same base. E.g., Assassin Cross can only become a Guillotine Cross and not a Royal Guard. Stats and Skills are only reset during the transcending / rebirth process / Admiral (Paying 80k Zeny). The character would have to use a stat reset / skill reset for any other circumstances, especially a leveling, PVP and MVP build. The job changes process can be confusing. An example of the general path is as follows: Step 1 - Start off as Novice Step 2 - Reach job level 10 a. Then, find the “Amiral” in any town. Choose change job b. Select “Change Jobs” Step 3 - Choose a first class (Thief) Step 4 - Reach job level 40-50 Step 5 - Choose a second class (Assassin) Step 6 - Reach base level 99 Step 7 - Rebirth (transcend) Step 8 - Now a base level 1 job level 1 High Novice (all stats and skills are reset) Step 9 - Reach job level 10 Step 10 - Job change to the same first class (High Thief) Step 11 - Reach job level 40-50 (50 always recommended but - except OLD Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross builds is Job 42 job level). The reason is you have to skip Double Attack. Step 12 - Job change to the same transcendent class (Assassin Cross) Step 13 - Reach base level 99 and job level 50-70 (70 always recommended) Step 14 - Job change to the third class job (Guillotine Cross) Step 15 - The character may now level up to base level 175 and job level 60 Pros and Cons Pros:- For low & middle range budget, an Ice Pick[1] as good as like having Memory of Thanatos card. But Memory of Thanatos card give us more flexibility on our weapons & damage. Medium Defense, High Flee & Perfect Dodges Able to solo most Low & Middle Difficulty MVPs Has escape-able abilities by using Backsliding & Exceed Cloaking Has very high High Critical Damage and High Attack Speed Good tanking skill, Hallucination Walk Boost up Flee Rate +250 and Chance to ignore MATK 50% Cons:- Very High Cost and expenses for the equipment, potion & foods Relying on the Equipment, Buffs, Foods and Supports Skills. Therefore, you need to use foods most of the time Could solo some but not all high range MVPs Hard in the beginning. Because lack of stats points Hard to balance Attack Speed, Critical, Defense and Damage Rolling Cutter damage is not as high as a Katar Build GX This is not a job for a new starter. Because the cost is very high Imbalance and poor performance in some Instances due to the melee attack weakness Very Challenging Job and not easy to play compare with Ranger Attack Jobs The Stats Build (End Game) Stats at Level 150 STR : 70 AGI : 100-120 VIT : 70-95 INT : 1 DEX : 1-50 LUK : 90-120 Stats at Level 175 STR : 80-100 AGI : 100-120 VIT : 70-95 INT : 1 - 30 DEX : 29-60 LUK : 120 The Skills Build (End Game) 1st Job Skills Tips : For those who change job at job level 42, skill Hiding and Steal set to Level 5 For the [OLD] Dual Dagger Critical Build, you have to skip Double Attack. But for the [NEW] Dual Dagger DA Build, you need to max Double Attack 2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills Main Buff · Poison React · Enchant Poison · Weapon Block · Enchant Deadly Poison Powerful Buff · Hallucination Walk (LV 5 : Flee Rate +250 / Chance to ignore MATK 50%) · Full Throttle(LV 5 : All stats +20%. Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed for the duration of the skill. Duration: 30 seconds / Consumes 1% Max SP per second. After the skill duration ends, you will be inflicted with 'Rebound' status. During 'rebound status', your movement speed is lowered and your natural HP/SP recovery is disabled.) Main Attack Skills · Hit Lock / Ctrl + Click for MVP · Dark Claw (Give an enemy a painful wound that lasts for 5 seconds, causing the target to receive higher damage from short-ranged physical attacks. Lv 5, 500% Damage / +150% Short-ranged physical damage received) · Rolling Cutter + Counter Slash against Ton of Monsters Secondary Attack Skill · Cross Impact(Sometimes), · Cross Ripper Slasher(This you have to use Rolling Cutter first then second only use Cross Ripper Slasher, not always need to use this). Equipment Headgear Upper: · White Drooping Eddga Hat (STR +2, DEX +2. Increases damage inflicted on Brute monsters by 10%. When dealing or attacked by physical attacks, adds a chance to transform into king of tigers 'Eddga'. When transforming, drains 5 SP every sec but gain a brutal power for a while) [Refine +12 to +16 is recommended. Each refine increases both proc (transforming to eddga) and strength(25 Base Attack] [Refine +12 to 16] [Recommended] [High Cost] · +7 Little Feather Hat[1] compounds Angra Mantis Card (Dex +2. Critical Damage +10%.If refine +7 add 5% critical damage. Warning : "GX is no longer available for equipping arrow") [If +7 Little Feather Hat[1] compounds Angra Mantis Card is giving additional 5% critical damage] [Refine +7 ] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Wickebine's Black Cat Ears combo with Whikebain's Black Tail (FLEE +10. Critical damage +10%, Adds a high chance for 5 sec ignore target's MDEF when attacking magically) [Optional: combo with Whikebain's Black Tail gives bonus ASPD + 3%, Critical + 7] [Medium Cost] · Glorious Crown[1](All stats+7. ATK+7%,MATK+7%, ASPD+1. Reduces damage taken from Demi human monsters by 10%) [Very High Cost] · Indo Warrior Cap[1] (Reduce damage from demi human by 10%, Crit Rate +10, LUK +5, ASPD +1, ATK & MATK +3%. Increase the healing effect of Red Potion and White Potion by 100%) [It boosts the ASPD, Critical Rate and little damage. It is good for PVP and WOE too] [Medium Cost] · Ancient Gold Deco[1] (When base level is 150 or higher, All Stats +2. For Swordman, Merchant and Thief add ATK +8%. For Mage and Acolyte add MATK +8%, +7% heal effectiveness. For Archer adds DEX +3, long ranged physical damage +10%) [This item can be equipped by multiple jobs, although it is not specifically for GX but it is a good item for sharing with different jobs] [Medium Cost] · Wandering Wolf Hat[1] (Agi +5, Flee +10, Ignore 10% physical defense of Demi Human and Brute monster. When Angry Mouth (Reduces after-cast skill delay by 3%) Crit +10, when refined to +7, increase critical damage by 10%. When refine to +9, ASPD +1) [Medium Cost] · Helm of Abyss[1] (Increase tolerance to MVP & Demi-human by 10%) [Low Cost] · Faux Orc Boss Hat[1] (Has a chance of autocasting [Weapon Perfection] Lv 3 with each melee attack) [This is not recommended, only for user who doesn't have a Drake Card] [Not Recommended] [Low Cost] Card Options: · Angra Mantis Card (Critical damage +2%. [Thief and Thief Upper Classes]. Every 2 refine on the compounded item adds 1% critical damage) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Lord Knight Card (Enables use of Level 1 Berserk. Maximum HP - 50%) [Very High Cost] [High End User] · Phylla Card (DEX + 1, AGI + 1. When dealing physical damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds you will receive CRIT + 20) [It proc is high, if you're lack of critical rate this card is recommended to boost the critical rate] [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Violent Coelacanth Card (ATK + 2% For each 2 refine, ATK + 1%, Max SP - 1%) [High Cost] [High End User] · Vanberk Card (STR +2. Each attack has a chance of gaining CRIT +100 for 5 seconds) [Very low proc] [Not Recommended] [Low Cost] · Dunyerr Card (ATK + 10. When dealing physical damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds your Perfect Dodge will increase by 10.) [Low Cost] · Dark Pinguicula Card (Attack +10, When killing a monster, adds a chance to have a poisonous herb drop) [Low Cost] Middle: · Gambler's Seal (Crit +3 & Critical Damage +3%. Reduce damage taken from Arrow Storm & Gate of Hell. Every 10 base Luk Crit+1, Atk +2, Matk +2. When Base Luk is 108 or higher, Crit +5, Critical Damage +10%. When base Luk is 120 or higher, Crit +10, Critical Damage +17%, reduces damage taken from Arrow Storm and Gate of Hell by 30%. Every 10 Dex Base critical damage -2%.) [Recommended] [High Cost] · Sigrun's Wing (If worn by a Swordman, Merchant, Thief or Taekwon Classes, increase ASPD +1) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Imperial Feather (ASPD + 1%. Resistance to Wind property attacks + 5%. When having more than 108 base AGI, increase ASPD +1, ASPD +1%.) [Medium Cost] · Robo Eye (Attack Power + 2%, MATK + 2%, Dex + 1) [Low Cost] Lower: · Spiked Scarf (Atk +30 & MaxHP -2%, when using PC Gold Cafe, MaxHP +2%, ranged physical attack +2%, all stats +1) [Recommended] [Medium] · Father White’s Moustache (+20 Attack) [Medium Cost] · Blood Sucker (Drain 5% HP out of the damage given to the enemy. Disables HP and SP recovery.) [Medium] · Advanced Assassin Mask (Critical Rate +1 & Critical Damate +1%) · Gangster Scarf (+5 Attack) [Low Cost] · CD in Mouth (While attacking has a 6% chance of activating for 5 seconds a random level 1-5 Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Earth Spike or Soul Strike] on your target) [Not Recommended] [High Cost] Armor · Heroic Hidden Cloth[1] (Add MaxHP +5%, MaxSP +5%. Increase Damage on Cross Impact and Cross Ripper Slasher by 10%. Has a chance to get Crit +20, Flee +20, ATK +10% and MATK +10% bonus for 10 seconds when doing physical attack.) [Refine +4 or Above] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · +7 Cursed Mail[1] (Reduce damage taken from all elemental attacks by 5%. Atk & Mtk +10% . Refine +7: Indestructible MaxHP and MaxSP +5%) [Refine +7] [Recommended] [HighCost] · +7 Excellion Suit enchants with the Reacto Supportive Str/Def/Aspd/Element(s). [Indestructible and high defense] [Refine +7] [Medium Cost] · Sapha’s Cloth enchants with the Sharp/Critical [Low Cost] · Nab's Cloth [1] enchants with the Fighting Spirit/ATK [Low Cost] Card Options: · Elemental Resistance Cards [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Gloom Under Night Card (Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel monster and Demon monster by 40%.) [High Cost] [High End User] · Tao Gunka Card (Maximum HP + 100%. DEF - 50, MDEF - 50) [High Cost] [High End User] · Ktullanux Card (Increases damage against Fire Property monsters by 50%. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Frost Nova on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.) [High Cost] [High End User] · RSX-0806 Card (Can not be knocked back. VIT + 3. Make an armor indestructible) [Medium Cost] [Berserk User] · Detardeurus Card (MDEF -20 Gains immunity against Frozen status. Has a 5% chance of autocasting Level 1 Land Protector around the user when the user receives magical attack) [Medium Cost] · Realized Amdarais Card (ATK + 20%, MATK + 20%. Each 6 seconds lost 666 HP and 66 SP. Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the armor is unequipped.) [High Cost] · Amdarais Card (ATK + 15%, MATK + 15%. Each 4 seconds lost 666 HP and 66 SP. Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the armor is unequipped.) [High Cost] · Porcellio Card (ATK + 25, DEF - 5) [Low Cost] · Ancient Mimic Card (Every 18 Base LUK, you gain 1 AGI) [Low Cost] · Venatu Card (Every 18 Base LUK, you gain 1 AGI) [Low Cost] Weapon Main Hand (Right): · Faceworm Queen Leg[2] (High Attack. Attack 180 and Level 4 weapon Has a low chance of casting the Illusion of Faceworm Queen while you are attacking and you have change to transform to Faceworm Queen and casting Earthquake) [Refine +10 to 16] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Scalpel[3] (Attack 120 and weapon 4. Every time you attack, small chance to cause Bleeding status ailment) [Refine +10 to 16] [Recommended] [Low Cost] · +15 Crimson Dagger (Dagger with red light radiance blade. Attack increased by (Refine*Refine), up to +15 refine. MATK increased by Refine*Refine)/2, up to +15 refine. Level 70 or higher:Per 10 BaseLevel,ATK +5) [Refine +15] [High Cost] · Octopus Knife (Attack 140 and weapon 4. Each refine +1 Hit. When equipped with either Crab Card & Aster Card or Aster Card & Shell Fish Card +8% Damage to Water Type Monster. When equipped Crab Card, Aster Card & Shell Fish Card Damage to Water Type monster 16%) [Compounds with the Drake Card/ Turtle General Card/ Abyss Knight Card/ White Knight Card/ Valkyrie Randgris Card are more versatile] [Refine +10 to 16] [Not Recommended] [High Cost] Card Options: · Drake Card (Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size) [This card is very important reason is because of Size Penalty. It gives you 100% weapon perfection which doesn't have any size penalty] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Turtle General Card (Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%. Add a 3% chance of automatically casting Level 10 Magnum Break on the enemy when attacking.) [High Cost] · Abyss Knight Card (Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · White Knight Card (ATK +15. Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%.) [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Valkyrie Randgris Card (Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Dispell when attacking. Make a weapon indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). Increases Physical Attack Strength by 10%.) [High Cost] · Armed Guard Soheon Card (ATK +10 .[+Dagger Weapon] When the compounded equipment is refined to +10 or more add ASPD +1. When the compounded equipment is refined to +14 or more add ASPD +1) [Medium Cost] Off Hand (Left): · Ice Pick[1] (Deals more damage depending on the target's Defense) [If the player doesn't have Memory of Thanatos, this is a MUST. Without an Ice Pick, DD Crit GX won't able to deal high damage to high defense MVPs] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Ice Pick (Deals more damage depending on the target's Defense. Enchants with the Sharps) [Low Cost] · Sandstorm[4] [4x Abyss Knight Card for low defense monsters which are lower than 100] [Low Cost] · Main Gauche[4] [4x Abyss Knight Card for low defense monsters which are lower than 100] [Low Cost] Card Options: · Memory of Thanatos (Deals more damage depending on the target's defense. Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack. DEF - 30, Flee Rate - 30) [If you have this card, you DO NOT NEED an Ice Pick[1]] [Recommended] [High Cost] [High End User] · Drake Card (Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size) [Recommended to put on the main hand, because you might need to change your Left hand weapon to MG or SS. So, you do not need to have extra drake card] [High Cost] · Abyss Knight Card (Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%) [Low Cost] · White Knight Card (ATK +15. Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%) [Medium Cost] · Sniper Card (Reduces HP recovery by 100%. Add a 5% chance of gaining 20% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack) [High Cost] [High End User] · Armed Guard Soheon Card (ATK +10 .[+Dagger Weapon] When the compounded equipment is refined to +10 or more add ASPD +1. When the compounded equipment is refined to +14 or more add ASPD +1) [Improve ASPD +10 bonus 1 ASPD and +14 bonus another 1 ASPD] [Medium Cost] · Infinite Phreeoni (Critical Rate + 100) [Not necessary for a GX. But if you really can't reach at least 100 critical rate, then you may use this] [Not Recommended] [High Cost] · Aunoe Card (Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks) [Low Cost] · The Paper Card (Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks. Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack.) [Low Cost] · Mobster Card (Inflict 15% more damage with Critical attacks. [Thief Class] Critical Rate + 4) [Low Cost] · Sedora Card (Increase critical damage by 15%.) [Low Cost] · Angry Student Pyuriel Card (Increase critical damage by 30%. Increases damage received from all monsters races by 10%.) [If the monster is dealing high damage on you, this card is not recommended because it will make you received 10% more damage. Only use this on the monster which doesn't really hurt you much] · Valkyrie Randgris Card (Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Dispell when attacking. Make a weapon indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). Increases Physical Attack Strength by 10%.) [Not Recommended : It will also dispel the dark claw you cast on the target] [Not Recommended] [High Cost] Garment · Cloak of Casualty [1] [More balance for GX. It increases Attack, ASPD, Critical Damage, Neutral Reduction and More Bonus but required highly refine. Save a lot of Foods] [Refine +12 to +16] [High Cost] [Recommended] · Fallen Angel Wing [1] enchants with the Fatal/Fighting Spirit/ASPD [Increases Attack, ASPD, Critical Damage, Neutral Reduction and it is enchant-able] [Refine +7/+9] [Recommended] [High Cost] · Heroic Backpack [1] [Refine level +7/+9 Boosts Attack, ASPD, Critical Damage, Neutral Reduction and Not Enchant-able] [Medium / High Cost] · Immune Manteau[1] [It boosts resistance against different elements and especially for neutral] [High Cost] · Hero Manteau[1] [It increases Flee and Neutral Resistance] [High Cost] · Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb[1] (Add a 7% resistance to all Elements. Increases SP by Level/3 + (Refine Rate * 10). When dealing physical damage there's a 1% chance that you'll recover 1% of your damage as SP. MDEF + 3) [It increases resistance against different elements, Increase SP base on refine rate and 1% chance recover SP] [Low Cost] Card Options: · Deviling Card (Add a 50% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Receive 50% more damage from other property attacks) [Without a Deviling card, it will be harder to tank MVP like General Egnigem Cenia. Deviling Card is very important especially for MVPing] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Petal Card (Every 10 point of base LUK increases critical damage by 2%) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Infinite Chimera (Max HP +8%, Max SP +4% paring with Infinite Vagabond Wolf get extra Atk & Matk +10%. Improves Damage, Max HP & SP) [High Cost] · Kades Card (Increase resistance to Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Shadow and Undead property attack by 50% Receive more damage from Ghost and Holy property by 100%) [High Cost] · Cenere Card (Every 10 point of base AGI increases ASPD by 2%) [Low Cost] · Raydric Card (Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%) [Low Cost] · Elemental Resistance Cards (Increase resistance against Different Properties) [Low Cost] · Wakwak Card (Every 10 base STR, you gain + 5 ATK) [Low Cost] · Giant Whisper Card (Flee Rate + 10, [Base STR >= 80] ATK + 20, [Base VIT >= 80] Maximum HP + 3% , [Base LUK >= 80] Critical Rate + 3. Improves a little of the Damage, Max HP and Critical Rate) [Low Cost] Footgear · Temporal Luk Boots (Enchants with the Fighting Spirit 7 and Lucky Day) [This boot really help you to boost up a lot of critical rate and damage] [Refine +3/+6/+9] [Medium Cost] · Temporal Luk Boots (Enchants with the Attack Delay 4 and Lucky Day) [If you are hard to hit 193 ASPD, Attack Delay 4 is a good choice] [Refine +3/+6/+9] [Medium Cost] · Temporal Agi Boots (Enchants with the Attack Delay 4 and Lucky Day) [If you are hard to hit 193 ASPD, Temporal Agi Boot with Attack Delay 4 is a must for your depend on the build] [Medium Cost] Card Options: · Matyr Card (Maximum HP + 10% & Agi + 1) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Vicious Cookie Card (Atk + 1%, Matk + 1%, MaxHP - 2%. Additional Atk + 1%, Matk + 1%, MaxHP - 2% for every 2 refine) [Medium Cost] · Infinite Vagabond Wolf(ATK +10, Refined to +7 ATK +10, Refine to +9 ATK +15 paring with Infinite Chimera get extra Atk & Matk +10% and Max HP 8% & Max SP 4%) [High Cost] Accessory · Pendant of Maelstrom [1] compounds Gold Scaraba Card (ATK +6%, MATK +6%. All Stats +1. When magically attacked, there is chance to activate lv 1 Maelstorm.) [Increase Attack & Magic Attack. All stats +1 and with a slot] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo (ATK +7% and ASPD 10% increase) [Increase both Attack and ASPD. More balancing and reduce the usage of Foods] [Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Sarah's Left Earring / Sarah's Right Earring Enchants with the Critical Damage [Increase critical damage maximum up to 14% each earring. Use this if you already have sufficient ASPD. Obtain from Sarah and Fenrir Instance] [Low Cost] · Buffalo Horn[1] (Pairing with Bison Horn[1]) [Bison Horn[1] pairing with Bison Horn[1] total ASPD +2. This sets are low cost version of Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo if you attach the Gold Scaraba Card] [Low Cost] · Luk Glove[1] (MaxHP +100, MaxSP +20. CRIT+1 per 10 points of LUK.Critical damage 1% when LUK is 110 or higher. Improves Critical Rate if you have enough of ASPD) [Low Cost] · Rogue's Treasure ([Base Strength >= 90] HIT + 10, FLEE + 10. [Base Agility >= 90]ATK + 10, CRIT + 10) [Low Cost] · Heroic Ring is available for Heroic Ring Enchants (Enchant 1 : Str 5 / Agi 5 / Luk 5 , Enchant 2 : Attack 5% , Enchant 3 : Max HP 5% , Enchant 4 Defense : 15) [Obtainable from Isle of Bios and Morse Cave Instance. Not Recommended, but if low budget this can be still used] [Low Cost] · Ring Of Flame Lord [Changing differnet equipment sometimes will cause a GX lack of critical rate. This accessory will Autocast Critical Explosion Level 1, +10 Critical Rate and Spirit Calls to Improve Attack, then change back to main accessory] [Low Cost] Card Options: · Gold Scaraba Card (ATK + 20, Max HP - 1%) [Recommended] [Low Cost] · Owl Baron Card (Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Lex Aeterna on an enemy when attacking) [Low Cost] [Berserk User] · Marine Sphere Card (Enables use of Level 3 Magnum Break) [Cast Magnum Break first before you hit the monster to boost 20% more damage and endow fire element weapon for 10 seconds] [Low Cost] · Ifrit Card (Increase ATK, Critical Rate, and HIT every 10 Job Level. Add a 1% chance of auto casting on the user when the user receives Physical Damage) Level 10 Earthquake [Not Recommended : Only for fun, because the proc is low, and less bonus] [Not Recommended] [Medium Cost] · Kukre Card (AGI + 2) [Not Recommended : Only if you lack of ASPD] [Low Cost] Essence of Evil · Essence of Evil Force Lv3 / Essence of Evil Str 3 (STR +4, ATK +12, INT -4 and Compound on all slots) [Medium Cost] · Essence of Evil Luk Lv3 / Essence of Evil Luk 3 (LUK +4, CRIT +4, DEX -4 and Compound on all slots) [Not Recommended : Only if you lack of Critical Rate] [Medium Cost] · Essence of Evil Speed Lv3 / Essence of Evil Agi 3 (AGI +4, Flee +8, Vit -4 and Compound on all slots) [Not Recommended : Only if you lack of ASPD] [Medium Cost] Consumables / Costume Equipment / Shadow Gears Recommended Foods HP/SP Recovery Potions Best Party Members Increase Weight Capacity Rolling Cutter Build Videos Frequent Ask Questions External Links 1. (V)adHatter's Dual Dagger Crit GX Guide 2. Wiki's Guillotine Cross 3. CharAznable's [kRO] 15.1 Fantasmagorica Additional Equipment and Enchant Update (Mar 25th. 2015) 4. Cooking - iRO Wiki
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    Name: Kevin Ingame Character (Main): Pooh LimitRO Experience:1 Years ++ RO Experience: 3 Years Languages Spoken: English/Bahasa Indonesia or Malay/Chinese/Hokkien/Cantonese. Timezone: GMT+7 What inspires you to be a Helper? Since i am donator to this server, and recently i saw alot of players quitting due to their own reason. I wanna try my best to keep this server alive. Helping newcomers and guide them along the game. It will both benefit me and the server itself XD. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? My time obviously and RO knowledge.
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    NPC Updates Added the following eligible weapons to MayoMayo Lindy Hop #21018 Sunflower Boy #2027 Juliette de Rachel #28010 Muramasa [2] #21003 Thorn Staff of Darkness[1] #1664 Noble Cross [2] #16029 Added Lasagna Island Quests! Rewards: Parfaille Vigilante Hat Foxtail Ring White Shirt White Eco Shirt Wooden Slippers Enriched Foxtail Staff [1] Long Foxtail Staff [1]
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    Commands: Added @phone for L-Phone owners to trigger it's function. You need to have the phone in your inventory for it to work. Each usage requires 5,000 z. Added @magnify which sells you your much-needed magnifiers. CTRL + Right Click an item to Identify it instantly. NPC Added Mado Box in Dark Merchant, Verus City. Using it gives a Mado to your mechanic.
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    IGN: Jaiyu Description: Episode 16.1 Banquet For Heroes Loading Screen Creative process: (step by step how you made the loading screen) 1. Copy pasted the NPC multiple times, merged into 1 layer, liquefied, some minor lighting edits, added glows. 2. Pasted NPC, some minor lighting tweaking. 3. Added a nice texture from a water photo, a fiddled with the lighting a bit more. 4. Now for the text. New file, created the text, made a stroke around it, added a gradient clipping mask. 5. Added some nice lines. 6. Added XVI.I for episode 16.1. 7. Added the text to loading screen and LimitRO Logo. Sharpening, quality control, minor color correction, etc. Loading screen file:
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    can you remove all your equips and re-skill? If you're wearing a Gangster Scarf, it gives level 1 Gangster Paradise.
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    Episode 16.1 Main Quest 'Banquet of Heroes' Room of Consciousness Instance Sky Fortress Instance Comes with dummy rewards (Test Phase) Prontera Prison Dungeon Invaded Prontera Dungeon
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    Happy birthday Lai, just from the bottom side of the world
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    IGN: EyesMagic Here is the wish of me and my doughter!
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    Name: Michel Ingame Character: Barzaniaz Limitro Experience: 10years+ RO Experience: 7years Languages Spoken: English/Filipino Time zone: GMT+8 What inspires you to be a helper?: Because of willingness to help all player specially for newbie and i want to guide and i will share what i know in this game to other's. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper: My Knowledge all about LimitRO and Shring what i know and guide all newbie and i will always help anyone anytime.
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    Name: Ron Ingame Chracter: KiIlua Zoldyck Limitro Experience: 1year+ RO experience: 7years Languages Spoken: English / Filipino Time zone: GMT+8 What inspires you to be a helper? : Once I was a newbie and I found it entertaining to help new players. Honestly speaking its my hobby to help those who needs help What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper: My knowledge about RO in general and LimitRO to get more players for the server
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    ow thank you sentimental im working on it and i want to play gx coz ireally wwant comes to my heart and soul hahaha thank you how much damage i can do that sir not just abra i will do instance too I dont get about the cards on hidden cloth !
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    You say 70 vip. What @S e n t i m e n t a L tells you is with that budget of yours you can beat more kinds of mvps if you build a Ranger. You say you do abra. If you take your time, you can even defeat some high-tier mvps with a mid-tier Ranger, spamming Arrow Storm. But with a 70 Vips budget GX, it is highly improbable that you will even have time to say hello to such mvps.
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    16.1 LOADING SCREEN CONTEST Ep 16.1 Banquet For Heroes is here and we need to celebrate and decorate! Get artsy and join our 16.1 Loading Screen Contest now~ But before you open your photoshop, here's some things you need to know: Loading screen has to be related to 16.1. Loading screen resolution is 640x480 and in .jpg format. Loading screen needs to have Limit RO logo. You are allowed to change the color of the logo to match your artwork. Artworks used in the loading screen have to be original (whether it's traditional or digital), if you steal it from somewhere else, we will know. Submit your loading screen here before September 11 with the following format:: IGN: Description: Creative process: (step by step how you made the loading screen) Loading screen file What's the reward, you ask? Good question! Every legit participants who put effort to their work will receive 500 Honor's Certificate Top 5 Loading screen will receive 16.1 new robe of their choice: Robe of Flattery [1] or Robe of Abuse [1] and 100 Cash Points Limit RO logo:
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    Bug Fix Fixed Madness Canceller now uses 1 sphere, instead of 4. Soul Attack of Doram now gives 15 cell range normal attack for Summoners. Patch Added support for more status icons. english translation of some icons support for doram skill icons. Correct minor Prontera NPC above head icon positions. Added support for future monster and npcs Added support for new Garments. New Butterfly wings, Thanatos Sword and a new Bag ~~ Improved some skill description with more details. Renaming everything from Property to Element. Some minor skill description issues. Doram new buff skills now have Buff Icons. Fixed some Card illust error. Item Classic / War Badges are no longer tradeable.
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    Thank you for everyone's entry and effort, but since there are plenty of entries that don't even qualify (non original artwork), we decided to give 20 Lucky Coin (Bronze) instead of 500 Honor Token. We will still distribute 500 Honor Tokens to entries that qualify. Here's the list of those who will receive 500 Honor Token: Deathisdear Cap BoA Shappo Kaedo Hibiki Carealle CasaNova X xhisui Afternoon Delight And lastly, congratulations to 5 winners listed below! Please confirm to me via pm which robe you prefer: Flattery or Abuse. Shappo xhishui Kaedo Hibiki Carealle CasaNova X
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    IGN: CasaNovaX Description: player vs. mvp monster / 1 on 1 Creative Process: 1st- traditional Sketch 2nd - Paint Tool Sai, digital drawing, coloring and shading. 3rd Part- tweaking in Photoshop, fixing color light and adding logo and words Last Picture- Final Work
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    Inviting you to enter our Social bar, to have some drink ~~
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    Why most of the entries aren't original artwork.................... 😑
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    IGN: Hou Hou Description: Reward is attractive!!! +_+ ...... not sure what to write here. Cute ep16.1 npc chars plus Prontera background. Step: 1 PRONTERA background Step 2: Added cute char xD Step 3: Logo Step 5: Final:
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    IGN: Dial Up Description: Banquet for Heroes Ep. 16.1
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    IGN: I Hold Your Right Hand Description: Die or Survive ? We are ready to action ! Creative process:
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    1. IGN : I Hold Your Left Hand 2. Description : You're invited to Banquet for Heroes. 3.Creative process : 4.Loading screen file
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    Sniper card is not an hp gain card but an hp leech card. There is a difference. Hp leech is not supposed to work with berserk. You want immortality I guess? lol..
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    Changelogs 04.09.2017 👑 16.1 Highlights Resolved several issues where player's can't access Memories of Royal Family. Room of Consciousness cooldown can be removed after 00:00 of the following day. Talk to Frederich before & after instance to reset CD/claim reward (Daily 10 Tokens) Added Vicious Weapon series to Sky Fortress mobs. All monsters now have their normal drops 🎮 Features Alchemist/Blacksmith/Taekwon Rankings will be reset on 1st October - and after that, each 3 month for 1 reset. Embrace will become useable item for 1 use. The price will be dropped to 20 Cash Points each. 🎊 Events Special Event: 16.1 Loading Screen Contest Monthly Events: Zodiac Return IX (Monkey) World Fishing Tournament IX 🐞 Bug Fixes Fixed a bug when auto spell fails on a certain condition, all skills' cool downs are no longer applied Fixed bCooldownValue -32k underflow Resolved several issues where player's can't access Memories of Royal Family Patch Item info description update part I Updated many item info. Correct some item names to match with database. Correct some weapon sprites. ASPD + % is now called After attack delay .More detailed item descriptions for all items. Improved english and grama. Sprite support for future equipments.
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    Thank you everyone for joining! We have decided 3 funniest/most touching video and those are: SirCENT Cassain Longsword RhovieR Congratulations to the 3 winners! We will not do the raffle since there are only 10 entries. Everyone will receive 50 Lucky Coin (Silver) as promised and 3 winners will receive Baby Bear Hood. Reward will be given between 1-2 weeks after this announcement posted. Thank you again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAI! XD
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    IGN: Deathisdear Description: Doing the quest, I got intrigued by the nature of Nyhill and Spica's relationship... Creative process: (step by step how you made the loading screen) Please refer to this gallery: https://imgur.com/a/6BDGA I don't want to spam this thread with my ugly WIP pics... Loading screen file: If you have a coloring tutorial to recommend, please PM me!
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    Banquet of Heroes Resolved several issues where player's can't access Memories of Royal Family. Room of Consciousness cooldown can be removed after 00:00 of the following day. Talk to Frederich before & after instance to reset CD/claim reward (Daily 10 Tokens) Added Vicious Weapon series to Sky Fortress mobs. All monsters now have their normal drops.
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    Introduction After the recent re-emergence and blooming popularity of Critical Rune Knight build. I've decided to share some of the information that newbies keep asking me about. I do not claim myself as the most knowledgeable on this build but I'll do the best I can to pass on the things that I do know. This guide will only encompasses the PvM aspect of the build. I'll be using only two-handed sword EXCLUSIVELY since I never really liked shield, but I may touch upon one-handed weapon + shield builds a bit. Note: This guide has certain game mechanics that might not yet arrived on other servers. The Multi Hit Critical update and the Runestones Improvement update have been implemented recently and they have immensely improve the viability of this build. Some particular equipment might also be unavailable, especially those that originated from jRO. Warning: Before considering to use this build for PvM/MVP please note that this build is relatively hard to play especially if you are soloing and can't give the highest damage output. If you wish to have an easier time MVP-ing or soloing instances please try out Rangers or Geneticist class instead. Pros & Cons Pros: - Relatively cheaper to gear up compared to the GX/Ranger counterpart. Access to runes that can boosts your RK greatly. Better tanker than GX if geared properly. High Natural MDEF when not using berserk (Immunity to Stone Curse and Frozen status effect). Cons:- Can't match up to the DPS of GX at the highest possible level. Heavy reliance on buffs, foods and runes adds to long term cost. Unable to solo certain High tier MVPs without support. Stats Status: Now to stats allocation. Generally it's similar to DD GX, but It's more flexible aside from the 120 base LUK needed when equipping Temporal LUK Boots and Gambler Seal. The hard part is to get your Crit Rate to at least 110 w/o spending too much on consumables. STR - For damage and weight capacity AGI - For ASPD and Flee VIT - Raises your Max HP and HP recovery, a 100 total VIT will provide immunity to stun status effect INT - Max SP, Cast time and bonus damage to Enchant Blade buff. DEX - Hit Rate and Cast Time LUK - Raises Critical Hit rate and provides other misc attributes like sATK, sMATK, Flee, Hit and Perfect Dodge Allocation suggestion: The stats given below are by no means the only way you should assign the status points. These are just basic guidelines. You can freely fine-tune the stats to your preferences based on the equipment and buffs that you have. Some player would be inclined to focus more on the Critical part while others aims to balance the stats to be more skill oriented as well. STR - 90~120 AGI - 50~120* VIT - 80~100 INT - 1~100** DEX - 9~70 LUK - 120*** *RK has a easier time reaching max Attack Speed than most classes due to various buffs at it's disposal. So you can cut down some AGI and put it elsewhere if you want. The minimum AGI required to reach 193 aspd (with Two-hand Quicken/Berserk, Berserk Potion and Fighting Spirit activated) is around 139 total AGI. With additional AGI Buffs/Foods, aspd % bonus, and flat aspd bonus it's pretty easy to reach top speed. (As for those who are wondering, Flee rate isn't really that important.) **Getting high INT isn't really required but if you are aiming for the highest possible DPS output, pumping some INT will help boost your Enchant Blade damage substantially. ***If you are not going for the Critical path (Why are you even reading this guide then? ) It's not necessary to raise LUK to 120 if you are not using Temporal LUK Boots, you may choose to use a Temporal STR Boots and raise STR to 120 instead. Skills I'll be dividing the related skills into two categories based on their importance. I'll be sorting them between the [Lower Priority] skills and the [Must Learn] skills. I'm not saying that you shouldn't learn them all, since you'd pretty much be doing just that. It's just to clarify the difference in significance of each skill. Swordman: Two-Handed Sword Mastery - Provide some Mastery ATK when using a two-handed sword. Magnum Break - Adds 20% ATK bonus for 10 seconds. Best used before using Crush Strike. Auto-Berserk - Cast level 10 Provoke to yourself when your HP is below 25%. Useful during Berserk as you have 0 DEF for the duration anyway. Endure - Adds 10 Hard MDEF, cause why not? One of two skills to provide flinching resistance. Note: Might as well raise them all since you don't have much option for swordsman skill tree. [Lower Priority] Knight/Lord Knight: Auto-Counter - Commonly used in conjunction with Crush Strike to guarantee a Critical Hit if your Crit Rate isn't high enough. You need to be facing the opponent so it needs some practice. Bowling Bash - Not the most useful AoE skill at higher levels as we can easily reach max level here. But has it's uses. Aura Blade - Adds 100 Mastery (?) ATK for 2 minutes. Not that huge of a bonus, but it still helps raise your damage nonetheless. You should just learn it. Charge Attack - Lets you 'teleport' to an opponent in a distance with some cast time.. Have a lot of practical use, like to rush a MVP or move between targets quickly. Rune Knight: Sonic Wave - The only far reaching Ranged Physical Skill available to this build. There isn't really much use for this skill due to the long cooldown and cast delay. But it may be the only skill that you can use to hit Bakonawa. (Need further testing) Wind Cutter - While useless on it's own, you can use this skill to chain with Ignition Break during it's cooldown. The Fear chance will also help you to lower the damage you receive by chance. Dragon Training - This skill is optional? Yes, it actually is. You won't get any size penalty negating effect like you would with Spear type weapons. But personally I wouldn't pass on the +25% Movement Speed and Weight Limit bonus just to look cool brandishing my sword while on foot. Dragon Howling - Not really useful on solo runs or PvM situations for that matter. But it has it's moments in helping stop the movement of mobs while in parties. Or.. You could simply kill them yourself. Full Throttle - Fully restores HP and places a temporary buff on the user that increases all base stat by 20% and doubles Movement Speed. But the very short duration, long CD, and the terrible rebound after the effect expires really doesn't make this very useful. Berserk is a much better alternative. [Must Learn] Knight/Lord Knight Berserk - The classic LK buff for this build. It hasn't change much from the early days. With two exception. It now adds +200% ATK instead of +100% and the attack speed bonus no longer stacks with Two-hand Quicken's. Please note that it does not increase damage from Enchant Blade . (Currently there's a bug that prevents you from learning this skill before reaching 50 Job Level as Rune Knight) Two-hand Quicken - Temporarily boosts your attack speed by 30% at max level while equipping a Two-handed Sword. Quagmire and Decrease Agility will cancel it's effect. DO NOT STACK with the attack speed increase from Berserk. Parrying - Your main defensive skill. Blocks most incoming physical damage at 50% chance. Lasts for 1 minute. Always recast right before using Berserk as it is your lifeline. Concentration - Increase 25% ATK and lowers DEF by the same amount. The Hit Rate bonus and flinch resist more than make it worthwhile despite the downside. Recast before Berserk. Rune Knight: Rune Mastery - MUST BE MAXED. Rune knights are called what they are for a reason. I've linked a page from our own wiki as the irowiki's article is not yet updated. The rune carrying limit is bugged as of this writing. You still can't carry more than 20 runes. Enchant Blade - One of the most useful skill in your arsenal. Adds Magic Damage on top of your normal ATK. From what I've experienced, this skill makes up between 10-30% of your total normal attack DPS. I've also linked the page from our wiki as the irowiki page is outdated. Ignition Break - Your main Area of Effect Skill. It's functions as a melee attack regardless of the range of the damage. Make the most of it by using a fire property endowed weapon. Old Rune Circlet [1] is the best Headgear to use with this skill. Some players would pick Dragon Breath/ Dragon Breath Water instead as their AoE skill, but I don't recommended it. My Personal Skill Setup Equipments For the equipment I will only list out what I think is important and not everything that is available. My personal recommended equips will be marked with (R) and be placed at the top of the lists. I might tag them with the price range someday. Weapons Headgears ( Upper, Middle and Lower) Armor Garment Footgear Accessory Essence of Evil Donation Costumes (DPCE) Upper Headgear Costume Mid/Lower/Mask Costume Aura Amulet and Wings/Backpack Shadow Gears Scatter Shadow Set Physical Shadow Set Rune Knight Shadow Set Consumables Runestones HP/SP Recovery Status Boost Elemental Properties Getting started Here I shall give a few pointers on starting this build and RK in general. This includes leveling, some zeny tips and basic equipment. Leveling Future updates & equipments Episode 16.1: Banquet for Heroes New Hugel Monster Race Nightmare Biolab Missing Update Videos Bios Island - Reaper Ankou FAQ/Tips FAQ Tips Credits/Links My good friend @S e n t i m e n t a L a.k.a Grandmaster of GX a.k.a Yowai and his astonishingly detailed and LONG guide (which I shamelessly copied some of the info from. ). He inspired me to write this guide despite me being quite lazy. Another good friend @Caphleo just for being an awesome chap. This dude's channel. He is partly responsible for me to go crazy over this build all over again. blackCROSS's guide on warpportal forum. I'm not sure if he is flattered but, he influences me as well. Artwork (NSFW site) by Tsukimori Hiro and edited by @Skillhunter. Artwork by カチ. Artwork by Garuku.
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    You need to upgrade your hat to +7, which is not really advisable for something that gives so little in return. Might as well buy/make an Indo Warrior Cap.
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    IGN: Nekonear Description: The characters used in these loading screen were Heine and Nerius Creative process: (step by step how you made the loading screen) --> OMG I'll just summarize the steps I did - First step - Black background why? much easier and would be better if I chose plain black for the effects that I did - Second Step - BG comes with smoke and other effects like flares and different lighting - Third Step - to make the characters shine I added the effect of duplicating the characters and I use Gaussian Blur - Fourth Step - I added some sparks effects to put some emphasis on the middle part of the canvas and to highlight the Text - Fifth i added some borders to have the look like its Framed 4. Loading screen file
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    Excuse me sir, does it need to be drawn or we can also use in-game asset(NPCs PNG, in-game artwork like at the Ghost Palace Sakray and Princess Teria) then tweak it, just like the image for the banner of the "Banquet of Heroes" of LimitRo?
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    Hmmmm here's some kind of a guide. XD Well not really a guide but suggestions in doing the quest. But I won't say the exact location of the agent and such. Just giving some tips. Warlocks and Rangers are probably the best characters for this quest. But it will still be your choice which will you be going to use. First, if you already talked to K you should know that he's asking you to get soul pieces of the sheep by killing baphomet jrs at hidden dungeon 3. With this in mind you can loot for oridecons, yggdrasil berries, and yggdrassil leaves since bapho jr drops it. Item ids are 610 for the leaf, 607 for the berry, and 984 for oridecon. And I don't know if it's just me, but I think the hallucination skill of bapho jrs is somehow disabled so feel free to go all out and don't worry for your pov to turn upside down. Upon collecting 100 soul pieces go back to K. Then he'll ask you again to get this time strong soul pieces of sheep which can be collected from goats. Best maps to hunt goats are Yuno field 7 and 11. You can loot herbs from goat as well as empty bottles. After collecting 150 strong soul pieces go back to K, he'll then ask you to find the hero in a city which is Yuno for this quest. Location is secret but the general direction is south east of Yuno, 4 o'clock. The hero will ask you to collect maneater roots and tree roots for him to trust you fully. Easiest monster to hunt for tree roots, item id 902, is a willow at payon field 1. Best monster to hunt for maneater roots, item id 1033, is Drosera for me. Since I can loot for its tentacles, item id 6259, and sell it at players buying them at vending harbor. With this you can somehow decrease MANDATORY payment at the end of the quest. XD Return to the hero at Yuno after collecting 150 pieces of the two items. Then return to K. If you're doing this quest for the first time, K will give you at random one of the two sheep zodiac hat color red (but seems like color pink) or white after paying the MANDATORY fee. The optional last step which can only be activated if you have brought the same zodiac hat for this month. Meaning If you have brought a sheep zodiac costume with you, which can be from last year or from your other character who completed the quest. For additional 5 million for the MANDATORY payment XD , K can let you choose from the two colors so you can avoid the situation where K will give you a random one. Well I'll tell you this cause some might have misunderstood it, you can't exchange a previous zodiac hat for the new zodiac hat. With that I would like to say enjoy with your new costume lamb hat be it red (or pink) or white. Thanks for reading -Lian Frey