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    the thing i disliked is.... people going solo everywhere, not like before when we used to shout for party and have fun together.
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    Char Name: Yoruichi Shishoiin Age: 28 Gender: Male Fluent Lang: English/Tagalog Nationality: Filipino Occupation: Marketing Management Graduate / Taking up Licensed Custom Broker Time in LimitRO: 10-14 hrs a day (depends when people are chatting with me) Playing Hours per week: 98 hours Possible helping hours per week: all day everyday (thuglife) Personality: funny/very professional (assistant businessman to my father)/ good sense of personality Favorite color: blue/black/white Other comment why you suit for this: Well first and for most i have the communication skills to deal with such issues like when people are reporting bugs. i always pm lai immediately on facebook also when some people are asking about the game i always respond to people who are in need. and if i encounter some stuff that needs to be resolved i have my basis of RO friends to try and help out also like royce and asha. if i am truly gonna be a helper i will be active all day everyday because i am only starting my studies again so i have exactly 2 years again in easy time to help out. thanks lai for this i know i've been bugging you that we need more helpers. so i will apply myself BAHAHA. GLHF guys see you in game.
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    1. The name of instance has been changed to "Royal shoes heel" - added Gold Card drop from killing Charleston. NPC : Ingrata A 1. Sell the equipment - Supplement Part Str [0] : 3,999,999 Zeny - Upgrade Part - Plate [0] : 3,999,999 Zeny 2. Upgrades Pilebunker Pilebunker [0] + Dented Iron Plate 300 ea + Broken Engine 15 ea You can choose type of Pilebunker you need. Pilebunker S [1] Pilebunker P [0] Pilebunker T [1] NPC : Ingrata M 1. exchange Charleston component for equipment. Charleston component 15 ea can be exchanged to Supplement Part Agi, Supplement Part Con, Supplement Part Dex, Upgrade Part - Booster, Upgrade Part - Engine, Upgrade Part - Bun Barrel 2. exchange Charleston component for enchant catalyst Charleston component 15 ea can be exchanged to Charleston upgrade part (melee) and Charleston upgrade part (range) - Enchant-able weapons - Robot's Arm Pilebunker Pilebunker S Pilebunker T Pilebunker P Tornado Axe Gigant Blade Enchant details NPC : Ingrata D Enchants equipment - Enchant-able armor - Supplement Part Str [0] Supplement Part Str [1] Supplement Part Agi Supplement Part Con Supplement Part Dex Upgrade Part - Plate [0] Upgrade Part - Plate [1] Upgrade Part - Booster Upgrade Part - Engine Upgrade Part - Bun Barrel - Enchantment is the same as old version Charleston Crisis - NPC : Su Winterguard Exchanges unslotted armor to slotted one. 1. +9 Supplement Part Str [0] + Charleston component 300 ea > +0 Supplement Part Str [1] 2. +9 Upgrade Part - Plate [0] + Charleston component 300 ea > +0 Upgrade Part - Plate [1] Slotted version require level 130 to equip. NPC : Magnetum Exchanges Gold Card 50 ea to 1 old fuel cell. source : http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/update/View.asp?seq=220&curpage=1 Thanks to Sigma from iRO for the translation.
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    Topic Name: Add Fav (Favourite) tab as an additional tab in storage Character Names: Komari AB Describe your suggestion What is this? Add an additional Fav(favourite) tab in storage, the function would be the same as the fav tab in inventory. We can put the items, equips and materials we often use into the Fav Tab. Why do we have to add it? 1) Sometimes we will use same equips for multiple character, for example Critical GX and Critical Ranger there are some gears which can apply to both character. If we can put those certain equips into fav tab in storage, it would be convenient when we are transferring our gear from one character to another. 2) There are some items we often use during the game, like Giggling BoxBlue PotionYellow GemstoneRed GemstoneBlue Gemstone etc. If we can put these items into fav tab in storage, it would be convenient for us to find the items from storage. 3) There are various kind of materials we need when making +20 food, elemental scroll, glistening coat, poison bottle etc. Sometimes it could be not very convenient to find all those materials from storage and get into our inventory. For example, create a poison bottle need 7 kind of Materials in order to make it. Every time when we want to make a poison bottle, we have to find those 7 materials among the 400-500 items in our storage. If we could just put those materials we always need to use into Fav Tab, it would be much convenient for us to find the materials we need from storage. Who will benefit this? Every Player Will this change the system drastic? It might, since it means we have to re modify the storage system
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    Topic Name Change BG 2 Character Names: Gucci Describe your suggestion What is this? change bg 2 Why do we have to add it? more balance Who will benefit this? All Will this change the system drastic? for the better Room for improvement? yes Before i get into my suggestion for Battle ground 2 and what i want to get changed, i wanna explain the current situation with BG2. If you BG a lot you know the battles are split into 3 different type of maps. Conquest,Rush,Dominion. Dominion: In this map its a huge circle with 6 small area that you must stand near to capture. (kinda like capture the flag i guess) When the area is caught a Dragon appears (nidhog dragon). With Silk Gear this Dragon can one shot most classes. Also this map takes about 5-15min Rush: In this map the 12+ players are split into 3 teams. The goal is to RUSH to the emp at the end. With all 3 teams starting in the same time in the very beginning. Right away it ends up being a all out fight. Forgetting the objective people just fight dragging out the map. For the people who go to Emp who know how to play are waited by a NPC Shura who can one shot ANYONE. This map takes 5-15min. Conquest: This map is like woe. 2 stones, 2 cades, emp. Goal very simple break everything go to Emp. This one takes about 10-20min. When it comes to the silk gears i think they are perfect. Old and new players can play since the gears for any classes are much easier to get and very simple. This problem could be fix very easily if the NPC/cades were reduce compared to BG1 but that is not my suggestion!!!! My suggestion: Change BG2 into old KVM 5v5 (or 6v6) i dont see this being a problem since silk gears are balance. The reason why i say change BG2 rather then reduce the npc/cades is because of how time consuming these maps have become. In each map i gave a average of minimum and maximum time they take to complete. But in silk BG they reach max time most of the time compare to minimum. A perfcet example is Conquest. Conquest always drags out to max time and if you think about it, thats 20min. 20min IS BASICALLY A MINI WOE!! Changing BG2 to KVM set up gives it a max time of 5min. Before shutting this idea down lets hear what the community has to say
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    I agree, why we have all the end content for atk dealers and we are far behind for Matk users?, i mean no celine combo no survivor set no mob scarf we (magic user) have no opportunity vs atk (brutes) users, we deserve equip to allow us to get the content done
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    Si ya des français qui nécessitent de l'aide et qui sont pas très confiants en anglais vous pouvez me pm : Maloot / Reballot / et tout ce qui se termine par -allot ou qui y ressemble
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    Videos: Sky Fortress Instance with my Baby Bishop
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    yo vous êtes tjrs là?
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    Hey salut ! On est 3 français, nouveaux sur le serveur (mais on connait RO) et s'il y a des potos pour jouer avec ça serait top ! Si jamais vous croisez Asaliah ou Khaleerys, c'est moi, n'hésitez pas à me MP En espérant croiser du monde ! A bientôt IG
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    Guide Status: Updated Complete: 90% A Color Refers to: Options Right Handed Weapon Left Handed Weapon Recommended Enchant Stats: STR: 120 or STR: 120 AGI: 1 AGI: 1 VIT: 90 VIT: 90 DEX: 120 DEX: 120 INT: 1 INT: 90 LUK: 90 LUK: 1 Upgraded L-Phone Can save 1 to 3 sets of Stats and Skill Tree Tools: Black Earth Kunai, Fell Poison Kunai, Heat Wave Kunai, High Wind Kunai, Icicle Kunai These Kunai can be craft on Asgard at Walk Street or Amatsu. Shadow Orb, Earth Amulet, Wind Amulet, Ice Amulet, Explosive Kunai Farming Skills: Kunai Explosion Kunai Splash Beginner Gears: Upgrade Thief Cloth [1] Peco Peco Card Porcellio Card Upgrade Shoes [1] Green Ferus Card Matyr Card Upgrade Muffler [1] Giant Whisper Card Menblatt Card Wakwak Card Upgrade Clip [1] Mantis Card Main Gauche [4] (+9 or Higher) Andre Card Skeleton Worker Card Archer Skeleton Card Gladius [3] (+9 or Higher) Skeleton Worker Card Andre Card Archer Skeleton Card Those Items are possible to hunt, the only need is patience if you are hunting a cards. You can wear same accesory on both left and right. Upgrade Equipment can be acquired from Lucky Fairy. or ask it to other players. Use a Mastersmith / Whitesmith Class to refine your weapons and to get a Discount and Overcharge if you are buying or selling to NPC You can start farming using these items on Moscovia Dungeon 3. Save your zeny from farming to buy an Ice Pick [0]. Ice Pick [0] worth 20m-25m. Intermediate Gears: Airship Captain's Hat [1] Victorious Coronet Dark Pingucuila Card Robo Eye Angel Spirit Samurai Mask Gangster Scarf Shadow Mist [1] Tidung [1] Peco Peco Card Porcellio Card Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb [1] Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1] Giant Faceworm Snake Skin Wakwak Card STR Glove [1] Vesper Core 4 [1] Vesper Core 2 [1] Medal of Thief Glorious Ring Gold Scaraba Card Revised Temporal STR Boots Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Revised Temporal DEX Boots Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Main Gauche [4] (+9 or Higher) Gladius [3] (+9 or Higher) Skeleton Worker Card Archer Skeleton Card Zipper Bear Card Ice Pick [0] (+9 or Higher if possible) Expert Archer / Fighting Spirit Combat Knife [0] (+9 or Higher if possible) Expert Archer / Fighting Spirit You can acquired those Headgears from quest of Mr. Wise. Completing Old Glast Heim Normal / Nightmare Mode for the first time. you will rewarded 6 temporal crystals, Exchange it for Revised Temporal Boots at Old Glast Heim Entrance. You can make a STR Glove [1] once you complete the Two Tribe Quest. Veteran Gears: Spiked Scarf Blood Sucker Golden Fish in Mouth Ninja Scale Armor [1] Mdef / Def Golden Ninja Suit (+9) EA4 EA4 EA4 Porcellio Card Amdarais Card Infinite Tao Gunka Card Heroic Back Pack [1] (+7 or 9) Fallen Angel Wing (+7) Fighting Spirit or Expert Archer Golden Scarf (+9) EA4 EA4 EA4 Menblatt Card Vigilante's Badge (L) [1] EA1 EA1 Heroic Ring Str +5 Atk 5% MaxHP 5% Mdef +??? Sarah's Right Earrings Expert Archer 3 Expert Archer 2 Bakunawa Agimat Tatoo Physical Enhancer Ring [1] Gold Scaraba Card Revised Temporal STR Boots [1] Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Revised Temporal DEX Boots [1] Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Blut Card Matyr Card Green Ferus Card Monokage [2] (+9) Gladius [3] (+9) White Knight Card Abysmal Knight Card Hydra Card Archer Skeleton Card Ice Pick [1] (+9 or Higher if possible) White Knight Card Abysmal Knight Card Hydra Card Complete the Flame Basin Quest to able to access on fire cave, once you complete it you will rewarded 1 Heroic Ring by Vans. its a free enchant but it's a random results. if you need to re-enchant it you need 3 heroic token. Heroic token can be acquired by completing the Bios of Isle and Morse Cave Instances. Complete the Rock Ridge Quest and the Daily Quest for Golden Set and Enchants. Pre-End Gears: Ninja Shadow Weapon (+9) Ninja Shadow Shield (Keep it +0) Vanargand Helm [1] (+9) Maya Purple Card Excellion Suit (+7 or Higher) Auxiliary STR Reactor Auxiliary Frozen Reactor Auxiliary ATK reactor Fallen Angel Wing [1] (+9) EA10 or FS16 Wakwak Card Menblatt Card Revised Temporal STR Boots [1] (+9) Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Revised Temporal DEX Boots [1] (+9) Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Blut Card Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card Octopus Knife [3] (+9 or Higher) Turtle General Card 2x Hydra Card Octopus Knife [3] (+9 or Higher) White Knight Card 2x Incantation Samurai Card End Gears: Upper Headgear CE Almighty3 (4x) Middle Headgear CE Destruction3 (2x) Lower Headgear CE Destruction3 (2x) Donation Amulet CE Star Stone (Long) 4x Donation Wing CE Star Stone (Long) 3x Ninja Shadow Weapon (+9) Ninja Shadow Shield (Keep it +0) Heart Wing Hairband [1] (+15 or Higher) Vanargand Helm [1] (+9) Cat Ear Beret [1] (+12) Kiel-D-01 Card Maya Purple Card Crow Tengu Mask Black Devil's Mask [1] Mask of Hero Maya Purple Card Tengu Scroll Golden Fish in Mouth Cursed Mail [1] (+7) WoE Suit [1] (+9) (for PvP or WoE only) Tao Gunka Card Realized Amdarais Card Golden Wing [1] (+16 or Higher) EA10 or FS16 Hero Manteau [1] (+10) Archangel Wing [1] Triple Cranial Wakwak Card Menblatt Card Kades Card Randel Card Applause Sandals [1] (+16 or Higher) Amon Ra Card Rebellion Scarf [1] Sarah's Right Earrings Expert Archer 3 Expert Archer 2 Gold Scaraba Card Octopus Knife [3] (+16 or Higher) Turtle General Card 2x Memory of Thanatos Card Octopus Knife [3] (+16 or Higher) Armoured Sleeve Guard [1] (+9) Mad Bunny [1] (+ 12) White Knight Card 2x Hydra Card Golden Thief Bug Card Thara Frog Card Pros: To improve Killing Strike damage. Increasing an ATK is better than to increasing MaxHP. Put a Damage Modifier to Improved the damage of all ranged physical attack. Defence Modifier (thana and Inca Samurai card)can be applied on Killing Strike. Note: Ignore Defence overrides the effect of Thana card. Do not Put Inca and Thana card together. Achieve -80% Cast Delay or Higher on Ninja Class makes you untargetable. Put an Int and Dex to Improved Cast Reduction. Having a Golden Thief Bug it helps to avoid One Skill delete by Magic Damage. Cons: Ninja Class is a Glass-Cannon. All of Ranged Skill are Neutral Element. Magic Users are Threat on Ninja Class. Status Effects one of weakness on Ninja Class. [PvP PvE] Skill Tree: Combo Skills on PvP: + Shadow Hiding + Shadow Jump Mobility Combo + + Shadow Hiding + Shadow Slash + Killing Strike Fastest way to Approach your target + + + + Shadow Hiding + Shadow Slash + Kunai Splash 2x + Killing Strike this combo is good for Sorcerer with absorbing summon + Shadow Hiding + Shadow Slash Repeatable Combo + + Rapid Throw + Killing Strike + Kunai Explosion Bursting your Target Another Combo Skill: + + Max Different Element Charm (except Fire) + Cast Ninja Spell + Illusion : Death Lazy and Lame Repeatable combo until your target's die Utility Skill: Flip Tatami - Blocking all Ranged Physical Damage Cicada Skin Shed - Dodging incoming Physical Attack moving backwards in the process Ninja Aura - Increased Str and Int, allows to use Killing Strike and Mirror Image Mirror Image - Similar to Cicada Skin Shed, Increased the damage of Killing Strike, base on remaining dodge of Mirror Image 16th Night - Reduced Fixed and Various Casting Time of all ninja skills Pure Soul - Dramatically Regenerate HP and SP base on skill level, has 50%chance to blocked the incoming damage Earth Charm - Each Earth Charm Increased 15% of ATK weapon, Max Charm total of 150%. it helps to increased the damage of KS and Throw Skills. [Kagerou] Shadow Tramping - Reveals and Immobilized the Invisible and Shadow Form States [Oboro] Distorted Crescent - Increased or Reduced the ATK or Matk of the Target base on current HP or current SP, Even Numbers of Current HP increased the ATK of target; Reduced it its Odd Numbers. Those who have a Question, Comment or giving more information to improve the guide. Write it below. Your Lord and Master, Orochimaru
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    Up for this. Was planning to make one for newbies but you already had it. 😎
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    Coucou je suis la aussi (: Première véritable expérience Renewal pour moi... depuis que toutes les classes ont enfin leurs sorts... autre qu'un THL Kikoo PvP. Au plaisir, come on <3. Eranthe / Achtanavon ( J'ai croisé Henjo, un Ranger français également en recherche de copains (: )
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    @darcksim67 faut drop les runes a scaraba hole ou a ayotaya dungeon @Acilia tiens voila le lien du discord : https://discord.gg/egns8es
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    bonjour les gens je viens d'arrive s ur le serveur j,ai déjà jouer a ragnarok mai po avec les classe 3 et je ne c pas ou trouver les rune gemstone pouriey vous m,aider merci
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    ton invit marche pas bg
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    https://discord.gg/sGwYv venez sur le discord
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    j'ai des jellopy si tu veux hihihi
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    non hihihi
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    cc la streeet, je me suis remise à LimitRO depuis hier, mp Acilia
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    Salut à tous je cherche une guilde je suis la depuis 4 jours mais g déjà jouer à ro avant
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    Yop, moi ca va faire quelques mois que je joue. Go pm norehcat ig
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    Hello, Je viens débarquer sur le serveur avec 2 autres français J'espère qu'on pourra se croiser IG, vous êtes sur le serveur depuis longtemps maintenant ?
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    Je suis canadien, mais je parle français, ça compte? ?
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