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    New Illusion Gears will be added to complete the set (sort of irrelevant since we don't have the dungeon yet). The next in line to get Job Improvements are Arch Bishops and Performers. Basing on the interview they've had in the past, ABs might get a DPS boost, and Performers will get some flexibility with their weapons (can use song skills while wearing Bows). Star Emperor and Soul Reaper sprites seems to have been finalized as well. Their skills Tress have also been revealed. Skill: Book of Dimension(?) PVP/WoE only skill. Reduces cool down of certain skills and/or creates a barrier(?) Star Emperor Skill Tree Solar, Lunar, Stellar Perception (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Opposition (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Shadow (10) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Record (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Purification (1) Solar Stance (3) Lunar Stance (3) Stellar Stance (3) Galaxy Stance (3) Blazing Kick? (7) Cutting Kick? (7) White Light Kick? (3) Divine Explosion (5) Gravity Control (1) Solar Explosion (7) Full Moon Kick (7) Falling Meteor (7) Star Emperor Advent (5) Solar Light (5) Lunar Light (5) Stellar Light (5) Book of Creation (5) Book of Dimension (5) Skill: Eshu Basically a GIANT FCK YOU AoE version of Esma. Can be chained with Esma. Can only be used on monsters. Soul Reaper Skill Tree Soul Accumulation (5) Curse of the Demonic Soul (5) Soul Energy Research (5) Soul Harvest (5) Commander? Explosion (5) Kaut (5) Esha (5) Soul Connection (7) Soul Cycle (3) Espa (5) Soul of Shadows (5) Soul of Fairy (5) Soul of Hawk (5) Soul of Golem (5) Eshu (7) Soul Explosion (5) Soul Split (5) There's an earlier release of what the skills might do, you can view the source here. The translation for the skills can be found here. BTW, winter in South Korea starts at late December. So we'll probably see these updates in action early 2018.
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    Costume Headgear List About Official list of all LimitRO Costume headgear, and a little info of where to obtain them. This list will be updated. NPC Costume Girl Alice Location: Asgard *Unique Glasses *Holy_Rosario *Stem Mouth *Wing Glasses *Blood Sucker *Charm of Flame Heart *Charm of Mistic Frozen *Charm of Rough Wind *Charm of Great Nature *Imperial Feather **Imp Hat **Aura Crystal Crown **Skymet Helm **Ears of Resonation **Twin Aureate Ribbons **Fan Mouth **Eremes Scarf **Core Bio Essence **Superman Hair **Valkyrie Circlet **Ignis Cap **Tear **Full Moon **Elder Crown **Lupus Cover ***Subject Bio Essence ***Cursed Four Horsemen ***God Spell ***Artifact Helm ***Valhalla Officer Hat ***Asgard Runehelm Genie Shop Location: Asgard Costume Box(Standard) *Cursed Evil Doll *Magical Witch Hat *Shining Pumpkin Hat *Baby Milk *Blue Tiger Mask *Red Tiger Mask *YingYang Ribbon *Happy Root Hat **King Prawn Hat **Mini Christmas Tree **Alien Festival **Mini Crown **Charlies Hat **Rain Cloud **Rainbow **Chicken Crest **Singing Bird **Yellow Hat **Drooping Permeter ***Watermelon Hat ***Blazing Sun ***Rudolp Santa Cap ***Snowman Hat ***Gryphon Hat ***Turtle Hat ***Brazil Beret ***Brazil Ribbon ***Mogkiller ***Dolor Hat Costume Box(Fantastic) *Lady Tanee Doll *St Pat Hat *AFK Hat *Jumping Santa Poring *Lucia Corolla *Love Hat(Boy) *Love Hat(Girl) *Bol Buzzy **Mr. Cactus **Lambi Hat **Witch Cat **Question Box **Smoking Tiger **Strawberry Hat **Little Sprout ***Rocket Hat(G) ***Rocket Hat(S) ***Elvis Hair ***Pink Gelato Hat ***Desert Puppy ***Boitata Boss ***Rudolph Headband ***Trash Can Hat ***Dice Hat ****Palace Guard Cap ****Black Neko Hat ****Gold_Bar_Poring ****Poison Spore Hat ****Jr.Bapho Hat ****Taici Golden Hat Costume Box(Fabulous) *Pig Zeny Box *Love Dad Flyer *Orange Cap *Splash Hat *Family Hat *Persica Flower **Little Fashion Hat **Dark Age Cap **Desert Wolf Hat **Dropping Alicel **Petite Chef Hat **Sherif Hat **Frog Cover ***Huge Fish Helm ***Chung E Soul ***Bag of Rice ***Scratist Hat ***Lyria Doll Hat ***Dorothy Doll Hat ***Sandman On Head ***Pink Star Hat ****Unhappy Soul ****FireFox Ears Costume Box(Peco) *Rainbow Poring *Black Rabbit Hat *Devil Schoolhat *Sweet Bonnet *Woodie Hat *Cirlet of Marin *Patrick Hat **Poring Band **Twin Deviling Hat **Banshee Master Hat **Mochring Hat **Polar Bear Cap **Football(Red) **Football(Blue) **Football(Green) **Football(Yellow) **Murica Bandanna **USA Cap ***Celines Ribbon ***Delicious Strawberry Hat ***Curupira Hat ***Owlduke Silk Hat ***Tare Zonda ***Isabella Brown Ear ****Gerhard von Devi ****Bunny Head Dress ****Shibainu Hat ****Strawberry Mouth Costume Box(Love) *Mini Globe(Shine) *Mini Globe(Platinum) *Mini Globe(Vermin) *Mini Globe(Sapphire) **Red Afro Wig **Rainbow Long Octopus **Isabella Red Ear ***Gentleman Fez ***Pretty Rabbit Hood ***Old Pink Poo Poo Hat ***Fotia Eyemask ****Tinker Ears Costume Box(Sunshine) *Summer Garlands *Tiny Porings *Aqua Bunny Band *Happy Summer Wig *Captain Felock Cap *Weiss Bier *Picky Egg Shell **Delicious Lobster Hat **Aqua Ten Gallon Hat **Ice Cream Hat **Lolita Ten Gallon Hat **Sunshine Cap **Bra Hat ***Big PecoPeco Cap ***Happy Summer Ribbon ***Sitting Alice ***Tare Maid Doll Hat ***Tare SchoolGirl Doll Hat ***Isabella Blue Ear ****Mini Isabella Ear ****Flower Straw Hat ****Melon Helmet ****Scooter Hat Costume Box(Retro) Blue Beret Red Beret Globe Little Star Sleeping Lunatics Flame Witch Hat Pump King Ribbon Lude Hood Marine Cap Marine Muffler Snowman Hat Snow Rabbit Hat Happy Nemos Costume Valkyrie Feather Band Honey Pancakes Penguin Cap Ribbon of Pocketwatch Flying Galapago Joystick Attached I Love Games Choco Mint Bonnet Brown Rabbit Bonnet Mystic Zipper Cheery PHD Hat Alien Eggshell Mush Mush Frosty Mush Lambi Ear Fluff Baby Bear Hood Iris Shop Location: Limit HQ Costume Box(Balloon) *Blue Poring Balloon *Big Deviruchi Balloon **Happy Balloon **Santa Angeling Balloon ***PedoBear_Balloon ***LoveLove_Balloon ***Panda_Balloon ****Jinn Poring Balloon ****Jinn Marin Balloon ****Octopus_Balloon Ancient Egg Scroll Costume Black Glasses Costume Vicious Stop Bandage Mad Bunny Egg Scroll Costume Beanie Costume Cake Hat Costume Funeral Hat Angel Egg Scroll Costume Rose of Frozen Land Costume Cat Eye Costume Angeling Hat HQ Gear Machine Location: Limit HQ Novice on Top Fishing Master Location: Asgard 750 Fish Points: 1x Fantastic Bunny Ears 1500 Fish Points: 1x Happy Summer Cap 3000 Fish Points: 1x Cold Breath 6000 Fish Points: 1x Mermaid Headphone 12000 Fish Points: 1x Twin Kitty Hat Chance to fish directly up from Prontera fishing spots: Space Booster Chance to fish directly up from Alberta fishing spots: Deluxe Summer Hat Chance to fish directly up from Amatsu fishing spots: Puppy Grass Temple Articles Manager Location: Rachel Costume Drooping Casual Pope Costume Drooping Luwmin Billy The Golden Hands Location: Lutie Fresh Rose Santa Hairband Costume Red Bonnet Gladiator Tournament Costume Box(Ruler) Crown of Ra Sir Marcus Helm Whale Head Crown General Helmet Jupiter Helm(Yellow) Jupiter Helm(White) Jupiter Helm(Blue) Ming Dragon Helm Qing Dragon Helm Song Dragon Helm Garuda God Helm Warlord Helm Glunk Folder Elven Black Ears Mercenary Scarf Soulstealer's Lantern Quest Okolnir Quest reward (WoE:SE Castle owning guilds can do this quest.) Costume Box(Deluxe) *Golden Savage Babe *Golden Angel *Golden Smile Hat *Golden Lamp *Golden Fruit Hat *Golden Winged Hat *Golden Hat **Crown of Glory(Pure) **Crown of Glory(Titan) **Crown of Glory(Bronx) **Crown of Glory(Oz) ***Crown of Victory(Red) ***Crown of Victory(Blue) ***Crown of Victory(Green) Mark Esha - Eclage Quest - ecl_in04 224 234 Oliver Wolf Hood Replication Expert Palt - Eclage - ecl_in01 67 39 Costume Frog Hat Costume Romantic Flower Costume Majestic Goat Costume Blush Costume Valkyrie Helm Costume Deviruchi Cap Costume Assassin Mask Costume Elven Ears Costume Hahoe Mask Costume Boy's Cap Mr Brando - Hat Festival Quest in Comodo 160 318 Drooping Kiehl Doll Drooping Aliot Doll Monster Drops Dracula - MobID 1389 Jack Castle Bat Ifrit - MobID 1832 Ifrit Eye Ktullanux - MobID 1779 Stalagmite's Echoes Bombring - MobID 1904 - Spawns in Bomberman Event Tick Tock Boom Domovi - MobID 2336 - Spawns in City Domovi Cap Angeling - MobID 1096 Poring Letter Drake - MobID 1112 Gossip Raven Deviling - MobID 1582 Flying Devil Bijou - MobID 3450 Costume Black Hand of Fate Costume Bijou Hat Ferlock - MobID 3181 Costume Ferlock's Hat Celine Kimi - MobID 2996 Costume Red Bonnet Evil Follower - MobID 2942 Gigant Helm Dexter Mask Brinaranea - MobID 3091 Frozen Sakura Hairpin Fallen Bishop - MobID 1871 Gravekeeper's Blinker Torturous Redeemer - MobID 2959 Dark General Helm Nightmare Biolab Dungeon Costume Rune Circlet Costume Mitra Costume Driver Band Costume Driver Band (Yellow) Costume Shadow Crown Costume Minstrel Song Hat Costume Midas Whispers Costume Magic Stone Hat Costume Burning Spirit Costume Wispers of Wind Costume Resting Swan Costume Guardian Crown Costume Circlet of Bone Costume Camouflage Rabbit Hood Unbox Costume Invisible Cap from Gift Box Costume Invisible Sunglasses from Old Purple Box Costume Invisible Flu Mask from Old Blue Box VIP Group Daredevil Scarf Lucifer's Disguise Satan's Disguise Achievement Special Gift Box Chance to obtain Fotia Eyemask Pity Mask Ace Card Angeling Fur Hat The list will be updated, more costumes incoming <3
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    Sorry guys for the bad impact of the CE quests....and thank you really for caring and voicing up, it means a lot. I have now made some real common sense, considering all cash costumes value etc, and I hope the new requirements today and for the future will be acceptable. <3
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    Ign: KinkZ "Happy LimitRO Halloween 2017 " Get in your kitchen and make some scary treats to share. Trick or Treat > However it comes 😛 P.s They are actually tasty af.... P.p.s Molten hot chocolate burns please be careful.
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    Hi there! I'm a bit late Character Name: Shilin Choice of receipt: Banana Ghosts It was not so easy as I thought! They a bit ugly and strange, but yummy anyway. So here it is, some process pictures, and result with me dressed as my AB ^^" Happy Halloween LimitRO, it's best year time to dress up, make funny and spooky things, and yummy ghosts~! And also to catch and tame the spooky cute kitty Scatleton! Thanks for viewing!
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    IGN: Kizuke Urahara Recipe choice: Apple Mouth Production Pictures: Apple Monster Family with childrens
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    Your Character Name: Tariss Your choice of receipt: Banana Ghosts Your pictures: Progress pics under the spoiler tag: And here we go! I kid you not. Use longer bananas next time. The MnMs were falling off their faces. Happy wishes: Happy Halloween!
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    Compensation Event Compensation for the down and unstable 2 past days, I decided to give all this event, and I hope you will like it! 1 week EXP & Drop Boost - 200x200x30x (except card drop rates) Guild Base Guild Base Ticket(Event) is now available in Vote Shop and Genie's Event Store. Client Area view size from 22 to 18. To improve performance and less chance to crash. Patch Added NEW Gemstones support Synced all Item Trade restrictions. Renamed all Event Box into Costume Box.
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    Did I miss something or you people actually imply that this server is a charity organization? If so...Oh my goodness... Wake up now, this is business that Lai has set up to earn money for himself which he is good at for 8 years or so. Not provide public service. Because there isn't a monthly fee here, you see the money spent on this game as charity for Lai? Get your reality straight and don't get too obsessed with the word "donation". It's only a pretext behind this ongoing business.
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    What we talk about is not whether the new system is good or not. You guys just forget about the mistake here. We PAID for those looks. And now I have to play the most boring part of the game and waste my time to take it back???? Wtf kind of justice is this? Lai just is robbing us of what truly is ours. End of the word. (Again I'm saying this has nothing to do with if this update is very good or not) !!!
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    Cash Shop Upgrade Gemstone feature will be added to Mato Mato You can upgrade your enchanted Lv 1 Gemstone into Lv2 and Lv3. 70% Chance to success to Lv2 50% Chance to success to Lv3 Each upgrade Requires Zeny If upgrade fail, the Gemstone will be destroyed. Removed all Cash related headgear from Cash shop and VIP shop.
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    All rewards sent out! I will do a quick raffle event this weekend ~~ I wonder who the lucky 3 winners will be
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    Hi, everybody! Here is my entry for the event - Halloween Chef! I hope you like it! IGN: Flecha Certeira and Luthy Lothlorien (Is there any problem for two people to make the receipt together? We are married and live in the same house! 😊) Our choice of receipt: Banana Ghosts Happy Halloween to all!
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    What? Like @ramboe said, when people donate, they become a donator, not someone who paid for a certain service. A donation is contributing to something as an act of charity without expectation of return. Getting angry because of this is literally like donating to a charity or a cause and getting pissy when they give you a shirt that you don't like for free, when in the first place you shouldn't have gotten anything at all, hence the term donation. Literally have no rights are being violated now since people didn't purchase anything. Purchasing =/= Donating. People have got to stop acting all pissy and entitled with the new change.
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    i too, just like you will miss primarily the signature looks my chars have, aside from the obvious bonus stats from overupgraded dphgs. but its really the signature cute looks that will be missed a lot. i'm pretty sure they will be coming soon, its providing the sensible amount of materials and or chances, quest to acquire them that's hard to formulate. right now i'm going with it and soon you'll embrace it too. i'll be missing my ming dragon hat (gold) but then - well things change, nothing in life is ever fair. its how you deal with it and innovate within the ever changing rules and or game meta. i lost stuffs too, but here i am logging in and playing whenever i can. been really busy irl lately. but i do login and see what's up from time to time. hope to still see you guys around. anyways i have to change my look, its no longer Zohan The Golden Dragon Ranger, but now its Zohan The Green Dragon Ranger
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    Changelogs A new week with new possibilities, for the community and the in game market. After the major re-vamp of our Cash Costume and regular Costume merge, it has been firing inside me. I'm bursting with new ideas, of how to release all costumes, equally to the community! Long live - fashion =/= cash! 💸Cash Shop Upgrade Gemstone feature will be added to Mato Mato You can upgrade your enchanted Lv 1 Gemstone into Lv2 and Lv3. 70% Chance to success to Lv2 50% Chance to success to Lv3 Each upgrade Requires Zeny If upgrade fail, the Gemstone will be destroyed. Removed all Cash related headgear from Cash shop and VIP shop. Cash shop now sells, Lv2 Gemstone = 40CP, Lv3 Gemstone = 60CP Event Updates Halloween related events have come to an end! Fishing Tournament 10 has ended - No more Tournaments will be held for awhile, you can read more! Zodiac 11 has started! 💄Item Updates Protection Gemstone Lv2 is 2% and Lv3 is 4% (ingame wrong description) Costume Invisible Sunglasses obtained from Old Violet Box Costume Invisible Flu Mask obtained from Old Blue Box Costume Invisible Cap obtained from Gift Box. Added new costumes into Costume Box(Peco) 💾Patch Added a fix patch of updated lro.exe and gepard.dll, fixed the CHANGE CHAR crashes. 👷NPC Mato Mato will now accept Golden Fin, Pipe of Prosperity, Poring Sunglasses and A Leek in recycle. Iris Shop in Limit HQ will now sell Costume Box(Balloon) Limit HQ Gear in HQ now sells Novice on Top PvP Arenas has Deadman's Island as PvP map, LimitRO exclusive! Genie Event updates Improved the Event Point rewards ~~ Disabled loot on Moonfild. 🐛Bug Fixes Guild member Tab crash fixed. Fixed Faceworm cards not dropping. Fixed Gladiator not reducing points when killed. Now reduces 3 Points Fixed issue where when killed in gladiator you didn't have re-entry cooldown. 🎃Monster Updates Bombrings now drops Tick Tock Boom Added a bunch of new Costume Headgear - more info <<<<< CLICK
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    I was kinda busy this week, but I added a lot for this week ~~ More to come next week <3
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    Эйй-эй-эй! Рашн комьюнити, здаров! Гильдия BlackCat Rampage начинает набор одиноких (или не очень), адекватных (или не очень) русскоговорящих игроков! Ссылочка на дискорд: https://discord.gg/VYjQqhM Ники в игре: Autumn Miracle, XDroop, Flunk (да, я вездесущая) Что мы можем тебе предложить: Общение в дискордике; Походы на порингов/дропсов; Помощь в каче; Посещение всяких интересненьких инстансов; Занудный совместный фарм; И всякие прочие ништяки. Ребятули, не стесняемся и приходим, муа!
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    NPC Mato Mato will now accept Golden Fin, Pipe of Prosperity, Poring Sunglasses and A Leek in recycle.
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    Donation Items Introducing all Costume Top, Mid, Low (Including event costumes) available to enchant with NEW SET of Gemstones. Current Cash Shop Top, Mid, Low, still usable for 1 month ahead. 100% recycle return on Mato Mato for current Cash shop Top, Mid, Low. Releasing a bunch of new cash shop lookalike Costume headgear to Instance drops, shops, Woe treasures etc. There are several with +refined DP hats, you can talk to me on FB, I will give you a Safe Refine tickets for the +refine of the hat in exchange. In future, all hats are free, Cash Shop will no longer sell Hats. Slotted Mid official hats will be released in future.
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    Bugfix: Fixed Bijou not dropping Spoon. Fixed Flatery & Abusive Robes not tradable. Instance Disabled mercenaries in Sky Wave.
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    Event Halloween 2017 ~~ Halloween Chef Summon Scary Cat Patch Added support for new Halloween pets ~~ Added new Halloween login screen. Added new LimitRO login logo - removed the old ugly one Added support for future NPC and NPC cutins. Feature Mob Spawn rate back to normal! New game client version 2017-06 Many new features Many support for future skill effects and other effects. You can now launch Replayer directly from the game exe. Brand new Party window New menu bar
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    I will consider.
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    Thank for helping :- @Choco Parfait, Special thank to Ellenia (@Choco Parfait) trainee helper who is nice and friendly to help me up =). Wish you all the best on your helper probation. @willusion, @Chester, @rvmanzanojr, Meow >> Click for More Video <<
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    NPC Added bulk purchase option for: Guarana Candy Maker Chemist Molgenstein Simplified Dye Maker's crafting process. Preview feature for Costume Maker Alice. Moved Malaya's PvP Warper closer to spawn point (previously was too far away!) Added basic town NPCs to Rock Ridge and Verus City. Added special Socket Enchantment NPC Trois in Asgard's Cash Area. Requires Slotting Advertisement item for every socket attempt. Increased chances of socket enchantment. Doesn't break equipment if socket attempt fails.
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    There are a part for newbie people who are afraid to do this instance or do it alone, i was one (Or maybe still one?). And maybe it's because... the end-game it's pretty far away and scary for a newbie/non-donor player, so really you don't know the minimun necesary for doing anything. We already have guides for the end-game escenario, so i'm gonna try to do the budget one. Wave mode Sky (Skywave) it's a instance pretty easy, but only for Guillotine Cross. Any other job need more gear or a specific MvP card (Baphomet). There is no other job with AoE Spammeable and who can hit 500k in a "short" amount of time. The reward for run it's a huge booster on your economy. And the instance pays itself, you usually will get Poison Bottle Box from the Ancient Egg Scroll. So, what do you need? You should need a Guillotine Cross at least level 150 (Higher level, more safe). On skills need Enchant Deadly Poison 5, Rolling Cutter 5 and Weapong Blocking 5. Poison Bottle You need x17 for run (The max wave it's 179 while that you got kicked, so you only need clear the 175, 17 Rudo waves) The stat build it's very simple: 120 STR (For the Temporal STR boots bonus). 90 VIT more HP, less risk. 90 DEX depends on your level to balance the hit you need. AGI Can help to get less hits before all the mob stack's. INT Extend you SP pool, for extra sure. LUK It's a all round stat, why not? For equipment you will need Rideword Hat [1]: Leech HP/SP. That's the magic. And it's maybe the best option... Vanargard need at least +9 to beat the SP Leech of Rideword, Cursed Book only on +10 can beat the HP rate. Katar of Thanos [1]: More HP/SP leech. With a Hunter Fly Card, just because you need survive. Katar of Crimson [2]: You'll need at least +7 to compete with the ATK of the Thanos Katar +4 and don't have the double SP leech, you need get a Shadow or Neutral one. You can get more HP leech rate with x2 Hunter Fly than Thanos but the amount healed are higher with Thanos + Hunter Fly. (80% amount with 20% rate on Thanos + Hunter vs 60% amount with 30% rate on Crimson + Hunter Fly x2) You decide what preffer, personally i use Thanos, it's cheaper option. Temporal STR Boots: 57 ATK Just in boots, are so good. You can use it clean, put Fighting Spirit if you can. And the enchant can be: Lucky Day free stats and some Treasure Chest's, Bear Power tons of damage, Light of Speed 100 of PD are the safest bet (Caution, the SP drain can be dangerous if you aren't running the double SP Leech) Done. You really don't need more gears, while you can do 10k~ damage per rolling, you can kill the Rudo wave on time. If you have more equipment or want a safer bet. Exerion Suit: Good def, enchantable on STR/ATK/PD/DEF. Exerion Wing: Good def, enchantable on ATK/PD/DEF. The set by itself it's so good, perfect dodge + 20% aftercast delay (Yes, you can bring down to .16 the aftercast delay of Rolling cutter, now you will cast 6 per second) Armor Of AirshipAirship Manteau [1]Boots Of Airship: you can use this for the extra movement speed, easier search for the treasures. Just swaping the boots while killing. Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1]: This can help you to survive and more SP leech. Wakwak Card: The best option to optimize the DPS. Raydric Card: The mob only do normal hits, so this makes you harder to kill. TIPS: - Rolling Cutter it's the single skill that you don't need re-click it, just push the button and the skill spam itself. Just remember, you can't use any hotkey or this goes off. - Use the EDPS on the x7~x8 wave, the 3 seconds aftercast delay can kill you if you try to use it just on x9 (If you cast too late) - Use a phone or the command @phone to refresh. (Need the upgrade) The map itself can lag you a lot (Some weird reason) - Turn off effects. The aura on ambient it's pretty RAM Draining and in the instance you really don't need any indicator. Want a non-budget build who can do the instance edps-less?. Check the Endricaho Guide, there are some info about Rolling Cutter Build. You can use it for reference of what you should aim for. Any question or sugestion are welcome.
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    New Town: Rock Ridge Talk to Karam Pucci in Alberta to access.
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    @Lyssky maybe some newbie like above don't know our feeling that donate much for this server. My char look becoming totally different and that's why i am upset
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    i'm really going to miss the cutest GX in LimitRO. first time i saw your char i was like, oh my! so awesome! you really have a good sense of fashion. i'm pretty sure just like you and me many others really took the time to make their chars looks unique and so awesome. with regards to the we paid for it part though, i would have to say that we did get reimbursed/compensated with 100% CP value of the donation gears that we had. so from this stand point its really about the lost time spent on getting that perfect look. this is really hard to value, i'm really sorry about this but that part is really hard to take back (perhaps i can eye of agamoto that for yah ^_^). the gm team can only ask for your utmost understanding over the issue. (i'm really speaking more of a player now since my departure from the helper group, but during my time as a helper i saw how both the gm team and other helper players are doing their best in trying to come out with new stuffs and trying to address issues such as this. im pretty sure there we conflicting ideas presented on this move, but then again @Lai has always the final say. some will like it, some won't - Lai will do what he thinks is good for the server after giving all our side. and if you still guys are convinced that this was a bad move, just present your case to Lai. with enough "for" and "against" soon Lai may backtrack and or let's us move forward.) its really a daunting task to @Lai and the rest of the dev team to start implementing as fast as they can to make all donation gear items (hopefully 100% + new ones) available before as a CE and or obtainable item by an npc. its a challenge for them and something for us players to look forward to.
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    the best I like this change is to remove the Slot from costume headgear, Make more close to Official setting is Sensible! Constantly changing To find the best solution, Do nothing equal to zero. And RO is a Longevity online game because of Constant change.
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    Halloween Chef 😈 Date: 10.21 to 10.31👻 🔖 About It is time of the season where you prefer to eat at home. Now it is the time for you to show off your cooking skills real life! A halloween themed cooking event, with rewarding prize! 📰 Instructions Make one of the following dishes. Banana Ghosts Apple Mouth You need to take some pictures as evidence! Picture of all ingredients on table 3 Pictures of the process of making the food. Final result picture with a paper written "LimitRO 2017 - Happy Halloween!" Post the form as reply to this topic to submit Your Character Name Your choice of receipt Your pictures. Happy wishes: 🏆 Rewards Every success cook will receive a Pumpkin Chef Hat All submitter will join a Halloween Raffle event, at the end of this event. Lucky 3 winners will receive 10 VIP Coin
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    Sorry to say but this is the plain truth: They were ours to begin with...You are like a vendor who sells something then raid us, take what we've already earned and sell it back to us as deficient (missing a card slot) and as expensive as it gets and then ask for a "thank you" for making this 'revolutionary'(!) transition easier? This has a name in the literature of governing styles. (oh sorry I forgot it's your server and it's just a game right, so we are ok) Well I just thought it's all the same, Lai does smth, we complain, seasons go by and the cycle repeats lol. Actually I don't know why we complain, it's really his call. We just play here willingly.
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    Heeeeeya Nina ~~ Warm welcome to LimitRO <3
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    NPC Iris Shop in Limit HQ will now sell Costume Box(Balloon) Limit HQ Gear in HQ now sells Novice on Top PvP Arenas has Deadman's Island as PvP map, LimitRO exclusive! Monster Drop Bombrings now drops Tick Tock Boom
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    Topic Name (Make +7 and below refine ticket tradable) Character Names: Ken Ma / Chrow Lucilfer Describe your suggestion What is this? (Make +7 and below refine ticket trad-able) Why do we have to add it? Someone just got scammed again, took his item and disappear. it Keeps happening. Who will benefit this? All, mostly new players who does not now how things works in our server and how retarded people are. Will this change the system drastic? NO Room for improvement? YES, Other
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    Item Costume Invisible Sunglasses obtained from Old Violet Box Costume Invisible Flu Mask obtained from Old Blue Box Costume Invisible Cap obtained from Gift Box. Added new costumes into Costume Box(Peco)
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    Thank you all for participating ~~ I will round up all submission and sent out the prizes <3
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    We should slow down with updates like this
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    Patch Added a fix patch of updated lro.exe and gepard.dll, fixed the CHANGE CHAR crashes.
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    Cash Shop Lv2 Gemstone = 40CP Lv3 Gemstone = 60CP Item Update Protection Gemstone Lv2 is 2% and Lv3 is 4%
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    To all Guillotine Cross Fans, There will be a plenty of uncertainty updates in the coming future. Mainly on Donation Point Hat(as above) is greatly affected on the End Game DD DA Critical GX currently. If new players in Limit RO are planning to build an End DD DA Critical GX. Please do not do it now and wait for the further news. I believe the coming recent update will not be given any advantages on most of the End Game DD DA Critical GX especially for those compound the Lord Knight Card onto the DP Hat, instead we're now more broken into incomplete pieces. Well, I believe many other classes are affected too. Thus, we're not alone. I know it take time to adapt onto something new. Let's wait and see what we can do to rebuild our broken Dual Dagger DA Critical Guillotine Cross again. To all the Guillotine Cross Fans. Do not give up, we will shine again!!! Let's face the facts together now and let's move on.
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    IGN: SWMRA Banana Ghosts Spooky yum yum!! Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!
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    Mob Nidhoggur's Nest's MvP now drops Dragon Soul. Time Holder now drops Monocle[1] Cash Added following items to VIP Shop. Slotting Advertisement Infinity Giant Fly Wing Rental
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    http://forum.ragnarokeurope.com/ro/index.php?/topic/75249-list-of-costume-boxes-and-whats-inside/ From RO europe Costume List, some are very nice look! Tell Lai witch one u want!
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    Cap's Guide to Auto Shadow Spell Shadow Chaser Just to preface this guide, this build can be a decent alternative farmer to those maps where AoE won't make much of a difference, but when used for end-game-ish stuff like mid-tier instances, you will spend a f*ck ton of consumables. The Original Farmer and The Wannabe DPS Going back to its roots, you can use this class to farm pretty much anything. Now that Jack Frost is fixed and can't be spammed anymore (without spending a ton on fixed cast time redux). You'll be taking advantage of high aspd coupled with auto steal. The skill you'll use with auto shadow spell depends on what monster you're trying to farm. Sometimes a single target spell is more advantageous than using an AoE (like auto looting at 100% when there are other monsters on the map besides the one you're targeting). Farming equips aren't that expensive. All you have to make sure is to have high aspd, flee. You can put high STR for increased weight capacity and higher physical attacks. If you just wanna farm, you can focus more on aspd equips like Buffalo Horns or Bakonawa Tattoos. For the sake of this guide, I'm only gonna be focusing on the magic side of things. As for the Wannabe DPS part, that's where things get A LOT more expensive. Not only do you have to make sure you have at least 191 aspd, you also have to raise your matk by a considerable amount. You'll be relying more on your auto casts than your physical damage do kill monsters. STATS STR - You can pretty much leave this at 1, or up to 30. Depends if you still have some points to spend. Just remember that this will be your least wanted stat. You can get your extra weight limit from Gym Passes. (Future updates will also remove the HP/SP regen penalty when you're at 50% weight, and raise it to 70%.) AGI - This can go as high as 120. Or as much as you need to get at least 191 aspd with equips and buffs on. VIT - Just get up to a total of 100, including the bonus you get from Job Levels and equips, for stun immunity. INT - 120. DEX - Only get enough to have a decent cast time. Dex also affects your aspd, but only minimally. LUK - Evert 3 points of this stat gives MATK. GEARS You really have to invest in this build if you want it to actually do something. Now, the chances of this build being used in competitive hunting is slim to none, since it takes some time to get the DPS up. Meanwhile, you have burst damage dealers like Ranger, Genetics, Guillotines Crosses, and recently, Rune Knights. Headgear Upper Hyuke's Black Cat Ears - This is currently my Holy Grail and go-to headgear of choice, no matter the situation. Relatively cheap, but the effects are simply too good to ignore, specially for a class that dishes out multiple magic hits per second. This headgear completely pierces the MDEF of enemies, even MVPs when it procs, for 5 seconds. Right now, Auto Shadow Spell Shadow Chasers are the only ones that can truly utilize this equipment. Other classes rely on manually casting spells on enemies, which most of them have long cast delays and cool downs. You have to keep hitting monsters with magic non-stop for this to proc, which is what an ASS SC is good for. Only downside is there's no slot. Wickebine's Black Cat Ears [1] - Same as above, but slotted. Relatively expensive but definitely worth the investment. Bacsojin Doll Hat [1] - I consider this as my second go-to headgear. Depending on the refine, you can get a pretty high MATK bonus when this hat procs. MATK is increased by 30 multiplied by the refine level. Slotted. But still outclasses by Wickebine's Black Cat Ears in terms of damage when the MDEF pierce procs. Skull Cap [1] - Total of +8% MATK at +7. I wouldn't really recommend getting this hat tho. It sucks lol. But hey, if you already have it, might as well use it. Balloon Hat [1] - When you're starting out. I shouldn't even be including this. Wickebine's Black Cat Ears are about the same price as this hat. And you actually need this refined. Meh. Kettle Hat - If you wanna be a hipster and bank on auto casting Water Ball after auto casting Deluge. It's still fun tho. This has a chance to auto cast level 2 Deluge and level 3 Water Ball with each physical attack. Red Pom Band [1] - For Demi-Human. If you have one that's already high refined, great, otherwise don't spend on this hat if you're planning to run instances with this build. There really aren't that many Demi-Human bosses around. And the other headgears would be more beneficial to you. Fenrir Card - If you have it the use it. Not only does it shorten your fixed cast time (specially beneficial if you're using a crit build), it also adds matk per refine of your headgear. Lichtern Blue CardLichtern Green CardLichtern Red CardLichtern Yellow CardTikbalang Card - Choose your poison. Additional MATK and elemental damage, depending on the card. But if you're mostly using Meteor Storm, might as well choose Red Lichtern. Engkanto Card - If you're ever facing with a Poison monster. Adds 30% damage. This card is also scripted to work with magic attacks. Just not the DEF pierce. Mutant Coelacanth Card - If you're lucky enough to get one. Increases MATK by 2%, and an additional 1% per 2 refines. Downside is it also decreases your Max HP by 1% per 2 refines. Rata Card - MATK +10. Not really worth the investment. Mid Robo Eye - Cheap and reliable. Imperial Feather - If you wanna get more aspd. You must have at least 108 AGI. Sigrun's Wings - A Walmart version of Imperial Feather, but it doesn't have the AGI requirement. Black Devil's Mask - All stats +2. I've still yet to see the allure of this headgear. It's hard AF to make and I don't think the effects are worth that much trouble. But hey, if you have it, use it. Low CD in Mouth - The staple of auto cast SCs. Not only does it deal additional damage with the bolts it casts, it also helps proccing your Boots and Wickebines. Golden Fish - If you feel like you don't lack auto casts anymore. +10 matk and +2 all stats. Rainbow Scarf - Additional MATK. Basically, you really want a CD in Mouth. That's what you should aim for. If you don't have it yet, just use whatever it is you have on hand that will increase your MATK. Armor Robe of Flattery [1] - Once the rest of 16.1 is released, this robe will pretty much become the go-to robes of Magic users. +150 MATK by just being level 140 and above. Not to mention the enchants are powerful. Downside is you have to have the item refined to at least +7 to get the minimum effects of the enchants. Exerion Suit - This is my current go-to armor. I have one of every kind. My main one is INT/MATK/MATK. You can also make an elemental one with 2 MATK reactors. It's pretty much mix and match. Excellion Suits are fairly cheap, and the elemental reactors and MATK reactors are also fairly cheap. Cursed Mail [1] - If you're really rich. +10% MATK along with other bonuses. Heroic Hidden Cloth [1] - A decent armor. MATK +10% when it procs, which is quite often. Also adds 20 Crit Rate. A good armor for a crit build. There's really not much variance you can use. As long as it adds MATK. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - Really awesome if you're up against Demons and Undead. Which is what makes more than half of the content in RO. Entweihen Crothen Card - MATK +100. That's about it. Bijou Card - MATK +10% and immunity from Frozen status. Byorgue Card - ATK/MATK +10% when you're a Rogue Class, which you are. Any elemental cards or status resist cards to counter the monster you're facing. Sometimes choosing a defensive card for your armor is better than choosing an attack one. What good are you when you're dead lol. Weapon Old Parasol [3] - This sword is just awesome. If you can get high aspd with a sword equipped, then this one is pretty much recommended. Not really that high base MATK bonus, but it does increase per refine. It can also be enchanted once (up to Spell 9). Not to mention there are 3 slots. Elemental Sword [3] - Next best thing you can wear. If you wanna focus more on using bolts as your main spells. This sword will melt your target. But this only works for 1vs1 cases tho. Best used when you copied Cold Bolt and use Auto Shadow Spell level 1. Faceworm Queen Leg [2] - A really nice dagger with a relatively high MATK for daggers. Can also cast level 1 Earthquake. Which is pretty much useless since the formula is based on your ATK. I try to avoid using this dagger tho. If you have an Old Parasol at at least +7, then you'll be leaving this dagger in the dust when it comes to MATK bonus. (Update: I actually use this dagger more now when just farming in general.) Futsumitama [2] - Quite expensive. Has higher base MATK (+160) bonus than FQL. This is a case of if you have it, use it. Thanatos Dagger [1] - MATK +130 and INT +6. The downside is you'll always be losing HP. Infinity Dagger [1] - MATK +100, but this can be enchanted with Spell Enchants. It has the potential do be a decent MATK dagger. The downside is it's account bound. Infinity Bow [1] - YES! Shadow Spell now works with Bows. It just sucks that the only Bow that has a base MATK bonus can't be work by Rogue Classes. Enchant this with Spell Enchant. This is like the best Bow we can use at the moment. Gust Bow [2] - Next best thing. No MATK bonus but auto casts level 5 Wind Blade, and has 2 slots. Moonlight Dagger - Recovers 3 SP per attack. This includes magic damage too. So you'll be pretty much regenerating SP like crazy. Timeholder Card - MATK +20% Immortal Wind Ghost Card - MATK +10% and has a chance to cast level 5 Killing Cloud when performing magic attacks. Magic Racial Cards. You can't go wrong with them. I have like 3 of almost every kind. Corruption Root Card or Realized Corruption Root Card - Actually good for farming/mobbing. Red Eruma Card - A chance of inflicting Curse on enemies when they're hit with magic attacks. Useful for crown control. Octopus Card - Another crown control card, but this time it inflicts Blind with your magic attacks. Sidewinder Card - If you're using a sword and still lacking some aspd. Manananggal Card - Recovers 1 SP per attack. I'm not sure if it officially works with magic too, like with Moonlight Dagger, but here in Limit, it only works with physical attacks. Shield Cursed Mad Bunny - The Main Shield. This nullifies the aspd penalty you get from wearing shields with its +3 flat ASPD bonus. Also adds +5% MATK, and reflects 10% of every melee damage (which is important since it gives reflected damage is also included in the chance to proc your auto casts, barring Auto Shadow Spell). Mad Bunny [1] - This doesn't have the ASPD bonus, but it is slotted. If you're willing to spend more on AGI/ASPD consumables, then you can opt for this shield instead, otherwise the non-slotted variety will do wonders. Valkyria's Shield [1] - Still one of the best shields in-game because of the elemental redux. You can always go with no shield on in case you don't have a Cursed Mad Bunny and can't raise your ASPD to decent numbers. Standard Racial cards if you're using a slotted shield. GTB if you need it. But you'll mostly be fine without a card. You can pretty much use any shield you want, as long as you can get your ASPD up to 191+. You can also go with no shield if you're struggling with aspd. Garment Fallen Angel Wing [1] - Refined to at least 7 and get Spell enchants. Heroic Backpack [1] - A +7 backpack is better than a +0~+6 FAW. I like having both of them. FAW for attacking and Backpack for Defending. Giant Faceworm Skin [1] - Only get this at high refines. +10 or above. You'll be mainly using this for a Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card. Exerion Wing - Refine to +7 and have 3x Reactor 202. Only used for SP Recovery. Antique Book Card - Your standard MATK garment card. Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card - +3% damage to your fire magic every refine. Also has +15% neutral resistance. Use it if you're mostly on Fire auto casts. Salamander Card - +40% more damage to Meteor Storm. Pretty meh to be honest. You have more spells on your auto cast list that you'll benefit more from an Antique Book Card than this. Flamel Card - Great for recovering using slim pots. I like to compound this on a +7 Backpack. Farming while Linked is a dream when using this Card and Ranked Slims. Randel Card - Enables level 3 Auto Guard. Compound it on a different garment. Cast Auto Guard and switch back to your main one. Shoes Temporal INT Boots [1] - Spell Enchant with Runaway Magic and nothing else. You can get away with Lucky Day, but Runaway Magic is really the best option since it amplifies one of your auto casts greatly. Temporal INT Boots - Same enchant with above, or even Lucky Day. Cheaper. And you can really go without a card for your shoes. Temporal AGI Boots - Spell Enchant with Runaway Magic or Lucky Day. I mostly use this for farming. Even without foods and just level 3 Agi Up, I can still get 193 aspd without sacrificing my other MATK gears. Fallen Bishop Card - Even if you aren't fighting Demi-Humans or Angels, the card still adds +10% MATK. Nightmare Verit Card - MATK +5% at below +6. Another +3% When refined to +7. And another +3% at +9. Accessories Evil Spirit's Silk Glove [1] - Auto Caster's wet dream. Casts Psychic Wave, Frost Nova, Scream. Also let's you use Spider Web. Broken Heart [1] - A cheap alternative to Evil Spirit's Silk Glove. You must wear it with Gentle Heart to activate the auto casts. The only downside is you consume 2 accessory slot. You forfeit proccing Psychic Wave when you switch one accessory with Pendant of Harmony for some recovery. Gentle Heart [1] - Same as Broken Heart. Alchemy Glove [1] - Amplifies Fire damage. Auto Casts Fire Ball with physical attacks, and Fire Bolt with magical attacks. Pendant of Harmony - Auto Casts level 1 Renovatio and Sanctuary. Get this item in your inventory. Switch accessories once Renovatio procs. This is specially good for long farming sessions or in instance runs to alleviate your potion consumption. Silversmith Bracelet [1] - If you ever need to Spell Break something. City Center Map [1] - A really useful accessory when farming or going solo. Compound with Creamy Card. Scaraba Card - There's really not much to choose from for Accessory Cards. Unless Moscovia Cards get released any time soon. Shadow Gears Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon - Not really useful when worn by itself. Shadow Chaser Shadow Shield - MATK +2% when worn with the Shadow Weapon, along with other bonuses. I'm still on the fence about using a Shadow Casher set on a Shadow Spell SC, but there's really not much any other choice out there. I also have a Rogue Set, now I'm just waiting for the Thief Set to be released. Wizard Shadow Armor - Useless when worn alone. Wizard Shadow Shoes - +20% damage to Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm, and Storm Gust. Scatter Shadow Earring - +5 INT Physical Shadow Earring - If you're still missing that extra umph for your ASPD. Although you're gonna need to +7 this to get a measly +3% ASPD lol. But hey, maybe the difference between 192 and 193 ASPD is that 1%. Donate Gears Upper Speed Lv3 - 4x on an upper CE. +1 aspd per Gemstone. Mid/Low Almighty Lv3 - 4x on Mid and Low. I find stat Gems more useful than damage ones when you have to share them for all your characters and you can't exactly afford to get multiple sets. Garment/Wings/Amulet Star Stone(Matk) - If you're ever lucky enough or rich enough to get MATK star stones. Only feasible if you're playing other magic characters on your account. SKILLS There are only a handful of skills you're gonna need. The rest if up to you to decide. I'll just note the most important ones. Plagiarism - Your main source of damage. Can copy up to second class skills. Preserve - Prevents the skill your copied via Plagiarism to be overwritten. Be sure to cast this constantly. And cast this immediately after you've been revived. Reject Sword - Halves the damage you take and reflect it back. Tunnel Drive - Allows the character to move at half movement speed while in Hiding status. Chase Walk - Like Cloaking but you can't be revealed. You can still take damage from AoEs tho. If you are Linked, you can move really really fast while in Chase Walk. Gank - Auto casts steal. Useful for farming. Reproduce - Let's you copy up to 3rd class skills. Skills that you've copied via this skill will have 2x the SP consumption when used. Auto Shadow Spell - Chosen Magic spell learned from Plagiarism and Reproduce will have a chance of casting automatically with every physical attack. Those are pretty much all the notable skills you need in order to play this build. Other skills will depend on how you use the character. Consumables White Slim Potion - Ranked or not, this is still one of the best healing items you can use, specially when used in conjunction with other healing item boosters. Mastela Fruit - Heals well and light weight. It's just they're kinda expensive. Mora Mandarin - One of the best SP healing item you can find. Kinda hard to farm tho. Strawberry - A lot of monsters drop this. Either farm them or buy them. Grape Juice - Recovers a decent amount of SP. HP Increase Potion (Large) - Increases your Max HP. SP Increase Potion (Large) - Increases your Max SP. Concentrated White Potion Z - Increases HP regeneration rate. Vitata 500 - Increases SP regeneration rate and Max HP. Concentrated Ceromain Soup - +10% ASPD. Berserk Potion - Increases ASPD greatly. Regeneration Potion - Increases heal rate of all recovery items by 20% for 30 minutes. Small Life Potion - Recovers 5% of your Max HP every 5 seconds for 10 minutes. Big Defense Potion - 3% resistance to physical attacks for 3 minutes. Big Magic Defense Potion - 3% resistance to magical attacks for 3 minutes. Fire Resist PotionCold Resist PotionEarth Resist PotionThunder Resist Potion Holy Elemental Scroll - Endows your armor with Holy Element for 5 minutes. Undead Elemental Scroll - +20% resistance from Fire, Earth, Water, Wind for 5 minutes. Does not stack with Holy Elemental Scroll. Guarana Candy - Casts level 5 Increase Agility. Those are the consumables I always have in my inventory. SP items are a MUST! Your SP will constantly be brought to 0 because of Runaway Magic. ~TBC~ VIDEOS Example of a Crit Build: Build not viable anymore because of the Shadow Chaser Job Improvement update from kRO. DEX Build Build only semi-viable. Unless you wanna go hybrid Triangle Shot build. ~More vids to come~
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    New Trainee Helpers (23/10~6/11) Beneboi A s m I t a Killua Zoldyck Foster Child
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    Gears just keep getting and getting pricier for some unknown reasons and prices fluctuates wildly.