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    Sorry for the delay of maintenance. Soon we will bring updated EXE with new client side features and new website + new patcher. Ofcourse, I will upload a brand new Full installer.
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    Hi Limitronians, we won't have maintenance today because we're going to have a new client this week! Exciteeeed!!
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    @Yuuki Can you Please add 1- WPS Token for Normal WoE. 2- Allow use of Aura for Normal WoE on Thursday and Sunday morning Castle. 3- Add Enemies =D
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    New full installer released. http://www.limitro.com/download/
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    for those who error at new patcher can revert back to old patcher. download link : https://files.fm/f/j3esafpv
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    Star Stone Box. Never again. http://prntscr.com/fa4ub3
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    Here's FAQ regarding the new client update and bug fixes. Please check this out before you report a bug!
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    @YuukiWPS on normal WoE dnt ignore pls hahaha
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    @Akin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd3hCO7i6j7gNq9P4S-vAZg/videos lel.
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    RK Skills already Fixed...Yeeeey.?? Mecha Lovers lets wait Next Unknown Date for the skill to be update/fixed and Armors to be included in Godly Enchant Item
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    to the point that anarchy had to woe in silk to train noobees and gotrekt RIP WOE
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    If your'e reading this hope you have a Nice Day