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    it should be added 3% to your damage.
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    Total Damage should not be per hit, rather Total Damage should be on one bundle of the Skill, like Adoramus.
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    After doing the tests, my crit damage still stays the same at 282.
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    After casting the buff, only 1368hp was added, which is roughly ~5% only. Should be 10%
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    mvp charleston 3 have wrong element in this server he have earth element but many db write what he have neutral element. I tried Jitterbug card set and it dont work. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/monster/3124 http://db.irowiki.org/db/monster-info/3124/ http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_mob_db&mob_id=3124 http://kafra.kr/#!/ko/KRO/mobdetail/3124 look at 0.13 pls fix this.
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    Should be on both hands, shield could not be equipped with the staff, as its type is "Two-handed" on the stats.
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    Help please!! Here's exactly what happened. I've been joining the Hugel race to collect and even buy Mysterious Medals from other players but just a few minutes ago they're all gone. I first entered the racing map thru the Golden Warper and selected Special Areas and Monster Race Arena and placed my bet on Monster 1. After winning the race, i forgot to claim my Medals from the Medal Distributor and just exited the map by talking to Exit Guide. Desperate enough to get my medals, I used the Golden Warper again and selected Special Areas and Monster Race Arena to get back inside the racing map but I cant claim my medals any more. Having accepted my fate, exited the map by talking to Exit Guide and warped to Asgard only to discover that all my 2550 pcs Mysterious Medals all gone. Please please help me. I've been collecting these medals for months just to get an RK racing cap, my dream cap