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    Sropho card causes target crystallization. However the timer is not supposed to reset if the target is currently under crystallization. There should be a delay before you can get crystallized again after recovering from the status. Currently in BG 2 you can permanently Crystallize a target if you equip 4-8 sropho cards, as there is no effective counter to Sropho, except not getting hit, which isn't really a counter. Currently reaching 0 SP also cancels the effect, but that was a bug in the original kRO script, and doesn't work in official servers. In other settings standing in Warmer or getting Lauda Ramus from AB helps you recover from the status. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Status_Effects#Crystallization Currently in iRO Sropho card is disabled as they don't have the fix for the card effect kRO apparently already has. By the way, in jRO crystallization makes you take 50% more from lightning, axes, maces and knuckles, and 50% less from swords, daggers and bows, but apparently we don't have that mechanic. Not sure if iRO or kRO follow that.
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    Playing Pere Card doesn't increase physical damage against neutral property monsters by 20%.