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    The problem with this is, the customizations done are usually NOT well thought of. Just add a bunch of random skills, increase the damage and call it a day w/o taking into account the gap between builds and classes. The one that had to suffer 90% of the time are melee classes especially those that can't equip shield. Often when new players ask, if can they solo high tier MVPs with certain melee classes I say they can't or it would be very difficult. Then they brought up official and other private server videos that shows it could be done there and I don't know what to answer to that. So often I just tell them just to go play rangers instead.
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    @Yuuki Dear GM Yuuki... Hope you would take consideration about it. We would see more melee classes in the future.
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    ? this only shows no matter how handsome you are no one is above the law.
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    Considering there are melee classes that already have to be low on def by default (such as me :p), customizing things drags us further away from ranged ones, not to mention we already are at a natural disadvantage which we accept as soon as there is justice.
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    @Yuuki Please man. MOAR LOVE FOR MELEE CLASSES!!!
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    download this all file and put in Program Files/LimitRo/System can be fine i hope can help you XD achievement_list.lub monster_size_effect.lua monster_size_effect.lub monster_size_effect_new.lub monster_size_effect_sak.lub MsgString.lua MsgString.lub optioninfo.lua OptionInfo.lub PetEvolutionCln.lub PetEvolutionCln_sak.lub PetEvolutionCln_true.lub ShadowTable.lua ShadowTable.lub Towninfo.lua Towninfo.lub
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    The issue has been solved, simply just follow the steps above
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    +1 Cz Gago says so /heh
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    I see, It seems working yet not adding prefix/suffix. Thanks!
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    Works perfectly in BG C still not sure about today cause haven't bg since MT and yea idk why it doesn't add the prefix/suffix.but the card works
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    Works perfectly fine last time I used it.
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    Where are you testing this? I just used my Fulbuk card on my ranger to farm Yummy Stems in Fire Basin and it was working.
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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    Lol, if I'm not mistaken, there's already been 3 reports for that player. This reminds me of my MVP-ing days where a Ranger cussed me out for KS-ing Moonlight. Not my fault he died.
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    .... How old is that kid?
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    nice print screen
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    And please, since the Volumes are tradable in iRO, please make them tradable so that no one will end up like me collecting hundred and hundred of pages for nothing.