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    Waiiiiiiii sooooo smarttttttt ser Lai?
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    It gives +5 and +6 by random chance. My bad as I forgot to update the dialogue >_< Sorry.
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    Agreed. Even though the accused player has a bad style of talking here, what are you gonna do if he is really telling the truth regarding his farming? Do you think your proof here is sufficient? And even though I respond to 90% of the pms in game, really can someone explain why do you make it seem like it is mandatory to respond pms??? This is not a proof of me being a bot if I respond to none of them.
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    BTW, is replying someone in game is the compulsory RULES? I feel unfair to player who has suspicious by other. I'm just asking because I'm often ignore PMs, for me is unnecessary to reply and I have no reason why I need to explain to someone else? Unless if GM pm I will co-operate on that. Maybe we should have shift GMs who responsible to PM the player if there is a suspicious report by the players?
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    1.The status that thorn trap gives is immobility and skills like teleport, snap, back slide should still work just like Doram's silverine root twist. But, as of now it doesn't. 2. The fixed damage is still applicable even if the player snaps, slides, teleports etc.. Just like Doram's silverine root twist.
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    Just to be clear on this Officialcombo is Mad bunny with Garment (piamette ribbon (1)) And yet you are going ahead with mad bunny + low headgear ribbon?
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    U do realize the piamette ribbon mentioned for the set is a garment?????? Dats why I said earlier waiiii sooo smart???
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    BUMP @Lai3 weeks pasts but nothing changed where is official option ? where is "bulk option" ?
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    Contact me on fb.com/limitrolai for support!
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