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    I know that feeling Sadly truth... 1 month ago.. i make a report about imperial ring until this time.. its already mark FIXED.. but never been fixed almost 3 post marked FIXED....and i given up right now this server just keep boosting and implementing new product and feature but never Correcting and solving their mistake/bug
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    I just wanna add that I also tested Ice Pick, it also doesn't work.
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    test after the MT: nothing, except for destruction gems: nothing at all: Damage remains the same (257 base, 359 crit) @Inkfish
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    @caphleo i removed all my items (not any one of them giving skills anyway), now its OK.
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    I feel you, but as everyone would say "mobs are free for anyone", tho i also prevent myself to not ks-ing other players mobs. But when they start to ks me, i ks them back 😧
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    First of all, stop being so goddamned paranoid. Why would I waste my precious time going against someone I don't even know? Please don't think so highly of yourself. If I see a faulty report or a faulty statement, then I'm gonna correct it. Second, what you did was faulty testing. You're wearing too many things. That's a lot of variable. Not to mention you're wearing an overrefined weapon, which has a lot of added variable attack. You should remove everything first and only wear a weapon that's under the safe refine limit, preferably +0. Like this Then you can get your base damage. This is my base damage without any modifiers and at 1 Crit Rate. Then you add your modifiers and test the damage again. In this case, an Infinite Phreeoni Card to make sure that I crit every time. Now my Crit Rate is 101. My damage already increased because Crit Damage bonus is already being applied to Triple Attack (which you claimed is not happening, but here it is). I added more Critical Damage modifiers to make it more conclusive. 2x Aunoe Cards, and 1 Sedora Card. Which boosted my Crit Damage to +55%, on top of the base crit damage bonus. And as you can see, my damage increased again. This is with only Crit Damage modifiers and only 1 Crit Rate. I removed Infinite Phreeoni and my damage returned to normal, since I'm not doing Crits anymore.
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    Triple attack works differently from double attack. All three attacks count as a single strike, and all modifiers and such are applied only once. However, def and such is also applied only once. That's why triple attack is not very optimal for some classes such as RK http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&skid=263
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    @Lai Player Name: Dafi tukang Baso I dun care how long this scammer play limitro and how many vip he donated in server. You should just ban this scammer, this kind of ppl will eventually ruin ur server one day. I am not doing Royal Banquet Daily Quest everyday for one month and sell Flattery Robe for fcking 4vip.
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    u know from the first time i saw u playing in limit as just a newbie u r already like that, feels so high,noisy,retarded player in the shout. u r one of the toxic players here in limitRO that should quit already. u guys r toxicating the community with ur attitude. r are worst than a homeless person with ur attitude.
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    i concur with that theo, i can tone it down on main for sure. But i'm grown, as well as well most of these ppl are, and anyone who plays online knows there are ppl worse than I out there. And it funny, I have never had anyone say or pm me bro calm it down with tht or anything, NEVER. 1 person once asked me, Magic Bomber actually, why i said tht, and after i explained to him, his response was.... well that seems harmless, that was worst reaction i ever got.
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    Yes it is. So? What if Tim was black? Then it would not be a thing even. People should stop being so offended delicate little flowers and just learn to do things with some distance. Tim probably used it only jokingly and there are more people who spam on main chat worse shit. Learn to not take things at face value. He was not directing it at anyone in particular. How in hell does it harm you in any way? Not like it? Big deal. I have to deal with people saying Polish are ugly retards and thieves all my life and i never made a fuss about it. Get over yourself. It's not okay to get offended for others. He used the Nigga word and black people call each other that all the time. You hear it everyday outside, watching movies and listening to rap albums. They can say it because? Just because the word is bad does not mean he means it. I call my mecha friend names all the time and he does the same to me. No one gets hurt we are just joking around. In short, if you get offended by what people say on the internet you should stop being so serious. People will always find a new word and you cannot do anything about it.
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    i aint never called no one nigger btw
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    Changed Status to Fixed Due to exploit, had to clean some suspicious ones.
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    well thanks for clarifying, and also, you can say put words in a appropriate word. anyways. good luck on what you are doing.
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    hey mr. inkfish. i found your word so absurd, and i'm trying to know if it can help or not, but don't tell me "go fix wiki". what the hell? anyways, i am donating for your server FYI, not big, but not small either. and i guess this is why hilmir quit.
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    I read in one forum that CC damage w/ neutral cannonball should be partial w/ the weapon element..