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    It's a mask issue. Fixed again.
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    Hmm, There is a 70% weight status icon. I can patch those in first. Wait for my preparation to be ready! @Inkfish
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    I don't think this is a bug tho. Idk the script used, but I'm pretty sure the de-buff being put on the character is magic-based, hence the bypass by GTB. You could suggest for a different type of debuff to be applied on the character that can't be bypassed by any card/equip.
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    AFK BG farmer reports should include screenshots of 2 or more rounds of player being AFK inside BG. we really cant be sure that a player is AFK farming in just one round coz maybe he's really AFK(away from keyboard) doing things that needs to be attended quickly. he wont be joining the next round if he's really AFK right?if he still joins and still afk, thats when u should submit your screenshot of him. right? gm @Lai
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    Yea tried starting BG and staying in queue for 1 Hr and then it starts after 1hr and people try to get u banned cz they cant defeat you in pvp hahahahaha And thank you for posting the last screenshot. Which shows u my reply after 4 min. So I wasn't afk any longer. And you started getting rekt after I alt tab'd back to RO and realize BG had started. Wrz the proofs from 2nd and 3rd Round? @Lai LMAO
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    Hi there, there are no fix for this yet, Im still investigating the issue!