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    Look at this kRo guide if you don't believe... http://m.inven.co.kr/webzine/wznews.php?site=ro&idx=175314
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    checked the number it's =250%. it's +150%. it's not +250% and it's +25% on pvp/gvg maps. make another report if you don't agree with the number and include a solid source
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    This is the only happy middle I can come up with with this recent change. We don't lose as much, and Lai gets to keep his new rule.
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    It's already implemented. You can slot your non-slotted Critical Ring via socket enchant with the new NPC. I forgot the name. But it starts with "Proy-"something. Easiest location is in Asgard Walk Street.
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    it's not two part of damage or whatsoever. it's about element applied twice or something i just happen to know this mechnism. very well. kro has given up on this. twro jro too. do we follow kro?
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    Thank you, I assume it will be added to the list after the Monday's mt?
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    Hi, this aint a bug. More like lacking of this feature. I will add this item into auto buy list.
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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    statall,knife mob id 1567
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    noted, waiting for the graphic designer to fix.
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    Thanks @Lai! Hopefully people would pay more attention to the rules and not make exceptions based on trivialities. Just because "there's nothing to gain from it" (aside from your homunculus levelling up while you are AFK LOL) like how @Caphleo makes it out to be doesn't mean we should let people get away with it. Should the rules change to benefit these people, I'm all up for it. But til then I'll keep an eye out for these infractions. So you're telling that just because the items you gain from killing formless monsters using cards are a dime a dozen that they should be exempt from being policed for AFK farming/homun levelling? Lol. He was AFK while his homun kept killing monsters. Checking up and feeding the homunculus every 10-30 mins does not mean he's excused for being AFK for those minutes he was away from his character while his homunculus does the work for him. And that's all according to the rules. As Lai suggested, feel free to open a topic if you want a different approach on this one, but for now you're in the wrong for trying to justify this behavior. By the way, I was at Anthell for the jellopies since I needed them for Ash Vacuum quest. And yet you make it sound like there's no other point being there aside from AFK levelling your homunculus lmao.
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    I suggest to stop this from happening again, implement the new update for Homunculus leveling. As you've mentioned, there are several points to be considered in cases like these. Homunculus AI has been removed and Homunculus only gains 10% of the EXP the player obtains. No more AFK Leveling for Homunculus. Even if we don't implement the new skills and level cap of Homunculus yet.
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    Changed Status to Fixed What ever the reason is, this is considered if we put it a STRICT way AFK Farming. Although in this case, I as judge decided to warn this player and penalty of temp ban. There are several points to be considered. But, the reporter did a good job and it's considered AFK Farming/Leveling.
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    @Inkfish, I have now added the client side support, you may proceed this feature addon now <3
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    Please change the following, bAddRace to bMagicAddRace and bAddEle to bMagicAddEle Now it adds physical damage instead of magic damage.
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    I noted this, will investigate.
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    Hmm, There is a 70% weight status icon. I can patch those in first. Wait for my preparation to be ready! @Inkfish