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    @Inkfish It's the combination of crit and multi hit packet used simultaneously. For example, the crit shows 700 (the yellow number on red background) and it hits twice, the double attack animation (yellow number stacking) 700+700=1400 also appears at the same time. The vid provided on the report shows that.
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    Because shields also have aspd penalty and your agi is 1...
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    Changed Status to Fixed autocast was affected by cooldown and it shouldn't
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    Changed Status to Fixed what i fix this the item not your character.
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    The thing about some of those MVPs mentioned in the link your provided is that they're coded to spawn the regular monsters you can find in fields and dungeons, when the MVPs first spawn. Then they have a separate skill that summons slaves that have different mob IDs. Valkyrie Randgris, for examplem summons regular Valkyries (ID 1765) when she first spawns, then when they die, she will use the same skill, but with different conditions to summon special Valkyries (ID 1891), which don't give exp and drops. Turtle General, summons special slaves no matter the condition. Even if it first spawns on the map. Owl Marquis is the same. It doesn't have an onspawn skill where it summons the regular Owl Viscount (ID 2921), it always summons the special slave which doesn't drop anything (ID 2922).
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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    do you have any vid of this? is it only a damage change? does it look like criticial damage (damge number in red background ) or does it look like double attack?(damage is yellow color) or it has a unique new look? if it's the last, we need to wait. otherwise. i can implement it right away
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    Providing me videos of other skills and saying just like this or just like that means they dont understand especially after i said: they just told me just like AD?WTF? purple color and damage number yellow aura and throwing gesture damage packet casting packet damage packet: explosion effect, raising arms casting packet: yellow aura, rasing arms here, when using arms cannon, and having cast time, mechanic raises arms twice when instand cast, there is no casting packet. even for arms cannon, mechanic just raises arms once. but damage packet is the same. does genetic throw things twice? no, so how are they alike???!!!! on official server. the damge packet doesn't have rasing arms/swing fist animation. so what's sent? as a player, you already done your part? yes. you proved limit's behavior is different from iro. if you just leave it here that's fine. but you did moer. when you said it's just like AD and i should copy AD's packet? i should reply to this, right? and "am i talking to a wall" is a reply to this. that means no, they are not alike and i said that more than once
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    You might be talking to the wrong Lime then. The correct NPC for the delivery doesn't even have a script that pops up when you click on him.
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    The Lime accepting the merc is in the last room on the left of 2nd floor. Lime is at the back of that room somewhere at the upper right corner
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    From the script: 1 bonus bMdef,15; bonus bMaxHPrate,3+7*(getrefine()>=5)+10*(getrefine()>=7); bonus bMaxSPrate,3+7*(getrefine()>=5)+10*(getrefine()>=7); bonus bMatkRate,2+3*(getrefine()>=5)+5*(getrefine()>=7); bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Water,2+3*(getrefine()>=5)+5*(getrefine()>=7); skill "SA_DELUGE",5; if(isequipped(1646)) { bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Water,4*getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_HAND_R); bonus bIgnoreMdefRate,getskilllv("WZ_FROSTNOVA"); bonus2 bSkillAtk,"WZ_WATERBALL",30*getskilllv("WZ_WATERBALL")+20*getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_HAND_R); } That code should be bEleMagicAddRate, similar to the script of Lichtern Blue Card
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    @Inkfish I attached the No Animation For AD of Genetic and Cold Shower of Mechanic. I hope these can resolve and fixed the issue lro_2017-06-30_00-33-34-511.mp4 lro_2017-06-30_00-36-33-200.mp4
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    Hi, Banned this player for 1 day for being an idiot.