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    afk farmers again kinda feel like nothing will happen to them tho
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    I'm just started playing LimitRO 3 weeks ago, and I managed to farm full set of Mora Judgement set and with 2x Adoramus Card. I able to solo Bijou, but when I continue the questline to Terra Gloria, i'm stuck at defeat Elena Bolkova part, she just 2, 3 hitted me. But according to IRO ( https://irowiki.org/wiki/Terra_Gloria ), if you are Priest class, she will let you pass as she have the honor not to fight clerics. My lv186 Str : 71 Agi : 101 Int : 125 Dex : 100 Luk : 41 Any idea ? Or can GM nerf the story boss so that AB can defeat her and proceed the quest ? Thanks !
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    New Fastest Faceworm Nest Record: By Hate Crew Guild
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    good advice we can start doing that. we do that for some reports and lai seemto be more responsive i will start doing that next time i see afk farmers @fate23 i find it offensive you react that way to my report imo your rg farmers should be banned you admitted yourself that you didnt reply for more than 5mins.
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    honestly should make report post to be private and only be viewed by mods/admins or GM, That way those AFK farmers wont have the chance to noticed their name here. Its because of this forum is being viewed by public so they can see their names here. Once they saw their name they will quickly transfer their gears. Honestly this would be a best solution to reduce their farming gears from spreading.
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    more on thana 11 Jon Bovii La La Lost You Nostalgic Memory Pufflulu RG Kronus
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    For the overpower it work with auto attacks but not with skills it's weird :c