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    I was hosting a DT run and it's as usual - first come first served basis. As there were so many people coming to the entrance, priority is always given to those who can attend FIRST to determine a efficient recruitment and smooth run, isn't it? Obviously this guy appeared to be late PM (who would do PM reserve while there are so many attendees came up?) and did not show himself at the entrance while the party was already full and I told him so. This happened. Hmmmm feeling so good f*cking people around? feel so sick of this kind of player.............
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    Imagine if every non-party member who attacks it gets their damage reflected back at them. Huehuehue.
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    yah he the reason i left hate crew for a time he would always ask questions, i would try to help and point him where he could find info. he would not look them up and demand me to answer him then accuse me of not knowing coz i wont spoonfeed him. i think a lot of ppl aldy have bad experience with him. i regret trying to help him.
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    Thanks so much for this suggestion. +1 to Mango and also to Sven's suggestion. Some of us just wanna have fun, experience the fruit of our labour, crack that egg, and slay our first dragon. So what if we die a million times. This is for pure fun with friends -- but then WHAM, all that hard work and fun gone down the drain because someone come zipping through and KS our pure-effort dragon and takes all the loot. Like wow. Joy turned to bitterness just like that. So yes please, a special would be nice. Or maybe something like make that dragon 'un-KS-able' by anyone who isn't party member of the one who cracked the egg?
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    Y'know... After finding out how hard it can be sometimes to summon the Bois, AND after experiencing the "FINALLY WE SUMMONED IT after hundreds of hammers! and Getting ksed right after",... I agree to this. Thank ya for posting this. I've long since thought about it, but felt had not the right, at the time, to say. Maybe it could also be like once we summoned it, we get warped to another special place with the party members? I'm not sure how hard it is to implement such things, but something of similar effect could be a good start. Tbh I hate the normalisation of the ks attitude. Let's make it fair and fun!