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    I think it would be great addition to have this Star Emperor hairstyle: It's basically the hair on their official art. Looks badass.
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    Changelogs Been busy with granpa's funeral. Tradional Chinese funeral takes weeks...this will be the last week to pray for him. Content Update Initial dungeon release of episode 17 content. Einbroch Dungeon F3 Abyss Lake F4 Past Odin Temple Warper NPC can take you to these places. Item Updates Hervor Alvitr all jobs will be able to equip it. Class Updates Guillotine Cross skill improvements. Skill info patch will come later this week. Event Updates Halloween Event ends Rank Updates Gladiator rank reset.
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    Before there was way more haircut compared to our actual palette. They got removed for idk why the reason, but i would like ALL OF THEM to come back too.