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    Right now there's a bug on Spell Fist that makes it work with the splash effect of Baphomet Card / Heart Poker in Mouth. It's getting fixed next patch but I think it should stay. How it works: Normally Spell Fist only applies to the next 30 auto attacks you'll do. With Bapho Card your autos become a 3*3 aoe around your targets and Spell Fist hits are shared between the targets, not duplicated. -1 target will get hit 30 times -2 targets will get hit 15 times each -3 targets will get hit 10 times each -5 targets will get hit 6 times each -etc etc Which means the more target you have in your tiny AOE the less effective Spell Fist becomes, but when you're faced with low health enemies you can clear them faster. Why I think it should be allowed : -It doesn't break the meta. It doesn't make Sorcerers more powerful. In the case of Bapho card it takes a weapon slot that is used for damage (TH/Big Ben/Ju cards all bring a very big dps boost), and in the case of the Gambler Seal/Heart Poker combo you sacrifice your lower head (no Mob Scarf), your mid head (no slot) and you need to have 120 base luk for it to work (not optimal on a sorcerer lol) -It gives utility to full Spell Fist Sorcerer. Spell Fist Sorc is a melee class and it would be very cool to benefit from the splash effect like RKs and GX can. -It gives more gear options. Right now Sorcerer has the choice between 3 low headgears : Rainbow Scarf (practically free), Orbs of survival (requires to farm an instance for 6 months) and Mob Scarf (most expensive item in the game), no in between. Kinda same with mid headgears where you want robo eyes unless you have an MVP card then it's anything with a slot. -I was the first one to notice and use this bug and it's been a month since I've started playing again, while the bug has probably been around for a while. If it was broken or very strong it would've been noticed earlier by people with more powerful gears than me. So there, please give this a thought and vote.
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    Bug Fixes Fixed illusion tae goo lyeon combo. Fixed illusion morpheus set bug. Fixed Genetic Racing (Lv3) Enchant Fixed Sage Shadow Armor item bonus Fixed Illusion Fancy Flower Quest Fixed missing tombstone for Ktullanux Feature Updates Added new Random option enchanting window. Battleground Updates Added deserter penalty for those who "leaves" BG or DC etc for 30 minutes. Item Updates Improved the drop rate of young twig, shining spear blade and mother's nightmare. Limitless Island Updates Emperium Golem in Deep Mines now drops Golden Tamago Hammer. Solar temple shop now sells Starry Tamago Hammer. Pilgrim's Shoes can be crafted by Ace Dragna. Gaia Sheild can be crafted by Ace Dragna. Added Cool Option Shop selling following items for zeny Booster Amplifier Uniform Repair Kit Cash Shop Updates Added a new garment: Big Foxtail