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    Item Expedition Report Vol1, Expedition Report Vol2, Expedition Report Vol3 and Expedition Report Vol4 are now tradeable. Crimson Weapon drop rate adjusted accordingly () Crimson Shuriken is now dropped by Tengu. Updated Combination set making, you can make the following items thru Combination set from HQ. Novice Red Potion Novice Magnifier Novice Fly Wing Novice Cutter Little Unripe Apple Four Leaf Clover Banana Juice Apple Juice Carrot Juice Grape Juice Unripe Apple Feature Removing Quest Maniac NPC Monday maintenance - instance maintenance changed to 13:00 to 14:00 server time, only 1 hour close. Game Setup Global skill use delay reduced from 250ms to 150ms.
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    New Sorcerer jRO weapon😍 Flame Thunder Witch's Giant Staff [1]Int + 5, Dex + 10.Matk + 350.Reduces variable casting time by 30%.Increase fire property magic damage by 10% per level of Fire Walk user learned.Increase wind property magic damage by 10% per level of Electric Walk user learned.Increase fire and wind property magic damage by 5%, ignore mdef of enemy by 5%, increase Fire Walk and Electric Walk damage by 30% per refine rate.If refine rate is 7 or higher, curse enemies who are hit by Fire Walk, silence enemies who are hit by Electric Walk.If refine rate is 9 or higher, increase Fire Walk and Electric Walk by damage 100%.If refine rate is 9 or higher, reduces fixed casting time by 70%.Class : two-handed staffAttack : 200Weight : 270Weapon level : 4Required level : 130Usable job : Sorcerer
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    LET'S PLAY LIMIT RO! Summer holiday is here and what's better than spending the holiday playing Limit RO with your friends? Join our Facebook special event and let your friend know about Limit RO so they can play with you! How To Join 1. Go to our website and click "Get Profile Picture" on the left. 2. Click "Update Profile Picture" and don't forget to check the "Share with friends on Facebook" option. 3. Make sure the privacy setting is Public, then click "OK". 4. Click "Confirm". 5. Go to your Facebook timeline, recheck the privacy setting to make sure it's public and then choose to edit your post. 6. Tag GM Hilmir (FB link: Sebastian Tan) and at least 3 of your friends who are not Limitronians yet. 7. Type your IGN (in Game Nickname) and make sure you use the correct spelling to avoid mistakes during reward distribution. Rewards Everyone who updated their profile picture, shared and tagged will receive 10 Lucky Coin (Bronze). 10 lucky winners will receive Domovi costume set (Domovi Hat + Domovi's Staff In Mouth). Notes: You have to stay using Limit RO overlay on your profile picture for the whole month of July to be eligible to receive reward. We will data the participants randomly throughout the month so make sure you always have the profile picture overlay on. If you want to change your profile picture, repeat the process so your new profile picture will have Limit RO overlay (you don't need to share or tag twice, you just need the profile picture overlay).