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    Char Name: xhisui Image: BMP File: LIMITRO_SCREEN.bmp About: A ranger and her pet Domovi WIP Screenshots:
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    Char Name: Shappo BMP File: Final BMP Scene.bmp About: Tiny dragon, phat dragon, egg dragon? Adventures in Nidhogg's Dungeon. WIP:
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    CharName: AndiBless Original: LoginScreen 1024x768.bmp Preview: About: The basic idea here is a party of friends taking a break from a quest, I wanted to show as many things from the game as possible the homun, pets, mercs, mobs, foods and mounts... and make it seem playful, so the story here is that the Sorc dropped his Arunafeltz Sandwich and it was picked by a poring, then the mean AB gives the poring Increase Agility !! and it runs away with the sandwich while the Gene just spits out water in laughter, in the background Luciola Vespa is lovingly glancing at Sera but she only cares for her Apple Pudding and Egnigem Cenia is madly in love with Doppelganger just like Dali Bow Merc who doesn't appreciate the competition, then all the other pets just around their masters... The technique is mixed media, the photographic background is not from google ;D also my pics Hope u like it ;3 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ProjectCOCO/photos/?tab=album&album_id=708932379129126 WIP: First Try: Second Try xD
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    IGN: InfinityBless β™₯️ Process: End Result: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Hello, here is my entry! BMP: final_woodie2.bmp I can change the signatures/logos if they're not ideal. That's not my forte.. About: I think Woodie is the cutest of the new pets! I thought it would be fun to see him in disbelief, watching how humans mistreat logs haha 😁 As for the drawing, I used Paint Tool SAI and it took me about 3 days to draw. I used as a reference the official images for the Warlock and Mechanic classes GIF with the progress: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayGIFAnimation.php?folder=20170313112GZLMiUdKvdpr7TCNItJFM&file=output_yjMtV0.gif and here is the sketch: -------------------------------------------- Here are some of my other ideas, with different pets: I thought the blue unicorn was really cute too, so I wanted to draw it with a tough, evil looking sinX, being all cute and cuddly. I filled the background with dead evil looking monsters (to convey that the sinX was tough) but in the end it was too gory. I then went to the opposite direction and drew that same sinX, now having tea time with a blue unicorn. I like this one better And since Tamadora reminded me of Togepi (the Pokemon), I thought about drawing a Misty-inspired priest holding one like she does in pokemon, but I don't know if that would be illegal or what?! So I just drew a normal pastel priest instead. Thanks for looking!
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    Char Name: luthvirtue Image: First Time in Gonryun BMP: limitro_submit.bmp About: A cute Taekwon Master, brought her beloved Tamadora to Gonryun for the first time. At first her pet was scared. So, she hugged it and walk across the bridge. Those puffy white clouds in the bright blue sky make them happy. Just look at those smile. This adventure will be one of those that they will never forget. By the way, that TkM wears 5360, 5040, and 5015. WIP: I hope my childish drawing is awesome enough for you. Thank you~
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    Summoner 2nd Class 무당/PSYCHIC Introduction Spaghetti towns have been wandering around the town to quickly develop the civilization of Doram. They know a lot but also manage to achieve higher spiritual levels. Psychic has begun to show new functions by combining mental and spiritual powers creating very tough ones in various battles. Difference of summoner is that most of the skills do not rely on the skill destruction physical and magic. Skills Basic Skills Branch? (They seem to focus more on debuffing than support skill) Physical Branch Magic Branch Other skill (not sure what this is) (포웨 μ˜€ν”„ λ―Όλ“œ) Power of Mind Increase movement speed during flight. Create Poltergeist and Hypnosis sure chance. There's no info on support branch yet. Not sure if not yet available or due to something else. Credit: To @Kyouka for mentioning this. Tbh, I can't really care about Dorams in general.. But since MANY love it for some reason. (I know, I know the cute/kawaii thingy) I decided to share. May those Cat Lover rejoice.
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    Char Name : NiwaKun BMP file : BMP_Image_Limit Preview : About : Wandering bard and his eternal companion WIP pics :
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    Title and IGN: 'Make a (last) wish' by Huuxera (talk about creative titles) Artwork Images: below Description: I've been playing RO for more than a decade with more or less pause... I quit for a longer time when renewal happened and only went to play pre-re servers occasionally. My first ever renewal server is LimitRO. I'm kind of obsessed with wizards so of course the first characters to make was my two wizards (male and female). Meteor Storm is one of my absolute fav skills, so have yourself a pretty meteor shower. Make a wish! before you get hit by a rock and die My loading screen: (I changed the logo's color; please tell me if it's not okay and I put it back to the original color. I just wanted it to fit my colors) Progress screen is after that. Yes, my Ps crashed 827482346 times and I spent more than 2 hours trying to revive it >>; Ahh; I'm tired. Tried to make it before deadline... just to see that it got extended. o(-< I wanna cry Also on a side note... I think pictures that use elements which were created by other artists (like pics taken from google and used in the loading screens) should be credited to the original artists at least...
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    Happy Easterr!! IGN:straubreyyy Materials: Process: Step #1: Make yourself a bunny. 🐰 βœ“ Step # 2: Crack an egg into something like this.. helps to draw it out first. βœ“ Step # 3: Make the flower base~ Check βœ“ Bonus: Add some life to your bunny :3 Step #4: Colour with chalk pastels. Use exacto knife to scrape the chalk pastel into powder. Mine looked something like this~ βœ“ Step #5: Cure the polymer clay. βœ“ Once it's done... Step #6: Assembly.. 😺 Bonus: Mica powder for shimmer. :3 and lastly.... paint yo background~ Fin~
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    IGN: Shappo Process Clean eggs Rough sketch birb parts Media: Watercolour, waterproof marker & drawing pen on watercolour paper & post it notes lel Image Filir is rabu <3
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    Cap's Noob Guide to Bow SC I've mentioned to a few people before that I'll make a guide on how to build a Bow Shadow Chaser. It's a miracle I wasn't feeling lazy. Before I start, I wanna preface this by saying unless you have 999999999999999 safe ores and cash shop ores, it would still be hard to be competitive in the PVM/MVP scene against those end-game geared Rangers, Genetics, Guillotine Crosses, and other MVP classes out there. This build requires a ton of investment for you to do significant damage. I wouldn't recommend this build to new players. This build is more like a luxury build. Not really for people who are on a tight budget. Now, don't get me wrong, you can still build a Bow SC with budget gears, just don't expect your character to do high damage. Okay, moving on!!!! STATS First, we're gonna talk about your stats. There're only 2 stats that you should be worried about. Those stats directly affects the damage of the two main skills you're gonna be using as a Bow SC. Mainly, Agi and Dex. I recommend to have at least 120 points allocated each for Agi and Dex. Your stats should be like (these are base stats): STR - 30~50 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 60~90 INT - 80~90 DEX - 120 LUK - 40~77 GEARS Now on to Gears... There really isn't that much option for Bow SCs. We get our damage mostly from our Headgear, Weapon, and Shadow Set. Upper: Old Shadow Crown [1] - There really isn't that much choice when it comes upper headgear. This is where our main damage boost will come from. Every 2 refine will increase Triangle Shot damage by 25%. Get this to at least +6 for +75% damage. Not to mention that ATK and MATK bonus you get for every refine. Duneyrr/Dark Pinguicula Card - +10 ATK. Pharaoh Card - -30% SP consumption. Arc Angeling Card - +100% SP recovery if base LUK is 77 or above. Any status resist cards. Essence of Evil Concentration 3 - +4 DEX, +8 HIT, -4 LUK. Good if you're lacking HIT for those high FLEE monsters Essence of Evil Force 3 - +4 STR, +12 ATK, -4 INT Mid: Robo Eye - There aren't really that much Mid HGs to choose from. Eye of Darkness - Resists Blind Status and gives +1 Dex. It's important to have some blind resist if you're fighting a monster that inflicts the status. Not only is your vision impaired, but your Hit will suffer as well, making you mostly likely miss your attacks. Your Flee will also decrease. Dark Blindfold - Same as Eye of Darkness without the Dex bonus. Black Devil Mask - +2 to all Stats. Not really worth the investment, in my opinion. Sigrun's Wing - +1 flat ASPD. More ASPD isn't a bad thing. Lower: Spiked Scarf - +35 ATK with -2% Max HP penalty. Father's White Moustache - +20 ATK Pirate Dagger - +5 ATK. Meh, you can do better really. CD In Mouth - Casts random bolt skills when doing physical attacks. This works on bows too, but you have to be 7 cells or less from your target. This is useful if you're up against instances where you have to kill plant defense protocol monsters (Bakonawa and Bangungot Instances to name a few.) Armor: Excellion Suit - +10 Vit if you're over level 130, Max HP +4% every 3 refines. This is like my go-to armor of choice. STR ATK ATK or STR ATK ASPD are decent choices of enchants. You can also have a lot of this with different elements. Definitely cheaper than other armors if you wanna have multiple elements in your inventory. Not to mention it combos with the Wing for -20% after cast delay. Heroic Hidden Cloth [1] - Max HP/SP +5%, Increases Triangle Shot damage by 10%, and a chance to increase ATK and MATK by 10% with every physical attack. For me, this is like the second best armor you can wear. They're hard to find tho, and expensive AF. Valkyrian Armor [1] - +1 to all Stats, Unbreakable, and +50% resist to Stun when worn by Thief Classes. This is still a good armor to wear. You can have multiple of these and card them with different elements. Porcellio Card - +25 ATK, -5 DEF. A good start-up card. Marc Card - Protects from Freeze. Evil Druid Card - Gives Undead property. This is really the only way you can protect yourself from getting Stone Cursed since you can't wear a shield. Just be careful if you're in a party, your priest won't be able to resurrect you should you die. Ghostring Card - Enchants armor with Ghost property, -25% HP Recovery. Good for tanking neutral attacks (Earthequake, Hell's Judgment, monster normal attacks). Any elemental cards. Essence of Evil Concentration 3 - +4 DEX, +8 HIT, -4 LUK. Essence of Evil Force 3 - +4 STR, +12 ATK, -4 INT Weapon: Crimson Bow [2] - +(Refine*Refine) ATK, +5 ATK every 10 Base Level above level 70. In my opinion, this is the best bow you can get for your Bow SC. The only downside is you have to refine it to at least +12 for it to shine. iRO peeps have tested damage against Catapult in this thread. Catapult [2] - +2% Triangle Shot damage every refine, +2% increase SP consumption of skill per refine. Not really worth getting imo. The additional SP consumption is also a huge drawback. Not to mention it only adds 2% damage per refine, not like a GXB that adds +5% per refine with Arrow Storm. Well, if you really need a bow and can't get an over-upped Crimson Bow, I guess this could be the better substitute. Infinity Bow [1] - Nothing really special, but the enchants are promising. If you're patient enough, you can get a bow with EA 16 (+32% ranged ... Downside is they're account bound. Upgrade Bow [1] - +7 ATK per refine, +2% ranged damage per refine, +10 ATK per 10 base level when base level 70 or higher. Let's just say you have a +16 Upgrade Bow, you'll have a bonus of +328 ATK from refining it, +0~88 variable ATK per attack, and +32% ranged damage. Is it worth it tho? I don't know, and I don't wanna ever find out because I just made a +15 Crimson Bow... Memory of Thanatos Card - Increases damage based on the target's DEF. Thana is bae. White Knight Card - +20% damage to medium and large monsters, +15 ATK. Archer Skeleton Card - +10% ranged damage. Garment: Fallen Angel Wing [1] - Effects too many to mention lol. Enchant with Expert Archer for additional Ranged damage. Excellion Wing - Awesome combo for Excellion Suit. 3x ATK Enchants are the best option. 3x Reactor 202 for +300% SP recovery if you have troubles with SP and don't wanna consume too much SP items. Cloak of Casualty [1] - I don't even wanna mention this. But think of this as FAWs on steroids. The only thing is you have to over upgrade this garment to really feel its effects. It's expensive AF! Heroic Backpack [1] - Good if you're on a budget. Kinda cheap-ish. Menblatt Card - +1% Ranged damage every 10 base DEX. Cheapest damage card there is. Deviling Card - +50% resistance to neutral property, but -50% resistance to the other properties. Flamel Card - +200% heal from Red, Yellow, Orange, and White Potions. I have a lot of Flamel garments, don't judge. Infinite Chimera Card - +8% Max HP, +4% Max SP, +10% ATK/MATK when compounded with Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card Footgear: Temporal DEX Boots [0]/[1] - Really, I feel like there's no other option. Enchant with Expert Archer and Hawkeye. Applause Sandals [1] - Haven't really tested if this is better than a pair of DEX Boots with Hawkeye enchant. The after cast delay redux is awesome tho. Can't really card this other than with Amon Ra. Verit/Green Ferus/Matyr Card - Depends on you really. I'd go for Verit for that added SP Outrageous Cookie Card - +1% ATK/MATK, -2% Max HP. +1% ATK/MATK, -2% Max HP every 2 upgrades. Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card - +10 ATK, +10 ATK when refined to +7, +15 ATK when refined to +9. Accessories: Pendant of Maelstrom [1] - +1 to all Stats, +6% ATK/MATK, chance to autocast level 1 Maelstrom when magically attacked (basically a 3x3 mini Land Protector). Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo - +7% ATK, +10% ASPD Physical Enhancer Ring [1] - +5% ATK Dex Glove [1] - +1 Hit for ever 10 base DEX, +1% Ranged damage when base Dex is over 110 Gold Scaraba Card - +20 ATK, -1% Max HP I can't really think of any other accessory card that would be beneficial to this build. Shadow Gears: Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon - +20% Triangle Shot damage, +5% Triangle Shot damage for every refine. Shadow Chaser Shadow Shield - Effects aren't really important. +20% Triangle Shot damage, +2% ATK/MATK, +2% Ranged damage when worn with Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon. If you have donate costumes, it's up to you which gems you'd like. I have ASPD gems on my donate because I mainly share that with my GX and my Ranger. I also have an all-stat one but I prefer the ASPD one to help with hitlocking if needed to. SKILLS There really is only 1 major skill that you need to worry about, and that's Triangle Shot. The others are mostly for support/debuff that are useful when doing instances alone. I'll highlight my most used skills Triangle Shot - Fires 3 Arrows to a target and has a chance to knock them back. This skill scales with your AGI. That's why it's important to have high AGI, not only for ASPD, but also for this skill. Emergency Escape - Needs 1 Special Alloy trap to cast. You basically backslide from your target and leave a trap behind, rendering them immobile. This is a nice combo if you reproduce Ranger's Aimed Bolt. Aimed Bolt deals multiple hits when the target is trapped. Can deal high damage. Maelstrom - A 3x3 mini Land Protector. Manhole - Traps whoever walks into it for up to 15 seconds. Useful for trapping mobs you don't wanna fight with. Feint Bomb - Just a nice FU skill. You enter into hide status and backs away from your original position, leaving a mirage of yourself that will explode, dealing AoE damage. Bloody Lust - Forces everyone who step on it into Berserk Status. Free LK card lol. I mainly got it just to support other ctrl+click classes. Reproduce - Well, it reproduces a skill. Plagiarism - Copies up to 2-2 skills. Reject Sword - Reduces damage taken and reflects it back. Preserve - Prevents your copied skill from getting overwritten. Notable skills to copy: Severe Rainstorm - Over all, this is the best Ranged AoE you can copy. This deals more DPS than Arrow Storm, and can trigger Hawkeye enchant more frequently. I also prefer this since the target is semi-hitlocked for the duration of the skill and you can then spam Triangle Shot. Aimed Bolt - This is more like a trick shot than anything else. Great for bragging in PVP, but there's really no usage in PVM. You have to trap your target using Emergency Escape, then cast Aimed Bolt. The drawback is the trap will disappear if Aimed Bolt hit. So unless you can 1 shot your target, this is generally a useless combo. You'd get more DPS if you trap your target and spam Triangle Shot. Arrow Storm - Just for the lols, why not. Frost Nova - When you wanna escape. Or Freeze a target and equip Wind Arrows for more damage. Triple Attack - just for the lols. Useful for hitlocking. Not much else. Claymore Trap - I'm really running out of ideas on what useful skills to copy. Here's my current skill build. You can customize your skills as long as you have the important ones. Items Must-haves: Makeover Brush Paint Brush Face Paint Surface Paint Arrows - Every kind and every element lol Bow SCs don't really need that much consumable really. But your main arsenal should be: Berserk Potion - ASPD!!!!!!!!!! Enriched Celermine Juice - MOAR ASPD!!!!!!!!! Guarana Candy - Level 5 Agi Up, Concentration Potion effect. Authoritative Badge - Increases Movement Speed. Speed Potion - VRRROOOOOMMMM!!!!!! Holy Elemental Scroll - Endows your armor with Holy level 1. Undead Elemental Scroll - +25% resistance to Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. Hwergelmir's Tonic - +10 DEX. Either the normal version or from WPS. WPS is easier to get actually. Since only Lady Tanee drops the normal version, and it's more expensive to make these than just buy the WPS version. Steamed Desert Scorpions - +10 AGI. Dragon Breath Cocktail - +10 INT. Just for cast time in general. Stew of Immortality - +10 VIT. So as to be not so squishy. Anodyne - Grants Endure effect. Resists Potions - +20 Resistance from the corresponding element, -15% resistance from the element it's weak against. At least have every elemental resist potion in your inventory. Cursed Water - Endows weapon with Shadow property. Royal Jelly - Heals HP/SP, cures almost all statuses. I'm addicted to this shit. Those are the items I usually being in my inventory. Other optional items are: Drosera Herb Stew - +20 AGI Siroma Iced Tea - +20 DEX Minor Brisket - +20 VIT Warg Blood Cocktail - +20 INT. If you really wanna get instant cast. But it's a waste really. When Hawkeye procs, you'll have instant cast anyways. Box of Resentment - +20 ATK Box of Gloom - Casts level 1 Improve Concentration for additional DEX and AGI Box of Thunder - Increases movement speed. Distilled Fighting Spirit - +30 ATK. Doesn't stack with other +ATK consumables. Takoyaki - +20 ATK/MATK, +10 LUK. Doesn't stack with +10 LUK food for some reason. This will just override your +10 LUK food, so instead of having +10 LUK for 30 minutes, you'll get only 10 minutes. Aloevera - Casts provoke level 1 on yourself. Yggdrasil Berry - Fully restores HP/SP. Has a 3 minute cool down here in Limit, so use wisely. Yggdrasil Seed - Heals 50% of HP/SP. Also has a long ass cool down. Military Ration B - +33 HIT This my SC currently. I'll post some videos when I record stuff. Idk what to record tho. Maybe some instances runs. I went with an ET run the other day. My bow was only +14 before. I'm happy to say that with my set up, you'll be doing 50K+ damage per hit of Triangle Shot on MVPs. That's 150K+ damage every .5 seconds. And on MVPs that have really beefy defense (like Ifrit and Valk), I did 70K each hit (200k+ total damage). I'm now curious what my damage would be if I have full buffs and full consumables (and if only I have a +16 Old Shadow Crown ). VIDEOS Awakened Ferre Valkyrie Fenris Fenrir (More videos to come. Lel, whenever I can make it tho, and whenever I can find a willing AB slave.) I'm gonna say this again. This is more of a fun character to play. You can out-DPS mid-tier Rangers and Genetics out there, but it's gonna be hard to beat end-game geared Rangers. Unless you have +16 of everything. So there you guys go. That's the gist of building a bow SC. Hope you have fun spending your money on a niche build!
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    IGN: Entity Genetic Procedure Sorry Lack of Procedure,Kinda Forgot that it is needed Final Result Behind the Picture lol
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    IGN: Gandus Lima Materials: Procedures: Result:
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    IGN: Luann Process: Result:
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    Char Name: Ssechtre Image: BMP FILE: final-bmp.bmp About: Clash in the battlegrounds. WORK:
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    Have Fun~ by Heval Progress : FINAL: Description: I gave Baphs and DL human forms XD. Anyways, I decided to create this artwork for MVPs and for those who love MVPS. The lineart was traditionally done using pencils, unipins and marker on tracing paper then I used a scanner for obvious reasons (lol 300 dpi baby) annnnd colored and arranged it in PS. I planned to include GTB as you can see in the progress then decided not to cause it will not fit for a loading screen so minimize the dialogue then TA-DA. READING DIRECTION: JUST LIKE A MANGA (RIGHT TO LEFT)
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    IGN: Lim The Chaser I saw so many ppl so pro on decoration.. Im done with my brains, This is not about looks so beautiful or not.. But this is about Creativity !!! Sorry not pro about design and paint. but i have good idea. No one try to make this right?? xD
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    New Instance Wave Mode - Forest
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    Easter Egg Hunting 🍒🍒🍒 Intro Easter is all about eggs, eggs, eggs and eggs xD It's time for us to HUNT 'em all! Hunting Methods Fishing for Star Easter Eggs. You are able to obtain Star Easter Eggs, from fishing. Sky dropping Happy Easter Eggs. On certain hour, the Asgard sky will drop down Happy Easter Eggs for everyone to pickup. Lovely Easter Egg baskets. On different towns, there are many easter egg baskets for you to collect! Funky Rabbits in the wilderness drops Stripe Easter Eggs. You can find Funky Rabbits, that drops those eggs. Easter Egg Collector Location: Asgard Collects Easter eggs that you hunt. Gives Alien Egg Shell and Joyful Easter Hat.
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    Battleground New map for Conquest ~~ Feature Released new Shadow Chaser outfit and colors for it ~~ Bug Fixes Fixed broken Doram female color Fixed Monady sword + genetic boarding halter mount crash.
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    A new regiment of adventurers takes over to aid whipper-snappers! Requirements 5 jellopies (for exam retake) 1,000,000 zeny Base Level 100 or above Rewards Access to NPCs, quests, equipment and rewards exclusive to Limit Group members Earn Limit Merit Points (LMP) How to Visit Limit Group Headquarters Use @go: @go 38 or @go hq Enter the portal near Cash Service NPCs in Asgard: Talk to Limit Group Officer NPC found in major towns, and he'll warp you to the HQ: How to Become a Limit Group Member Limit Group NPCs: A quick tour Boya (100,17), the Headquarters Guide NPC, stands right at the entrance of the building. Granma (106, 70) gives quests and rewards to players with base level 1-99. Designed by GM @Hilmir, these bounty boards (113,87) are where you can pursue hunting missions and get reward. Central Bar has the following NPCs: Admiral - same as the Admiral NPC in towns Warper - same as Warper NPC in towns Kafra Staff - Provides basic Kafra services Iris - Exchanges items (Cat Invest Tickets, Old Purple Boxes, Limit Merit Badges) for Limit Merit Points Currently, these are items that you can bring to Iris to obtain LMP: 1 Limit Merit Badge = 1 LMP 10 Old Purple Boxes = 1 LMP 5 Cat Invest Tickets = 1 LMP You can also redeem the following items from her shop: Angel Scroll (30 LMP) An egg that contains one of the following: Ancient Egg Scroll (30 LMP) An egg that contains one of the following Mad Bunny Egg Scroll An egg that contains one of the following: Regneration Potion (15 LMP) Small Life Potion (10 LMP) Limit Merit Badge (1 LMP) Lucky Ticket (10 LMP) for Armor Lottery Boarding Halter Rent (20 LMP) Enchant Book (20 LMP) Deluxe Dress Ticket (100 LMP) ~~~~~~~~Back to the central bar~~~~~~~~~ Primo d'Buffer - gives +3 all stats for 30 minutes for 3 LMP. Combination Sets (127,38) teaches novices how to craft newbie items. Administration Michael and HQ Gear Machine (at 115,34) sells more Limit-exclusive equipment. Izaac (106,32) sells his soul gives white slim potion for items. Novice Supplies (102,31) provides basic items. Like other tradingNPCs, you can also sell items to her. Cheap Supplies and Cheap Weaponry (80,33) NPCs sell typical Armor Dealer and Weapon Dealer items. An Errand Boy (76,57) will you give five battle exp manuals (one-time only per character) for 100 jellopies. Eve Natalia (76,57), sitting next to Errand Boy, gives +5 Safety Certificates in exchange of the following items: Quest Maniac (71,85) gives LMP based on player's number of accomplishments. Catering Lady (127,86) gives LMP in exchange for basic food. Shady Trader (49,104) also gives rewards in exchange for accepting...you guessed it, shady tasks. >.> Fallen Angel and Arch Angel (128,99) enchants FAW and AAW respectively. And here's (68, 103) where you can find Lucky Fairy for the Armor Lottery (where you can AAW, FAW, Upgrade Equipment, Heroic Backpack, etc) and Devil Enchant Master, who enchants Upgrade armor and Equipment using Enchant Books. Talk to Mercenary Manager (92,31) to hire mercenaries and earn loyalty points. Learn more about it here in our wiki. And last but not the least, we have Maids and a Butler to give archbishop buffs to our players! Good luck!
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    IGN : lalaprawn Process : Final :
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    IGN: lxxSTRIKERxxl Process (1st and 2nd Pic) (3rd Pic is the Final):
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    Ragnarok Monster Egg Themed Easter Eggs I wanted to make the background look like is a bunch of random items on a Genetic's Cart... (yes the Embryo is not an Egg, but it suits the visuals xD) The process was not particularly interesting: Hope u like it!, happy festivities...! IGN: AndiFist
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    IGN: Cehrina Process: Result: Tadaaaaaa! Those easter bunny eggs didn't see that coming πŸ˜‚ Happy Easter
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    IGN: Sidisi Process: End product: Happy Easter
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    πŸ’• Making my Arch Bishop πŸ’• IGN: Zolea Materials πŸ€— Egg process 🍳 Scenery Process 🌹 The End 🎺🎺🎺 πŸ’—πŸ’—Thank you and Happy Easter !!!!!πŸ’—πŸ’—
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    © Limit Ragnarok Online

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    BOMBRING EASTER EGGS!!!γ€Šγ€Šo(≧◇≦)o》》 (οΎ‰ο½₯ο½ͺο½₯)οΎ‰ The making: Sometimes you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette Β―\_( β—‰ 3 β—‰ )_/Β― Ξ΅=Ξ΅=(ΰΈ‡ ΛƒΜΆΝˆΜ€α—¨Λ‚ΜΆΝˆΜ)ΫΆ HAPPY EASTER PLAYERS! (οΎ‰ο½₯Π΄ο½₯)οΎ‰ IGN: Naneh
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    HAPPY EASTER EGG DECORATION SUBMISSION 😁 IGN: MajaBlanca <3 for the required white paper background ^^ And of course, me having fun posing her in other backgrounds... extras :3
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    New Cute Pets Nine Tails Taming item dropped by Enchanted Peach Tree Teddy Bear Taming item dropped by Zipper Bear Gremlin Taming item dropped by Rotar Zairo Mummy Taming item dropped by Evil Druid Willow Taming item dropped by Ancient Tree Roween Taming item dropped by Gallion,
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    IGN: Audra Eggyra, Santa Poring and Archangeling.
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    ING: Migitorio Mats: Process: FInal Product: Sorry for the poor background
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    Event Easter Egg Collector NPC has arrived to Asgard. Bug Fix Channel chat colors updated. Feature Added A+ and A++ bounties in Class A Bounty in HQ. Item Update Old Midas, Old Rune Circle etc will be trade able. (No longer need to ask me to be middle man) All fishes are now tradeable. WoE 2017 setup New castles Schedule New Silk Mode Warning: Please use up all your Fish from the Fishing Tournaments. We will wipe them from our database in 2 weeks to reset it, together with a new Fishing method (100% Anti AFK fishing).
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    What is Clan? As addition to guild and parties, we are introducing Clan system. A whole new form of social interaction and grouping with tons of benefits; from buffs to clan exclusive items. Currently there are 4 available clans with different buffs: Prontera Knightage - STR+1, VIT+1, MHP+30, MSP+10 Magic Academy - INT+1, DEX+1, MHP+30, MSP+10 Odin Orthodoxy - LUK+1, INT+1, MHP+30, MSP+10 Icarus Society - DEX+1, AGI+1, MHP+30, MSP+10 What's the benefit of joining a Clan? You can interact with your clan members using /cl or choose clan chat option on your chat box. You will receive clan buff, permanently as long as you are in the clan. You can purchase clan exclusive items. You can receive clan quests that will give you Limit Merit Points. How to join a Clan? You can join a Clan by talking to the leader of the clan of your choice in Limit Academy before you graduate or you can go to upper area of Limit Group Headquarter (@go 38). Notes: You cannot be invited into a guild if you are inside a clan, however, you can join clan even if you are already in a guild. If you already in a clan but you want to join a guild, you can leave clan, join the guild and join clan again later. There is 1 week cooldown upon leaving and entering clan other than your former clan. You will be automatically kicked out of your clan if you're inactive for more than 2 weeks.
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    Addition to tips: 1) If a genetic cultivates a plant or mushroom and the sorcerer turns it into mvp, since the plant's/mushrooms's time is limited to 5 min, the mvp will disappear after this time. So must use permanent monsters/plants for class change. 2) You can't class change a miniboss into mvp so don't try. Though you can change its slaves. But after that if you kill the miniboss first, then the mvp will be gone too. lol
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    About Traditions - Bring back a bonding activity we used to enjoy! 1. Information Before ET, IS, and other instance parties, Abracadabra parties (Abra parties for short) used to be big in LimitRO. Whether you're someone who needs a refresher on how to do this or you've recently come back to RO that you have know no clue as to what I'm talking about, dive in this guide to know more! First of all, it's important to learn what Abracadabra/Hocus Pocus does. A skill earned by mages once they ascend to the level of sage, it casts any random spell at the cost of SP and yellow gemstones. Now, your aim is for '????' to pop up on your window while you spam-cast Abra, and you must successfully cast this on the mob. (Hence, stationary mobs are better since they don't go anywhere, making it easier for you to aim at their location). '????' has the following random outcomes: Fortune - Increases your zeny by 100 times your current base level. Monocell - Changes the mob into a poring Death - Kills the mob in an instant Change Class - Now this is the outcome you'll want, for it can change a yellow plant into Thanatos, or a green plant into a TGK. So yeah, it changes the ordinary into an MVP. Note: 'Tame pet' skill is disabled as an outcome in Abra in this server. 2. What You Need Items: Yellow Gemstones (Abra requires this) Optional: Dead branch (especially for maps with non-stationary mobs or 'dead' maps - places with no mobs at all) Optional: Mistress card (to reduce gemstone requirement from 2 to 1) Faith that your party can kill the MVP Players: Sage/Professor/Sorcerer - Ideally, you'd want to use a sorcerer for bigger SP pool. Abracadabra (at least level 8), SP Conversion/Indulge, and Cast Cancel are a must. Some sorcerers also don't crank up their DEX at all so they can easily cast cancel skills like Steel Body. Dancer and Bard - Both of these characters need the skill, Into the Abyss. Abra consumes 2 yellow gemstones per cast, and that can be quite costly. However, you can make use of the dancer and bard's ensemble skill, which bestows the mistress card effect as long as the sorcerer is in the same party and within the skill's range (9x9). Support and killers (AB is a must to clearance the Sage/Sorc in cases of Play dead if another sorc isn't around to dispell it. In the absence of an AB/2nd sorc, the sorc who had play dead skill cast can just relog to remove the effect) No matter what the set-up or the number of people involved, remember that the sorcerer, the bard and the dancer should all be in the same party. Otherwise, the effect of Into the Abyss will not work. 3. Where to perform Any fields numbered 03 or 04 with dead branch (You can check Warper for the list of the fields) Fields with lots of plants (Sograt Dessert 13 is famous for this) House Guild Base 4. List of MVPs you can summon with Abracadabra 5. Additional Tips Okay, there's a debate on which level of Abra (8 or 10) is the most effective when summoning MVPs. I haven't come across any solid evidence that proves one is better than the other, but I'll leave this up to the players to debate. Abra set-ups usually have 2 parties (1 for the killers and 1 for the sage-abyss bards/dancers-ABs), but since killers have gotten stronger, everyone can be in the same party unless killers use Giant Fly Wing when hunting for MVPs while the sorcerer is still continuing to cast Abra. If there are no stationary mobs in the area, some party members like ABs try to lure a weak mob (e.g. poring) by hitting them once and stand near the sorcerer so these mobs can be used as targets for Abra. As of last time's testing, Vacuum Extreme + Cloud Kill doesn't make MVPs teleport away when the sorcerer has to temporarily get rid of them to continue with spamcasting Abra. Players can reply in this thread to verify if this is the case with others. MVPs are FREE FOR ALL TO KILL, meaning if you summoned your MVPs in a public area, don't be surprised if other players who'll see your MVP might be eager to kill it unless that's a Gopinich, If you have any questions, feel free to post it in this thread. Thank you for reading!
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    Changelogs - 4/24/2017 New Pets 🦊 Nine Tails Taming item dropped by Enchanted Peach Tree 🐻 Teddy Bear Taming item dropped by Zipper Bear πŸ‘ΊGremlin Taming item dropped by Rotar Zairo Mummy Taming item dropped by Evil Druid 🌲 Willow Taming item dropped by Ancient Tree 🐺 Roween Taming item dropped by Gallion Donation πŸ’° Western Union Update New donation details Receiver First Name: WANGQIONG Receiver Last Name: MAO Receiver City: WenZhou, ZheJiang New WU VIP ratio 50 USD = 45 VIP Coins 100 USD = 90 +5 VIP Coins (95) 200 USD = 180 +20 VIP Coins (200) 300 USD = 270 +35 VIP Coins (305) 500 USD = 450 +65 VIP Coins (515) Feature Achievement / Title beta version!
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    You have fetuses hanging around your room? THATS DOPE !
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    Monster Hunting Headgears About The following list is contains information of monsters custom drops different headgear in LimitRO. List Anubis - drops Anubis Hat Dokebi - drops Afro Wig Moonlight Flower - drops Moonlight Flower Hat Hyegun - drops Hyegun Hat Alarm - drops Alarm Mask Alice - drops Alice Doll Angeling - drops Angeling Hat Deviling - drops Deviling Hat Deviruchi - drops Deviruchi Hat Geographer - drops Geographer Band Knight of Abyss - drops Helm of Abyss Magnolia - drops Magnolia Hat Rideword - drops Rideword Hat Shining Plant - drops Romantic White Flower Whisper - drops Whisper Mask Bacsojin - drops Bacsojin Doll Hat
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    Hi, we were attacked 4 hours ago, which caused some trouble with connection. (System auto protection were activated 4 hours ago.)
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    IGN : Draco The Malfoy Process : Result : NOT THAT GOOD WITH ART πŸ˜‚. HAPPY EASTER 😁 XDDDD
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    I drew a Poring Egg because I broke everything else I tried hehe IGN: DKsArcana Finished work: Materials: Progress: Thanks for the event
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    Here's the skill previews! Sorry a little late, was busy IRL.
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    Feature Clan released. You can join a Clan from the LimitRO Headquarters - @go hq Total 4 Clans: Prontera Knightage, Odin Orthodoxy, Magic Academy, Icarus Society. Clan Buff Different clan has different buffs. Clan Shop Different clan has different shop content. Clan Quest Different clan has different quest. Clan Chat To display Clan Chat Type /cl text to chat in clan chat Commands Changed Help channel chat color. Patch Added in the New Login Screen - by @Sumikkogurashi Added Easter eggs and easter egg NPC patch. Event Easter Egg Hunt - more details soon Zodiac Return #4 - has begun. World Fishing Tournament 4 Item Fixes You can now sell the April' Fools Day reward to NPC.
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    Changelogs Event Login Screen Contest - Forum Event started. Battleground BG C is no longer Silk mode and it's back to Trans Jobs only. Dominion is now part of the BG daily quest count. Cash Shop Added 'Guild Base Ticket' to cash shop. Feature Added Roulette feature, the icon under the Cash Shop. The Roulette coin not yet released to public <3 You will be able to obtain coins mostly from Forum Events, Global Events and special Donation Bonus Events. Guild Base Rental You can now use Guild Base Ticket (Cash) to rent. LimitRO Server Network improvement Added 6 proxy servers - free VPN for all, no packet loss, choose the proxy that suits you best. I will publish detailed pings on our website in near future. Server main location moved to US west coast (L.A.) instead of "Canada". This location is globally most "middle" place. Patch New gepard.dll and clientinfo.grf patch For new server network - proxy. Added over 90+ new hats waiting for release Added a patch for Lucky Coins. Bug fixes: Corrected Morroc Necromancer to be immobile and ranged. Also adjusted skills of Morse Cave mobs. Fixed minor Teleport Device NPC title issue for Guild Hall etc. (Now all Teleport Devices displays correct area name) Fixed Cookie Bar Strenght, Intelligence, Agility, Dexterity and Luck ( was giving % bonus instead of fixed extra bonus) Skill Bug Fixes