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    All items 1 zeny each!
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    Black Friday GM Vendor About On 23th November between 1pm - 5pm server time, Lai will setup special Vendor, that will sell random epic ingame items for epic zeny price! Each vend will have a 10 minutes pre-announcement on location, before it opens up! Possible Item List +11 Refine Ticket Star Stone Box Random Costume Wings Amulet 2 random Mvp Cards Random rare Costume Box Random Cash pet egg Other random epic equipment See you ingame 23th November
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    Content Update Finalize episode 16.2 Terra Gloria with dungeon Werner Institue, the place when you enter Central Room instance, release and equipment drops by the mobs. Poisonous Violence Spear [3] Dark Rose [2] Sealed Magic Sword [2] Sealed Evil Sword [2] Sealed Maximum Sword [2] YSF01 Plate [1] YSF01 Manteau [1] YSF01 Greave [1] Enhanced Potion SS Enhanced Potion SC Enhanced Potion AC Finisher [2] Dustfire [2] Burning Rose [2] Revenge [2] Ultralight Magic Shield [1] Released enchantment of Terra Gloria.
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    Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Illusion Mushroom had 180k HP. Now its 1800 HP. (we wont follow official on this one impossible to kill/farm) Fixed a bug where players could bring pet/mercenary into Silk mode Battleground. Fixed a bug in Search Vend feature, where next page content didnt display correctly. Fixed a but with grenade launcher guns not recognize any ammo. Fixed Shoes of Survival set. Fixed many other item bugs, more info Report Center. Fixed Telekinisis could be dispelled. Fixed repair skill of mecha cast time. Fixed Evil Slayer Katar and Illusion Staff for being 1 handed weapon instead of 2. Fixed minor bug in Falling Star element. Battleground Updates Removed BG3 and BG4. Renamed Novice Token to Battle Token. Added a new KvM style for Normal BG. Reduced Dominion BG game time. Added a Battle Token quest to Normal BG, (Criox NPC gives it.) 5 wins Normal BG gives 20 Battle Tokens. Silk BG now gives 1x Battle Token extra as reward. Settings Update Added new settings for PvP / GvG min skill cast delay global ms function. Server new ms global delay PvP maps: 200ms GvG maps: 300ms Other maps: 100ms For those who don't know what this does, it's a system to prevent unfair advantage for those who live closer to the server. The closer you live to the server, the more skills you can cast per second (spam), thus this global delay is added, to make sure everyone has the same delay. People live closer to server has around 20-40ms, while some people far away has 300+ms, thus adding this into WoE will give everyone one the same chance in game play. WoE Updates Sunday silk WoE new time 14-15 Sunday normal WoE new time 17-18 Headgear Updates Added new support for new Costume Hats ~~ For our custom Headgears, we changed the view IDs, so after todays MT, please equip/unequip it, to make it display!
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    shout out to dev team the bg2 revamp was a complete success!!!! this week's bg 2 scenario is one of the most active bg ive seen here limitro (been here for 2-3 years now). i think the success formula for what it makes attracts players is as follows *rewarding gameplay (chance to get shadow box which cost 15-25 vips atm) *balance, new and veterans player alike can play together with less hassle and drama *fast paced gameplay= better farming, loser's side agony end quickly decreasing the frustration factor of rage quiting lol *bg2 game mechanics is goal and teamplay oriented not only focusing on "pvp kill all that moves tactic" even though there are some bugs people still play it because of the reasons above. i just posted this to show how happy i was with the bg2 revamp results (though i know its only temporary) i just wanted to point out what i think made it a success. GOOD one dev TEAM thanks harharhahrahrharhahra.....
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    Minstrels that play as full support class in war of emperium can easily give the entire guild's members several millions overall HP, couple hundred flat aspd, and the wonderful effect of bragi. STATS STR - 30-80 Gives 30 maximum weight per point. Having more available weight helps you lessen the debuffs of shadow chaser skills. AGI - 80-100 Gives good amount of flee and aspd that will help you cast skills smoother due to faster animation. Directly improves assassin cross of sunset. Skill: Attention concentrate increases this bonus by 12% at max level. VIT - 120 (or up) This is your primary stat for survival. INT - 120 (or up) This is another primary stat for more SP. Directly improves Poem of bragi. DEX - 20-30 Not really needed due to songs not having any variable cast time and the fact that Green Whistle [1] removes windmill rush's variable cast time. Helps cast frigg's song faster. LUK - 0-30 Keep at increments of 3 or 30 to utilize remaining stat points when other stat points get too expensive to add a point to. Song Mechanics, Positioning, and Tips!!! [9:18] Minstrel Guide Intro to Full Support [2:17] EQUIPMENT Headgears: Armor: Weapon: Shield: Garment: Shoes: Accessories: Consumables/etc: BONUS GUIDE [+SEVERE RAINSTORM] --> More love to performers
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    Happy Giveaway Drawing Intro Boys and girls! Time to get some color pens and let's gooooooooo! It is drawing time! Get creative!!! Guideline The drawing should contain following 1 of your LimitRO characters 1 of your favorite pet 1 winter/Christmas background of LimitRO Asgard 1 submission per person (please don't violate this guideline <3) The quality of your image does not really matter, but do your best! Must be colored. You have to show us your progress. You can hand draw and scan then upload ~~ You can hand draw and photo then upload ~~ You can draw directly on Photoshop or other paint programs. NO 3D models etc, pure drawings ~~ How to submit Reply to this topic with Character Name: Final Image: Drawing process: Time Line Last submission date is 2018.12.20! Submission Price 100x Christmas Coin 5x Star Stone Box Happy Giveaway This year, I will be sending out Happy Socks as Christmas present for this event! All who have submitted has chance to win one pair from Xmas Lottery! The selection of winning prizes comes in turn of the winners! 1st winner choose first, then 2nd winner etc ~~ last winner no selection xDDDD Note: This is not sponsored by Happy Socks, it's purely my own idea and money by LimitRO to giveaway happiness for Christmas 2018 <3 Total 10 Happy Socks ~~ 5x Size 36-40 Cat Pineapple Hotdog Carrot Berry 5x Size 41-46 Lucky Clover Sunflower Hamburger Bird Owl
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    This is a good one, needs attention. I'm up for this one way or another to open up Guild Dungeon more public. this can also be good business for guilds
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    Jabbawockeez We are a Silk WoE and PvM Guild. We offer monthly guild events with VIP Coins as rewards, on-going guild bounty quests (Deepsea Items), BG 2 committee, and fun/laughter on discord chat/voice. We accept newbie/experienced players. Our timezone is North America/Europe, but other timezones are also welcomed. We just play for FUN! PM Silent Rogue, Imperius Curse, w s N a y r, Claire Einfield when you're in-game. Recruitment Form Link: (Please fill out form. Thanks!) Jabbawockeez Recruitment Form Requirements to join the guild: Must be active (can play for at least 5 hours per week) Discord-active Must able to speak/write/understand English, especially in Discord Non-toxic player Instances (Common ones we do everyday, but we can also do other instances by request): OGHN OGHH HTF SkyFortress Infinity Space Isle of Bios Morse Cave TODG Other things provided: Guildbase Monthly Guild Events Guild Bounty Quest Trashtalk-Free Guild
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    Changed Status to Fixed Relog, and it's fixed!
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    The item Costume Sniper Goggles is incorrectly named Costume Sniper Googles in game
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    Topic Name Add WOE castle Dungeon Entry ticket Character Names: Spdnep Describe your suggestion What is this? Add WOE castle Dungeon Entry ticket (castle owner able to get the ticket daily from the Treasure box) Why do we have to add it? There some of the players who not join the WOE event never had opportunity to enter the castle Dungeon, In some cases people will ask for guild leader to let them go in, but the request may be reluctant, I think the Entry ticket will make both side happy to deal with. will benefit this? Alll players Will this change the system drastic? Don't think so Room for improvement? Probably, suggestions? Other BTW I need farm the items in pro castle Dungeon...
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    Might I refer you to this. Also there are 2 petites: sky and earth. Sky is a lvl 1 wind, and earth is lvl 1 earth. Byalan monsters are water attribute so a wind katar will do nicely there. Although imo, it's better to just take a neautral element katar everywhere(pref thanos katar with hunterfly card for the lifesteal)
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    PART I ONLY SHOES Increases Earth and Windelemental magic attacks by 2%.------------------------Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monsters by 5%.------------------------Refine Level +5:MaxHP +7%MaxSP +7%MATK +3%Increases Earth and Windelemental magic attacks by 3%.Refine Level +7:MaxHP +10%MaxSP +10%MATK +5%Increases Earth and Windelemental magic attacks by 5%. Here increasing damage from the element does not work Now i use only shoes i get 10% matk many hp/sp 15 mdef and resist but didn't take elementa damage NOW I USE 2 Pentand of Malestorm To compensate 10% matk who gave me shoes. We see that the difference is minimal. 10% damage from elements should have significantly increased the difference OK NOW I USE 2 Maelstorm + 2 Lichtern Yellow Card he increse earth elm matk 5% = 10% PART II SET WITH CIRCLET SET When combined with Survival Circlet:MATK +10%If Survival Circlet Refine Level +7:Increases Earth and Windelemental magic attacks by 10%.If Survival Circlet Refine Level +9:Increases Earth and Windelemental magic attacks by 10%. NOW I USE WITOHUT SET USE SET We received an increase in damage just because the hat gives 4% matk and many int NOW I USE MAVKA CARD she gives 20% magic dmg earth elm I use skill Earth Strain for test because he have stable dmg. PART III WITH MANTEAU SET When combined with Manteau of Survival:MATK +10%If Manteau of Survival Refine Level +7:Reduces damage taken from Earth and Wind elemental attack by 15%.If Manteau of Survival Refine Level +9:Reduces damage taken from Earth and Wind elemental attack by 15%. HIT WITOUT ENCHANT USE EARTH ENCHANT PART IV SET WITH ORB When combined with Orbs of Survival:VIT +5INT +5Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monsters by 3%. WITHOUT SET WITH SET I think he also does not resist 3%. TO BE CONTINUED
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    Fist i test Set Orb+Staff Survival and I did not get an increase in damage skills. This applies to all skills listed in the description. USE SET WITHOUT SET DMG should have increased to about ~18000(idk maybe I think wrong i use 6000+210%=18600). Once again I remind this bug applies to all skills in the description. also does not give a gain for refine the staff here I must have 120 (base matk) + 50 (refine) + 100 (bosut set) = 270 here I must have 120 (base matk) + 35 (refine) + 70 (bosut set) = 225 NEXT i use orb + manteau Set does not reduce fix cast time 50% equip set WITHOUT SET BUT HAVE SACRAMENT
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    When using the @search function you leave the box next to ""searching items including the word" unchecked if you're searching by ID. While if you want to search by word you need to make sure the box next to "searching items including the word" is checked off like it is in your screenshot. Also, if it says "No result has been found." that simply means there are no vending shops selling what you are looking for. After all the search results can't give you results for listings if they don't exist. Anyways, as far as the matter of allowing autotrade outside of the Vending Harbor, adding in restrictions, or expanding the Vending Harbor goes you'll need to make a suggestion thread for that and have it approved by Lai first. Since all suggestions must go through Lai the server owner first. So here's the link to the sub-forum for making a suggestion thread if you wish to make suggestions: https://www.limitro.com/forums/forum/26-suggestion-center/ . Also, it's worth mentioning that when making a suggestion thread you should try to keep your thread to a single suggestion. Separate additional suggestions should be made in their own separate threads.
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    here is the Wiki link https://www.limitro.com/wiki/quest-guides/28-limitless-island/159-deep-mines
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    To give you a more specific and detailed answer. You can't buy them from the BG merchants. Currently in order to get them you must first obtain Novice Token by winning BG2 matches. Then you take your Novice Tokens to the Novice Machine inside the Battleground lobby and use them for a chance at winning a 1st Class Shadow Box . Opening this Shadow Box will then give you a random 1st Class Shadow Gear. Also, I've included an image of the Novice Machine in the Battleground lobby below to further help you find what you're looking for:
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    I dissapointed when drop rate for some items increase. Why? because the price will significant dropping, which caused by many people had the items. Same with this case.... i dont have the costume CE, but if i want, i can buy it from ppl who get it, or i'll farm harder the box....if i dont get it and i wouldn't buy it, i just give up, not asking gm to increase the drop rate.... Last month, boss costume CE drop rate increase from 0,25 to 5% give a punch for vendors, now its not rare anymore...not only that, costume box(roulette) after update last month price drop significantly. Omg, pls no more pain la.... -1
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    Your stance on the temporary BG2 change seems very contradictory. You state you dislike it because the increased number of people doing it aren't going just simply for the sake of PvP and instead are just doing it for the rewards. But adding Classic/War Badges requirements to the Deepsea items would ultimately end up creating the exact same situation with more people running BG just for the sake of rewards. Which you just said you don't like. Well to me it just seems like you care more about your badge selling profits rather than how many people are doing BG. Because you sure do go on about the economy of badges a lot. Also, your real-life analogy there is incredibly absurd. I mean for starters those two things are not at all remotely similar. Since at the moment the Deepsea items don't require BG badges. So PvM players don't NEED to buy or farm them in order to make their Deepsea items. Honestly a more accurate analogy if you want to compare things to real-life would be if suddenly you needed to start paying with "something extra" in addition to your money when buying your food when you never had to before. Also, this "something extra" would be something you couldn't get simply just by working at your normal job. Instead you would need to use your real money to buy this "something extra" off other people and use it along with your real money to buy your food. So what you're basically asking for is an inconvenience that didn't previously exist to be added all just for the sake of further incentivizing badge sales. Well it's your suggestion thread. So it's not anyone else's responsibility to come up with other better suggestions for you. Also, if you feel like Lai has shot down your idea then it's your own responsibility to create a new better suggestion thread if you genuinely care about this issue that much.
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    Costume Box(Love) you'll need to open a buch of this to get Pretty Rabbit Hood for more info on costume HGs and where you can get em follow this link all costumes are listed here
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    Dont waste your time here, Russian. Lai is crazy guy. You will regret soon!!