Once a Limitorian, Forever be a Limitorian
I've been playing LimitRo since 2008 or 09's until I got busy in my studies so I need stop playing until I finnished school and when I have my own time in playing. Just this May 2018 in my vacant time I remember this game, ever since I always missed playing LimitRO, Playing with friends and with my brother. So i tried to search for and to install this game hoping that my account in limitRO is not deleted like of the others. I thank God and limitRO to my surprised that my account is still here ! Thank you so much ! Now though my character are not that strong, not rich, just a simple happy gamer loofing around. Annoying some monsters to kick their butt. Im contented and Im very happy to see my characters once again and play as much time that I have. Thanks to all the staff of this game ! I was never wrong to chose this game ! :) Hope til I got old I will be still having my account. More wisdom ! Godbless
Isiahmaher 27-05-2018