Dear Limit RO
My first private server I have played, and it was 2011 my friends and I choose Limit RO as our second home and since our first hit on a poring we are thankful that we land here, GM's are friendly and they make sure that players are having fun by giving events, addressing game issues, and the best part is removing the burden in leveling (whew I can kill stormy knight without taking me months of leveling) . But because of work and family (getting old problems), me and some of my friends have been on a 5 year hiatus . And because of work we are on different parts of the world right now and playing Limit RO again makes us in just one location having fun once again just like the first day we are playing here. Thank you very much Limit RO a lot has change since I played but the changes you made give us comfort and fun in playing this classic game. More power to you guys no winter will befall on you!
forestmagu 23-05-2017