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    Happy belated birthday onion xD 😂

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  • Higanbana  »  Inkfish

    Hello Inkfish, may I inquire regarding the Warlock's Comet skill? I would like to ask you here since you have already closed the topic at the Skill Bug Report.

    On Divine Pride's Sigma's post, it was written that as follow:

    "Inflicts new status effect "Magical Intoxication" on target for 20 seconds. Target under this effect will take more damage from all property by 50%." (highlighted in blue)1.thumb.png.2e5f8d675e9675d66986d2ea317decce.png

    In which, these descriptions matched what the 25.5.20 Changelog on Warlock Rebalances as Lai posted.

    You closed the topic with saying...


    it affects player should affect mobs?

    ...while it should work BOTH in PvP and PvM, considering the word used there was "target", not "player". I stress the word "target" here means that "any monsters or players that was hit by Comet" thus the 50% reduction of all elements should also apply on monsters.

    To supplement this, I have went through kRO website and the Comet debuff does work on monsters, as shown in the video below:

    As you can see, the first Crimson Rock casted dealt around ~161k damage, on the Egg (which is a mob). After Comet was casted, the second Crimson Rock dealt around ~310k damage, which shows increment of damage. This shows that the -50% magical resistance debuff does work on the eggs, thus monsters.


    I hope I could get positive feedback on this issue. Please give us Warlock some love.

    Thank you.


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