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  • onion

    Hello and meow. Good news today, my friends. Well, best news actually, hewhewhew. I have obtained my dearest: Barry the Chopper!

    Story: I go find the thing that makes the Dullahan types nicer: ‘Luxury Whisky Bottle’. I managed to get one on meow own and tried to tempt a Dullahan, but I fail. It is a bit tough since I am lacking no-cast AoE skills, so I have hired a Rebellion to help me. She gave me three Bottles and so I went to find more Dullahans.

    OK… let’s try this… Use Taming Item, make a Dullahan be nicer to you…


    Nyaa! Success! xD

    I did not choose Dullahan for the CRIT; I chose him because he cute.

    So OK, we go back to HQ and hmm… where is that portable Pet Incubator that the Friendly Poring gave… aha! Here it is. Abra cadabra… POM!


    I immediately call him Barry the Chopper. He cute, but his eyes are not white? How odd. //stares into Barry’s eyes// Hmm, really nothing inside… Anyway, must go find some FOOD for Barry. He say he like them booze. A hundred ‘Sunset on the Rock’, please, Mr Pet Groomer! ^^


    I will go get his accessory from the Genie in Asgard on another day. For now, I just want to rest with Barry.

    OK bye!

  • Sven Mq

    Sven: Meet the Peperos. The one closest to me is Creme Pepero who's always happy to see me, followed by Cookie Pepero und the rarest boi, Choco Pepero at the back. Ja, I was bored ok.



  • onion

    Hello and meow~ I love cute headgears! (Who doesn't? xD) I have been going places to get more pocket money and here I have... a Chocolate Bar hat! It's a costume, so my Autumn Leaves are underneath it, invisible.

    Look at this choco bar. So bold fashion statement, meow~

    OK bye!

    P/S: ...I suddenly recall that the Sous Chef is still waiting for me to give him the New World foodstuff... T_T

  • Sven Mq

    I don't really draw much these days but I just had to draw Rookie.
    It's my interpretation based on his sprite and personality.
    I love Rebellions.

  • onion

    Hello and meow. Now that I have gained a lot of experience, I can hunt more monsters and get more pocket money. I revisit the Vending Harbour's hatters and I bought meself something that represents meow personality: Autumn Leaves hat!

    Went to see Recorder in the Con-chillina and showed him my new hat. He agrees, it suits me well, nyaahahaha~ :3


    Went to say hi to the catz in the kitchen as well and Sous Chef wants me to bring them new food stuff... Uuuu...

    Me with the catz. Sous Chef behind the kitchen counter.

    Off I go... to trot around with my new hat, not to bring Sous Chef food, hewhewhew~

    OK bye!

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