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  • onion

    Here be some Rebels I like. I am talking about people in the rebellion, not the Rebel class (but me love that too). Following the Terra Gloria, I travel to the Heart Hunter Base. Meow likes this place, but most times, me lazy to do anything~

    First up is Rookie, the mew guy in Klana Nemieri who tends to the old children-- uh, I mean veterans of the previous rebellion.


    Rookie is a typical Norman-next-door who not get along well with family and he left, try start new life as a Rebel trainee (meow can only hope he was a Gunslinger before this, and did not skip school). Rookie can't shoot right. Meow looking at his holster, sees a... Gold Lux? No wonder the man can't shoot straight. Why you take gun from Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear hammers things, not shoot. Never trust that mob. Rookie should get the Illusion Gold Lux, if the kids at the hideout would cut him some slack.

    Next: the Gunslingers, an unknown Norman and Yuslan.


    Yuslan has moustache, looks kinda cute. And the other one, the unnamed, will help to escort you out if you don't want to be in the Base anymore.

    Finally, m'man, Julian. He da bomb.

    ey why meow pictures getting smaller

    Together with the Striker Unit Commander in Einbroch Field, Julian leads the Rebellion raid at the Heart Hunter Base. He is good with explosives, so he smells of gunpowder more than other Rebels. Meow likes Julian much. I think it is because his little ponytail (can't see it here though, hmm). It is like myaa little ponytail~ Julian should date Elena, if they both still single.

    All Rebel class enthusiasts should do Terra Gloria quest and daily quests because it’s so wow. Nice places to see, cool mission, and be alongside badass Rebels.

  • Sven Mq

    THIS DRINK... ja, heel mooi!



    On a more significant note, I finally get the balloon I wanted!


  • onion

    Today I give you the wonderful beauty of El Dicastes, bustling capital city of the Saphas... and meow new costume headgear, hehehe! xD This is Horo Fox Ears, obtainable from Kafra Egg Scrolls, but this one is gifted to myaa by a good fellow whom I met when I first came to Limit. Thank you!

    (click for full mew, I think)

    It actually meow first time going to this place. Hope to explore more one day... Hmm...

    Anyway, El Dicastes is walled up on all sides by steep mountains. The city is divided into 4 sections: the refinery and factory; residential section; the barracks section for training; and the dormitories. Outside is the Kamida Mountain which is also where the Scaraba Hall is.

    Oh, you can't speak to the Saphas unless you have the Ring of the Ancient Wise King. Meow not have it, sadly.

    So, OK, that all. Bye~

  • Sven Mq

    Rebel Scarf -- check, Mob Scarf -- check.
    I done making these two now I`m going to sleep for 10 days straight /spin

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