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  • Sven Mq

    Sven: Dude, sth's really wrong with that guy who does the Rolling Cutter... Idk who tf it is, but they spam it every 8 sec, for hecc knows how long, man. I've been going to HQ from time-to-time and still seeing em do that. Ugh. Pisses me off, lol.


  • onion

    ~ Ghost Palace ~

    Hello and meow. It me first time going to the Ghost Palace. What a beautiful palace this is. Aaaaand since I was so amused, you can guess: many pictures!! x_x I sorry.

    So... OK. I am helping this Norman with his heroic deed of protecting Princess. They are secretly in love with each other, but I guess ranking separates people.


    One day, King says to Princess, "Meow dear, a prince coming, he want marry nyaa." Sakray sad, Princess also sad; but nothing can do. However... this is not normal prince! He demon! Hisssss! Suddenly monsters in palace and suddenly this!


    Sakray is captured! King say he a traitor, bringing mobs into Palace just so he can have Princess to himself. Sakray say no, it not him, he protecc princess! But nobody believe him. It OK, Sakray, meow believe you... and so does this ancient being... The Tirfing believes you, too... This sword is bad news, but Sakray is deperate. He sells his soul to the cursed sword without a second thought because he wanna protecc girlfr-- I mean, Princess!

    OK, now what. Hey, this is the prince! Look is like Admiral, hewhewhew~


    Looks like Prince killed everyone, even King. He a mad boi. Now he saying he want Tirfing, in exchange for Princess. Sakray agree, give Tirfing because his mission is to protecc princess, after all... but Tirfing not like the prince. It acts up and makes prince so angrery.

    What the meow?! Prince become demon!! And suddenly DING, chat window also pop up! x'D


    No no, meow not scared. Meow just.. taking great caution. Look, I stoop, I look cute and get less damage. Good strategy. After defeating this demon prince (it was easy, nyaa u_u), we arrived to where Princess is.


    She is ded. It was not explained here, but meow read history book. Demon prince was angery Tirfing not like him, so he tightened veins around Princess, shredding her to pieces and leaving only her head. ... ... wow. Violent, nyaa. So Sakray loses his mind and Tirfing used this opportune moment to bind him... He becomes cursed and grows long Sunsilk hair. Sakray will be wandering about, looking for good blood to satisfy Tirfing's thirst. Tirfing's thirst. That sounds funny.

    And so I leave the Ghost Palace and all its memories... I return to HQ and I just sat. Poor Sakray. How much of him is left and how much of him is demonic? Hmm...

    That aside, these are just some pictures on the nonsense side of things:

    I am king, yaay. Also, I read books. Actually meow cannot read cursive well.

    Meow blush that Sakray will be watching me grow~ nyaaa~ xD

    Lastly, no matter in what form, I hate this guy. Annoying undead throwing his bones at me!


    OK, bye! Sorry it long, but thanks for reading!

    (onion says: Golly, I have a LOT of official content to catch up on. I did read this chapter in the manhwa over a decade ago, but at that time I couldn't really grasp the story. Playing this instance is a good way to combine what I knew into something understandable.)

  • Sven Mq

    Meanwhile Sven in real world:


  • Sven Mq

    Sven: I tried out the Dead Branch room with Cat. Was cool, but too much plants. Accidentally summons Ifrit, killed it, got his eyes and now I look like the fkin Devil.



  • onion

    ~ Beginner's Luck! ~

    Greetings, meow hath returned from Lasagna and docked in Izlude. Upon returning, I met up with Sven and we met a robot Geneticist named Charleston Unit IV. This robot is an adventurer like us. This robot asked me if I wanted to try my luck with making a stronger weapon using a method of 100% success rate.

    What she talking? Ha, a Malangdo enchantment, that's what! So, we went there and I unfortunately recall that I accidentally got dragged into having to play with baby cats... I mean, nyaa, I do have a Glass Bead with me (I have two, don't ask why) but meow not want to play with kittens.

    Sven had immediately begun exploring the island and the Navi (the ship these Dorams here sailed on; meow still like the Conchillina u_u) while Charleston Unit IV showed me Mayo Mayo. She gave me some of the Malangdo currency to start with. I love my +8 Yellow Foxtail, so I hoped everything will be fine.

    And look, beginner's luck! AGI +4 and Expert Archer 6.


    This is meow FIRST enchantment in me LIFE. Was this good enchantment? Not know! All of us went to Asgard's Training Ground and wow, it a very ameowzing!! xD My normal attack went from 800 to 1,000. Picky Peck went up from 170k to 190k. This is with Asgard's buff and all, of course... Once I topped it with +6 Foods, it reached 200k.

    This... this is good stuff. O_O Meow likes. Much thanks to a robot adventurer. xD

    (onion says: I did read up the Wiki later on and have now educated myself a bit on enchantments, lol)

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