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  • Andrew Yang  »  Lai

    Is it possible for you to let us know which guild were using Freya Set in Silk WoE so we can all judge them. :^)
    Also is disabling it in Silk WoE = Silk everything (BG/PVP)(Please be yes)

  • Storm  »  Lai

    Is it true you are banning players that have illusion armour with neev enchants when it was previously allowed? someone posted about losing mods when enchanting using the illusion npc. You said it shouldn't remove mods when enchanting illusion items. emistry then fixed the issue and even posted screen shot of him enchanting with neev and resetting to test mods bug. So it was allowed before and now its a bug exploit? If you dont ban player but remove items will player get compensated for zeny spent getting enchants and vip spent upgrading? 

  • Sven Mq

    Norway is Asia

    So I am half Asian

  • ZELORD  »  Lai

    Hello there!
    My name is Zel, 
    why when I play LRO so lag already yesterday, my connection is good and stable but my compilation is playing LRO no, please fix it if there is a problem with the server. thank you.

  • Sven Mq

    With my mentor @Farlhart

    We're just plotting on overthrowing Rekenber... nothing big. /gg




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