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  • Lai

    Attack ended.

  • Lai

    Hi, we were attacked 4 hours ago, which caused some trouble with connection. (System auto protection were activated 4 hours ago.)


  • Hilmir

    Celebrate Easter with us! Decorate your eggs and share the picture here to claim our exclusive Happy Easter Balloon costume!


  • Lai

    LimitRO Silk WoE #limitro #ragnarokonline #woe
    *Max 24 members in active castle
    *No refined item
    *Fixed usable items
    *All gears rentable
    It's all about your tactics and skills.
    Literally everyone can join, can't be more balanced than this!
    I hope this update will encourage New and Mid players to rise and enter the WoE scene.
    More info: on LimitRO forums

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