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  • Yesus

    screenLimitRO077.thumb.jpg.913f586118371e84db06ede912b6cb61.jpgHate Crew Bloody Branching

  • Yesus

    This Labas Pasok Sabay Pasok

    one of my haters, hates me that i point out his lowballing

    ok i lowball too but i do it in private

    and ppl give me good deals coz im a good boi 

    so be a good boi too

    i think this is one of the toxic pvp player he had pvp gear

    i guess i need to prep some pvp gear for encounters like this

    well as you requested here you go

    and also your ign is bad






  • Sven Mq

    The other day...
    Rebellion squad!



    And another one -- though different people. It’s just nice to see a line-up of Rebellions.


  • onion

    :: Klana Nemieri ala Hocus Pocus ::

    Hey, guys. Random thought on the Klana Nemieri folks. 😏

    I've recently managed to defeat Cmdr Bolkova using my Doram and I've spent some days in the Rebellion hideout, Klana Nemieri, doing the daily tasks, hangin' out with the Rebellion and all...

    And the thought came to me... You know the old ladies in that classy little joint of theirs? In the spirit of Halloween, I suddenly visualised them as the Sandersons sisters from Hocus Pocus (1993 movie). And that's only the first part of the cast!


    Dien as Winifred "Winnie" Sanderson. Winnie is the leader of the trio, much like what Dien seems to be for the Rebelllion.
    Cotnes as Mary Sanderson. Mary just goes with whatever Winnie says, pretty much like Cotnes who keeps saying "if Dien says so" and stuff like that.
    Ridsh as Sarah Sanderson. The oddly-young and somehow-pretty sister among the three.
    Larcis as The Spell Book. The Sanderson sisters rely a lot on their Spell Book to go about their day -- kinda like what Larcis is to Dien and gang.

    Aaaaand for the heck of it:


    Sven as Max Dennison, the protagonist who has to save his sister, Dani. Yeah, Sven saves Un's ass a lot, hahaha (in return, Un agrees to be thrown to MVPs as bait)
    Un as Dani Dennison, protagonist's little sister who gets into trouble.


    Rookie and Lazy as Jay and Ice who bully Max (Sven).
    Rupert as Billy. Billy is Winnie's ex and likes to talk bad with her, hahaha. Winnie stitches up Billy's mouth, an extreme version of Dien yanking Rupert's beard.

    OK, I joke. G'night, y'all.

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