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  • onion

    Limitless Island, Finally!

    Hello and meow. Sudden Limitless party by Sven + good teamwork + strong people = Limitless Island!! These two noobs... myaa friend and I... we finally get to know what this place is!! YAASSSSSS!! Also, what the heck Scar of Tarou damn good skill. I always knew it was good but wow.

    Lots of things to discover on this egg-shaped island!

    OK, that all. Short post because didn't have time to take more pictures. Lunette was hell. How many times me become a ded. I did put a paw in the Solar Temple, but died too hahahaha! xD

    But hey, now meow has access to advanced Bounty Boards!! xD

  • Sven Mq

    Today we managed to do impromptu Lunette! It was good))) I was the Party Leader who basically just did consulting wiki while playing, haha. Thanks to Fahri, Ry, Xue, Aleth, NC and Un for being part of the party. It all started as an idea of wanting to give access to Limitless Island for Un and NC /heh  Now I finally understand too what is going on there.




  • onion

    Midnight Shenanigans!

    With the Winter Amusement Park leaving soon, myaa guildies and I decided to have some fun with Transformation Scrolls and turn into Christmas Smokies! The Hate Crew becomes Mischief Crew, nyehheheheh~ xD


    OK so goodnight, everyone!

  • AlsonArigato  »  Zombie

    Dear Sir,

    i am fascinated by your post on Gene,

    I just started to play in Limitro and i have been trying to get the gears as per recommended.

    But even with kiel and dex 120+20 i am still unable to do insta cast on Cart Cannon. 

    Is there any recommendationm from u?


  • onion

    To start off this new year, I made a new hat for Salad (myaa household Rebel and farmer). I have been going for the Airship Raid instances before this and thought I needed five Costume Ferlock Hats, so I gave up on it because I never got more than two.

    Then it turns out I needed only two, hahaha silly myaa. So, here it is! Happy mew year, Salad! A Ferlock's Hat for you!


    A new friend had helped me to gather the materials needed, so this hat was made very quickly, hehe. And yes, I has a monkey now, but meow not know what to name it yet. They say Choco pet good for ranged-attack types, so meow will try help this chocolate monkey be dark chocolate monkey.

    🎇 So OK... Happy Mew Year to everyone as well! 🎆

    (As for myaa, I already ended previous year with upgrading my Cat Fork with more power, nyehhehehehh!)

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