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  • Yesus

    yey there are some solar farmers in TMM guild XD

    Bio5 is more easy to me now just gets surprised with the occassional db, maxpain, and sliding to mobs :P


    mech solar party.JPG

  • Yesus

    TMM todg run!

    i think right now TMM is the most active PVM guild. 

    Still looking for active players to party with for Solar and Bio 5, esp Solar





  • Sven Mq

    At FWN.
    I wanted to drink Hwelgemir's Tonic, but then accidentally clicked Poring scroll. /oops


  • Sven Mq

    To Aeniss and Mr Gangster
    Yall overestimate my abilities, I'm laziest farmer ever I never even thought of dual clienting for farming tha_t10 /heh Salad is @onion I'm dying cuz yall mistake me for a cHICK

    P/S: What does it even matter to y'all /oops

  • onion

    Today, Svenni hath gifted me a 'Crimson Hairband' costume headgear. It's so pretty and very ladylike... xD

    Picnic in the sky~

    ...unlike the 'Roast Memory' (though this can be pretty funny!). x'DDD

    With a member of 'casual Lava party'.

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