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  • Sven Mq

    when you're just too fking hot


  • Yesus

    Black list on deals



    overpricing event to newbies

    someone was looking for holy water he selling it for 100k :o

    mag glove and cel brooch for 24v ea :o

    and spamming it even

  • onion

    Just a random tale, hehe. Meow just want to show new hats but no adventure story.

    Once upon a nyaa, there was a Doram. No, it not Un. This Doram was naughty Doram. She came from the gutters of Einbech, paws dirty maybe from the mines. With her Cylinder Hairband, she arriving in Canal City Al de Baran and she saw another Doram, but this Doram had nice bag.

    "This is a stick-up!" she meowed naughtily, unveiling her guns which she had (possibly stolen) from Mason's dump in Einbech. The brown Doram was shocked. "I am nyaa-ing that nice dainty hat in your bag," the naughty Doram went on. "Give me that hat and I spare all nine of your lives."

    Reluctantly, the brown Doram gave up the dainty Mini Star Hat and scampered away. The naughty Doram laughed triumphantly, the hat was hers, nyehheheheh~


    But then suddenly, a big thug Doram came and pummelled her for stealing from his little bro. "That should teach you a lesson, hiss!" said the thug Doram, snatching the Mini Star Hat back for his brown little brother. Getting pummeled earned her another headgear, the Costume Vicious Stop Bandage.

    (that Unhappy Soul is… uh… borrowed from the resident Archbishop…)

    The naughty Doram ran away and rested at an inn. There, she reflected on her actions and turned over a new grass.

    Now she is a happy Doram because she learn not to steal from other people. A passing Rebel who overheard her meowing this story decided to gift her a blue Lambi Ear Fluff. And they all mewed happily ever nyaa-fter. The end~


    OK bye.

  • Sven Mq

    Today GM Meteoric is more like 'math-eoric'. There was a Maths event and I managed to join just in time.
    It was pretty weird and fun. I answered stuff I thought was wrong and then, this:


    Also, here's some random pic of me giving food to Lazy:


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