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    Personally you are the dumbest one alive here. As soon as something is explained about being broken. You turn it around giving bulshyt reason.

    There are more things broken out there if you are so smart and knowledgeable why don't you go and try to fix them as well. 

    Or else just let my Hatred boner penetrate your rectum while you stay calm about the bleeding it causes. 

    I don't have anything against you personally , it's just ur retarded posts which keep showing how good you are at copy pasting.

    You only see what you want to see and remain Oblivion to the fact that you keep suggesting broken shyt without even understanding. 

    As long I make use of your retarded suggestions when they are implemented I won't have any problem. Once some else uses it against us. I'll come looking for you with my Boner. Dats being selfish ;)



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  • Skadilicious

    whose great idea was it to remove arrows from vh? you suck!

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