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    Post 78 – The Memory Records (Pt. 2 of 2)

    …in which Atnad’s past is explained! Seems like he and the Chairman’s Secretary have an unpleasant history that might soothe Nile’s hatred for her father! It sounds like an honest mistake, but who is this man, really? And why even Chairman wants to see us??

    So, hello and meow. Continuing from myaa previous post, off we go to Rekenber Corporation Headquarters in Lighthalzen… to see this guy!

    The Chairman of Rekenber Corporation.

    Oh right, be very careful of this thief below… He changes location sometimes, but he will steal your money!! Always make sure to nyaa your Zeny when you arrive in Lighthalzen.

    Beware the pickpocket!

    The glorious Rekenber Corp. Click for full wealth. I mean, view.

    OK, so we are all gathered today to straighten things out (more like making sure everything is still under Rekenber’s paws…). The Secretary spoke up. His name is Tatio. He says he is actually from Verus City, one of the robots made by Atnad’s great grandpappy. He said that us going through the Memory Records is like going through his diary. While he does allow us to continue playing the Records, he says keep it secret, don’t tell people. Of course, the Chairman knows all this already…

    The meeting with the chairman.
    Clockwise from Chairman: Atnad, meow, Nile with Luke behind her as escort, Aureth, and Tatio the bot.

    Tatio also said that after his creator (and friend) was gone, he was left in Verus alone, so he took it upon himself to protect this city that his creator loved by keeping it safe from outside world. When Ian Atnad first went on his expedition some time ago , he attacked Atnad because the world is not ready for Verus and its technology, saying it is like putting lethal weapon into children’s hands. Atnad had found the passageway to the city, that was why he had to be stopped; but Tatio took care of him while he was unconscious because he was related to the Atnad who created him.

    Hmm, me assumes this is why Tatio went with Rekenber’s Chairman, to ‘protect’ Verus, to keep it intact. Meow has doubts, but let’s continue listening to Tatio.

    While doing that, he altered Ian Atnad’s meowmery to cover up on Verus’ existence. That’s why Ian Atnad never returned to Nile and family. He forgot he had family and the letters he wrote all had inaccurate addresses, thus never reaching Nile… or something like that.

    Conclusion is that Atnad’s Excavation Team can continue their work as usual, just don’t go around meowing about it. What happens in Verus, stays in Verus.


    What meow is wondering… hmmm… Rekenber has already taken some of Verus tech (and Tatio say we’d already advance greatly with the remnants of Verus tech). With their Phantasmagorika Project there, wouldn’t they have also the Memory Records and access to the techs? If they rebuild Verus… what would happen? Rekenber rules the world??

    OK, that all for tonight. Meow tired now. x_x


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    Post 77 - The Memory Records (Pt. 1 of 2) which we continue our adventures in Verus City and uncover the secrets of... The Memory Records! What is this Memory Record? Is it a top secret item? Why suddenly mysterious young man visits Atnad's camp and asks him to see the Chairman of Rekenber Corporation??

    Hello and meow. Un here. It been half a week of me in Verus. So I put on myaa Mine Helmet (safety first!) and start was wandering off at further north of Verus where I found a Memory Record in a pile of strewn paper. Hmm, what this eh… let's go ask old man Ian Atnad.

    He wants meow to get the Record Player. He has one at his house but he said his daughter, Nile had sold off the house (because she hates him). Anyway, it's time to see Alcyone Nile Atnad, or Nile for short. She is the stubborn founder and commander of the Paradise Group. She says need to find 5 so that it works. So. OK. Found five and told Atnad about it too.


    Atnad then say meow have to go up north again to where more of these Records are: Laboratory-OPTATIO. So meow go. u_u Need 5 Laboratory Memory Records this time. Lab-OPTATIO area is niiiiiice~ Very post-acolyte. Eh no no, I mean post-apocalytic.

    Laboratory-OPTATIO scenic scene. Click for full mew.

    I met up with someone called Verity and she guards the way to the underground labs where the Laboratory Memory Records can be found. Inside there also have mobs I have never seen!


    So, following the usual drill, I brought back the 5 Lab Memory Records and showed it to Nile, and we played it on the Record Player. All the Memory Records seem to talk about people doing research, and one of them was Atnad. Not Ian, but another Atnad from the past. Mewwhile, Aureth completed Report on what Lloyd the cat was working on, so that one meow understand is good progress…

    And then suddenly an unknown Norman appears, smelling like dubious wealth that is Rekenber Corporation.

    The Chairman's Secretary.

    Told us he is Rekenber Chairman's Secretary and to leave the Memory Records alone. Also to come to Rekenber Headquarters in Lighthalzen to meet with Rekenber Corporation's Chairman.

    To go? Not go? Ha, old man Atnad says go, so we go!
    Atnad Excavation Team... to Rekenber Corporation!

    (to be continued...)

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    Hello and meow. Slightly long adventure post~ ^^ I know I already made a Verus post [here], but when I look back I realise I did that just to tag along with Svenni for Charleston Crisis. So this time, I truly do it all! For this post, it is just halfway of Verus' six main quests.

    Ehhh might be spoiler for those who haven't done the quest.

    What is Verus City? It is a city that you cannot go to via Kafra or @go commands haha. It is an abandoned city near Juperos ruins, its citizens evacuating after an explosion happened. It was soon buried away by time... until Rekenber Corporation found it. So, they wanna dig up and salvage what tech they can find for... hmm... meow not know, maybe to put them in a certain lab for some certain advanced research by a certain mad scientist whom a certain Verus bard spoke of? (coughwernercough)

    Anyway, on to the journey!

    First, meow had to go to Juperos to find the entrance to head down to Verus. It seems that some people --ehem ehem, will be revealed later-- has broken the elevator that leads us straight there, so we have to take a big detour... After nyaaing through, I found it. The Rekenber guard says to go on following the mark on the map until we see another guard. So, OK.

    Welcome greeting by... weird thing.

    Scenic scene. Can click for full mew.

    Meow reached the end of the first passageway. Well, well well~ Guess who it is... They look like our lovely friends from Geffen Magic Tournament -- the Geffen Shoplifter, Ifodes the Rune Knight, and Licheni the High Priestess. But no it not them because these are Rekenber’s Adventurers. Familiar faces from the past, in the present... a nice touch. No, no, Rekenber wouldn't experiment on them, ever...  >_>


    Anyway, like them, we'd have to go through a rockier passage. Who dug this... but hey, we have arrived at Verus City! Scenic scene and... they need to fix the tiles. Hurts myaa paws.

    Can click for full mew.

    So meow has to talk, talk, talk. First stop, the Receptionist Nara, then help out the Guide Scarlet to fix the broken elevator. Meow circle the picture so you can see the culprit! The finally we go to the expedition's main man: Ian Atnad and his friend, Rahim Aureth.


    For today, I did not do much. Just helping Scarlet repair elevator (stupid Du Lian, but I love his party) and getting old man Atnad a food. Sigh. Oh, I helped a fellow Doram named Lloyd with his task with machines. Next to him there is Luke who helped cook the food for Atnad.


    So OK, that all for now. Meow continue another time. Bye!

    Oh one final scenic scene, hehe~

    Can click for full mew.

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    Hello and meow. Long time me not post stuff, so here I celebrate joining a new guild and myaa new hats! Also featuring my guildmates and leader! Meow recently joined the Hate Crew and they do DT runs, so... here some casual pics!

    My Guild Leader, me, and guildmates Xueren and Svenni!

    Chilling out at Asgard while waiting for boss to start DT. Beast Helm time!

    Meow went to their guild base and ran all over the place already, touching everything with me cat paws. They have a beach, a ship, and a sunken ship! I'm like wowwww~ never been to a guild base before.

    OK, I got two new hats! One is from Central Laboratory instance. Meow go tag along with Oppal. The final MVP monster was Detale and it dropped the Metal Dragon Helm. Oppal gave to me... well OK, Detale gave to him and he gave to me. I traded a Treasure Chest with him for it.

    Sitting with new hat and guildmates Xueren, me, Oppalance, and Svenni.

    Next new hat is the Shibainu Hat. Xueren gave this to me. Meow feels confused wearing it, but OK, me keeps it. Reminds myaa of a certain dog.


    So... OK, that all. Bye!

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