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  • Sven Mq

    My pal Verz and I were messing around tryna enchant my Racing Cap. I gave it to him to try his luck... and...
    well check this:


    I FKING GOT IT!!! Thanks to Verz ofc and his magical luck. The GUNSLINGER enchant!!!

  • Sven Mq



    For some time, I had a vision of a guild... of a Rebellion Guild... where Rebellions aren't just hunters or farmers, but a force to be feared. I imagine it being led by a knowledgeable and powerful Rebel. It cannot be me, nor him, but only the "one".

  • onion

    Meow got me final batch of Hopeful Egg Scrolls today, so I have total of ten egg scrolls. Let's open! Alongside the obligatory Transformation Scroll (Mavka), I have gotten... the Jap Cop Hat!


    Also got meowself another Baby Penguin, heh. OK, that all.

    Oh, have a cute picture of Mr Tarou (a.k.a. Bahamut) drinking.


  • Devourment

    If you see it.. your mind is dirty


  • Sven Mq

    These days, people just don’t have the Rebellion spirit in them.


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