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  • Sven Mq

    So... After some misunderstanding with NPC, I have finally made Illusion Hotheaded band whatever!
    Now I learn from cupcup that if you want to make an Illusion equipment for example weapon, you unequip whatever weapon, if headgear, take off headgear. Easy to conclude, come to NPC naked because he likes you that way and gets motivation to make you equipment.



  • onion

    Hello and meow. Un here and we are recording Day 6 of being in Verus City as part of Ian Atnad’s excavation team. After the sudden trip to Lighthalzen (to see Rekenber Chairman), meow return to Verus City to continue exploring. Nyaa? Seems like some noise over there with Du Lian and his party.

    Du seems fascinated by the fountain, for unknown reasons (I think he was just bored) and calls upon his friends to just look at it! He has “wiped it clean and now it’s so sparkly!”

    Alf then noticed how the fountain itself was too clean for something that’s been buried for so long. So clean that he can’t find a trace of… anything. The party shifted their focus to Tamarin who suggested we look at the sundries scattered to the left of the fountain. As before, Alf says these sundries are also clean.


    And so we went to a tree nearby and I second Tamarin’s notion: that Du said the smartest thing we’ve all heard — that trees need sunlight to grow, so how could one grow here? Maggi didn’t sense any magic from the tree though, so nobody knows how this is possible.

    While heading to the tree, meow over heard some chattering… Probably Rekenber’s team of adventurers…


    Anyway, after the tree, we headed to a strange Signboard. Then we saw the path up north and Du rushes off despite Mark telling him not to go running off on his own. So, we all follow him to Verus Central Plaza. The amount of bots is annoying me! Anyway, found Du and he said go check out the nearby Fountain, so OK. Same thing, it was very clean. Alf said that Verus people didn’t rot here and die… nor did they leave…


    Meanwhile, Mark had went ahead to the north of the Plaza and he noticed so many giant robots everywhere in the ruins. There were areas up ahead, blocked by Rekenber (except for meow, meow can go through, nyahahah), so Mark said let’s leave it be. Tamarin decided to take a peek with Maggi, so meow went to them.


    At the blocked areas, Maggi sensed an energy. Not that of a living thing, but is as strong. Du then said he didn’t want to explore those areas, which was funny because he was always the one bolting off, earning him the nickname Red-haired Boar because he was always running (nyeheheh). Du hated that and said he had cooler nicknames, but meow never got to hear any.

    So, out of luck and traces, all of us headed back to the Fountain in Verus Excavation Site.

    Hmm… this was not entirely a wild goose chase, but it sort of is, nyaa…

  • Sven Mq

    I have finally made the Tiger Hat whatever! This hat would not have been possible to make without the help of Xue, Mitzy, Ry, vendors of Shopping Mall und the ability to binge IS! Danke schön!


  • Sven Mq

    Winter Park is amazing!! I didn’t get to take much photos yet because I was too busy having fun, haha.



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