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  • Akin

    Same old limit.

    After losing some of their millions damage. Came crying and revert after a few min. Just don't go crying again after damage goes too high after more and more updates and ask to disable this, cap that and more fukkary happens in the long run. When a simple solution was available.

    I take my leave.

  • onion

    Was cleaning up my browser's old RO bookmarks and came across some gems.

    Missing those good ol' days when RO had the good ol' art. ;) It was what attracted me to play when it first came out. Their art had a signature style.


    Priest and Knight -- classic combo.

    Badass Bard.

    Source: [Creative Uncut] and  [Ragnarök Gamepedia]. Salute to the people who made the latter.

    Hope their future art will be like this again. The newer art (including jRO art) is more anime style and simplistic, not really to my liking. I wonder if the losses suffered by Gravity had anything to do with it... We all make mistakes, but sometimes we pay dearly for the consequences. I guess I just wish their current art was less generic... but hey, that's just my preference.

  • onion

    Meme~ The true nature of the Summoner job:


    It's actually a pretty dark job/class because it uses and consumes souls, the thing that is obtained only from the living. Example, absorbing shrimp soul to heal, using tuna soul to heal and to use as shield, spirit of earth (vines) to grab and throw at people's faces... Yeah...

  • Sven Mq

    Самая красивая винтовка)))


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