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    Hello there!
    My name is Zel, 
    why when I play LRO so lag already yesterday, my connection is good and stable but my compilation is playing LRO no, please fix it if there is a problem with the server. thank you.

  • Sven Mq

    With my mentor @Farlhart

    We're just plotting on overthrowing Rekenber... nothing big. /gg




  • onion

    Meowowow! What a way to celebrate me one year anniversary on Limit... Rebel bikes have arrived!! No more Peco Peco for the Rebellion! We been waiting for this bike for so long, finally Einbroch factory has released them. Smell that new bike scent, feel that cold shiny metal, listen to that vroom vroom~

    Meow household farmer, Salad finally gets compensation for her hard work. xD (Actually, meow already compensate her with that Chocolate Bar hat and the pink Bunny Scarf, but a bike is worth a lot.)

    Have pictures!

    First picture, a.k.a. bad photo no. 1:

    People meow know: Buster, Xue, Salad (duh), Svenni, and Yesus.
    Also, GM that is covered by Loki, dude with Jap Cop hat (top-right of pic).

    Second picture, a.k.a. bad photo no. 2:

    They actually at the top of Einbroch Tower (apple combo, please!), but you can't tell.
    Anyway, from top: Yesus, Sven, Salad, Xue, Loki.

    Third picture:

    Salad showing off her new bike, trying to flirt with Rebellion Guard Leader, Larcis. She been crushing on him since the first day they met. Meow thinks Larcis will fall in love... with the bike! x'D

    Fourth and final pic:

    Powerful pose, nyaa! Salad, Svenni, and XueXue. Yesus sleeping at the back, though... (cameo appearance by Byce, the RG at top-left of picture).

    OK, that's all. Bye~

  • Sven Mq

    The moment I heard we got Rebel Bike I was like `Yeah man Im so there`



    und my Obligatory boat picture


  • Sven Mq

    It is my 1 year Anniversary in Limit! It's been a year filled with laughs, cryings and angry shoutings. In all, pretty fun experience.

    1 year ago...


    And today...


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