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  • onion

    Meme~ The true nature of the Summoner job:


    It's actually a pretty dark job/class because it uses and consumes souls, the thing that is obtained only from the living. Example, absorbing shrimp soul to heal, using tuna soul to heal and to use as shield, spirit of earth (vines) to grab and throw at people's faces... Yeah...

  • Sven Mq

    Самая красивая винтовка)))


  • Sven Mq

    I draw Rebellion more than I play it at this point. Hahaha but I am having too much fun no one can stop me

  • Akin

    Just got back.. And.. Umm.. Why was Fafnir Scale nerfed? DB Build is like mid tier at best in current meta even with that armor. There's like a couple of game breaking builds.. But its DB that got nerfed. /hmm 

  • spdnep  »  Inkfish

    Hi, I want to report a aura bug just with my one character doesn't showing the aura effect,

    All the other character did showing well, I have try many way to solve, but seems something going wrong in my

    this two Characters

    The Aura doesn't showing Character IGN : AshleyR and Mr Humphrey

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