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  • Sven Mq

    Random imagination:
    Doram helpers and Rebellion cops.


  • Sven Mq

    Always remember your origins. We all started out small and we didn't get to where we are on our own.

  • onion

    Hello and meow. Un here. As promised, a more thrilling hat, an achievement for myaa. I finally got 'Racing Cap (Summoner) [1]'!! YAAAASSSSSSSSS!! For several nights, meow been racing and racing and I finally has it!


    Of course, as it is, it's useless. Need to refine to +11 for the perks. And also need to enchant it which I did, just to try out. What meow got was INT+2 thrice, INT+1 twice, VIT+2 once, and after one final reset, meow got DEX+3... so OK. Meow pause enchanting for now.

    And here is a little candid of a helpful Svenni giving tips to a newbie~ (brought to you by meow breadwinner Rebel, Salad). I think it looks so cute because Ranger teaching new Ranger, that's all. ^^


    OK bye!

  • Sven Mq

    Finally got myself a nice pair of slotted boots with a cool card to put in it... After 7 months! Haha. Why buy, when you can get!!?

  • onion

    Hello and meow. Un here. Tonight, RO Delivery Express (RoDex) has arrived with meow 30 Kafra Egg Scrolls! These come from LimitRO's Discord server! Yass, you can gather eggs in the mini-games channel and once you have 30, you can buy from the Kafra Bot. GM Lai will then use RoDex to give you the eggs. (Thanks, Lai!)

    So go and join LimitRO's Discord server now!

    Anyway, this what I got: 'Costume Neko Kafra Headband'!


    I also got other goodies like a Refine Ticket +9 for both Armour and Weapon, and two Kafra Rings. No Kafra Uniform, hehe... but meow content. ^^

    I also got this 'Alien Festival' costume hat last night, obtained from playing Lucky Roulette, won me a Costume Box (Standard). Sure, you can buy Costume Box (Standard) from Genie in Asgard, but this one is sort of for for free, nyehheheh~ It looks so festive and it is moving too, nyaa~ And it does not block me ears and Cowlick! Meow likes. >_<


    OK bye! Tomorrow I post a more thrilling hat, an achievement for myaa.

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