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  • Sven Mq

    Sven: Thanks to @Yesus' tip, my comp doesn't hang or do weird shit while playing RO. YASSSSSS. I even transformed into a cat! woof woof Sven MeowQ is here everyone you WILL KNOw my NAMe

    Yesus, I am waiting for Judas the Doram /fsh


  • Yesus

    Faiz mediating scam. nice to have players like this helping each other :)


  • Yesus

    Guys beware of UD or Singkawang in DT parties he left our HTF party when we were inside aldy and tried to sabotage our next fwn party


    UD ima make u famous if you dont change




  • onion

    New hats! One man's trash is a-nyaa-ther cat's treasure~ xD

    We start with the Ribbon Chef Hat. A Ranger dropped it at HQ, so meow picked it up and dusted it off a bit. Don't know where or how he got it, but it cute! Wish it was a costume~


    Second, this one was dropped by someone in Asgard, a Whisper Mask. I wanted the one with floating whispers (a gift for meow housemate, Thomas), but maybe this will do.


    This final one is a double-treat! Presented to me by the robot adventurer, Charleston Unit IV. This is the Pawn Officer Cap, very spunky; and to accompany me in Sven's absence, robot give me a Baby Penguin! That pingu is like a little bro because it almost meow height!


    OK bye!

  • onion


    Look! Doram spotted on Earth!

    And this reminds me of the Doram in Malangdo Culvert... o_O


    OK, getting off the computer now xD

    -- onion

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