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  • onion

    You've all heard of Doram Summoners, now behold Doram Rebels!


    Be afraid. Be very afraid, hewhewhew...

  • onion

    Hello and meow. You know these Midgard mobs named Magnolia, they are eggs but not like Eggring in Lasagna. These mobs be holding up pans to smack you with. So why do I want to risk getting hit with a pan? Because I read that Magnolia gives a hat and I want it!

    So... here we go... the rate in which it drops the hat is very, very low like a card. 0.25% chance.

    Those are the Magnolias around Barry and I.

    I managed to get 2 Magnolia Cards... but where is hat?? Every Magnolia after that, I say to please give me hat. I was like, "Hat... Haaaaat...." all the way with each Magnolia. After an hour or so, with things happening in between, I finally have it! I meowed out, "HAT!! HAT, EVERYBODY!!"

    So this me in 'Magnolia Hat [1]'.


    Isn't it cute?! xD This now my new favourite hat.

    Oh right, along the way yesterday-yesterday, I stumbled upon Yesus at Asgard! I said hello to him. >_< Yesus seems pro-Rebel, so that is an automatic +1 to me since in previous life, I come from a world that does not even care or know about Rebels and Dorams. Plus, he posts useful guide.

    So this is me with Sven and Yesus, hooray!


    OK bye~

  • onion

    Uuuu I was supposed to share this last, last, last night; but me tumtum ached after dinner. I just curl in one spot and recuperate. Cast Fresh Shrimp on tummy, but heal only 1 HP per second, aaaa...

    OK, OK... before I start, I know this a bad photography because the flower in background looks like some sort of big hat in itself. I sorry.

    So... these are hats given by people to me, except one. Picture first!


    The Costume ones were dropped by Geneticist Paracelsia; the rest were given to me by Sven; and the Little Sprout, I bought from someone at Vending Harbour (along with the Poporing Mascot hat).

    So... that all.

  • Sven Mq


    Server just dc-ed me the second time while I'm trying to trade with someone.
    Why can't I have normal life lol

  • Sven Mq

    Sven: Took a selfie with ghey boy Rookie. Also check out my hat, that's no costume 😉



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