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  • Vizarder23  »  Lai

    Lai i used to play Limit a really long time ago and i wanted to come back but i cant get my acc it says my password is wrong and i lost my email cuz ''spam'' you think you can help me to recover it ? i still remember tons of things on that account please

  • Hilmir

    Please help me list which skills are affected by the global cooldown bug here:

    Thank you! <3 :*

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  • Hilmir

    Changelogs up! Nothing much this week, just once upon a calm summer~ 🌞⛱️🌊



  • jcgonz24

    I want to report thirty (30) missing skill points after I reset my character... but I don't know where I should do that. My IGN is [Father Serio]. I am 100% sure I did not skip any job levels because I followed NPC Lime until becoming an AB. Can someone help me?

  • RieVieLeux

    Trying to login but my client from 2016 is failing to communicate with the server. Is there a new client? And do i need to download the whole 1.7gb?

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