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  • Christabel  »  Lai

    Hey, I'm having some issues with the forums 👼

    1) When I registered, two of my preferred emails returned a "this email is already in use". Yet, when I inquired for the passwords or tried to log, it was said the emails are not connected to an account 😐
    2) I made an epic sig for these forums, but due to image limitations had to shrink it to a third of its original size; And when I then wanted to provide a link (one single link) so people could see the full version, it did right away say too many links 😐
    I hope you're the right person to turn to and would be grateful if you could provide some possible answers or solutions 🙂

  • drpshukla  »  Lai

    I cannot login to the game, failed to connect to server. But the site says the server is online.

    Pls help.... !!

  • Tendril

    70-50% upgrade reduced, nice move. And after forcing players to use shitty CE, 5 vips per unenchant ...

  • Lai

    Sorry guys for the bad impact on the Costume Quests, I'm revamping them, to actually make some sense. Thank you all for submit your voice. 


  • vincentcen

    please reduce the materials of COSTUME MAKER. its insane for newbies to collect it.

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