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  • onion

    Yesterday, there was a shoutout on Main channel about some lost newbies in Mountain City, Payon. Supposedly, a Royal Guard left them there. So, I decided to check it out. Not many of them left when I got there. Meow suspect if they really newbies… Hmm… Still, it was an amewsing sight.


    That all.

  • Sven Mq

    Also, I got my costume from killing 10 Dark Lords! It looks so fkin boss!!! # instafilter


    When I was done with that, I called Cat and asked if Cat wanted to go Morse Cave. Cat meowed a yes. I was ready for some deaths and whatever. At some point we got teleported to this map that I forgot existed. It matches my snowfall. That's my soul on the floor. Kept on accidentally shooting it, hahaha.


    Cat helped by being distraction to mobs, so I could deal with the big boss there. Result: Didn't die!!! YESSS
    And I gotta say that Yesus gifts helped a lot in survivability too.


  • Sven Mq

    Today I went to Endless Tower for the first time in this life. Party led by @Yesus and joined in later by others. @onion was there too, but where is cat... Cat's Bahamut needs to drive faster. I fed my Peco food so it can go fast.


    It was a lot to climb but good exercise to have a healthy body and work on leg muscles. Eventually we got on top. It felt boss.


    Yesus and OP players were already waiting for us in there but... Obligatory Rebel and Cat photo!


    Even though 1 party member left the fun party without saying goodbye, we still had good fun and group pic. Gotta say the green flames and my purple aura looks good together.


    After party! Bloody branch breaking session. There was Kiel, Detale, Gopi...


    In all, good fun!!! A++ Would love to do it again.

  • Yesus

    [recruit] ET for fun got serious

    we went all the way

    was just suppose to show Un and Sven the bosses

    but alas they didnt get to see pros killed them too fast


    White Rabbit II left party at 100 wew so apparently baby his baby was crying aldy and wife crying aldy rip ET for being so long


    et pic.JPG

  • Sven Mq

    Kraken cannot kill my Rebel Spirit.


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