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  • onion

    Svenni and Un when not adventuring... xD


  • onion

    Hello and meow. Un here, long time no spam status. Hehehew, I joke. Anyway, after Yesus helped Sven out with his uhm... technical problem, meow finally gets to see Svenni and make Svenni wear this Mayor Doram Pawhat! It was given to me by robot's friend, Jinkies.

    Both of us thought it would make Sven look sooooo cute if he wears it, nyeehhhehehehhhh... /gg

    Me and my pingu, with Sven who is looking so cute. And no, that Pingu is not the Rekenber victim he spoke of.

    I sorry I not have picture of me wearing it. The hat's ears actually clashes with my own, so it looks weird, hahahaha... But it OK, I puts it in storage for me other housemates to wear.

    Unrelated P/S: Why people KS during Melon Farm? The farm is big enough for five adventurers, nyaaa. :< And don't tell me you cannot gather 50 melons in time...

  • Sven Mq

    This is the Rekenber victim, now identified as Pinguine. He has sharp teeth due to experimentation and is now under the protection of Sven MeowQ.


  • Sven Mq

    Sven: See that green-haired penguin? That's what happened to Robot after being bitten by Rekenber victim, Penguin.


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