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  • onion

    Hello and happy holidays. Un here. Tonight, meow celebrate new hats and mischief!

    After some time, as the duration of the Winter Amusement Park nears its end, I have managed to obtain the two pieces of Christmas clothing! Featuring… the Snowbear Hood and the Snow Bunny Scarf!! xD The scarf will go to myaa household farmer, Salad the Rebel, as an alternate to her Orange Rabbit.


    With the help of fellow guildies, I also managed to complete the Cat Lady Cape, so me and meow guildies had a quick photoshoot... before our mischievous streak appeared, nyehheheh~


    For the mischiefs, go see Svenni's post... /gg [click here]

    OK OK, that all~ Next, meow will post serious thing, hehe~ >_<

  • Sven Mq

    So I finally checked out the new map and first thing I saw got me getting farmer feels.


    The run-down exterior feels like home to me.


    It's a nice farming spot. Can't wait for the other NPCs and my precious RIFLE to be added.

    Then after a tiring day of farming... Idk who started it but it became Golem Fest, crowding a happy achieved Un.


    We all switched to our Cats later because CAAAATTTTs


    We cats hope Lai gets better soon!


    Tormenting an afk-Yeezy is a must





    Cardinal games and ce partey XD


  • onion

    (Was supposed to post this last night, but Forum was down, heh)

    Hello and meow. Un here. Been contemplating joining Battlegrounds (Silk) and now, myaa has! Not really equipped like a pro (and stats are not fully-allocated), but meow give it a try and… IT IS FUN! The atmosphere is happy, no ill-will or hate, just good competitiveness! A true game!

    I have experienced all types. First, Stone Control. I helped get the stone, but also got stuck in hole hehehehehe…




    I also went for Bossnia and got Shield-Chained… x'D


    I did get into Krieger von Midgard but only once, so no screenshot. While they hesitated to go front, I did what I did back when I was boarding the Con-chillina for the first time: march forth and say (to self), “Here comes the newbie!!” xD

    Looking forward to join the next wave of BG2. ^^

    OK, goodnight!

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