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  • Sven Mq

    Went to Bangungot Hospital with ayino, Dachi and Un, but ayino had to go off halfway.


    Ugh, fans /heh137c3a60e19a0f8a68be538ec2efbe1ddc59b97e




    At the end, we get Bangungot Doll as souvenir, but since everyone thought it was scary, I kept it.

  • onion

    Continuing from previous post, myaa adventures where we was helping Fenris Fenrir get the sword 'Sentinel Breeze' to help her locate Chaos... We found it, but Sarah Irene has taken the sword with her and fled to Glast Heim castle! Let's gooo! We gotta get it back, nyaa!


    Fighting from a corner, that's how we roll~ /gg

    Success! How wude of her to say we are rats...and now she wants to destroy the whole place after losing the battle. Sheesh... Well, time to make a run for it! x'D


    And then we became a ded so many times because of Sarah Irene's explosive traps, hahahhaha... When in times like this, the Rebels and Cats combi will put forth our strategy! This calls for 'Operation: Throw Cat'!

    Cat bait: ON!

    We made it, nyahhahahaaa~


    We managed to help Fenris get the Sentinel Breeze sword and managed to defeat Sarah Irene, hoorayyyy~~ We all headed out and as we were relaxing in Svenni's boat, me realised something...

    ...meow never did get any Shards, ha ha ha... (nervous laughter). Svenni said didn't get any either... Did you get any, Rhena...? Uhm... Rhena...? Ah, she gone... x'DDD

    Well, meow not know when me next post is, so bye for now!

  • onion

    Hello and meow. Un here. We still going back in time via the Dimensional Rift, and tonight we goes to witness (and meddle with) the Sarah & Fenrir fight at Glast Heim! Me separate this post into two parts, nyaa... or else it be really long like meow previous one (The Devil's Tower). Sorry about that, heheh.

    Continuing from that same night as Devil's Tower, with me is myaa established partner in crime, Svenni the blue-coloured Rebel; and my new friend, Rhenaxis! Remember, Rebels and cats is good combi (actually always good to have us Summoners in party, nyehheheh). Standing by the device is Professor Bernhard who requests our help to find some Shards. So... OK! Let's go!

    All set, let's go!

    Upon entering the dimensional device portal, we seemed to have crash-landed in a battle. Being adventurers, it is natural that we nyaa all these mobs! Once done, we finally meow properly to Fenris.


    Fenris Fenrir (a warlock) seems to be looking for something and so are we. Although in dilemma of what to do, we just go forth and battle our way through~


    Turns out that Fenris was nyaa-ing for the Sentinel Breeze (a.k.a. Sentinal Wind or Guarding Wind), a sword belonging to a Rune Knight named Chaos (the reincarnation of the Norman's god, Baldr -- son of Freyja/Frigg and Odin). The sword would help her locate Chaos, or so she hopes.

    Uh-oh, guess who arrives! One of Freyja's twelve Valkyries, Sarah Irene! She summons her Gigantes (giants/Jotunns). Fiiiightttt! Fight to help Fenris protect the sword! Why is Sarah Irene after it? Because Freyja orders her valkyries to stop anyone and anything who would bring about Ragnarök, and apparently Chaos is connected to this.


    Sarah Irene has taken the sword with her and fled to Glast Heim castle! Let's gooo! We gotta get it back, nyaa!

    To be continued...

  • Sven Mq

    I thought I'd be over it by now... but that loss of SS scroll really is like a kick in the stomach when I'm down on the floor.
    Maybe most people think nothing because for them it is just like hunting Poring... but for me every little success is a triumphant moment and I treasure them. To have it disappear for no reason is VERY demotivating. It was a rare time I get something useful for once.

    But always, only me who gets this kind of bug I guess.

  • Sven Mq

    With Rhena’s help of finding the treasure in Splendide Fields, I managed to finally rank up and gain the title “Lieutenant+”!


    Treasure hunting is a sport. See if you can spot the spot)))


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