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    Count down 3 2 ...

  • onion


    Haven't had much time to play lately... currently going through a week of draining activities, doing stuff I don't like and all that. Sad.

    (Also, I love that we can 'Justify' the paragraphs of our forum posts.)

  • onion

    Otto and I wearing 'King Prawn Hat', sitting in an empty boat in Asgard town centre. With this hat on and with a boat, we can have tasty shrimp party! Not the Doram skill though, because none of us learned that, hewhewhew~


  • onion

    Sven got this nifty 'acquired taste' headgear... He gave me one, a 'Huge Fish Helm'. So we trotted off to the beach (Ayothaya) where the hat would match; and what better spot if not at an old friend's little island? Yes, Dusit, we talkin about you.


    A more scenic picture.

    OK bye!

  • onion

    Won Poring Catcher today. Now I can buy my cowlick wig! Go to Genie, buy Costume Box (Wig A)... Cowlick, please... white cowlick pleeeaaaassse~



    Wait. This not cowlick.

    What this. *reads description* Niddhogg's Wig?? I don't want this hair. Nyaa... Why I get this. It look is very feminine, too pretty for me... Oh well, that rude photobombing Yoyo monkey is right. "Nothing can do!" x'D

    Guess I will be wearing this for a while, make my Event Points worth it. ^^

    *swooshes hair from side to side like shampoo advertisement*

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