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  • Sven Mq

    Rebel Scarf -- check, Mob Scarf -- check.
    I done making these two now I`m going to sleep for 10 days straight /spin

  • Sven Mq

    Bunny band


    [Rai, Xue and I]


  • Lai

    Hi guys, from 21st to 29th November, I will take a little family vacation to Japan Tokyo / Osaka.
    I hope it's ok.
    I will reply slow, but everyday I will reply.
    Also the MT will be post poned to 2nd December! I hope its ok! Muah everyone! 😘

  • onion

    Today, I have spent almost all myaa Vote Points buying Voter Pure Egg Scroll. I bought 50, I think. Why I decide to nyaa this one? Because meow not know what else to want, and then I saw the Luna on Shoulder is listed in it. Hahaha, I managed to get every costume headgear EXCEPT that one. Typical. x'D

    So the first picture is me with the Silver Cat and Lucky Straw Hat. The behind of the hat has a cute bow tied up. The second one is the Fortune Sealed Scarf. I pair it with a Lambi Ear Fluff (Blue) which… I… uh… meow not know where that one came from… but anyway! That second picture will be myaa winter outfit!

    The Silver Cat has green eyes like me!

    Once I get back my Vote Points, I try again to get Luna on Shoulder.

    OK, bye~ Oh, I has two of the Lucky Straw Hat, so if you want, just tell tell me.

  • Sven Mq

    Me: "Rebels and Cats" should be a guild.
    Also me: * does absolutely nothing to make this a reality *

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