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  • onion

    To start off this new year, I made a new hat for Salad (myaa household Rebel and farmer). I have been going for the Airship Raid instances before this and thought I needed five Costume Ferlock Hats, so I gave up on it because I never got more than two.

    Then it turns out I needed only two, hahaha silly myaa. So, here it is! Happy mew year, Salad! A Ferlock's Hat for you!


    A new friend had helped me to gather the materials needed, so this hat was made very quickly, hehe. And yes, I has a monkey now, but meow not know what to name it yet. They say Choco pet good for ranged-attack types, so meow will try help this chocolate monkey be dark chocolate monkey.

    🎇 So OK... Happy Mew Year to everyone as well! 🎆

    (As for myaa, I already ended previous year with upgrading my Cat Fork with more power, nyehhehehehh!)

  • Sven Mq


    I'm Sven Mq, and this is my story.


    In April 2019, I joined LimitRO. I came from bad server, which had many issues of Rebellion skill not working, and nobody cared or knew of the Rebellion. I was once told to give up the Rebellion for another class which they deemed "better". But no, I fought the good fight for Rebellion rights! I was the rare of my kind but I went out with a bang!

    Coming to Limit is a nice change and so far I like it, despite some tiny shortcoming. Here I live my Rebellion dreams... with so many guns to choose from! It was great learning process and exploration, 2 things I love.

    [ 2019 - The Good Stuff ]

    1. I did many official quests which opened my eyes to the universe of RO (Rebellion, Terra Gloria-related) and had fun doing them.
    2. There are 3 complete fan arts, along with a few doodles I have made of my Rebellion, and they're satisfying to me.
    3. I discovered my true calling of Revolver - Rifle build.
    4. I managed to get my Rifle to +13.
    5. 3 Gambler seals and 3 Mob Scarves were made and the 4th scarf is coming.
    6. I made a lot of new friends (my Hate Crew) who're decent people.
    7. 3 of 4 Rebellion jobstones achieved.
    8. My dream costume headgear and deco stone are realised.

    I'm content and have crimson marked my goals in 2020. The game of life is what you make of it. Let's do this!



  • Sven Mq

    Winter Park Race we went the other day!





  • onion

    :: Vestige (Pt. 2 of 2) ::

    Continuing from meow previous post... Sorry this is a bit long...

    What is this place...? If you think Smelly Ghoul alleys were smelly, this place is worse... Verity says it's suffocating. We proceeded to a door. It seemed blocked, but hey, we got Du around. Du is the master of pushing through and breaking things! ONE, TWO, GOOOO!!


    The place is very spacious~ in fact, too spacious that you can just slap any furniture anywhere and it still is tolerable. Suddenly, Maggi says that the door Du pushed through is stuck and we can't get out. Du panics and Mark tells him to calm down.

    Meow go exploring first. OK, me sees a door. Let's go through... Hmm... why me going in circles... What is going on-- Ah, a strange piece.

    Where the peck am I...

    Weird Piece says that people been down here too long and wanted to escape… to flee… The person who has been recording stuff in it supposedly still has hope of getting out while his comrades have given up. They… are trapped?? He says something about calculations, something went wrong somewhere and since then, he not feel good about things.

    How many rooms did meow go through... So many rooms...

    What he means survivors are dwindling...? Tthe record in the Weird Piece gives me impression that this man was a leader fo some sort, full of regret for being useless like this. He mentions a name... "Tatio..." Wait. Oh my nyaaaa, mind is blowing. He clings on to hope of survival and escape because he wants to say sorry to Tatio, sorry he was always with his work even though Tatio was the sweetest 'person'.

    In case you forgot, Tatio is the secretary to the President of Rekenber Corporation, the entity that is financing research on Verus City (and salvages all the Verus tech they can get). The only one Tatio ever spoke of previously was Ian Atnad's grandfather or something. So... he does exist when Verus was still populated and it was him recording these things on the Weird Piece.

    I continue on (not know if the party is still with me or not). We go through so many rooms, like a cycle, repeating itself and driving you nuts. Probably this was how the 'survivors' felt.


    Now meow in unknown room. How deep have I gone...? After going through many more rooms, I finally find the Weird Piece again and all it gives myaa is... binary?? Now it reboots and talk about survivors. The Weird Piece is starting to get faulty. It's giving errors... and it ended with a record mentioning the construction of 'T_W_O_002b'.


    Later on, meow sees Tamarin. So glad to see a person!! Tamarin says he scared to go on, for unknown reasons. Meow told him it ok, we go together. At the end of the tunnel, we saw Mark. He ask if want to open door or not. Meow say OPEN!

    Regret, did not know this was the door to The Last Room. x'D Meow died getting swarmed by little bots from all sides. I think I lost a patch of fur from myaa arm.


    And so, that concludes myaa adventures in Verus. I hope you enjoy meow stories.

    Once we returned to Verus City, meow packed up me things and bid Du's party farewell. It was quite a journey and it left me with questions, like what survivors was the Weird Piece talking about? What were they hiding from? Why did they branch off from the bunker? Did something happen in there that caused them to hide in the underground tunnel?

    Guess meow will never know (yet?). Regardless, me wants to enter The Last Room and will need help. Later me ask myaa guildies if they want accompany me (more like 'carry pls'). Me give Bunch of Shrimps, nyaa~

    Before I go, have Mark's word of advice to those who panic when they're stuck somewhere:


  • onion

    :: Vestige (Pt. 1 of 2)  ::

    Hello and meow. Un here. Today we mark the end of myaa adventures in Verus City. Previously, we have Du who was fascinated by the fountains. Now, me goes back, crossing the Central Plaza to the place we were last at: Laboratory-OPTATIO where Du complains to Mark how he hates protocols just to enter this place.


    Anyway, Du’s party wants to investigate why this Lab-OPTATIO is closed to public, that something must be going on here since mobs only appear here (yeah right, did you forget bots also attack us, nyaa??). Of course, the ruined buildings and unstable terrains also a factor.

    Alph says something about the powerful device at the center that people are talking about. So, we go there, pass by the entrance to the Central Lab. We met up with Fru (or Fruit) who is a mechanic and she likes the things in the Underground Bunker. She can only watch, so she asks meow to help bring stuff back for her. She will give reward for them. So… let’s go! The entrance to the Bunker is where Verity was, just a bit to the west. Meow still thinks Verity should not wear nightees in this kind of place, but oh well. If Fru can wear just a bra top, then a nightee is better…?? x’D


    Once inside, Mark says the bunker seems pretty intact, but the smelly undeads… eew. Du seems to be scared, even more when Alph decided we should split and see if we find anything interesting. I explored and found many things like Machine Remnants, but no, this not what we looking for. I scurried about everywhere and this bunker is… weird. Who would expect a bunker to have a garden??

    Bunker Cafe and Garden.

    I found Alph and he thinks meow come to him because me sensed something strange. Haahaahaa no. Meow just lost. Alph was about to tell myaa what he thinks, but he is sensible to call for the rest of party before he starts. That way he won’t have to repeat himself and no one gets left out. Yes, he has sense. A good party sticks together and make sure no one gets left behind.

    Oh, Verity was there too. We seem to arrive at some room with a door that Mark says is out of place. Without wasting time, Du yelled out, “CHAAAARGE!” and off we go!


    (To be continued…)

    Onion says: So many things came up and although I could just do it since I went for Battlegrounds and stuff, I prefer doing main quests when I can sit comfortably and immerse myself in the story. So, that’s today! Finally! Oh, I played with the Shadows setting off for about two-thirds of the quest and I regret it. T_T

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