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  • onion

    Hello and meow. Un here. Today I share with you my adventure to Mors Cave! Svenni has posted a bit on it before, now is meow turn. Mors Cave is a cave where Surt/Morroc lays hidden to recover from his wounds. It is protected by a poisonous miasma that can only be cured by consuming Sonia plants. Tamarin is swimming carefreely at this miasma outside the Cave, but maybe because he have a whole cart of Sonias.

    So OK! If picture too small, maybe can click for full mew, depends.

    First we talk to Senior Tracker and then jump into a big Red Flower~ Something will greet you and welcome you into the lair!


    We see a Weakened Morroc, and he will fight you! Doram power, initiate! Arclouse Dash and Bunch of Shrimp!! (Svenni will do his own pre-battle buffs)


    After that, he will run away and call forth his set of nerds (Ghouls) to distract us, nyaa. Meow call them 'nerds' because when I travelled to the Cursed Abbey (or was it Glast Heim?), meow saw Ghouls at bookshelves. Anyway, these minions are not too tough, but be careful when hoarding them.


    This one was a must, nyehheheheh~ xD

    Nyaa? More minions? Meow not scared. You may have tried to tire us in Isle of Bios, but it not working. Bring it on, Rebels and Cats will not die here!


    Uuuuu it seems Morroc is escaping. Hiss! He throws us his Necromeowcer instead. Ha, we will defeat you! The creature has been hiding in Svenni's soul all this time, gaining energy!


    And there we have, it all done.

    Once meow returned to HQ, me realised that all myaa poofy clothes were damaged thanks to Giant Jakk (event). Forgot to repair, so that means meow not have set bonus of HP +4000 and uninterruptable cast.  Also, meow stats not up (recently resetted it, nyaa). Svenni even forgot to unleash his Hodremlin pet, Tero. He did say that during the first part of Necromeowcer fight, he used Party Assumptio Scroll. Apparently, a little Assumptio goes a long way.

    I guess we were lucky, nyaa? Ha ha ha . . .

  • Sven Mq

    My pumpkin's a good boi.


    Late to the party, but I got a Bunny Wig! After possibly 140+ egg scrolls. Still glad I got something.


  • Sven Mq

    Went MVPing with Cat today...


    Ifrit contributes to 90% of my death counts. Not sure if this is a bug worth reporting, but look, I'm dead but my sprite is still alive:


    Also bonus death shot:


  • onion

    Yesterday, there was a shoutout on Main channel about some lost newbies in Mountain City, Payon. Supposedly, a Royal Guard left them there. So, I decided to check it out. Not many of them left when I got there. Meow suspect if they really newbies… Hmm… Still, it was an amewsing sight.


    That all.

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