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  • onion

    Hello and meow. Although I have other posts in line, I just HAVE to post this one, fresh...! GM Lai introduces to us all... [Sweet Melons]! Since I am new in this world, I do not know if this is a new thing or an annual thing or what...

    No matter, this is meow first experience planting a melon! Exciting! I have to take care of it until it is ripe, which is 1400 health points. Let's do this! Take my 1,000,000Z!

    Meow first melon. It a very cute fruit.

    It gives many things to me as thanks for taking care of it. Here I wear the Melon Cap. It cute! Other items this melon gave me were Melon Puddings (good stuff), melon bomb (for alchemist types?), and melons itself (for cooking).

    Here I wear the Melon Cap. It cute!

    At HP of 1216/1400 (which took about 20min or so), it was ready to say goodbye. T_T


    Upon leaving, it give me this Mini Melon hat (upper headgear costume):

    It also cute like Melon Cap!

    What an experience! I might want to plant another melon, hewhewhew~ Maybe get meowself more Melon Puddings so that I have no more worries with SP.

    OK bye~


    onion would also like to say: Love what they've done with the Forum.
    The updates column on the right of the forum homepage is just lovely.

  • Sven Mq

    Dieter: I finally got the part of a Costume quest item -- the singing bird on my head!
    It's so cute and makes me not want to use it for the quest. It was a funny thing that happened, I bought the wrong costume box and I was wondering why my luck was so bad. Now I'm just happy to get what I wanted! Gotta work extra hard to cover up the cost of my mistake XD


  • Sven Mq

    Sven: The other day was a weird time in my life, man. So I was just hunting Srophos, then I saw Kraken and figured eh what the hell, let's try kill it. In an attempt to avoid being swarmed, I teleported. Thankfully, it wasn't too far, but then I got lazy because that guy's costing me a lot of traps... so I decided maybe I'll hunt more Srophos before resuming the fight. As I was walking around hoarding mobs, I got the MVP sign thing... and I'm like whoa? I got curious, so I went there to where the Kraken was, saw byce standin next to the tomb... clicked the tomb to see if my name would appear, despite byce killing it ... and well... yea I got the name. Didn't feel much of a victory but hey first KrAKENn kill!!


  • Sven Mq

    Sven: You will address me as "Emperor Sven"...


  • Sven Mq

    Sven: This is magazine-worthy. Where's my award bichesssss


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