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  • Sven Mq

    So you guys know Du, Mark Isher gang... or the Newoz gang? Well I figured they should have a team of extended classes that we'd meet during our quests and exploration, of Rebellions and others. I imagine they'd be something like this:

    • The Rebellion  - Lone wolf who wanders around everywhere, edgelord
    • The Doram  - Mischievous one following the Rebellion
    • The Super Novice - Wants to protecc Cat but needs protecc herself
    • The Star Emperor  - Mystical diplomatic leader who'd probably die if it's not his day
    • The Kagerou / Oboro  - The genderfluid ninja who's actually the one carrying everyone else
    • The Soul Reaper  - The other girl (???)

    I can't brain Soul Reaper, lol Idk sorry

  • Sven Mq

    I drew my Doram -- Sven MeowQ. Woof woof! He has a Desert Wolf pup as pet, named Tero. 

    A+ for people who actually know where the place is, from my vague background drawing.


  • onion

    Hello and meow. Long time me not post something worthwhile, hewhewhew~ Now... With utmost joy, I hereby announce... me Tengu Crow Mask and Tengu Scroll set!! xDDD

    Yes, that is what I have been up to. That is why I paused meow adventuring. That is what I was working hard to get in order to be stronger! I have never achieved anything in my life until now! Of course, my success is also thanks to meow friendos, Svenni and the robot Geneticist. This is what friends are for! /kis2 They helped me a lot till the very end!

    Me friends, Charleston Unit IV and Svenni, with meow in middle wearing me new Tengu set!

    I mentioned when I first ventured to Rockridge that I wanted the Mob Scarf. Thanks to robot's friend who let me try it (I think), I realise that the Mob Scarf set was not good for me. Then, I tested the Tengu set using robot's and it was gooood~ So, I started this little personal quest of mine for a Tengu Set at the end of June. Today, it complete! That is uh... wait, meow count... 1 month and 10 days -- and this is with breaks in between (I haven't been online for some time).

    What's funny was that when I wanted to make the Blood Sucker thingy, the 500 Animal Gore was too heavy for me to carry in my bag! /wahSo, I had to ask robot to help. Robot strong, has good mechanical arms.

    OK, so... the Tengu set increases meow Picky Peck from 170~180k to 200k, an additional 9k if I use Arclouse Dash. It increases my Spirit of Savage from 38k to 40k (or something like that). With buff and food, should be more damage but meow not try yet.

    Now that I have meow new Tengu Set, me can start thinking of what to do next. First up will be the Geffen Magic Tourney. Let's try go against Ju one more time! I cannot remember what else, but tonight, meow celebrate! xD

  • Sven Mq

    Maaan, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not playing RO...


  • chliz

    added 10 more videos to my GX vs Green MvPs thread. pak rrf crash on fbh, vesper, and rsx recording. -.-

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