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    :: Post 93 -- Her Name Was Las ::
    (Part 2 of 2)

    So... continuing from myaa previous post... Svenni, VV, and I managed to enter the locked hospital, but Nurse Las wasn't going anywhere near that final talisman near the entrance to the second floor...

    Turns out, the nurse wasn't what she seemed... When we pulled out that final talisman, it is revealed that she was the evil that the talisman was trying to ward off!! What have we done!! Now the monster is loose! She was going to kill us, but the Agimats we got from a Bent Shaman (he smaller than myaa!) saved us!

    Whatever it is, now Bangungot is loose!!


    Not backing away, we decided to fix the problem. We entered the second floor where the creature called Bangungot lives. It is Bangungot that has turned the patients into monsters!

    Here be some battle pictures...


    Some SoS coming, and I mean myaa Spirit of Savage! +_+


    Triumphant! Bangungot has been put down, for now...

    This pic by me, hehe.

    The sad truth of all this is that originally, Bangungot was a wood fairy. She lived in a big tree in Port Malaya. One day, Normans cut down tree to make hospital, so the wood fairy angery. Her anger caused her to turn into something twisted. When the hospital was fully-built and accepting patients, patients began to die. That is why they close the hospital, and the remaining doctors (like Dr Boon) now occupy the inn. That is why when you fight Bangungot, in the end you see she is a cute little tree. That is her true form.

    Here meow gives you a bonus picture of Svenni trying to blend in... Not bad eh?


    So, that's all about 'The Nurse in Port Malaya'~ OK bye!

    P/S: Meow still waiting for Episode 17.1 quests, so until then, me be catnapping with big sis Elena.

  • Sven Mq

    Missing NPC? That Ilya Lebedev (twin of Jana) in Klana Nemieri.


  • onion

    Waaaah me forgots to post this! x'D

    :: Post 93 -- Her Name Was Las ::
    (Part 1 of 2)

    (Meow forgots to take pictures, so all pictures here are by Svenni again. Oh, this adventure took place many, many days ago; so I might not get some details right...)

    Continuing from myaa previous post...

    Svenni, VV, and I (and my pet Dexter) were wandering about Port Malaya like happy children because the villagers there are now OK with our presence and no longer want our buttons, nyahhahah~ Ayino had to return to his family, so it's just three of us now.

    It was then that we saw a hospital...

    This one was uploaded by ZeroTigress of WarpPortal forums.

    The hospital actually looked old and was boarded up like they have closed it down. Outside the hospital was a nurse. We went over there (more like we followed Svenni who was attracted) and it seemed that she was a new nurse stationed at this hospital. We had to walk around doing favours for her because her feet hurts from standing too long...

    Her name was Las. All she wanted was to be able to enter the hospital and start her work. Uhm, meow not sure who said it, maybe the creature in the bush or was it Nurse Las herself... but they said for us to pull out these weird sticks all around the hospital grounds, that some old lady did this.

    So, we went to the Bent Old Lady and asked her about the sticks which were Lesser Agimats. She's a bit hard of hearing, so Svenni had to yell...


    She screamed when we told her we pull out sticks. She said it was supposed to ward off evil. We all just looked at each other and realised that the Nurse Las was still at the hospital area, so we must make sure she's safe!

    Strangely, when we got there, Nurse Las was fine but she told us the hospital door wasn't locked anymore... Svenni went in first. Me... Me scared... Inside is dark, not like going in dark doors... T_T


    Inside the hospital was scaryyyy!! x_x Meow not liking this at all! There were monsters everywhere and the place was a mess! But Svenni took care of everything.

    Svenni really took care of everything.

    Anyway, Nurse Las said she saw a talisman near the entrance to the second floor, but the talisman deterred her from going further...

    (to be continued...)


  • Mnemosyne

    R> those who took a DNA test and turned out to be 100% bad BEEtches: 


  • onion

    Hello and meow. Un here. This post is very late because it actually took place many days ago, but meow was busy. The pictures in this post are all thanks to Svenni. Meow got too excited, forgot to take picture... T_T

    OK. So. Svenni had this idea of going to Port Malaya and he invited us all. Let's go!

    The adventure was... well...quite interesting. With me were Sven the Rebel (of course), VV the Sorcerer (also myaa guildmate), and VV's friend, Ayino the Ranger (along with his mercenary). Oh yes, my pet Choco named Dexter is also present!

    When we arrived, no one would speak to us. I get it if they don't like Rune-Midgardians, but Svenni is from the Schwartz Republic and meow is from Pasta continent. Even if you not like Normans, me a cat. Me good cat.

    So, Svenni said we were supposed to speak to this one fellow, but Svenni misled us to the wrong guy (not his fault because they looked the same!). Anyway, we met with Rodel the Guard of Port Malaya who tells us of the current situation. Hmm... we seemed to have come at a bad time.


    Rodel suggested we head over to the village leader, Leader Phong the Mumbaki (not 'in' Mumbaki, OK). If the Mumbaki says we're OK, the people would not be so distrustful. What is a Mumbaki? Port Malaya is modelled after the Philippines where the Ifugao Tribe has a spiritual leader called a Mumbaki. So, Phong here is a spiritual leader.

    So, we all spoke to the Phong. He told us the villagers are just cautious because of the many disturbances going on in the village. As he was talking, so spirits came to attack us! Nyaaah! We are not afraid! And then the spirits suddenly disappeared, scared of us.

    Phong in the background.

    Phong was surprised and said that the spirits seem to fear us, that we have some energy that can repel evil! The villagers, starting from an old man near Phong, heard of this and saw us all in a different light... Worse is that they want something that belongs to us! Like a charm to ward off evil. Of all things, they wanted our buttons!


    Nyaa, not myaa buttons! You can have Svenni's, his uniform is full of it! x'D Every single one we met that nyaa us before this suddenly wants our buttons! They are so much in fear and now they scaring me too! By the time we got back to Phong, this what he said:


    Phong laughed at us and says that maybe we can prepare a charm of sorts for these terrified villagers. We suggested Holy Water and Blue Gemstone. He then agreed and said we should go give the people that... which we did. One by one, we gives. Afterwards, they all warm up to us, nyehheheh.


    Phong also said, "I found ways to build spiritual protection. My grandchild Imelda will create it. So don't worry, you don't have to give out any more of your things."

    So, that was done with and we wandered about, putting our paws on everything...

    ...and then we saw a hospital.

    (to be continued...)

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