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  • onion

    Wanted to post this last night, but me fell asleep. xD Nyaa, nyaa, I know it not much... but for little me, this is amazing~ This is meow second MVP boss, Orc Lord! First one was Samurai Spectre, but that one had Svenni help.


    I not MVP mob hunting usually but meow housemate, Cottage said she wanted to do bounty in the Orc Village. She was in the bushes when she saw Orc Lord, so she returned home and meowed to me to take care of it. So I did. ^^

    Uuuu I was actually running around thinking I was going to die, but it turns out I could just stand in front of him and attack. Nyehheheheh~ The power of Tengu set!

    Oh and uhhh… that is costume cigarette; meow not smoker, ok. Was in the midst of changing into the ‘Thug Doram’ look when Cottage came home.

  • Sven Mq

    I SAW CUTE CAAAAT and has cute dog


  • onion

    Meow meow~ After much inactivity, I have finally registered for Geffen Magic Tournament yet again and this time I have more than just newly-enchanted Foxtail and not-so-newly-carded poofy-puff clothe. I now also have the Tengu Mask and Tengu Scroll! And this time, I will also be eating my Awakening Potion and all the food!! Uh... I try the +7 food first.

    All set to fight Ju next!

    JU HATH FALLEN!! Nyaaahahahah~ I have reached the Semi-Finals!! xDDD Sadly, I have no proof Ju become a ded because after these people are defeated, they quickly get on their feet, back at the beginning pose. Dx Not to mention, I was constantly near death... Next time maybe try with +10 food. Thank the Leopard God me has Korean Rice Cake from Easter!

    So, to end the night, I have this picture:

    How do hit a ghost.

    Well, Ghost-element has always been meow weakness. Hmm, I don't think I will fork out effort to pass this crazy ghost. Even Ju was difficult. Guess this is as far as me goes. Uuuuu... I kind of forgot how much I got... I have in Storage a total of 165 Coins, but meow not know if this is lifetime savings or from just now... Oh well. //shrugs//

    OK, bye!

  • Yesus

    new profile :) illustration by @onion ty ty

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