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  • Yesus

    INSTANCE guild by Misogynistic 

    hahah now i think the better best pvm guild now

    we had games

    i got lucky :)

    regular timed dt runs


    still jumping around the diff active guilds

    curious about silk but dun wanna pressure self

    not too sold on the idea of pvping yet



  • onion

    Today, I go into Orc's Memory of a time when there was war in Orc Village. A shaman name Cargalache (which meow has no picture of, sorry) has taken over the village. An orc named Kruger is trying to help end the war, but he needs our help. This adventure needs a party of two people and Svenni was available to tag along. So... OK. Let's talk to this Mad Scientist and then this stone. In we go~


    Inside, we will meow to Kruger and he will ask you to defeat specific monsters so that you can proceed to the next zone to find the Shaman. This is like a Poring Hunt, in a way. Don't kill the wrong mobs or High Orcs will come get you.

        Don't kill the usual Orcs, hunt special one, and proceed!

    Soon, we meet up with Kruger again. He will ask us to find and light up braziers (Torch) and it will call forth the special orcs.


    See? And then out comes special mobs like these:

        OK, so we can't see the Orc Sniper... he just Orc Archer type.

            Myaa sorry, wrong house.

    Once all that is done, the Shaman Cargalache will come out! Meow not have picture because was shocked with action, but she look is like Orc Lady. With her will be the Depraved Orc Hero! Defeat him! End this war!


    Nyaah, nyaah~ meow know. That victory picture is horrible... but it is done!

    So... that all. OK bye!

  • Snafu

    Any chill, low-commitment PvM Guild out there for players with day jobs? Can't do the usual 5 hours a day anymore 😛 

  • Sven Mq


    JABBAWOCKEEZ IS RECRUITING! We're looking for Silk WoE players. You gotta have Discord, be good bois and gals no TT-ing about. PM me here, in-game or Discord for a brief interview. You can find me from Limit's Discord. I go by "Sven Mq" everywhere.

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