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    Hello and meow. Unemployed Unit II here. This post… it has been pushed back for too much nyaaow. I was hoping to have gotten better pictures, but this will have to be it for now. Most of my (mis)adventures are only halfway done. :<

    It is... my short visit to Verus City! Too short, in fact… I will have to revisit it one day. So, me travelling with Sven. Rebels and cats are good combination, you know (that is why Rebellion HQ has cat). We were curious about Charleston quest and above all, I have been wanting to visit this Verus city. I have an inaccurate meowmory of it which I want to correct.

    Put on our Beast Helms and let's go to Verus!

    We were supposed to be able to take the elevator constructed by Rekenber Corporation. Yes... Rekenber... hiss. Dubious (mega?)corporation... Anyway, the guide, Elisha said it not working. So, we had to walk there and well, it was a nice walk. A bit crazy because too many robots and I not have a good area effect skill.

    Regardless, we arrived in Verus and went to see Guide Scarlet. This Verus is a place for mechanics!

    Apparently, we were not alone.

    Starting from me in front, clockwise: Tamarin, Du Lian, Mark Esha, Sven Mq, Maggi Steen (only hair visible), and Alf Ackhart. Spelling of names may vary because translations.

    Yes, that is the very same gang we meet in Eclage if we go there for the first time. That said, you can guess what happened to the elevator: the same thing that happened to the Eclage bridge. Deu had broken it. So, they got stuck somewhere below (again); Sven and I helped them up.

    We headed to Charleston Factory afterwards. It is an interesting place... One of the things I saw (sorry, did not take pictures because too excited and gawking away) was a Sword Guardian being suspended in air. This must have been where they were made... which means this place has connections to the Heart of Ymir fragment thing which is what was used to power those creations up. @[email protected]

    Oh wait, pose for forum cover photo, hewhewhew~


    So... I will be visiting Verus again AND Charleston Factory, just to take pictures. I also have yet to share my trip with Lazy going to the Rebellion HQ... I’m sort of, uh… well… never mind that for now.


  • Sven Mq

    Sven: Real farming, must protecc Melon


  • onion


    Hmm... I can't seem to vote on the Top 100 Arena for days already. The Captcha thingy won't load, even though the page has loaded (even that one took aeons). What a pity! :<

    --edit: The moment I post this, it's all OK now. Yeesh. -_-

  • onion

    I tell you, most of meow hats come from Sven. Look he gave me this Crab King's Helmet… a crab hat. I went to get it from him when he was fishing in Amatsu. Here’s one for the picture! xD


    I guess it doesn’t look so bad… *swooshes head from side to side* Nipper sounds, nyaahahaha~

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