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  2. Reduce WOE castle

    i agree 1 castle and one guild can monopolize but i also believe 5 castles is too much for the amount of people who woe. i think 3 castle should be the number. wow another topic where you're complaining about alliances. it does get under your skin XD
  3. cant log in to game

    Lai please help. i cant log in to the game due to this error. this occured after i restarted the laptop to install the win10 updates
  4. jitterbug card cant be placed in sunglasses[1]. refer to the attached files.
  5. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Updated New Item for Rolling Cut Build · New Wave Sunglasses (Reduces after skill delay by 10%) [Recommended] [High Cost] · +7 Excellion Suit (VIT +6. If base level at least 130: VIT +4. Every 3 refine levels: MaxHP +4%. Def : 100. If Combo Exerion Wing Reduces after skill delay by 10%. If base level at least 130: Reduces after skill delay by 10%. Perfect Dodge +6) Enchants Reacto Supportive Str/Def/Aspd/Element(s) [Recommended refine +7, enchant-able, indestructible and high defense] [Medium Cost] · Exerion Wing (Perfect Dodge +8. If base level at least 130: Perfect Dodge +2. Every refine increase Flee +2. Def :40. If Combo +7 Excellion Suit Reduces after skill delay by 10%. If base level at least 130: Reduces after skill delay by 10%. Perfect Dodge +6). Enchants Reacto Supportive Atk/Def/Aspd/Element(s). · Temporal Str Boots Enchants with Fighting Spirit 7 & Hawkeyes [Recommended] [Medium Cost]
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  7. Еще живы?
  8. 15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    i have been playing on this server for about 7-8 years (on and off) and i have woe with many guild such as fallen, icf, Bee, and now 007. So yeah you guess right i was from Bee. Since you wanna bring up im from Bee, i would like to say yes we have allied with other guilds before but at one point we were the top of the server. I remember at one point we had 4 guilds against us. That also goes for the other guilds i have been part of. (maybe not 4 guilds against us) Since the beginning of woe people have always use alliances to take out the top dog. Even when alliances were remove from woe that didnt stop people from teaming up. To complain about alliances is the same as complaining about loki. Its part of the game.
  9. Reduce WOE castle

    i acknowledge your concern bout monopolizing castle drops but that the benefit of that guild.. maybe count how many active guild woe, then decide how many castle per WOE. maybe not reduce to 1.. but 5 is too much.. as what i saw in weekday WOE just go to any castle that not being defend , n break it last min.. i dont think thats how woe works in most of the server i played.. you need compete wit a group.. not solo breaker show.. just avoid castle that being defended.. 5 is TOO much for now.. server player is not much.. better..
  10. Reduce WOE castle

    Actually that sounds like a very valid counter argument to this, but if noone is participating in WoE, then noone cares about castle drops right? Or don't care enough to actually participate in WoE to get them at leat. As for a solution I would suggest something like "pre-registering" to any given WoE and depending on the number of guilds that participate, a number of Castles are enabled for that particular WoE. But I don't know how feasible that would be.
  11. Cannot start game with WINE

    Hi, what OS is that? Did you download our full installer? and patched up LimitRO.exe?
  12. How do I get Seraphim Coronet

    Not implemented
  13. Reduce WOE castle

    I'm more concerned about one guild monopolizing the castle treasure drops and controlling its price like what we've had in the past with just 1 castle per session. At least this way, with more castles open, it gives "hope" to any new player who wants to get into woe and form a guild with their friends.
  14. How do I get Seraphim Coronet

    There is nothing to say here...
  15. Reduce WOE castle

    *Yawn* your opinion 😴 praise for you effort 😴 😴😴
  16. Reduce WOE castle

    What we understood from this topic?! When Im presented to him proof about shit actions of his guild in the current time. He raise a dialogue wich was 2+- months ago, while not knowing the whole story. When I said (showing) out that a person clearly does not understand what he is talking about, and does not know how everything was actually. He foolishly believes that he is right. Even without realizing that there are two sides A person can not just shut up for to being smarter. And he continues to impose his opinion further. He tried to substitute some of his guildmates to prove his words (About dog) He simply does not read and does not try to listen to the opinion of another person. And in the ending in the dispute about WoE he tells to me go 1v1. Ty dude, i don't even need to troll you, you are trolling yourself without my help
  17. Reduce WOE castle

    no balls 😅 when you made up your mind.. let me know the time 😙 gonna get some rest first
  18. Reduce WOE castle

    v 2.0 p.s.And this dude, also throws some proofs
  19. Reduce WOE castle

    hahaha, i nvr said who am i.. or what i need to you... but if you felt that you are good 😀 come 1 v 1 with a noone player like me.. i can rekt you easily =)
  20. Reduce WOE castle

    calm down, you been calling me stupid, blind or dumb.. 😅 either you are shame or you dont want to admit thats the fact right? we dont need you really.. dont twist the fact, your member joining normal woe is quite useless.. or no use..
  21. Reduce WOE castle

    I have a one question, you are either blind or dumb or just have problems with perception of reality? I said read up old msg Who care about what you need?! Who are you? DUDE. You are noone. You just a boy who asking me to be ur woe leader. Nothing more That why we make ally vs my guild
  22. Reduce WOE castle

    talk about stupid.. i dont get you, you saying you dont talk to random noname like me.. then why are you still here talking? 😅 1. we dont need your help 😂 since your member are like flower pot in normal woe.. you need us more =.= 2. we ask you to show your loyalty first before we help but no doubt you dont have it.. YOU need us more than we need you, i hope you agree on that.. LOL
  23. Reduce WOE castle

    You still do not understand? HAHAHA You really have problems with perception of reality. let's see then how it looks from your side. We helped you when you had to help us in return. (You did not keep your word) We asked you for ally and you did not do it. (You did not keep your word) Even assuming that your side is "right", although this is not true. How to call a man's which doesn't keep words? In our CIS, we would not even keep you for a woman. :)))) In facts: Your guild called me first to help you. I also had the conditions, to get from you several people for 1 silk woe per week. Cuz we don't have alot members on that moment.
  24. Reduce WOE castle

    idgaf what you talk to chris 😑 why should i go ask something i not interested in.. my replied not to answer that comment tho ( never got interest to even bother bout it what you discuss with him ) but he did show us screenshot bout your chat wit him.. if i rmb right, you want to ally back wit 007 after fail with anarchy... i want you to look at the mirror before complaining us ally wit other guild.. i am the one should HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH on you.. 😅 oh you can show it if you want.. as i explain again n again.. ally thing is normal in woe.. why you got so triggered about it 😑 i show that even yourself seeking for ally.. get some sense dude.. or you got none..
  25. Reduce WOE castle

    You're so stupid that you still do not realize that I was talk with chris in PM much earlier than I wrote you this. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA And why did not you drop the message where you wanted to make me a woe leader?
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