Intruders by Sutoreiji
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Intruders by Sutoreiji

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RO has a thing with putting in human into some big monster/thing - take mayap, maya for example (warning: maya's sprite is NSFW)... then there's also dieter, the little boy stuck in a bottle, manipulated by the evil genetic owners to do their bidding (read: poop fire and ashes).

This time it's a robot but this time, the human is the one controlling the machine... or is it? Wired, brainwashed, locked in the open cockpit, it's programmed to fire at will against intruders in Charleston. Fuelled by the human lifeforce, the robot hovers at ease using latest jetpack technology from China Korea, burning everything it doesn't like to crisp using its humongous laser pointer. That's also why cats Dorams really, really, really love to play with it (also the same reason why it especially hates cats)

If you venture the city with Doram, be ready to face the greatest laser pointer, you'll definitely need to Stoop !! to enjoy the bright green glow on the floor (or on yourself). I think the lady in the robot loves cats though, you'd have to act fast to leap at the girl in the middle to win her heart as her brain processing is probably taken over by the hateful machine.


P.S. .......i have to agree it's not very nice to force people to write 200 words in artwork contest, as they say pictures speak a thousand words


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