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Charleston Twins

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Honestly, I do not know what I should write about this piece of artwork since I’ve only been to Verus City twice and did the Charleston instance once – been busy with stuffs so less online and less opportunity to stroll around. I was not able to follow the story between the twins in Charleston too, was busy chatting in party chat instead of reading the dialogues of the npcs. However, at first glance on Verus City, it looks like it is somehow related to Juperos because of those robot mobs and the feel and look of the Charleston dungeon map. I can’t really say that it is a pretty or cute town since the colors and ambience looks plain, muddy (?) colors and unexciting (lol, I prefer a town like eclage or lasagna <3). As I am writing at this moment, I forgot how the npcs at Verus look like (except for the Charleston twins). I remember there had been a lot of npcs in the center of the town and an npc which sells cheap blue gemstones. The best part of the town, in my opinion, was the bench full of sleepings cat. I am glad there was a new robo-poring in addition to the poring family. Nevertheless, I am more glad since I reached already 200 words for the description LOL.


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