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  2. Faceworm Nest

    Hope this will help. An Axe Mechanic soloing Faceworm
  3. Arm Cannon Text

    See attached photos
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  5. Crimson Rod

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Crimson Rod

    I think this is fixed.
  7. Yet another bug ogh normal mode

    Changed Status to Closed
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  9. Crusader Job Change NPC Bug

    The NPC Bliant Piyord inside the Crusader Realm should display a "speech bubble" which is clickable to join a queue that teleports you to the crusader job change fighting part, where one has 4 minutes time to kill all monsters. This is not the case as shown in the screenshot This makes finishing the job quest impossible via this way.
  10. Yet another bug ogh normal mode

    The dead bodies are meant to respawn at set intervals even in official servers. That's how they've always been, we just didn't have that implemented. But now we're making our instances as close to how they are in official servers, so these changes are slowly going to be implemented.
  11. Unknown invisible attacker on oghh

    Hmmm.. the dead bodies are supposed to respawn in official servers. They have a set time to respawn, even outside of the final room. AFAIK, they shouldn't cast meteor but they should cast Grand Darkness at set intervals.
  12. The dead bodies which spawn maggots on ogh final boss room normal mode keeps on respawning after cleared (1-3 minutes respawn). Normally after you cleared it, it should not respawn. If it keeps doing ths it will give unli chance to drop coagulated spells. (Prone to abuse so check on this asap). I dont know if this is present in hard mode. Dont have a screnshot as proof but was thinking video would be better, sadly no rosources to do video editing so please just chek on this, so many bugs after the maintenance getting frustrated already. Dont really care about the rewards for bug reporting i jut want a fix and better game play quality. Tnx
  13. Unknown invisible attacker on oghh

    I went oghn today to check it it is present in normal mode. It is now i went with effects on the the invisble thing is still o that area and the skill that he use is kinda like meteor storm. And sady i disovered another bug this time on ogh normal mode the dead bodies that spawn maggots on final boss room tend to respawn thus giving more chance for coagulated drops. This is prone to abuse gm please confirm or take a look on it @yuuki
  14. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    Name: Asha Ingame Character (Main): D o r a m LimitRO Experience: 7 months RO Experience: 10 years Languages Spoken: English & Bahasa Indonesia Timezone: GMT+7 or GMT +8 What inspires you to be a Helper? because you guys need my help What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? my brain and my heart
  15. Unknown invisible attacker on oghh

    Does it have any effects? I think those are supposed to cast Grand Darkness all over the map like the official hard mode of the instance does.
  16. Encountered this on ogh hard final boss room, if you try to go to the marked area on the screenshot, some unknown thingy will attack you it cant be seen but im pretty sure its there because the damage is real and it has the exclamation point mark sonyou know its there, i tried using earth drive near it to reveal it at least but it cant be detected. It uses a barrage of magic attacks if you go near it and i was guessing it uses magic because it procs my pendant of maelstorm.
  17. Oghh bug that i noticed

    Some dead bodies on oghh wont activate, i think the normal behaviour should be once you go near it at least 3 cells range it will spawn maggots Im not sure if it should be like this so please confirm at least
  18. Greedy atnad npc

    Players be warned npc atnad will take all the power core you have in your inventory, the 1st time it happened to me he took all my 300+ power cores (which i farmed for 30 minutes or so T_T ). So i tried doing it again to confirm. Screen shot 1 shows i have 26 power cores Then another screen shot shows that he took all 26 instead of just 20 As remedy for this atm make sure you only have 20 in your inventory or else the greedy basterd will take it all. Tnx
  19. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    Name: Michel Ingame Character: Barzaniaz Limitro Experience: 10years+ RO Experience: 7years Languages Spoken: English/Filipino Time zone: GMT+8 What inspires you to be a helper?: Because of willingness to help all player specially for newbie and i want to guide and i will share what i know in this game to other's. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper: My Knowledge all about LimitRO and Shring what i know and guide all newbie and i will always help anyone anytime.
  20. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    Name: Angela Ingame Character (Main): Ellenia LimitRO Experience: 2 Years + RO Experience: 5 Years 😇 Languages Spoken: English / Indonesia / Chinese / Hokkien / Cantonese Timezone: GMT+7 What inspires you to be a Helper? Helping people always been my hobby, there is always new comers in LimitRO but they seem lost, wondering around to find help end-up quit within a week. This make me really want to help them to keep playing and enjoy in LimitRO 😊. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? I believe with my experience and knowledge in LimitRO, i could brighten up or guide new player. Since my AB is awesome, i can always been helping hand and guide them how to finish on every instances that i have completely done. 🤓
  21. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    Name: Ron Ingame Chracter: KiIlua Zoldyck Limitro Experience: 1year+ RO experience: 7years Languages Spoken: English / Filipino Time zone: GMT+8 What inspires you to be a helper? : Once I was a newbie and I found it entertaining to help new players. Honestly speaking its my hobby to help those who needs help What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper: My knowledge about RO in general and LimitRO to get more players for the server
  22. Coming Changes 2017-09-25

    Instance Added missing delays to Amdarias Reflect & Celine Kimi's Heal. Fixed OGH Warp Issue (currently only warp 1 player at a time, won't warp if more than 1 player standing on it) Command Added @storage2 for Safety Chest owners.
  23. Patch All official cloth palettes 0-4 for all classes and the 3rd job alternative outfit. Patched in support for coming Sura alternative Outfit.
  24. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    Name: Kevin Ingame Character (Main): Pooh LimitRO Experience:1 Years ++ RO Experience: 3 Years Languages Spoken: English/Bahasa Indonesia or Malay/Chinese/Hokkien/Cantonese. Timezone: GMT+7 What inspires you to be a Helper? Since i am donator to this server, and recently i saw alot of players quitting due to their own reason. I wanna try my best to keep this server alive. Helping newcomers and guide them along the game. It will both benefit me and the server itself XD. What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? My time obviously and RO knowledge.
  25. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Q5 How many hits per second(HPS) for having 193 ASPD(Attack Speed) ? What if ASPD = 193 HPS = 50 / (200 - <Your ASPD>) HPS = 50 / (200 - 193) HPS = 50 / 7 HPS = 7.14 Aspd 193 = 7.14 HPS(for 1 hand, if for both will be 7.14 x 2) Therefore, high damage per second(DPS) is so important. Just assume if your damage is 30k on the main hand and 7k on the left hand with 193 ASPD. Each second you produce 37k x 7 = 259k DPS.
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