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  2. Is the sum of all digits of item id an odd number?
  3. Changed Status to Fixed
  4. this works on 17 01 25 client and not working on 16 02 03 i added tehm. lets see if it works on 1228
  5. As i only hesitate btw 5 item i wont ask for more and try my luck ! Is the item we are looking for : Fish tail (1023) ? Stone heart (953) ? Venon canine (937) ?
  6. Is it poison spore ?
  7. Is it rainbow shell?
  8. Is it orcish voucher?
  9. Does item id contain number "3"?
  10. Hi, It appears you are from another server. Anyway, have you used an awakening potion on that screenshot? Try to use 2 bakonawa agimatt tattoo for additional 20% ASPD. As well as enriched celermine juice (+10% aspd) and +20 Agi food. Assuming you follow the same renewal content. Also try to find out if theres anything else in your server that could raise agi/aspd.
  11. Yesterday
  12. No, but good guess.
  13. Is the selling price of it to NPC more than 30z?
  14. Hi sentimental, i need you help D: How can I get to a 193 ASPD? I have this equipment so far I'm thinking about tattoos, but I still do not think I'll reach the 193 level. +9 ABP Delay2, Delay2, Delay1 +9 Temp. Luk Delay4, Speed of Light [Otragerous Cookie Card] X2 Maelstrom Pendant [Gold Scaraba Card] Feathers White Mustache +9 Tiger King White Doll Hat Little Devil Horns +4 Brave Hidden Cloth [Ancient Mimic Card]
  15. 1st: I achieved instant cast by using stat food. 2nd: used Flame Launcher 3rd: There was animation delay
  16. Last week
  17. Trying to login but my client from 2016 is failing to communicate with the server. Is there a new client? And do i need to download the whole 1.7gb?

    1. Kyouka


      There was a client update so you need to download new one.

    2. RieVieLeux
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