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  2. i'm keep having this kind of client error. i dunno what is causing it. can someone help me how to prevent it? i dont even have that Macrobot thing!
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  4. Akabane

    More Details on Excellion Enchantment Please

    Yeah, seems like that information is missing from the Wiki, maybe it can be added @Lai??
  5. I will patch in a Skill Description update, in case of future missunderstandings.
  6. Lai

    annoying kill steal

    Changed Status to Fixed
  7. @Hades Not asap, but with time, yes....
  8. Lai

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    We have fully working and tested Star Emperor skills will be applied to main server on next maintenance ~~ Star Emperors, ready steady go! ;D
  9. Jynx

    More Details on Excellion Enchantment Please

    Thank you. The information you provided is exactly what I needed for a successful enchantment as follows: First, 4th Slot (rightmost slot) = Water Property Reactor Next, 3rd Slot = Supportive Reactor Frozen Last, 2nd Slot = Supportive Reactor STR
  10. Gwenhwyfar

    Donations and ninja skills

    I'm pretty sure you can buy your own pre-paid credit card and use it together with a paypal account. Pre-paid credit cards are sold everywhere and you can put X amount of money and use it in your paypal... Paypal also converts your money to SEK/US,
  11. Gwenhwyfar

    No Dual Client during WoE

    Err, I'm pretty sure dual already stops WPS. Unless they removed that
  12. Soushii

    Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram

    Does Concen Potion and Awakes work on Doram?
  13. Akabane

    More Details on Excellion Enchantment Please

    Well the problem seems to be that the Water property reactor can only be put in the first slot (4th slot I'm assuming) according to this log. Took me a while to find it, but there you have it, better luck next time.
  14. i cnanot find cherokee npc to make antlers
  15. Lai

    Coming Changes 2018.07.23

    Hugel Monster Race updates Changed the time based game start into player based. 6 players can start up a hugel race, at any time. (voted by community on FB group). no cool downs. Shortened the each race waiting time. 2 minutes to place a bet 3 minute to claim the price. You can no longer warp into the Racing track using Warper NPC. He will now warp you to the outside of the Racing Track. Removed the "double racing", we have now only 1 type of Race. Fixed some bugs and correct NPC dialogs. Updated wiki guide.
  16. Hades

    16th Anniversary Update & Episode 17.1

    @Lai will we also get the skill improvement with the 185/65 lvl patch?
  17. Jynx

    More Details on Excellion Enchantment Please

    Respectfully, one week has passed. If only we have something similar to "Admiral" NPC > "Remove Cards" option. For example, "MARS_01" NPC > "Remove Supportive Reactors" option for Exerion Suit or Exerion Wings with a fee of 5 Large Iron Scraps plus 5 Old Fuel Tanks.
  18. I would like to suggest to kick out players with dual logged during woe inside the castles, this will lessen the players that plays for both guilds. Maybe disable wps if dual detected. If WoE certificate gets implemented as per my other suggestion. No wps = no WoE certificate No Cert of WoE means not loyal member. No Duals, will mean more real people playing. Thats all. Cheers!
  19. briancavs

    annoying kill steal

    he was doing ks to every person that enters the thanatos tower 10.
  20. Inkfish

    Rolling Cutter spin count

    Changed Status to Fixed
  21. Inkfish

    Arm Cannon Skill - Two Part Damage Bug

    right in the picture what zayaan said. but i don't ask you to do anything. so i don't give proof. it just happened to be there. lucky you.
  22. Last week
  23. Theodosia

    Backslide (Thief Skill)

    Yes, it will be fixed come next mt
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