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  2. Costume Mask Gemstone Bug

    Just checked now it still not giving the proper stat bonus. (after maintenance) @Yuuki please help. :-(
  3. Locking of Specific Items

    Isn't this already part of the favorite tab? You can lock the NPC sell at least (If you check the box they won't show up for sale), dropping and trading I don't think is as big of an issue. What I'd like is a way to use the @storeall witout transfering the favorite tab, but that's probably just me.
  4. My items, including my Immune shield, should not just disappear while playing in battlegrounds. I swap my Immune Shield with my Armoured Sleeve Guard.

    Describe the bug as you can see i went to the NPC to obtain the quest log, but on ALT+U it didn't appear but the NPC shows that quest was accepted, but i was still able to go to Room of consciousness you can see on the SS the battle between Bijou and defeating it went back to Frederich Heine, no honor token given, also stated that the quest was completed and come back tomorrow Why do you think this is bugged? Did you follow any guide? im doing this runs daily it didn't give me honor token for 3 consecutive days, happens on 2 of my character but it gives honor token to some of my other character..i know this is an isolated case but i hope you can helpp me with these. thanks Char Name / Job xXzweilyn I Xx and xXLempotXx(RK)
  6. ATK+2% or ATK+10 which one is better?

    ^ this hallooooo fafa dom
  7. Malangdo Enchant NPCs - Missing Eligible Weapons

    working on malangdo, but last time I check, not yet on godly enchanter
  8. Update Supply Machine

    +1 to this!
  9. Add 1st job Shadow Items

    Topic Name: Add 1st job Shadow Items Character Names: J o b e n z Describe your suggestion To add first class shadow item since server is quite updated with new updates but this is never implemented would benefit, improve and complete builds for all characters in game new items to farm for would make BG atleast active for awhile Hope this could be added as soon as possible
  10. lindy hop is still not working up to this date
  11. Locking of Specific Items

    +1 but i doubt this would be added
  12. ATK+2% or ATK+10 which one is better?

    thanks, thing is I tried both, does not really increase anything in game is robo eye bugged? T_T
  13. ATK+2% or ATK+10 which one is better?

    it depends..if u got low refine weapon or low atk,+ATK is better . . .and i u got higher refine weapon or high atk, go ATK%.
  14. Yesterday
  15. ATK+2% or ATK+10 which one is better?

    topic title.. ATK+2% or ATK+10 which one is better?
  16. Can't find an npc

    Thank you !
  17. Can't find an npc

    Oliver Wolf Hood Quest Many quest need to be done before this.
  18. Can't find an npc

    Mark Esha - Eclage Quest - ecl_in04 224 234 Oliver Wolf Hood I looked everywhere in eclage.... no idea where this is, can someone help please?
  19. Coming Changes 2017-11-20

    Bugfix: Doram Magical Shadow Shield now reduced Catnip Meteor cooldown based on its skill level. Previously was based on shadow shield refine (bug.) Catnip Meteor's cooldown now fixed at 5 seconds for all levels.
  20. Robe enchants

  21. Robe enchants

    When x2
  22. Locking of Specific Items

    +1 if free.
  23. Robe enchants

    when??? @Yuuki
  24. Locking of Specific Items

    +1! Make items in there unstorable also.
  25. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    Update: Seems like CC "nerf" still hasn't been implemented in kRO. So Genetics can still have Boosted elemental Cart Cannons with Pyroclastic.
  26. Lphone: Autoloot Setting

    Topic Name (Your idea in short): Improve Lphone's autoloot setting Character Names: Valdemir Describe your suggestion What is this?: Make players able to rename autoloot setting slot on Lphone. Kinda like the stat build one Why do we have to add it?: To make choosing the right autoloot setting on Lphone easier . The current system has no label on each autoloot setting so we have to guess which one is which Who will benefit this?: Players that use autoloot feature on Lphone Will this change the system drastic?: Not really. Just to save some time. Room for improvement?: Cant think of any right now Other: That would be pretty much it. Thank you~
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