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  2. Does item id contain number "3"?
  3. Hi, It appears you are from another server. Anyway, have you used an awakening potion on that screenshot? Try to use 2 bakonawa agimatt tattoo for additional 20% ASPD. As well as enriched celermine juice (+10% aspd) and +20 Agi food. Assuming you follow the same renewal content. Also try to find out if theres anything else in your server that could raise agi/aspd.
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  5. No, but good guess.
  6. Fine Sand
  7. Is the selling price of it to NPC more than 30z?
  8. Hi sentimental, i need you help D: How can I get to a 193 ASPD? I have this equipment so far I'm thinking about tattoos, but I still do not think I'll reach the 193 level. +9 ABP Delay2, Delay2, Delay1 +9 Temp. Luk Delay4, Speed of Light [Otragerous Cookie Card] X2 Maelstrom Pendant [Gold Scaraba Card] Feathers White Mustache +9 Tiger King White Doll Hat Little Devil Horns +4 Brave Hidden Cloth [Ancient Mimic Card]
  9. Loki's Whispers
  10. 1st: I achieved instant cast by using stat food. 2nd: used Flame Launcher 3rd: There was animation delay
  11. Is it you Kyou?
  12. Last week
  13. Trying to login but my client from 2016 is failing to communicate with the server. Is there a new client? And do i need to download the whole 1.7gb?

    1. Kyouka


      There was a client update so you need to download new one.

    2. RieVieLeux
  14. Is the item could be droped from 8-14 different monster types (monsters with different id in limitRO DataBase)
  15. Yesterday, I got the pendant of chaos with my ranger Hyoop, I gave it to my genetic (her name is Inatah) however today I don't turn up my pendant of chaos. I'm pretty sure that my pendant was deleted because when I equipped this last, it doesn't give +6% of attack. Maybe the same bug ...
  16. Is the item's itemcode an odd number?
  17. Bug Description: ATK (SC_ATKPOTION) and MATK (SC_MATKPOTION) food is giving status ATK and MATK. It should be be Equip ATK and MATK instead. It uses the term ConsumableATK and ConsumableMATK on irowiki now. Source: ATK: MATK: Test: Tested in iRO (refer SS), the bonus ATK/MATK doesn't show up on status window. Conclusion: Status ATK/MATK can only be obtained from Stats. So the buff isn't supposed to give Status ATK/MATK.
  18. Bump. Both of the ATK and MATK should have the following icons. Currently it's missing. ATK - MATK - @Inkfish or @Yuuki?
  19. Bug Description: These following scripts for items are missing their status buff icons/timer. Fire Resist Potion - Cold Resist Potion - Earth Resist Potion - Thunder Resist Potion - HP Increase Potions (bMaxHP) - SP Increase Potions (bMaxSPrate)- Concentrated White Potion Z (bHPrecovRate) - Concentrated Ceromain Soup (bASPDRate) - ATK Increase - Takoyaki (SC_ATKPOTION) - MATK Increase - Takoyaki (SC_MATKPOTION) - Source: Test: I tested the Takoyaki on iRO for ATK and MATK and it appears it does have a buff icon on when used. Please refer to the SS attached. Conclusion: After watching a few kRO and iRO videos, I noticed they had quite a few buff icons that I had never seen in-game. So I searched around and found out what they were. Most of them are for items that are already available in-game. These icons/timer would be very useful to identify when the buffs has run out. Thank you.
  20. Bug Description: Energy Crystal Buff should give Equip ATK/MATK instead of Status ATK MATK. Source: Provided below. Test: Tested on iro and it gives Equip ATK/MATK (right side of xxx+xxx). Before buffing: After Buffing: The ATK/MATK +15 increase is shown on the right side. Conclusion: This was already reported once. The buffs in question according to @Yuuki is: SC_QUEST_BUFF1 SC_QUEST_BUFF2 SC_QUEST_BUFF3 Note: It's not Weapon ATK/MATK, nothing besides weapons gives Weapon ATK/MATK. It's certainly isn't Status ATK/MATK either as only Stats gives that.
  21. Is it Rough Elunium?
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