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  4. Stuck at 100% after login

    Changed Status to Closed If this happens again, please inform us.
  5. Half Moon in the Daylight About🌜 A follow up of the background history of Rachel. Here you can learn more about ice cavern and what is behind all this religious Rachel. You will enter the dream of the Pope <3 Requirements Base level 80+ Single player instance Instance Entrance Location Rachel (/navi rachel 174 138) Difficulty Level (1-10) 5 Obtainable Rewards Dream Fragment Old Doll Priest's Necklace Enchantment Goddess of Justice (A) Goddess of Justice (S) Goddess of Mercy (A) Goddess of Mercy (S) Goddess of Insight (A) Goddess of Insight (S) Exchange Costume Drooping Casual Pope Costume Drooping Luwmin Instance MvP Furious Ktullanux
  6. When activating Magic Bullet, it does not gives you any buff nor anything As you can see, i've got some MATK, so it should add something
  7. Arm Cannon Text

  8. Dagger of Vicious Mind

    also the vicious huuma shuriken thank you
  9. Phantasmagorica (Laboratory Memory Record)

    it's not yet fixed sir -> Leader Arquien (verus04; 172,149) and try to click Record Player (verus04; 171,149), i got stuck Experimental Area Memory.rrf
  10. Cooldown For Room of Conciousness Bugged

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Dagger of Vicious Mind

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Hi GM and another staff, i got stuck on my quest in Verus City, Phantasmagorica Quest "Memory Records", I can not collect 5 Laboratories Memory Record from the Underground Bunker, and when i talk to Leader Arquien (verus04; 172,149) and try to click Record Player (verus04; 171,149), i got stuck, can u fix it?? thank you.
  13. Guardian Ring of King has no effect

    This is actually a future equipment that you can get in an instance that's not yet implemented here, as JinToki has mentioned. That's why it's not yet scripted. I guess it was a bug that the item got added in the vending machine. We'll ask Lai to reimburse you the 150 Limit Group Coins and delete the item.
  14. Blacksmith Ranking is broken

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. Blacksmith Ranking is broken

    proof? it's coded to add 1000 fame when the weapon is created by yourself and reached max refine, which in renewal is +20.
  16. Arm Cannon Text

    Changed Status to Closed
  17. Arm Cannon Text

    no proof provided. topic close
  18. Agni's heater doesn't boost warmer.

    Changed Status to Fixed
  19. Guardian Ring of King has no effect

    Oh this one is from the Limit Group Equipment Exchange.
  20. Renovatio Re-cast Bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  21. Guardian Ring of King has no effect

    @Mavne How did you get the item? we don't have the Friday Instance yet
  22. I've tested it by equipping and unequipping the accessory, but nothing happened. The HP and SP remained the same.
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  24. You find, you win #9

    #1 moc_fild01 46, 306 Miko Mitama
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