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  2. Change BG 2

    +1 Good idea
  3. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    good way to test would be to figure out this rk buffs and eqs and see if the damage would match :0
  4. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    truly agree on this one. For the time being, our only proof is that link
  5. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    i guess the only way to truly confitm would be to make a kRO account Since rAetherna version adds 250% I won't press further until i have more solid proof
  6. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    Refering to @Chester's link, our current live behavior is, if not similar, same with that one (last time I tested). I too thought that it adds 250% making it like damage+damage*250%. While the correct one is increase damage by 250% in a sense that damage*250% or damage+150%. I think the fact we are using google translate, which is not 100% correct, to translate the original text was the cause of confusion. And also that "increase by" part is quite ambiguous
  7. Change BG 2

    I really like the idea i hope lai aproves
  8. Today
  9. Change BG 2

    Jk i love you and it looks wonderful cause bg 2 is boring sometimes, mostly conquest, it takes like 1 hour and the matchmaking makes it impossible sometimes so, reset the timer every 5 minutes makes it like 30 long..... Only for 10 badges cause you lose in the end. There arent many bg players now and absolutely nobody goes to bg3, it's not worth, not interesting and boring (i hate to lose money). Luv on yall
  10. Change BG 2

    ^ if you're like him just read "my suggestion" the rest above that just explain Battle ground 2
  11. Change BG 2

    I didnt read but seems like a good idea
  12. Change BG 2

    Topic Name Change BG 2 Character Names: Gucci Describe your suggestion What is this? change bg 2 Why do we have to add it? more balance Who will benefit this? All Will this change the system drastic? for the better Room for improvement? yes Before i get into my suggestion for Battle ground 2 and what i want to get changed, i wanna explain the current situation with BG2. If you BG a lot you know the battles are split into 3 different type of maps. Conquest,Rush,Dominion. Dominion: In this map its a huge circle with 6 small area that you must stand near to capture. (kinda like capture the flag i guess) When the area is caught a Dragon appears (nidhog dragon). With Silk Gear this Dragon can one shot most classes. Also this map takes about 5-15min Rush: In this map the 12+ players are split into 4 teams. The goal is to RUSH to the emp at the end. With all 4 teams starting in the same time in the very beginning. Right away it ends up being a all out fight. Forgetting the objective people just fight dragging out the map. For the people who go to Emp who know how to play are waited by a NPC Shura who can one shot ANYONE. This map takes 5-15min. Conquest: This map is like woe. 2 stones, 2 cades, emp. Goal very simple break everything go to Emp. This one takes about 10-20min. When it comes to the silk gears i think they are perfect. Old and new players can play since the gears for any classes are much easier to get and very simple. This problem could be fix very easily if the NPC/cades were reduce compared to BG1 but that is not my suggestion!!!! My suggestion: Change BG2 into old KVM 5v5 (or 6v6) i dont see this being a problem since silk gears are balance. The reason why i say change BG2 rather then reduce the npc/cades is because of how time consuming these maps have become. In each map i gave a average of minimum and maximum time they take to complete. But in silk BG they reach max time most of the time compare to minimum. A perfcet example is Conquest. Conquest always drags out to max time and if you think about it, thats 20min. 20min IS BASICALLY A MINI WOE!! Changing BG2 to KVM set up gives it a max time of 5min. Before shutting this idea down lets hear what the community has to say
  13. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    Look at this kRo guide if you don't believe...
  14. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    Addition, less credible but Found in source code for rAetherna berserk doubles damage on renewal: and GG to compare: @Inkfish is this sufficient :?
  15. New Cards & Enchants

    Yes yes <3 Illusion of Vampire > Illusion of Frozen > Illusion of Abyss > Illusion of Teddy Bear
  16. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    Update: iRO still does not have an update but translations say: this part in particular: if the translation is correct , then it adds 250% not multiplies by
  17. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    understood. If testing on official servers will provide me with a different result, I will let you know
  18. Infinity Space [100+] Best Leveling Spot

    Hi, yes Hard gives more ^^
  19. Pile Bunker P

    These are the new Pile Bunker released in LimitRO early last year. 16030,Pile_Bunker_S,Pile Bunker S,4,20,,3000,400,,1,1,0x00000400,7,2,2,4,130,1,8,{ bonus bAspdRate,getrefine()/2; },{},{} 16031,Pile_Bunker_P,Pile Bunker P,4,20,,4000,450,,1,0,0x00000400,7,2,2,4,130,1,8,{ bonus bBaseAtk,getrefine()*5; },{},{} 16032,Pile_Bunker_T,Pile Bunker T,4,20,,3500,400,,1,1,0x00000400,7,2,2,4,130,1,8,{ bonus bUseSPrate,getrefine()*-1; },{},{} I think this player is just assuming since those are Pile Bunker weapons.
  20. Infinity Space [100+] Best Leveling Spot

    I saw there is an Easy and Hard mode. Are there any difference in EXP? I have a ranger 139 and I just killed Eddga and I didn't get too much EXP. Not enough for a single level.
  21. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    Changed Status to Closed
  22. Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    checked the number it's =250%. it's +150%. it's not +250% and it's +25% on pvp/gvg maps. make another report if you don't agree with the number and include a solid source
  23. Pile Bunker P

    Changed Status to Closed
  24. Pile Bunker P

    what's the new pile bunker? @Lai why the skill should work when you have the NEW pile bunker? do you have a source? it's coded this way and it's working accordingly. if it shouldn't be coded this way, either the report or the one who added this item should explain to me how it should work neither did.
  25. 1st Job Shadow Eq

    What about people that have 0 interest in doing WoE... (in fact i have 0 interest in PvP in RO in general)
  26. Topic Name: Rock Ridge Mining Expedition Character Names: Cap Describe your suggestion: Make custom NPCs in Rockridge that are similar to Deep Sea. What is this? Sort of like Deep Sea 2.0, but in Rockridge. Why do we have to add it? Deep Sea is kinda getting crowded. Plus, Rockridge would be a good way to implement new weapons like Rebel weapons. Who will benefit this? Everyone Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Open for suggestions It would be a good way to promote Rockridge, and make use of the loots from the monsters there. We could open Rockridge from 1st of the month to 15th.
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