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  3. No skill cooldown. After cast delay is 1 second. @Lai
  4. andrexp

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Reqq Time Zone: GMT+5 Time in LimitRO: 2.5 years Time in RO: 11 years discord name andrexp.
  5. Nyhm

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Nyhmja / Stark Industries Time Zone: GMT+8. Time in LmitRO: Played back in 2012-ish. Went back last January. Playing more than 12 hours a day. Time in RO: 15 years.
  6. actually this wiki a lot of information is not correct😅 @Lai look at this video by right is Cast delay only, i think iRO is correct this video like for weapon blocked successful cast 10 time Counter Slash
  7. Sephylon

    Shadow Chaser Ignation break build help please.

    I'm messing around with a fatall menace ib build on my sc. Nothing definitive yet. Copied skilks are ib and magnum break, rotation goes fm>mb>ib repeat. At work atm so can't show my equips. Stats are 130 str, 100 agi, 90 vit, 80 dex, 50 int, rest luk.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hello everyone, anyone knows a working build on shadow chaser through ignation break on this server, I personally could not find in the topics and make myself because on this server a lot of custom item's. The priority full open builds with screenshots / shadow equip / stat build / skill build and normal equip. Thank you very much in advance. If you want to talk personally, here gmail [email protected] if you have something to tell you openly waiting for messages in the topic.
  10. Theodosia

    Power Abuse?

    This issue was closed by the GM. Move your arguments to the private messaging. Locking this report.
  11. Oriya

    Power Abuse?

    The only "first part" I said was in help chat where I said "Helpers can't fix this, they can only relay this to the GM" or something among those lines and then I moved the convo to DM's... I never had negativity in the way I was informing you- giving you information. Maybe I thought it was a bit silly-ironic of you thinking we'd go farm for hours, but no negativity... but because you were repeatedly posting in help chat demanding things Helpers are incapable of, I responded in Help chat, you laughed at me and ignored me, continued doing it; that's why I DM'd you. And then you lashed out at me with horrible slurs and names, yet you think I'm the one wrong here? I'm not going to post anymore on this topic.
  12. Buff Status Weapon Perfection; Maximum Power Step 1: Attack Egg with bare hand. - 502 damage Step 2: Attack Egg with Weapon - 811Damage Step 3: Equipped +20 Supplement Part Str - 842 Damage because it only gives additional 10% on Weapon Atk Power
  13. Здравствуйте, давно не играла, но активных серверов не так много осталось, а у меня сейчас Убунта стоит и я в ней как бэ не очень ) устанавливать игры/программы PlayOnLinux научилась, но вот как сделать, чтобы заработала игра, которую надо только распаковать... Может кто подсказать?
  14. Tradine

    one char doesn´t login

    works fine again, thx
  15. rvmanzanojr

    Ores in deepmines destroyed by only one hit

    @Yuuki even level 9 and 10. only 1 hit Ore
  16. Illusion Goibne's Helm [1] Test 1: Equipped all illusion goibnes set. Expected result for combo (sum of refine rate = 40) Expected Bonus: Increase +13 Vit, MaxHP +25%, MaxSP +5% , Def +5, MDEF +25, FCT -0.7, After cast delay -20% Result: Vit +6 only, MaxHP +25% Not OK, MaxSP +5% OK, Def +5 OK, MDEF +25 OK, FCT -0.7, After Cast Delay -20% Not OK Illusion Goibne's Armor [1] Test 2: Equipped +10 illusion goibne's armor Expected Bonus: Additional 150 Def Result: No Def Bonus from the refine rate as mentioned in description Illusion Goibne's Spaulders [1] Test 3: Equipped +10 illusion goibne's spaulder and attack water property (Poring) Expected Result: Increase physical damage against water property monster by total of 15% Result: No increase in physical damage Illusion Goibne's Greaves [1] Test 4: Equipped +10 illusion goibne's spaulder and use range attack skill Expected Result: Increase 10% Ranged Physical Damage by 10% Result: OK All tests were conducted at Limit Test Server
  17. Sephylon

    LVL 3 Spirit Passive Mode

    Tested the passive effects of all 4 spirits at level 3, according to wiki they should have a (JobLv ÷ 2)% chance to cast a bolt spell at level Floor(JobLv ÷ 10) 1. Summoned agni lvl 3 and activated spirit control 1 to make it enter passive mode 2. Attacked eggs and watched autocasting of firebolts, noticed they were being casted at random levels. 3 Repeated steps 1 and 2 for aqua, tera, and ventus lvl 3, results were the same. Spirit Bug.rrf
  18. Lai

    one char doesn´t login

    @Tradine, please patch up LimitRO.exe ^^
  19. Tradine

    one char doesn´t login

    hi there I signed up for a bountyquest C++ joker as I will warp via grandma to lvl 2 i got an errormessage and the client shutdown, resign on same character doesn't work, sign in with an other character works fine game_crash_log2.txt
  20. Ragology

    Rebels can use Spirit Spheres as Coins

    Ah, my mistake. Seems that it means used like "spent" and not "obtained." Okay, now all we need now is for a coin related gunslinger skill to not work when there's only spirit spheres to spend and those patch notes will stand. (since I don't live in a world where patch notes are correct 100% of the time. Sure the patch notes come from an official source, but I want to believe that all companies patch notes come from an official source (since there's no reason to cover patch notes that aren't about your own game.) And since private servers are taking things from official sources without editing things unless its a feature that has to be customized for their own servers ( like a damage formula or drop rate) then I want to believe that it works here the same way it'd work on official. Though believing that would be hearsay, even though over 90% of the way things work on Limitro is the same as official, making it a credible source by your definition. As far as differentiating between coins and spheres, as of now, the only reason I see to change their names is the lore behind the classes since spirit spheres seem more like an acolyte thing (as that job line dabbles with the spiritual things) while coins are more like a material possession that fits better with the theme of a Gunslinger. We arrive at the third name change with Soul reaper since many of their soul reaper skills have the word "soul" in their names and so it sounds more thematically fitting than coins or spirit spheres, even if its the same system underneath. I think if they would have been called "spirit reapers" then the name would still be called spirit spheres. A lot of their soul linker skills have the word "spirit" in their name and as of now the game doesn't differentiate between spirit spheres and soul reaper souls anyway. Just as Royal Guard MP (MP) bar could have been renamed a Piety Points (PP) bar, fitting more thematically while serving the same function as the MP bars that all the other jobs use. Every skill in the game could have been named an untranslatable gibberish, but if tests between multiple skills result in the same outcome then I'm willing to bet the skills are the same underneath, regardless of what they're named.
  21. Theodosia

    Server location

    Hello there IIRC our server is geographically located in Canada.
  22. Test 1: Hatch the Loyal Egg - No additional in Hit Test 2: Duel with GX in Hallu walk with 936 Flee
  23. Current Stats Test 1: Equipped Phreeoni Suit [1] : No 10% Increase in MaxHP and only +10 Hit Added Test 2: Phreeoni Suit and Phreeoni Card Combo Step 1: Equipped Phreeoni Suit + Axe with Phreeoni Card to test perfect hit 50% Step 2: Duel GX with total of 903 flee rate with Hallu Walk Step 3: use normal and skill attack Result: Perfect Hit did not proc for 20 times attack
  24. Jade Siegfried

    Genesis Ray ignoring obstacles

    I think this bug applies to other AoE skills too, like jackfrost. WL can hit the enemies with jackfrost while on obstructed walls.
  25. BabyCakeTB

    Power Abuse?

    Oriya, Eclypta There are so many wrong thing in what you say, I refer you to your point 1. And plz, publish the first part your speech. .« Did you know ...?» What I do understand is that asking a question may be consider has « assuming rumors. » There is nothing prettier in communism land.
  26. Upgrade Part - Plate [1] Test 1: Try to enchant in Verus Town. - NPC did not recognized the Armor Test 2: Try to enchant in Godly Enchantment NPC at Asgard - NPC did not recognized the Armor Supplement Part STR [1] Test 1: Try to enchant in Verus Town. - NPC did not recognized the Armor Test 2: Try to enchant in Godly Enchantment NPC at Asgard - NPC did not recognized the Armor
  27. Lai

    Power Abuse?

    Changed Status to Closed Retsuke is our only mafia Helper He only does that, when someone deserves it. ❤️ Not, all has patience of an angel
  28. 3rd class skill updates has this skill now able to reach a level 10 cap. This is the only skill I'm aware of that has had an issue from the previous patch (skill points -> increase skill level wise)
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