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  2. @YuukiWPS on normal WoE dnt ignore pls hahaha

  3. Lol, if I'm not mistaken, there's already been 3 reports for that player. This reminds me of my MVP-ing days where a Ranger cussed me out for KS-ing Moonlight. Not my fault he died.
  4. Hi all! is there any info about old bio headgear enchants? is this true or its just a fake info fromplayers? and the coc[1] enchant? is there an upcoming update about this? thanks in advance!!!

    1. Caphleo


      Here's info about the old bio enchants.



  5. Just equip it like any other costume HG/equipment. Double click it or drag to equipment window (costume).
  6. @SpaceBound, you dont have to show the hat
  7. I've finished the task, and I got the costume from the Prophet.. What must I do now ?? I don't understand how to show it. *Sorry for my bad english
  8. .... How old is that kid?
  9. Yesterday
  10. nice print screen
  11. He does not accept i killed some mvps. He shout also in his language that i don't understand. Another player said that means "you mother F*cker''. So the same thing he wrote in eng and espanol.
  12. this.guy.must.get.good.punishment.for.being.a.toxic.dickhead.player.
  13. i'm sorry for the very bad screen. I don't know why they are awefull like this.
  14. Player (who runs the WHAT ARE THOOOSE inc. shops) was selling a baby desert wolf egg for ~100m+, when I imed her she reopened the shop with the eggs at a slightly less but still unbuyable price. There is actually a LOT of people doing this right now in VH, especially those who take up 4+ spots with their alts. i think it might be worth having a gm comb through some of the shops every now and then.
  15. thats the guy who sells his pharaoh card for 8vips, -real stupid. Jr Gong Zilla, find another server please.
  16. @Yuuki

    Can you Please add
    1- WPS Token for Normal WoE.
    2- Allow use of Aura for Normal WoE on Thursday and Sunday morning Castle.
    3- Add Enemies =D

    1. Ken Ma

      Ken Ma

      playing nice wont help, no one cares about normal woe nemore, tot silk is for newbies since when bees became newbees hahahaha RIP Normal WoE

    2. F a i z

      F a i z

      Isn't This the Difference between people who stop when they fail and those who don't?


    3. Ken Ma

      Ken Ma

      hahahaha, damn tot ur playin nice, ddnt notice number 3 ahahaha make a report about missing guild pls hahahaha

  17. The rule of thumb for items here is: If the version of items exist on kRO, we will follow kRO. Unless the item is exclusive to other servers like jRO or iRO, then we will for their version. With very few exceptions. For this HG however, looks like the HG still uses iRO's description for some reason. So, need to change the description for it as well. @Lai Please change the description to the following and remove the bonus part. The Helm of the Lord of Death MDEF +5, All Stats +1 Increase Damage to Boss Type Monsters by 10% Take 5% more damage from normal Monsters and Players. For every upgrade above +5, add 1% more damage to Boss monsters.
  18. just update your kro client
  19. Last week
  20. yeah, saw someone reporting this player too. serioulsy, this guy wants to be muted or ban. he really wants to know if GMs will really punish him for being a dickhead.
  21. Something very common that is happening in Vendin Harbo is the overcrowding of stores and the abusive use of some things last week do not know how but my merchant was pushed out of the sales cell and disconnected from the server then I do not know how they did But this happened, I waited for the second server to reboot, I made my store and when I was refueling, a boy was setting up the store on a certain cell phone, clicked on me, walked and used the button of the skill of sale, with that my character Who was holding the place was with a store in front of him, the boy still wanted to play with my face with the name of the store, calling me "weak" and laughing.
  22. That guy has serious anger management issues
  23. What? Didn't limitro use IRO as a reference? Everything that wrote in item description are same as IRO and they are correct according to reliable websites. So if we want to know any information, we need to reach Korean websites? That doesn't make sense..
  24. I received offenses via PM from a sad player for having lost the MVP for me, at the time that happens, at first I could not start, but now I was able to take print of the offenses.
  25. Too advance we should follow the timeline in kRO.
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