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  2. Don Machine

    @noks remove

    This @noks must be removed at Thanatos Tower, this is the advantage of auto skill while standing, they can afk/alttab/dual farming/etc. w/o worrying that someone may kill steal their mobs.
  3. Don Machine

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    toxic or not, you don't have the right to ignore a player who wants to check on you if you're afk or not. even if he/she does it every 10 minutes. You can ignore if you're not doing anything suspicious. every auto caster is suspiciously afk.
  4. Marpo

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    Even though I have posted the conversion I had with xDOSx, mainly because I wanted to avoid accusations/assumptions like these, you are still trying to impose something on me that clearly wasn't my intention. I will say it again, the player has been excessively toxic, I didn't want to hear from him anything more, that was the reason of me ignoring the player. I'm not just gonna stand there and wait until he's done trash talking me.
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  6. Don Machine

    @noks remove

    This @noks must be removed at Thanatos Tower, this is the advantage of auto skill while standing, they can afk/alttab/dual farming/etc. w/o worrying that someone may kill steal their mobs.
  7. Don Machine

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    You can easily ignore player so you can be safe to report, what? i wish gm lai remove @noks at TH so no more advantage of doing standing farming / alt tab / afk / dual farming.
  8. Guest

    Donated but did not get cash points

    I donated a while ago and waited a few days and still not received my cash points
  9. Now you see me

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    Lol, You keep trying to report me as AFK Farming because you You cant accept that I'm in a good spot in Thanatos Tower 10 and you want it. I have already post the proof that you are the one doing the AFK Farming. So dont make stories please. You did it intentionally, If all player are like you then a lot of player will be punished by miss leading information. I'm trying to buy some item in the other player and you keep chatting and counting 1-20. LOL
  10. Marpo

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    Im attaching 3 screenshots of me testing the @ignore command, showing that you cannot see the messages of the other player, even though they can still write you and make screenshots like player xDOSx made. Im pointing out again that this player has been ignored by me due to his excessive toxicity. Also even though I may seem like I'm afking, I have never been afk once n thanatos 10, since I am using two accounts and two monitors, as seen in the screenshots. I have already been afk checked by YEEZY BOOST (more than once) and I have always answered.
  11. Marpo

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    Hello, To defend myself, I have attached all screenshots I have of a converstion with player xDOSx, from the begining where I afk checked him, to the point where I put him on @ignore. Now to the afk check he did on me. In the screenshot screenLimitRO020, you can see using @ignore, because I just had enough (you can see it in the chat, "player ignored"). After I ignored him, what he basically did was that he afk checked me while I wasn't receiving the messages.
  12. Now you see me

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    Player Name: Marpo Rule Violation: AFK farming AFK Farming in Thanatos
  13. :: Post 93 -- Her Name Was Las ::
    (Part 2 of 2)

    So... continuing from myaa previous post... Svenni, VV, and I managed to enter the locked hospital, but Nurse Las wasn't going anywhere near that final talisman near the entrance to the second floor...

    Turns out, the nurse wasn't what she seemed... When we pulled out that final talisman, it is revealed that she was the evil that the talisman was trying to ward off!! What have we done!! Now the monster is loose! She was going to kill us, but the Agimats we got from a Bent Shaman (he smaller than myaa!) saved us!

    Whatever it is, now Bangungot is loose!!


    Not backing away, we decided to fix the problem. We entered the second floor where the creature called Bangungot lives. It is Bangungot that has turned the patients into monsters!

    Here be some battle pictures...


    Some SoS coming, and I mean myaa Spirit of Savage! +_+


    Triumphant! Bangungot has been put down, for now...

    This pic by me, hehe.

    The sad truth of all this is that originally, Bangungot was a wood fairy. She lived in a big tree in Port Malaya. One day, Normans cut down tree to make hospital, so the wood fairy angery. Her anger caused her to turn into something twisted. When the hospital was fully-built and accepting patients, patients began to die. That is why they close the hospital, and the remaining doctors (like Dr Boon) now occupy the inn. That is why when you fight Bangungot, in the end you see she is a cute little tree. That is her true form.

    Here meow gives you a bonus picture of Svenni trying to blend in... Not bad eh?


    So, that's all about 'The Nurse in Port Malaya'~ OK bye!

    P/S: Meow still waiting for Episode 17.1 quests, so until then, me be catnapping with big sis Elena.

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  15. Mavne

    Merchant vending lane

    Yes, we have the merchant vending lane. Type @go 16 to get there.
  16. Relax

    Impersonating other player, and xenophobic

    Give me zeny and some gears please. Im poor 😂
  17. The player was impersonating our guild leader, and asking for money and equipment to one of our member. Chatbox on left = scammer, confirming he is indeed our Guild leader (Asha (QUIT) from Chill) Chatbox from right = confirmation from our vice Guild leader that it was not him Once we confronted him, he begun saying racist stuffs especially towards Chinese The convo on box said: Kill all the Chinese, they bring Coronavirus..
  18. Flamb0

    AFK farming

    afk farming in thanatos 10 Name: xDOSx
  19. changyip2001

    Unlucky Emerald Quest Key NPC

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...
  20. Missing NPC? That Ilya Lebedev (twin of Jana) in Klana Nemieri.


    1. Verzeltainn


      didn't see you anywhere, btw I'm returning to the server.

    2. onion


      Always did wonder where Jana's other half was... they really shouldn't skip out on NPCs, honestly... I mean, I know Ilya doesn't have a use, but he adds to the feels... I wonder if he says anything if we click on him.

  21. Payaso

    Merchant vending lane

    Hi there! I am new to the server and am wondering if there is a merchant vending lane or market place in this server. If so, how do I get there? Thanks in advance!
  22. DoNotDisturb

    AFK farming in Thanatos


    afk farming

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...
  24. shamfoo


    Spoon is dropped by Bijou Blush is part of official headgear quest and it s very easy to make. Gentle Heart is from kimi's evil mind box. Horror factory instance Orchid hairband can be bought in the NPC @go 16
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  26. Jiyuuko


    There's a lot of quests for making other stuff like headgears but I can't seem to find many of the ingredients anywhere! It doesn't drop from mosters, or if it does the monster don't exist (I used @whereis) and some of them should be achievable by quests that don't exist on LimitRO (The NPC for one of these was not where she was supposed to). Please don't tell me I have to pay actual money to get these. SO Here are some of the items I'm trying to find how to get: Orchid Hairband Blush Gentle Heart Singing Bird Spoon
  27. If i just start this game Do u recommend to play other class [like Ranger] before start this build ?
  28. l The Grim l

    Invisible characters (follow up)

    Please help me on my account the characters are missing but is present in control panel (site) I sent a message in messenger(fb) and also in discord but no response
  29. Guest


    yeah, i contacted him on facebook messenger already last march, he didnt reply. I guess i'll just stay with one character without change character while playing though so annoying. Anyway thanks for your respond
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