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    Genetic shadows missing

    related to this report crazy weed and gene ray shadows seem to be missing too and katar shadows are showing up despite not being on this list
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  4. Docteur

    Genetic shadows missing

    not noting but still a problem since october !
  5. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 42-094 [RO] CNY Year of the Tarou :: Happy Chinese Mew Year everyone! (or 'Happy 500x 500x 50x' xD) --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  6. onion

    Hello New World!

    Welcome to LimitRO! Saw you on Discord too, hehe. I joined Limit during Easter last year and so far, I'm enjoying my stay here. Made some friends, had some funny misadventures, losing my mind from farming, and diving into all the wonderful quests... So... I hope you'll have fun as well!
  7. Last week
  8. It says "Please Equip proper ammunition". So I tried with both Spheres and Bullets, but it doesn't work. Maybe I am missing something? Ground_Drift_RIP.mp4
  9. The hat of myaa dreams! After about one year of desiring it, I finally has the Republic Hat [1]!! xDDD


    This was supposed to be myaa starter headgear... or so I had planned long ago... but Elena put up a tough fight (tough but possible to defeat!) so I had to gear up a bit more. Finally, I was able to start collecting Schwartz Tokens for this hat. It's like to defeat her, you must have this hat, but to have this hat, you must defeat her. Funny.

    Anyway yassss, myaa hard work has bore its fruit! Hooraaaaayyy~ This hat will go to Salad, the household Rebel and farmer (once I have worn it as many times as I want, nyehheheh). If Salad not want, she can give to other household members.

    Hmm… I have always though that this hat is so stylish, must find the costume version…

    OK, that all, goodnight.

  10. Rai

    Legendary Module Enchants No Proc

    I have same issue with Lucky Strike proc
  11. andrexp

    Vellum Glaive didnt Reflect at all

    it is problem with magic mirror, a long ago i report on this skill, but it dont work.
  12. Inkfish

    Genetic shadows missing

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. Inkfish

    Genetic shadows missing

    not source not npc not item @Lai
  14. Inkfish

    Icon Buff Missing

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. Inkfish

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    oh... good. i'll never use any other status any more except for closed or fixed
  16. Lai

    Happy Chinese New Year

    Wish everyone Chinese or not Chinese a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 2020, year of mouse! Event Rates 500x500x50x
  17. I tested with Magician's Gloves equiped (50% pierce) and i also tested at Biolab 4 against Magaleta mob (boss monster with around 645 mdef), with and without Strain Shadow Weapon and damage has shown no changes which led me to beliave it is bugged or item information display wrong.

    Lazy Farming Guide/TIPS

    when i do this i get macro detected error T_T

    skill shadow scrolls

    As far as I tested earlier today no skills shadows for crazy weed, cart cannon and genesis ray can be gotten. Attached is my rrf opening them where i opened 500 pendant scrolls SKILL_SHADOW_.rrf
  20. Rolkies

    Lazy Farming Guide/TIPS

    type /Q2 put Wing of fly at "F8" put skill u want to spam "F9" you can now scroll up and scroll down to spam above 2 key.. i use this on my warlock while watching movie.. JF and Tele.. only scroll up and down Beware when doing this, you might get reported when not replying PM hahahahha
  21. Docteur

    Lazy Farming Guide/TIPS

    i dont get it
  22. Apollinaire

    Hello New World!

    Finally, the stress and responsibility of adulting caught up with me and I decided to find a server to escape to my distant childhood past. I found three mid-rate servers and after much procrastinating and thinking (mostly), I decided to join the LimitRo family. I just made my character last night and bracing myself for a bloody farming spree that is not so different from my real-life grind. Hope to see you in-game. I'm a new soul in this very strange world 😑 hoping to meet new friends and maybe mentor to help me get started! Ign: Vernotta signing in!
  23. Rolkies

    Illusion Weapon 4 enchants

    nah just telling you, dont copy people stuff and report.. thats all.. it make you look annoying.. get it? it will be easier if you do it your own at first.. my regard is not on the item.. is on ur ACTION. 👍 Hope you learn k.
  24. Maguiia

    Illusion Weapon 4 enchants

    I guess you really have the need to find any bad things about someone don't you ? 🤷‍♂️ Why i wanted to do this report ? Because it's the second time i see an item like that and do said the first time i see on discord that it was a bug needed to be fixed but well nothing happened. It seems like you also have a very high regard about an item that isn't worth much like you said, want me to redo my post with my own screen ? I can do it for you if you need it
  25. But it shows 0% instead of any number. This only happens to others viewing it, and not the player who owns the item. ignore my airship armour lol I don't know if there are more equipment with this issue, but this is what I encountered.
  26. Rolkies

    Illusion Weapon 4 enchants

    nah i dont mind the item getting nerfed. not worth much also thats what i said, you are jealous of what people have and no effort at all taking my pic to report.. i thought u playing other server, did i trigger something on you to make this report ** NO RESPECT ** #maguiiatheredeye
  27. Maguiia

    Illusion Weapon 4 enchants

    Take it as you want 🤷‍♂️ this type of item's enchant was already showned before you posted yours on discord too I could easily get the same enchant on test server and just report the same thing, what does it change to use your screen 😂 or you prefer keep playing with a bugged item that shouldn't allows you to play with 1 AGI lel 🤦‍♂️
  28. Rolkies

    Illusion Weapon 4 enchants

    wow, my item screenshot just got copied.. doing a good deeds sharing build with others, i got penalize to get my item reported n to nerf it. if you report you own job or char with your OWN gear about something good but bug, i respect you but this is just "RED EYE". 😂
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