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  2. Non-english in Main chat

    Using non-english in main chat.
  3. Entrepreneur/L-Phone Quest

    Level 100+
  4. Team Recruitment

    Char Name: Yoruichi Shishoiin Age: 28 Gender: Male Fluent Lang: English/Tagalog Nationality: Filipino Occupation: Marketing Management Graduate / Taking up Licensed Custom Broker Time in LimitRO: 10-14 hrs a day (depends when people are chatting with me) Playing Hours per week: 98 hours Possible helping hours per week: all day everyday (thuglife) Personality: funny/very professional (assistant businessman to my father)/ good sense of personality Favorite color: blue/black/white Other comment why you suit for this: Well first and for most i have the communication skills to deal with such issues like when people are reporting bugs. i always pm lai immediately on facebook also when some people are asking about the game i always respond to people who are in need. and if i encounter some stuff that needs to be resolved i have my basis of RO friends to try and help out also like royce and asha. if i am truly gonna be a helper i will be active all day everyday because i am only starting my studies again so i have exactly 2 years again in easy time to help out. thanks lai for this i know i've been bugging you that we need more helpers. so i will apply myself BAHAHA. GLHF guys see you in game.
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  6. Entrepreneur/L-Phone Quest

    I think you can only get 1 phone, just use @phone on other characters (150+)
  7. Team Recruitment

    Char name: Manitas Crazys Age: 24 Gender: male Fluent lang: spanish/english Nationality: Mexican Ocuppation: attourney at law Time in limit ro: almost 7 months, playing ro in others servers like 12 years Hours per week: hmm like 2 or 4 hours at day Possible hours helping: same, somethimes just log in just to help pple making IS or helping non english speakers Personality: idk patient and kind and i like helping people bc i like this server and want it to grow up more and more Fav color: black, red, pink or green Othee comment: well i think i could help this server helping out newbies and non english speakers, bc there's a lot on this server and i think that's cool that's why i want it to grown up this comunity, i know im not an expert but at least i can help the newbies and make their playing time a good experience, and making a friendly relationship with gm's and players.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome back to RO and welcome to lRO, if you need any help feel free to pm me: Maloot
  9. The Solar Temple

    The error already has been fixed as for the loots/infos : check those ennemies
  10. Eclage [130+]

    Light & Darkness Requirements Completed previous quests. Level 130+ 1xGrape Juice Herbal Tea 10xMalangdo Special Can 1xFragment of Darkness 2xRed Gemstone 2xBlue Gemstone 2xYellow Gemstone Rewards 30x Splendide Coin (LimitRO Custom) Ettlang Keepsake Quest Guide Speak to Eclage Guard, he is in prison in Eclage Plaza. (/navi ecl_in02 99/32) Once inside, speak to the Prison Guard, and say that you are looking for Clever. Now speak to Clever inside the prison. "What crime did you commit?" He will start to sing... Speak to Clever again. "Wait! Wait! Stop your singing for a minute." "Ask him what he wants to eat." "That's no problem." Now bring him 1x Grape Juice Herbal Tea (Cooking with Cooking book level 1) Give him the item and he will give you some EXP. Speak to Clever again. "Ask about Eclage gossip stories..." Then listen to all his 4 gossips... After that he will fall asleep. Now speak to Prison Guard and get out of the prison. Find and talk to Hiel, inside this building. "Enter this place." "I was referred to meet you here." Type in Clever as referee. Talk to Hiel again. "A dimensional rift in nearby regions." "Ask how the fragment was obtained." "Ask about using the rift" "So what can you do with this?" "Why are you getting down on yourself?" "That's how I got here." "Cats?" "Cats dont mess around with money." "Sure, I'd like to check out." Now talk to Shelby in Mid Camp. "What an interesting cat." "Ask about dimensional rift fragments". Now speak to Ford, standing next to Shelby. "Ask about dimensional rift fragments" They will start to fight. Now bring Shelby 10x Malangdo Special Can (Obtain from Malangdo Daily Quests) "I brought it for you guys." "Yes of course~" "Ask about activating the rift fragments." "Why do you need the gemstones?" "First hand him the canned food." You will receive EXP. Next go speak with Hiel in Eclage. "Tell him about the materials necessarry." "I will try to obtain them for you." Now we need to bring those items to Hiel. 1xFragment of Darkness 2xYellow Gemstone 2xRed Gemstone 2xBlue Gemstone "Give the materials to him." You will receive EXP. Now keep speaking to Hiel, until the room get's dark. Then speak to Hiel again. "Tell him what was seen." Then check Hiel's Workshop. Then speak to Hiel again. "Do you have an idea of whose those voice...." " don't mean Clever?" Revisit Eclage Prison and report to Clever. "I think Hiel's experiment succeeded." "The experiment succeeded." "That must mean that it succeeded without..." "Demonstrate what happened." Talk to Clever again. "So it's part of the Unofficial history?" "Then how do those accounts get recorded?" "Could your imprisonment be due to..." "I was foolish to expect something like that..." "It does seem peaceful." Now goto Eclage Plaza floor 1 and find Clever's book in one of the bookshelves. Montly Eclage (/navi ecl_in0180/80) "Settlement of despair" "Brutality of Elder Assembly" "Eternal farewell" "Faded away areas" "There is a folded page." "The page is unfolded carefully" Now go back to Clever in the prison and speak to him. "I came back after viewing those references." "I had a question.." "Ask about Etran and Robert." Prison guard will look... Walk past the Prison Guard. "Well, I thought my time for the visit was over..." Then talk to him again. Clever. "Well, I got this far, I'll hear you out." You will receive some EXP. Talk to Clever again. "Somehow, it feels like Hiel's goal is different." Now head back to Hiel in Eclage. "A slight problem?" "I'm sorry, but who are you?" "Explain the situation until now." "It's true, I can show you if you like." Now, walk to the front of Eclage Plaza, a dialog will appear. "This is the home tree that you nurtured." Then head back to Hiel. "Robert disappeared during the conversation..." "That sounds very risky." "Does that mean, it can't be at any other location?" "Then could we also meet his contemporary..." "Would you let me see that reactor for a minute?" "Don't you want to test out your theory?" Enter the Eclage field 1 and find Etran's Tomb, walk first to this position to trigger a dialog. Then enter the Eclage dungeon level 1 and inspect Etran's Tomb. "Can you hear me? Would you be Sir Etran?" "Explain the situation." "Explain to him about the rift reactor." "Ask about Elder Assembly." "Ask about land of restoration project." "Actually, your project succeeded." "Would you like to see for yourself?" Now walk out of the Eclage dungeon. When you enter this spot, a dialog will appear. , "It's not a dream". "His home tree also grew very well." "Unfortunately, that can't happen..." "Should I bring something to prove it to you?" "Bring a home tree leaf." You will receive Old Left Lapine Now goto Hiel. "Can we obtain a leaf of home tree?" "Explain to him the promise made with Etran." "You mean Robert?" "Let's try to connect with Robert." Now talk to the Hiel's Workshop. "You see.." "I met with Sir Etran." Is it possible to obtain a home tree leaf?" Talk to Hiel. "Not in the least bit delightful.." Use the Hiel's Workshop again. You will receive a Golden Leaf Now head back to Etran's Tomb in Eclage dungeon. "Give the necklace and the leaf." "Tell him what Robert said." You will receive a Ettlang Keepsake Go talk to Hiel. Go talk to Clever. He will reward you with 30x Splendide Coin
  11. Team Recruitment

    Char Name: Moon Kitsune Age: 26 Gender: Female Fluent Lang: Russian/English Nationality: russian Occupation: manager in international marketing and export Time in LimitRO: just around 2 month, but started to play Ro when 3rd job just reliesed. Playing Hours per week: Playing daily. Around 4-7 hours. Possible helping hours per week: 30-40 hours Personality: I'm very kind and patient. Can explain same stuff as many times as it is require. Ignoring all kind of trolling. Favorite color: Blue Other comment why you suit for this: I have knowledge about Ragnarok. I will be mostly available for any kind of help daily in evening. Good team of helpers can make Limit Ro even greater. I like to help people and will happily do this for the newbies.
  12. Team Recruitment

    Char Name: Jiiu Age: 21 Gender: Male Fluent Lang: English , Portuguese Nationality: Brazil Occupation: Gym boss Time in LimitRO: November last year Playing Hours per week: all day , only stop while sleeping Possible helping hours per week: Anytime when im online ! let's say 16 hours per day lol Personality: Chill , I love to help ppl ! Favorite color: Rainbow ! Any color that suits the occasion ! Other comment why you suit for this: I 'm a kind person , i already help ppl in anyway i can , just want to make it official so ppl can come to me and ask help ! Thanks ! Edit : I play RO since 2006 with little breaks here and then !
  13. Team Recruitment

    Char Name: Maloot Age: 18 (soon D:) Gender: Male Fluent Lang: French/English Nationality: French Occupation: Medicine Student Time in LimitRO: 2 years Playing Hours per week: Depends, i'm mostly afk these days but always keep an eye on RO, so 5 hours playing and more afk/helping ppl Possible helping hours per week: 10 hours ? I don't really know and ill be on holydays soon Personality: Short-tempered when people are trolling me, but i can be patient and very kind with players who want to learn and ask kindly Favorite color: Blue, you know that already Other comment why you suit for this: As I said I can be really kind, I already helped many people and always answers when someone asks a question in @main / @help / discord / facebook (at least when i'm sure of the answer), I know i'm not an old player but it doesn't mean I don't know anything. I tried most of the classes so i can help with that too. There aren't many French speaking players helping other players and that's why i posted not long ago a post to help new French players if they are lost or need any advice. One last thing: I don't really need much better equipments on my doram so from now on I'll mostly be afk/farm CEs/talk to people = that means I'll have more time to help others Oh and i forgot: I'm cute edit: I play RO since 2008 or so
  14. Team Recruitment

    Team Recruitment Time pass, day by day, people come and go...but one thing is for sure, we the core of LimitRO is still standing strong to ensure a working team and to ensure the best service to the community! For that, I can't do alone, I need your help. Yes, LimitRO need new Helpers, good helpers, willing to help, willing to contribute for the lost players who seek help somewhere in the fields or dungeons. Now it's time to recruit a new fresh new full Helper Team. Before we begin, I would like to thank our retiring helpers: lorder Shinchou Royce Asha Angela Ellania A suna Beneboi Relax Andifate jin nestics Thank you all for the previous helper period ~~ About Being a helper is not equal to GM, a helper is exactly the same as players without anything GM related commands. A helper uses his regular player account and can play just like normal as much as they want. But, being a helper also remarks you as you are willing yourself to help others when they need. The community has no rights to DEMAND help, only with nice attitude, will receive a nicer response. This year we plan to recruit around 10 Helpers from different regions. Helper Period A Helper will serve maximum 1 year in the team, we will re-open an application next year, and we have done this, every year. In order to make sure that everyone can have the chance to help others in a little more special way ^^ Helper Outfit This year we have decided not to make Helpers UBER SHINNY! wth it's makes even me blind when I see them.... Yellow Name Color Special Helper Costume Hat Special commands to help make events Forum Title & special priviledges IF ABOVE TEXT is something that you like and can take, please use the application form, fill it, and reply to this topic. Application Form Char Name: Age: Gender: Fluent Lang: Nationality: Occupation: Time in LimitRO: Playing Hours per week: Possible helping hours per week: Personality: Favorite color: Other comment why you suit for this: Application Period Deadline: 2018.04.30
  15. Hello!

    Greetings! I've been playing RO since years ago n I feel nostalgic again, so here I am. Let's have fun
  16. Entrepreneur/L-Phone Quest

    Hello, I've been playing Limit RO for a few days, and upon discussion with a friend, noticed that I have not been able to get L-Phones with any of my characters, with only exception being my first character ("Yshakaron"). I've confirmed that I'm not prompted to 'ask for the L-phone' at the end of the tutorial (by Shalosh, which I've confirmed several times), but I was not able to get the quest to be able to create them (via the NPC, "Entrepreneur"). As in the attached screenshots, the NPC shows the quest mark, but only gives the message "I hope you enjoy your new L-Phone!", despite the fact I don't have the item with any of my other characters. Is it possible to address this issue?
  17. Price Abusing / Ruining Market / Deceiving Newbies

    Probably the same guy
  18. Lowballer/Scammer

    i'm not sure about that :/
  19. The Solar Temple

    What error? Haven't encountered any error before inside
  20. Change job Range

    NPC not warp me into the testing room. There must be chatroom. And when u r first in order, he warp char into the testing room.
  21. Pet List & Pet Evolution

    @HyoriNakagawa, it's not available yet! Need to think of a way to release it.
  22. Price Abusing / Ruining Market / Deceiving Newbies

    Player Name : Robot Bego Definitely the same person, buying Applause Sandals for 200m, and I saw these three players in payon. Player Name: Andika Kangen Band This guy buying HD Bradium 30m
  23. Price Abusing / Ruining Market / Deceiving Newbies

    Player Name: Andika Kangen Band This guy is doing again, buying Applause Sandals 200m. Normal price of this thing is 400-500m.
  24. Yoichi's Shawl Effect Bug

    Hmm... Actually, regarding the Sharp Shooting effect as stated on the description... The Bonus effect at +0 Refine is to increase the Sharp Shooting damage to 60%. The Bonus effect at +7 & Above Refine of it is to Enhanced the Sharp Shooting damage increasing... Which is +1% for Every 3 Base Levels... its mean +58% at Base Levels 175. So, the Bonus effect toward increasing the Sharp Shooting Damage at +7 & Above Refine of it will become 60% + 58% = 118%
  25. Monthly Task 003

    hi new here..wat can u recommend me to be a good player too <3 i wanna stay here for good.. TIA
  26. The Solar Temple

    Do we have any details or guides for Solar Temple Instance, like Items info, Mob info, Drop Item info? Psst: We encounter error every time we hit sorc inside.
  27. The Solar Temple

    Do we have any details or guides for Solar Temple Instance, like Items info, Mob info, Drop Item info? Psst: We encounter error every time we hit sorc inside.
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