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  2. Donation problem

    I know the situation...also i already give a congrats to him at messger at first I just need a small respond like this...because he seem didnt read my messge.. Any way..thanks for your answer...i feel better now... I will try be patient more then Yesterday Thanks GM yuuki
  3. Farming Spotlight Selected monsters will have DOUBLE Spawn Rate on specific maps on certain days from 00:00 until 23:59 server time. Tuesday - Gourmet Day Savage Meat - Savage - mjolnir_07 Blood of Wolf / Claw of Desert Wolf - Desert Wolf - ra_fild01 Cold Ice - Ice Titan - ice_dun03 Ice Piece - Freezer - tur_dun03 Ice Crystal - Iceicle - ice_dun03 Beef Head / White Herb / Star Crumb - Majoruros - gl_dun020 Drosera Tentacle / Maneater Root / Maneater Bloosom / Sticky Poison- Drosera - ve_fild02 Petite's Tail / White Herb / Dragon Canine - Petite - gef_fild06 Thursday - Mad Scientist Day Soft Silk - Evil Nymph - gon_dun03 Witch Starsand - Bathory - alde_dun04 Blue Herb / Empty Bottle - Goat - yuno_fild11 Honey / Royal Jelly - Zipper Bear - gon_dun01 Detonator / Tendon - Marine Sphere - iz_dun03 Heart of Mermaid - Iara - bra_dun02 Zenorc's Fang - Zenorc - orcsdun02 Mould Powder / Tear Gas - Noxious - ein_fild05 Smoke Powder - Alicel / Aliot - kh_dun02 Prickly Fruit - Beholder - ra_san02 Gun Powder - Pitman - ein_dun01 Lemon - Minorous - moc_pryd05 Friday - Artisan Day Venom Canine - Anacondaq - ra_fild08 Bee Sting - Hornet - prt_fild05 Cactus Needle - Muka - moc_fild02 Poison Spore / Spore - Poison Spore - mjolnir_06 Scorpion Tail - Scorpion - moc_fild18 Snail's Shell - Ambernite - gef_fild09 Horn - Horn - mjolnir_02 Rainbow Shell - Stainer - prt_fild02 Steel - Apocalypse - juperos_02 Sunday - Rune Day Blue Hair - Kobold - ra_fild05 Burning Heart - Magmaring - ve_fild03 Dragon Skin / Dragon Canine - Deleter - mag_dun02 Tangled Chains - Disguise - nif_fild01 Light Granule - Mimic - tha_t02 Solid Shell - Arclouse - alde_dun01 Ogre Tooth - High Orc - alde_dun02 Honey - Bigfoot - pay_fild07 Horrendous Hair - Medusa - beach_dun Destroyed Armor - Tamruan - ayo_dun02 Worn-out Magic Scroll - Baba Yaga - mosk_dun03 Armor Piece of Dullahan - Dullahan - nif_fild01 Elder Branch - Pinguicula - spl_fild02
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  5. Donation problem

    GM Lai is occupied with taking care of his wife & baby daughter. His wife gave birth like few hours ago only. Your patience is much appreciated. He will have free time after he settles down.
  6. Donation problem

    So..its my first time to make donation into limit ragnarok I choose the smallest amount (10vip) And pay it via credit bank (VISA) So...i already get a mail about my transaction evidence..and i sure i already done make payment (20Nov 2017) But until this time..i dont get my vip in my character..its almost 2 x 24 hours And i try messge GM lai at facebook messger...but he dont get respond to me So..anyone have a same problem like this before??? Caus i sick of waiting

    fixed thanks GM Yuuki
  8. quest

    oh yea the npc in the lower left of eden group.. but its not there anymore? was it removed?
  9. Gising Peenoise

    para lang tu maas post count +1 ahahahahaha
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  11. What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    OP Pricing of gears. well geared players can dictate the market
  12. What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    Being a new player has major disadvantages. Having to work so hard for items because of low rates or players having high prices in shops makes things very discouraging for a lot of people.. not to mention the items needed for these costumes is very difficult for someone with no gear or money. I have a hard enough time getting to max level without dying constantly. I am never even going to get a party to get into half these places with no gear.. and in terms of donating, I would love to do so but I put my family before me so I just make money in game and hope people sell nice things. I wish I could get wings or something like that. Would be nice if you put in a wing quest even.
  13. RK level up spot

    Thanks Guarho, and apologies for late reply. I am for now only pve'ing and not playing woe or pvp I would like to know what instance will gain me gears that i can sell on the market to make zenny??? Something which is not very very difficult but still the drops is having good demand.... Thanks
  14. What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    My post is not about disliking anything but more towards missing content or probably they are in-game but I am not aware of or not marketed enough. 1] the server needs to have some quests for new players which should gain them strong gears to farm MVP and other high tier mobs which can eventually gain them good pvp or woe gears.... (ofcs. donation has an advantage and that's fine) 2] the server needs active marketing strategies to gain more players, GM must understand that if we remove AFK players, how many active players are online... (minimum of 200 active players at all time is a sign of good server and anything more than 300 active players is great!) PS: GM is doing an excellent job keeping the server interested and adding new features. BUT for servers longer life, it is mandatory to make new players feel that without the donation, he can be in the top group of players if he works hard.... 😇
  15. Heroic Backpack

    Thanks, I guess I'll keep getting those. Maybe I missed it in the fairy dialog.
  16. "Ragnarok has been crashed"

    Hi there. Can you show me a screenshot of what programs thats running ? The small icons beside the date and time on your desktop.
  17. Suporte em PT-BR

    Gente, tem cliente novo? Sou player desde 2010, mas ando muito ausente. Teria uma guild boa pra brincar? Tenho MUITAS foods, boas cards mvps e um sorcerer FS. Esses livros você compra, só não lembro onde. kkkkkkkk
  18. Heroic Backpack

    Box B
  19. Changelogs Welcome to the beautiful world, GM Wendi ~~ Born: 2017.11.20 - Server Time 13:00 (exact) Daddy is so proud of you ~~ New Cards Moscovia Series New Town: Rock Ridge Talk to Karam Pucci in Alberta to access. Cash Shop All Cash Headgear will lose it's costume status, and will turn into: Retired Hat Retired Sunglasses Retired Flu Mask Retired Smile Mask All "OLD Gemstones" will be deleted. Note: You can still recycle them to Mato Mato, and if it's refined you can contact me for recycle. Added 1x new costume garment ~~ NPC All Limit Academy will now give auto navigation guide, improvement for newbie's to get directions. Added bulk purchase option for: Guarana Candy Maker Chemist Molgenstein Simplified Dye Maker's crafting process. Preview feature for Costume Maker Alice. Moved Malaya's PvP Warper closer to spawn point (previously was too far away!) Added basic town NPCs to Rock Ridge and Verus City. Added special Socket Enchantment NPC Trois in Asgard's Cash Area. Requires Slotting Advertisement item for every socket attempt. Increased chances of socket enchantment. Doesn't break equipment if socket attempt fails. Bug Fixes Doram Magical Shadow Shield now reduced Catnip Meteor cooldown based on its skill level. Previously was based on shadow shield refine (bug.) Catnip Meteor's cooldown now fixed at 5 seconds for all levels. Time Holder now has its Tomb. Owl Viscount & Marquis now spawn in Nightmare F3 Only. Fixed Frederich not giving reward for Bijou killing. Should fix 16.1 Rubbish Heap issue. If you can't click, talk to Mistress Mob Nidhoggur's Nest's MvP now drops Dragon Soul. Time Holder now drops Monocle[1] Cash Added following items to VIP Shop. Slotting Advertisement Infinity Giant Fly Wing Rental New Costumes Added new costumes to: Costume Girl Alice Angel's Guidance Bloomed Hairpin Heaven's Cage Happy Lunatic Ears Aqua Spell Battleground Shop Camellia Hairpin Debonaire's Hat Tomboy Fairy Ear MvP's Drop Stormy Knight - Ice Drake Horns Valk Randgris - Blessing of Angels Time Holder - Clock Tower Comm Set Normal Castle Treasure Event Box (Emperor) Silk Castle Treasure Event Box (Prince)
  20. Heroic Backpack

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if Heroic Backpack still drops from the lottery ticket in LimitHQ, back when I was starting on LRO, I was lucky enough to get one, however yesterday when I was about to use a bunch of tickets, I checked with the fairy so I knew which box should I open to get those and It was not listed in either box (of course I went for the FAW one anyway), so I'm wondering if it was removed, or it's just not listed in there, and if it was removed, where can I get one? Thanks in advance.
  21. Rune Knight Shadow Shield

    Currently, no ASPD is given when use the enchant blade, even when the refine rate is +7 No enchant Blade With Enchant Blade as you can see, even when us enchant blade, the ASPD are the same
  22. quest

    If you press ALT+U you'll probably find it under active quests, it might take some time if you have a lot of them, I think a long time ago there was a Limit group quest that require you to kill those, but I wasn't in this server at the time.
  23. quest

    That's an old quest from the old Eden Group for farming Limit Merit Points.
  24. "Ragnarok has been crashed"

    Once it showed the same error messaged as the guy that first posted. That one stopped once I updated through the kro patcher. However the game still suddenly closes, no error message, no nothing. it Just closes
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