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  2. holding it down IS spamming! you think client sends packet at the correct timing? no it's not that clever the message you are talking about is the the client reply to your "holding it down" action. it's not server blocking your skill use it's the client itself. simple test: use a skill with very long global delay, such as storm gust within it's delay, use the skill again and again you can see the message you are talking about. at the mean time, i monitor if the server recieves packets the answer is no. so it's not server. it's just the normal reaction the client did to the indicator
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  4. Fly Wing?
  5. is it Oridecon.
  6. yes, but the way rolling cutter works is you hold the button down and it sends a stream of attacks until you release it i could understand if i got the cooldown message if i was spamming the button, but if i'm using the skill as intended, why would i get an error message from the server over and over? something is definitely wrong. maybe it's possible that the error message is causing a bigger delay than it should be?
  7. FYI, rolling cutter has a global delay of 200 ms. you can argue with me this value is wrong(which is not changed since forever) you can argue with me that on this server the usage is a lot slower than official server but only say that it's slower than before is broken? overruled!!
  8. It shouldn't be spamming that global cooldown delay message. why shouldn't? it should I think that's proof enough something is wrong. well, i say that proves something was missing before It was working before this patch and now it isn't. it was broken before this patch and now it is fixed this is my personal opinion and not stand for the GM team and that is: Sorry for the bug and Glad you enjoyed the happy hours i can understand your feeling that you spent money on a skill that is changed. but this won't change the fact that it is not a bug. so you shouldn't argue with me here. im a tech guy i don't decide what's good for you or for whomever i just do what's right or what im asked to
  9. It shouldn't be spamming that global cooldown delay message. I think that's proof enough something is wrong. I'm not the only one who has noticed this. It was working before this patch and now it isn't. I can't even clear easy dungeons anymore with rolling cutter. Spent $50 on this server and now my build is completely broken :\
  10. Changed Status to Closed
  11. Rainbow Shell !
  12. Truth is unpleasant to hear. But truth is truth anyway The truth is happy hours ended. this is what it is supposed to be Nothing changed serverside except a delay indicator packet is sent. The indicator is sent the very same duration as it really is on server The packet not only let you see a countdown on shortcut bar, when the countdown appears, it also prevents skill usage by means of stoping sending skill using packet. Your internet latency may make this more obvious Say the skill global delay is 100. The server stops dealing with skill packet as soon as global delay applies, which is time 0. The server will not deal with skill packet until serverside delay expires, which until time 100 Say your latency is 50ms. The client will stop sending skill packets on time 50 and lasts for 100 ms, which is until time 150 in conclusion, you can't use skill during time 0~50 due to server side. you can't use skill during time 50~100 due to both serverside and client. you can't use skill during time 100~150 due to client. That makes you FEEL your delay is 150 ms. But Its actually 100 Why you used the word broken? I call it fixed And stop using the word cooldown plz. Cooldown is used for individual skill Delay is all skills shared delay
  13. rainbow shell
  14. I was in a party for oghh today with my ranger Jason Becker, in the root dropped OCA and not MCA ... in the Amdarais MVP, I saw the drop on the floor, Mystical card album, when a player picked up and came to me, OCA appeared ... I hope this mistake If you have same problem, please comment, thank you.
  15. Is it Old Frying Pan?
  16. No. Maybe. Maybe. Yes.
  17. is it Small Bradium?
  18. thanks guys for covering for me, it has been quite awhile since my last login.
  19. Is it really Rainbow Shell? edit: btw thats my final answer/guess
  20. Is this a kind of rune?
  21. Last week
  22. this fix broke a lot of skills that shouldn't have cooldowns. haven't been able to play for two days
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