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  3. Nejji

    Are we ready for 16.1?

    Just asking if the server is ready for 16.1 update? since the most loved feature of this server is it's being updated.. Can't wait for this one New instance and gears as well. OMG!
  4. Matrix121

    Temple of the demon god

    Hello there, i have trouble in creating instance for temple of demon god. My chars havent done todg before. I have done prereq quests needed.Completed bios and morse and flaming basin main quests. I already talked to agip, hisie, abidal and got the daily quests ready (to kill demigod, brinare, muspell). When i go to nidhogg npc, i cant create the instance. It says i need to take a rest (cooldown dialouge). It's been 3 days and the dialouge is still the same. Did i miss some pre req quests??
  5. Asclepios

    Rever weapon not give ignore mdef

    Third try emistry, rever weapon dont give any ignore now Is the same at the first ,without any bonus And please, PLEASE, tell lai that give to me he reward for this post, please :C To Rubina Fleed.
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  7. Jellal

    Rever weapon not give ignore mdef

    Doesn't give mdef ignore.
  8. Lai


    Changelogs Few bug fixes from previous update ^^ Item Fixes Update Safety Foxtail Updated Safety Lute Update STR Blessing Update Reverberation Shadow Weapon Update Welding Wand Update Dragon Plates Update INT Blessing Update Valkyrie Hammer NPC Fixes Update EDDA Bio Lab Enchant Added some missing enchants to Update EP17.2 Dungeon Expansion NPCs Cash Shop Added cards to cash shop.
  9. UPDATE 18/1/2021: Added the new relevant 17.2 level 200 dungeon equipments (Soutanes, Claw Sword..) Removed a bunch of equipments from equip section (especially leeching gears). Added new genetic potions to consumables. Merged FAQ/Discussion and Tips and expanded on the information for General Information, Ignition Break and Auto Attack. Added Sonic Wave Shadow Set to Gears Section. Added More equipment/card to the Equipment Section (I forgot most of what I added though) Generally, a bit of corrections here and there. UPCOMING: Gear Progression (I promise this time) New videos (Sorry been a bit busy)
  10. Sentinel

    Bot farming at Abyss GH F1

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Rengbak

    Bolt Shooter[2] doesn't give ATK% effect

    also just tested on the other Einbech weapon, Saw Axe; and its "Weapon ATK Power +10%" is work as mentioned on the Saw Axe description.
  12. Char Name: Heathcliff Violation of Rule: bot farming Evidence: He was using Indulge, Genesis Ray and teleport no stop even with no mob near him. And always teleported once any player got near him.
  13. alamat

    Vit Soutane bugged

    This is with + 14 vit soutane, give only 30%hp increase instead of 44%.
  14. talk to the npc again after maintenance.
  15. I have completed 2 the doram quests, but still have Beginning part in the journal. Talking to Ajegna does not work and I cannot take the 3rd quest.
  16. alamat

    Picky Peck

    tried testing picky peck skill with an item that gives additional long range physical atk but the dmg is same same. 1st pick without additional 10% long range atk my dmg 13530 and within the 2nd pic w/ 10% long range atk my dmg is only 13715. Just wanna know if picky peck is affected by long range atk factor. Thanks
  17. Clara Dewi

    GX poisoning weapon not working

    Ya @Tsubaki im ady test about Gx poison Pyrexia. That should increase 15% critical damage on battlestats also..
  18. In Kro can spam Diamond Dust without Animation Delay This Video for LimitRO Cast Diamond Dust speed with around 0.2sec Delay
  19. Emistry

    Valkyrie Hammer Bonuses not working

    Changed Status to Fixed
  20. Changed Status to Closed
  21. Emistry

    INT Blessing - Wrong Effect

    Changed Status to Fixed
  22. Clara Dewi

    GX poisoning weapon not working

    Poisoning weapon have 2 effect 1. Buff urself 2. Target enemy (Debuff to Monster/Terget) I will say, About target enemy all working. But about Buff self not all working. Just magic mushroom and Venom Bleed and Pyrexia working as well. Why im saying that working. Buff 15% crit and 5% melee dmg just work if you auto attack. That no work if u using skill. Coz if that ady give 10% dmg if u using any poison in poisoning weapon. That work like that, but idk real work for poisoning weapon (Pyrexia). Should give more dmg critical 15% on skill too or just autoattack. Coz if u using autoattack that work as well.
  23. This has been addressed here:
  24. I used @battlestats and the effect shown is Increase all damage on all property target by 12% instead. Real effect should be similar to Divine Power.
  25. +11 Safety Lute did not give it's effect ~No 20% additional ACD ~Severe still in normal cooldown
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  27. Kimjoey

    how to register game account?

    hi. i just download the game and try to login, it says like unregister id, so how to register game account?? here the status....
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