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  2. Lai

    Riding Halter(Event Shop/Permanent) DISAAPPEARED!

    Try look for it. Maybe you put it into your FAV inventory tab.
  3. Hanninger

    Endow is bugged

    Endow is bugged, i can´t hit a whisper. I test im amon mvp, and i get no ele dmg (would 200%). I test it too at tg, but no Bonus dmg from ele...
  4. Lai

    Cursed Magic Manteau and Ring

    Limitless Island. Deepsea is complete long ago.
  5. SangPredator

    illusion shoes can't be refined

    1. Equip Illusion shoes 2. Go to refiner 3. Can't be refine 4. The item should be refined to get bonus with other illusion item. Example is Illusion pole axe. When equipped with illusion shoes give some effect. If the sum of refine is 7 or higher, increase hundred spear dmg 20%. If the sum of refine is 18 or higher, increase attack damage 10%. If the sum of refine is 22 or higher, increase additional hundred spear dmg 20%. 5. Please fix it @Lai @Yuuki. This item is hard to make too because Illusion materials percentage drop is very low and not useful now T_T. Thanks very much
  6. Akabane

    Cursed Magic Manteau and Ring

    it's soo much better than the pendant of maelstrom, can you add that to deepsea or limitless island?
  7. 1. Equip +16 pole axe, my atk is 226+429 2. Equip illusion shoes 3. My atk still 226+429. It should give +40 atk 4. Hundred spear dmg doesn't increase 20% although the sum of refine already above 7 Please fix it @Lai @Yuuki. I have already make the equip very hard and expensive, and yet it did not give bonus properly. Thank you very much
  8. This isnt a bug. I didnt activate the 10 CP yet. I wanted to put this version as test and see how easy it is to reach certain point and then add it. Sorry that I didnt mention in Wiki.
  9. Lai

    Cursed Magic Manteau and Ring

    "One of ancient king Groza's rings.", "Embedded with a magic stone that amplifies power by drawing hatred toward wearer.", "------------------------", "All stats +1", "ATK +6%", "MATK +6%", "MDEF +15", "------------------------", "When combined with ^008800Cursed Magic Mail^000000:", "ATK +10%", "MATK +10%", "------------------------", "When combined with ^008800Cursed Magic Manteau^000000:", "Reduces damage taken from ^0000BBWater^000000 and ^33CC00Wind^000000 elemental attack by 30%.", "------------------------", "When combined with ^008800Cursed Magic Boots^000000:", "Reduces variable cast time by 10%.", "Reduces after attack delay by 10%.", "Reduces after cast delay by 10%.", "------------------------", "Armor:^6666CC Accessory^000000", "Defense:^0000FF 150^000000", "Weight:^006600 10^000000", "Level Requirement:^006600 130^000000", "Jobs:^6666CC All^000000" with 1 slot.
  10. Skadilicious

    Creative Meme Contest

    Character Name: Ranger Skadi Meme: One does not simply make a Mob Scarf
  11. F a g g o t

    15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

  12. the fix on right/left accessory card was great but i found out one minor issue, that i think should be fixed or clarified the screen shot shows i equipped an accessory that has shotgun buffalo card ( a left accessory card) to the left side accessory slot, which i believe is the shield side that is why it says left hand. the effects on that side becomes null. then i tried switching it to the right side (weapon side). the bonus is in effect when it is equipped on that side. i am confused because i think it is suppose to be: weapon side = right shield side= left is this wrong? can someone clarify, i am confuse about this atm. tnx
  13. After I got Dc'd farming, and relogged in-game my Riding Halter which is from Genie(Event shop/Permanent) mysteriously disappeared. Cannot find on my INVENTORY or STORAGE. IGN: AtaXXe ~ Please check! PLS! PLS!
  14. SS for details: When i claimed reward this what happened: Received 0 Cash points and received 2 different items instead:
  15. Yesterday
  16. Akabane

    Izidor Farming

    That seems to be the case, your best bet is Harpy, as they have 2 maps with 130 where as Rybio's best map has 15, so even having the better drop rate, you are better off killing harpys.
  17. Akabane

    Cursed Magic Manteau and Ring

    Thank you @Lai are there plans to add them? Do you happen to have a link or description? Even for the Mail and Boots I could only find the one on divinepride in Japanese, so that was not all that helpful to find the ring and the manteau.
  18. Hello, The Rockridge Daily Quests have just released a few moments ago, and we can finally obtain Marsh Arclouse Card from the Underground Rockridge. I was wondering if the card is working as intended. Because there is some difference between LimitRO database description and other sources. LimitRO database description reads as follows: #27177: Marsh Arclouse Card Marsh Arclouse Card Matk + 3 Increase attack speed (reduces delay after attack by 1%) for every 10 base Int If base Int is 120 or higher, additional Matk + 40. Misc.: Card Compound on: Garment Weight: 1 While divinepride and lot of other sources says: Marsh Arclouse Card Matk + 3 and increase attack speed (reduces delay after attack by 1%) for every 10 base Int, If base Int is 120 or higher, additional Matk + 40. Class: Card Compound on: Garment Weight: 1 In-game, If my character has 120 INT, it only gives +43 MATK (3 base + 40bonus), Shouldn't it be +76 MATK ( (3*12) + 40bonus) instead? Since every 10 INT should also add +3 MATK rather than just as a base. I might be wrong. Also, the counterpart of it (Brown Rat Card) might also have the same problem. I'm looking forward to a clarification on this Thanks!
  19. @Hogar, yea... I decided to delay a little, but it will do my best to release them to Limitless Island ~~
  20. I'm referring to the ancient hero items, which was said to be added in maintenance last month.
  21. Lai

    Weight Bug

    Changed Status to Closed
  22. Improbable

    Helper Recruitment

    Char Name: Improbable Age: 30 Gender: Male Fluent Lang: Russian / Rusglish Nationality: Russian Occupation: The controller on purchases Time in LimitRO: 6-7 months Playing Hours per week: 30+ hours. Semi-afk ~50 hours. Possible helping hours per week: whenever im on Personality: A peculiar communication, desire to help beginners. Favorite color: Sky-blue Other comments, why you: Privet. Kak dela?
  23. Lai

    Gepard sheild remove the files.

    Hi, you need to turn off anti virus that affects those files.
  24. Lai

    Cursed Magic Manteau and Ring

    Hi, it's not added :o
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