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  2. Hello.  How many people play at peak hours in this server?
    I used to play with around 400-600 people.  Fun times.  Do we still reach those numbers?

    I miss LimitRO :)

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  5. thank you for reply, I hope they can remove the skill delays on instance at least
  6. All maps are pvp environment now. So, skill and item delay penalty applied in pvp goes for every map now as well.
  7. bump, i just found out it affect other job skill as well, inside instance counterslash delay is .200 ms, in town its .100 ms (note gear set up i have has 100% aftercast delay reduction) can someone clarify why add extra global skill delay on instances or pvm maps?
  8. Emistry

    Safety Pendant + Epaulet + einbech weap combo not work

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Changed Status to Fixed
  10. item combo only give extra 5%, not 15%, description mismatch, but i have fixed the wrong combo set.
  11. Bug #1: The cards goes to the wrong side. Cursed Raydric Card should be on Left Side (KSSI) and Cursed Raydric Archer should be on Right Side (Illusion Booster R) Bug #2: Total bonus should be 20% to Undead and 20% to Demon. Right now it's only 5% to Undead and 10% to Demon. Bug #3: Unable to compound with any other accessory that doesn't have the "Left" and "Right" tagging (the generic accessories). (bug #3, late edit @Emistry)
  12. there is a noticeable delay on mechanic skill when inside an instance/pvm maps. i am not sure if this is intended since i do not see this on recent changelogs. when in town the additional skill delays is not applied but when you are inside an instance the additional delay on skills is very noticeable, to confirm this i use @ battleskill command while im inside the instance, and compared it when im in town. screenshot shows the skill front slide has .200 delay when inside instance, compared to when in town delay is .100 this apllies to other skill as well. arms cannon/front slide/repair spam noticeably slow when not in town
  13. Malkiel

    New Einbech Weapon Enchant

  14. Lai

    Changelogs - Higher Rate - PK Mode

    Cash Shop Update Removed Gemstones and Star stones from cash shop. Removed Deluxe Pets from cash shop. Added them to be sold by cheap zeny in Reduced cost of Refine Tickets in Cash Shop.
  15. Lai

    Offensive language and rule violation 2

    Changed Status to Fixed
  16. Lai

    Offensive language and rule violation

    Changed Status to Fixed
  17. Lai

    Double VIP Coins

    All donations towards LimitRO will receive double VIP Coins. From 2021.04.03 to 2021.05.01
  18. Changelogs - Higher Rate with PK Mode Updates Server are currently 1000x/1000x/100x. We have enabled PK mode across all the maps, beware of player ambush. Guildmates or party member wont be able to hurt each other. Town / Harbor maps aren't eligible for PK. Battleground will now rotate all 4 modes. Normal Silk (but run as Normal) Death Match Novice Style Silk Mode has been removed. DT earning has been disabled for all instances. Updated EP16.1 Quests Fixed an issue where player stuck upon warped. Some other server setting updates which we hope that would solve the mob freeze issue.
  19. Emistry

    Changelogs - Bug Extermination

    Changelogs - Bug Extermination Bug Fixes Rockridge NPC Bug Cannot complete quest due to missing item Magnificat lv 4 duration bug Fixed some monsters which casting invalid skills Ferre Shadow Chaser Gertie Faceworn's Will NPC Update Updated OGH Maggot Monster will now drop Contaminated Magic Fixed an issue where monster HP overflowed, and progress stopped halfway Updated OGH - Challenge Mode Enable player to re-warp across Area 1 and 2 when portal enabled. Updated Sky Fortress Champion monsters shall drop the appropriate rewards which has random item bonuses. Updated Ritual Room Fixed an issue where monster HP overflowed, and progress stopped halfway Fixed Wave Mode Memorial Dungeons Champion monsters shall drop Limit Merit Badge Fixed iRO Independence Quest Disable quest reset option if player hasn't started the quest yet. Fixed God Item Quest Item Fixed invalid ingredients. Fixed Daily Merchant Quest NPC Reward tier 1~4 will now assign correctly depend on your progression. Fixed Daily Farm NPC Fixed issue where rewards are given to invalid players. Various Quest Fixes Updated some of 15.1 Quest - Core Collection Verus monsters shall drop Power Control Device Updated some of 16.1 Quests Medusa shall drop Stone That Contained Sea Fixed NPC where it give repeated quests. Updated Eclage Quests - Memory of Professor Worm Petal shall drop Star Shape Mushroom Updated Lasagna Quests - Vigilante Corp / Midding Box / An Errand out of Nowhere / Dirty Creatures Monster shall drop the respective quest item: Wooden Delivery Box Luxurious Cloth Basilac Clam Fixed Healer Haru NPC using incorrect healing skills. Updated Rockridge Quests - Collecting Ore Fragments Rockridge monsters shall drop Purple Ore Fragment Updated Malaya Quests Monster shall drop the respective quest item: Lost Belongings Evil Spirit Bone Elegant Flower Jejellopy Enable player to repeat some quest due to progression halted. Monster shall dropPurified Spirit Bone System will now notify player when player try to access Mailbox outside of town. You can't use mail outside of towns. Item Update Fixed invalid Fixed Cast Time bonuses items: Special STR Special AGI Special VIT Special INT Special DEX Special LUK
  20. Both sword confuse with there icon and effects.
  21. Rengbak

    LimitRO Dev Todo

    Ya, but its sounds weird especially for LimitRO such a High-Rate server (means a fast moving type of server) end up will not getting recent updates.. 4th jobs and so on. unless it will going to dying slowly.. thats one of the consequences with high probability. abandoned and dying.. so, wish there will be a way to implement in LimitRO one day so soon. we believe GM Team will togetherness to keep trying to make it happen. overwhelming feeling should not only on Limit Ragnarok.. but also on LimitRO! .. still till the end.. Limit Ragnarok.. LimitRO are at the same par. Limit Ragnarok.. The Most Trending Mid-Rate Private Server! LimitRO.. The Most Trending High-Rate Private Server! Limitorians!
  22. This person has been talking badly about the server for hours, in addition to inciting hatred and it is not complying with the rules the main language within the server
  23. Rastachuk player used spanish on help channel several times, when other players ask to use english only he respond with offensive language. text in spanish is "obligame hijodeputa" which can be translated to "force me MotheFck", very aggressive.
  24. anonymous player

    Vanagrand Helm Help?

    you can solo that try to make a party. then go in. if not try to invite dual or anyone else. basically its an easy instance
  25. DanteRio

    Vanagrand Helm Help?

    Too bad, I prefer solo playing but sky mode needs you to be in a party I saw one for sale at the Vending Harbor but I had to buy something else, and now it's gone, so that's why I'm trying to acquire it officially. There's also a Fallen Angel Wings but it was 450,000,000z, like how in the world are you supposed to earn that much zeny through farming?? I guess the only way I could do it is the Limit Board Quests, and try my luck on Lucky Tickets. And yeah, my character is a Royal Guard, which explains the Vanagrand Helm and need for FAW.
  26. Emistry

    Great Echo Effect Not Working

    does both of your char equipped with whip/musical weapon too ?
  27. Emistry

    Magnificat lv 4 duration bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
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