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  2. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...
  3. Sephylon

    can't buy poisonous powder in vend

    are you saying you can't make a buying store with poisonous powder?
  4. Lakshmi

    player afk in thana 11

    afk farming in thana 11 i warned enough there were 2 other auto cast farmers there one replied quickly other took a while this one never replied
  5. andrexp

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    if you remove the "-" from the description, the chant will not work correctly)
  6. andrexp

    Kaite don't give bonuse damage

    why not check arrow storm or double starave in kaite? but it is already clear that kaite increases the damage from long-range attacks. information from warpportal is not correct.
  7. andrexp

    Pet's work on silk WoE

  8. Tjtanium

    DPS Meter on Dummy Eggs

    I strongly suggest that we have DPS Meter on the Dummy Eggs that we already have. I don't think it is going to be difficult to implement this feature, but it is going to be very helpful for player.
  9. anonymous player

    can't buy poisonous powder in vend

    i can buy other etc but not this 1
  10. Cj

    kRO Update 2019

    Warlock Tetra Vortex Earth Fire Water Wind All Element
  11. Yesterday
  12. Nenirue

    Hello everybody!

    Thanks everybody! =]
  13. Sephylon

    Do you play any other game?

    XD I stopped playing due to not liking where they were headed in terms of balance and the change to runes. Those changes made raids and t4s there so unfun. Along with a lack of anything I wanted to do.
  14. Nenirue

    Do you play any other game?

    @Sephylon Oh, I didn't make it that far! LOL I made a character up to level 70ish and then I got a new computer and the specs wouldn't work with the game for some reason so I had to stop playing. Haha. T__T
  15. I enchanted a Magic Intensifier Ring [1] and got an enchant that increases my var cast time.
  16. Ressentiment

    BlackCat Rampage

  17. Ziemniak

    Illusion Dungeon Entrance Quests

    +1 im always up for stuff like that to make it more official-like
  18. kwazistar

    Party Setup bugged

    omg, seriously?! that worked! I'm confused why it's without it now! Thanks!!!!
  19. Yuuki

    Party Setup bugged

    did you try without the " "?
  20. kwazistar

    Party Setup bugged

    I think there's something wrong with my party setup. I've tried this many times. I have logged out of my character as well as restarting the client. It doesn't work at all. The following pics are examples of me showing the bug... Just to confirm I've used /organize "enterwhateverstuff" as the command The same thing is happening to my friend and I'm a bit confused as to why no one else seems to have this issue. Was there a setting that was activated that prevented this? Or is it a bug?
  21. Last week
  22. Zombie

    Illusion Dungeon Entrance Quests

    -1!!! If its for lore lover then add the quest but dont make it as pre-req. Similar to all other dung/quest. E.g. wsm, G.Queen Scaraba, kiel, etc.
  23. What is this? A suggestion to add the missing illusion dungeon entrance quest as a per-requisite to access the illusion dungeon. Why do we have to add it? To give the background lore to the illusion dungeons and to be as close to official servers. Who will benefit this? Lore lovers. Will this change the system drastic? No, it will just make it slightly harder to access illu dungeons as you now need to do a quest. Room for improvement? You can lock the illusion dungeon warper to not allow a person to use them until after they finished the quest. Other
  24. Theodosia

    Elemental Resist Bug

    Seems like this bonus is additive in our formulas to the resistances. I think iRO version shows it should be multiplicative :0
  25. Lex Luthor

    Kafra in Thor Camp

    Describe your suggestion What is this? Adding a kafra save point in Thor Camp Why do we have to add it? We had now most save point except for this Who will benefit this? Everyone Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Nothing
  26. Sephylon

    Kaite don't give bonuse damage

    2019-04-19_12-27-37.mp4 CV damage 1k>8K ranged auto 6-700-3.7-3.8k ad no noticeable change cc no noticeable change
  27. Sephylon

    Illu Nurse Cap Buff Icon Missing

    test server of iro essentially
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