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  2. Good day sir. I just want to ask why function of harmony plate has been swapped with ring of eternity? Event description says it should proc safety wall at 3 pct. Now it says proc tatami? Any reason why? Please help fix. Thank you. As per event description, it should be this: Provided also is in game screenshot of actual item.
  3. If your'e reading this hope you have a Nice Day ^_^

  4. i forgot she got this video😊, the reference note(checked jRO is 2014 start 3rd job) is come from Official jRO website, mention about recast the same mode again will cancel the skill(even Passive mode), but the video show dun have this limitation. For my conclusion, maybe server silent changed and/or is common bug on this(good is can confirm in iRO and kRO)... @teluoborgif you dun mind, can test other 3 element also can work properly and defensive mode switch to passive mode will work or not also << and you can test this method work fine on LRO?
  5. A part of the RK Runestones update on kRO. The limit for the number of runes that is allowed to be carried was changed for all the runes. Sources:
  6. Drawing Conclusion+Source: Certain Runes effect have been updated on kRO server.
  7. Drawing Conclusion+Source:
  8. Drawing Conclusion+Source: Certain Runes effect have been updated on kRO server.
  9. That guy always cursing in Main
  10. Fishing Revamped system to make AFK fishing no longer possible.
  11. Changed Status to Closed
  12. It's referring to this item, which isn't obtainable ingame: 11503#Siege White Potion "A White Potion which weighs less than normal.", "Class:^0000FF Restorative item^000000", "Heal:^006600 400 ~ 500^000000 HP", "Weight:^006600 10^000000"
  13. The kRo item description for this item does not mention set bonus effects: 18574 죽은 자의 투구[1] 죽은 자의 주인이 쓰고 있는 투구를 본따 만든 것. All State + 1, MDEF + 5. 보스몬스터에게 주는 물리공격력 10% 증가. 일반 몬스터에게 받는 데미지 5% 증가. 제련도 5부터 제련도당 보스몬스터에게 주는 물리공격력 1% 씩 증가. 계열 : 투구 방어 : 10 위치 : 상중단 무게 : 100 요구 레벨 : 70 장착 : 전직업 I'll remove the set bonus effects. Current bonus is missing All Stat+1 so I'll add it.
  14. Yeah, I even got confused while making the wiki page. Pls fix.
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  16. Here is another video of the same sorcerer using defensive mode 4 times in 16 seconds with no problem
  17. im buying a bow in trade channel then this guy pm me and offer me OP. then when i say he's OP he started to call me c*nt. he even swearing using the same language of mine. i think i dont need to explain the pinoy swearing he said i bet u ady encountered this kind of report about peenoise lol.
  18. mistic wings sprite misalignment from kagerou sprite
  19. Yes, that's what I also read about. Casting the same level Spirit Control twice in a row will cancel the mode. Unless you cast Defense 15 seconds after, since Defense only lasts for 15 seconds. I think we shouldn't be able to cast it multiple times, like here in LimitRO.
  20. should give 100% effect bonus with woe potion
  21. Therefore, @Caphleo I not sure iRO and kRO how it working, this update reference link is in jRO on 2014 implement(?). Take a Example: You cast Defensive mode and cast Defensive mode again only will cancel the skill, if you cast defensive mode and change to Passive Mode the skill Zephyr should be still continue 15sec , so this is the concept what was i thinking... Defensive > Defensive = Cancel Defensive > Passive > Defensive = Recast 1 time Zephyr << this is jRO spellfist user cast Zephyr video
  22. If you fixed this, please help to update on your website too. Thank you.
  23. I've been searching warpportal forums and the sorcerer guides there mentioned that when you use Defensive Mode, you can use another level of Spirit Control and it would not cancel the spell, since it acts as a ground targeted skill. Defensive Mode level 3 will last the whole 15 seconds. What I can't find any source about is if there's a limit on how many barriers you can cast.
  24. I realized that Lord of The Dead Helm does damage to bosses lower than it should be, even if I was combo with Abysmal knight card. Current script now : 1 bonus bMdef,5; ----> MDEF +5 (this is correct) bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Boss,10+(getrefine()>5?(getrefine()-5):0)+isequipped(4140); ----> Increase Damage to Boss Type Monsters by 10% For every upgrade above +5, add 1% more damage to Boss monsters. (this is correct) Set Bonus If equip Abysmal Knight Card Increase Damage to Boss Type Monster by additional 1%. (this wrong it should be 5%) bonus2 bSubRace,RC_NonBoss,-5+(isequipped(4140)*(getrefine()>6)); ----> Take 5% more damage from normal Monsters and Players. (this is correct partially) Set Bonus If equip Abysmal Knight Card and If refine more than +6, increase damage from normal Monsters and Players 1% per 1 refine. (this is all wrong) Reference script on limitro web
  25. Bellum weapons are working for doram in kRO, but in IRO not yet since they outdated.
  26. You should really add 'How did you draw the conclusion?' to your report..
  27. I not sure this is a bug or not on the defensive mode(no source on iRO and Kro to proof), actually this skill correctly will be like Passive Mode, Passive mode if you recast the Passive mode again the skill will be cancel, I check source on jRO also got mention about the skill recast will canceled the skill Link for reference:-
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