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    Changelogs - More free cash & Final Balance patch!

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    Oh yea! Let's go! This is goooooood! :D
    Been a very productive week, many thanks to my dev Team, Helpers and LTT members ❤️

    Bug Fixes

    Commands Updates

    • Added @show_auras (this commands allows you to enable/display auras display)
      • @show_auras 0 = enable all auras
      • 1 = only show yourself
      • 2 = disable all auras

    Vote Shop Updates

    0 P2W Updates

    • Special Party Bounty will give 20 Donation Tokens per complete quest. (no restrictions except for its cool down)
    • Few instances will receive Mr. Cash who will appear at the end of instance and will reward full party with Donation Tokens.
    • Automatic Events will receive more Donation Token rewards and more winner chances.
    • Gladiator Tournement will be INSTANCE based - equal chances for all who joins - you can go solo or party, goal is to get as many Gladiator Points as possible and obtain the monthly Cash Reward from the Glad Manager.

    Costume Hat Updates

    Refine Rate Updates (Custom LimitRO Change)

    • Enriched ore refine table improved. More details: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Refine_System
      • Under +10 average improved by 10%.
      • From 10 to 14 average improved by 8%
    • Added new item 14467.pngRefinery
      • Use to open up the Refining window.
      • You can buy it for 300z thru Tool shop or @refinery command.

    Quest Updates

    • Added more Illusion Dungeon daily quests, more info check Wiki ~~

    185/65 Skill Balance Patch 1st/2nd/Transcendent

    (More details can be found ingame skill description.)
    Our update is fully based on latest kRO info, some forums/websites provides outdated info, such as divine-pride.
    Also few private server might look "official" but also contains customized info, please don't use them as reference

    There are few customized we added due to client version issue, but will be addressed when we update our client in the future. ❤️

    • Swordman Branch
      • Magnum Break
        • After cast delay is reduced to 0.5 seconds.
        • Added 2 second Skill Cooldown.
      • Grand Cross
        • Removed the self damage effect.
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Pressure
        • No longer fixed damage.
        • Based on MATK ~~
      • Shield Boomerang
        • Spoiler

          Before MT vs


          After MT



      • Spear Quicken
        • ASPD bonus +10% extra.
      • Shield Chain
        • Increase cast range.
        • Spoiler

          Before MT vs


          After MT



      • Bowling Bash
        • Deals 2 times.
        • Deals 4 times when equipped with 2-Handed Sword.
        • After cast delay reduced to 0.5 seconds.
        • Added 1 second Skill Cooldown.
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Brandish Spear
        • Deals 2 times.
        • Changed to Long Range Physical Damage.
        • After cast delay reduced to 0.5 seconds.
        • Added 1 second Skill Cooldown
      • Two-Hand Quicken
        • Added additional 10% aspd bonus.
        • Added Hit and Crit bonus.
      • Charge Attack
        • Removed Fixed and Variable Cast Time.
        • Added 0.5 seconds Skill Cooldown.
      • Spiral Pierce
        • Damage increased
        • Damage affected by monster size
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Aura Blade
        • Spoiler

          Before MT vs


          After MT



    • Merchant Branch
      • Crazy Uproar
        • Party buff with 4 str +30 atk
      • Adrenaline Rush
        • Party buff with additiona ASPD bonus + HIT
      • Over Thrust & Maximum Over Thrust
        • Removed weapon destroy chance.
      • Demonstration
        • Chance to destroy weapon increased a little.
      • Acid Terror
        • Works like a mini AD
        • Chance to destroy armor increased.
        • Spoiler

          After MT



    • Mage Branch
      • Fire Bolt/Cold Bolt/Lightning Bolt/Thunderstorm/Fireball/Frost Diver/Meteor Storm/Storm Gust/Jupitel Thunder/Heavens Drive
        • Adjusted cast related times.
      • Lord of Vermillion
        • Improved damage
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Earth Spike
        • Increased damage
        • Spoiler

          Before MT vs


          after MT



      • Gravitation Field
        • From fixed damage to depending on MATK.
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Napalm Vulcan
        • Increased damage
      • Deluge/Whirlwind/Volcano
        • Now uses blue gemstones
      • Volcano
        • Now also increases MATK
      • Seismic, Frost, Flame Lightning weapon buffs
        • Uses different catalysts
        • Added improvement in elemental magic damage under buff.
      • Autospell
        • Randomly shows Lightning, Fire or Colt Bolt when using it.
        • Added Thunder storm / Heaven's Drive choise on level 10.
        • image.pngimage.pngimage.png
      • Memorize / Health conversion
        • Adjusted Cast Time.
    • Acolyte Branch
      • Blessings
        • Now increases additional HIT.
        • Can combine with Clementia.
      • Increase Agi
        • Also increases % ASPD
      • Angelus
        • Now increase additional MaxHP
      • Holy Light
        • Cast time reduced.
      • Magnus Exorcism
        • Can hit all elements
        • Additional damage to Demon,Undead & shadow.
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Mace Mastery
        • Increase additional CRIT
      • Suffragium
        • Changed to party buff
        • ASPD bonus slightly reduced.
      • Impositio Manus
        • Changed to party buff
        • Adds additional MATK.
      • Basilica
        • Is now a buff, no longer doing dps etc.
        • image.png
      • Assumptio
        • Now increases fixed DEF+ instead of %.
        • Now also increase heal efficiency.
      • Triple Attack
        • Chance to trigger is 30% on all levels.
      • Chain Combo
        • 6 hits if knuckle weapon
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Asura Strike
        • If having 6+ spirits deals more damage
      • Blade Stop
        • Effective now on Boss for 2 seconds.
        • Effective on use for 10 seconds on other than boss.
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Investigate
        • increased damage, even more if under Blade Stop.
      • Finger Offensive
        • increased damage, even more if under Blade Stop.
        • Consumes 1 spirit
      • Absorb Spirit
        • Cast time reduced.
      • Dangerous Soul Collect
        • Cast time adjusted
      • Palm Push Strike
        • Damage depends on STR
        • Increased damage.
      • Tiger Knuckle Fist
        • Increased damage, depends on base level.
      • Chain Crush Combo
        • Increased damage, depends on base level.
        • Consumes 1 spirit
    • Thief Branch
      • Sonic Blow
        • Removed Attack Animation (we cant due to client version, we remove the animation delay instead.)
        • Increased damage to targets who have 50% or less HP by 50%.
        • Spoiler

          After MT




      • Venom Splasher
        • Removed Red Gemstone requirement.
        • Improved damage.
        • Spoiler

          After MT




      • Meteor Assault
        • Improved damage
        • Spoiler

          Before MT vs



          After MT




      • Enchant Deadly Poison
        • Removed 50% damage penalty on Cross Impact, Counter Slash, Soul Destroyer and Sonic Blow.
        • Reduces bonus damage from 400% to 300%.
      • Raid
        • Improved damage.
        • Spoiler

          Before MT vs


          After MT



      • Back Stab
        • Cannot be used while in Hiding.
        • Automatically teleports to the target's back.
        • 2x hits if dagger.
      • Plagiarism
        • ASPD bonus added.
    • Archer Branch
      • Land Mine, Claymore Trap, Blast Mine
        • Reduced cast time.
      • Blitz Beat
        • Damage depends on AGI & DEX.
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Sharpshooting
        • Cast time adjusted.
        • Deals more damage depend on base level.
      • Falcon Assault
        • Damage depends on AGI & DEX
    • Bard/Dance
      • Dance cant stack with dance buffs/debuff.
      • Song cant stack with song buffs/debuff.
      • Ensemble cant stack with ensemble buffs/debuff.
      • Dance & Song & ensemble can stack.
      • All ensemble skills can now be used when bard/dancer within 9x9 (before was 3x3)
      • All ensemble skills gives penalty to both casters with 10 sec no skill cast and walk/aspd reduce.
      • All dance/song/ensemble skills receied
        • cast times and cool down.
        • They are all now 1 time active buff or debuff with durations.
        • 31x31 for most buffs
        • 9x9 for most debuffs
      • Musical Strike / Throw Arrow
        • Attacks 2 times.
        • Spoiler

          After MT



      • Music / Dance Lessons
        • Improved skill effect.
      • Frost Joker / Scream
        • Received 1 sec cool down.
      • Adaption to Circumstance
        • Skill effect totally changed to 
        • image.png
      • Encore
        • Added cool down
      • Dissonance / Ugly Dance
        • Can only be used in pvp/woe
      • Many other dance / song / ensemble skill details
        • Please check ingame skill descriptions ~~
      • Vulcan Arrow
        • Damage greatly boosted.



    Edited by Lai

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