• Changelogs

  • Changelogs

    Official content of our server changes/updates for each server maintenance.

    Hello, how are you?
    Bug reports: 1000+
    Lai: Fixed!
    I might get busier soon, as GM Wenna is nearly it's birth, after her birth I will be busy for 2-4 weeks, until she is stable!
    But I will still keep updating and fixing, and as active as I possibly can!
    Just so you know!!!
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed Mastersmith stone "cart boost", should be "cart termination". Minor Temporal Int Mant bug. Fixed socket enchant bug many items success chance was not accurate (lower). Fixed minor elemental issue with Kunai Splash. Fixed Insignia skill can't be casted on same cell. Fixed Prefatio to be usable without being in party. Fixed Invulnerable Siegfried bug. Fixed a bug when wearing costume masks, it will count the gem effects as double. Correct Temporal (stats) Manteau name into Lesser Temporal (stats) Manteau. Fixed missing bonus for Illusion Specral Spear + Illusion Shoes. Fixed Varetyr Spear cool down, should be 5 seconds. Fixed Illusion Skull Ring + Illusion apocalypse combo bug. Fixed Einherjar Armor no combo bonus with Cloak of Casualty[1]. Fixed bug with Medical Boots. Fixed Cursed Magic Boots minor bugs. Fixed Holy White Scrubs minor bug. Fixed Shoes of Survival +7 combo with set items. Fixed Gunslinger Stone 1 minor bug. Fixed bug in Valkyrie Knife. Fixed stuck issue in Bakonawa Lake Instance. Fixed a bug with kaci NPC in Airship. Fixed Laphine Fili not giving 5 Splendide coins. Fixed Hugel Player race the number 10 player didn't receive reward. Fixed a bug with Job Gemstones I and stack with II versions, vice versa. Fixed bug in TODG daily quest. Temporary added a fix for Shiny teddy bear card. Fixed Gladiator points not adding up. Feature Updates
    Added 3 new Character slots. Helper Team has been disbanded. Everyone is helper from now on! RNG cure Updates
    Improved and corrected Socket Enchant NPCs with success chance by +10% on all levels. Wiki page updated 1st Class Shadow Box can now be bought directly from War Store for 600x War badges + 100 Battle Tokens. Master Miner has showned up in Limitless Island, he can craft Deep Mines equipments 100% success chance but requires 3x materials! Iris in Limit HQ now sells Archangel Wings [1] for 4000, Kirin Wings [1] for 7000, Fallen Angel Wings [1] for 6000 and Golden Wings [1] for 8000. Increased chances to obtain following items from repsective egg scrolls by 5 times. Elemental Towel [1] from Lava Egg Scroll Heart Card in Mouth from Invisible Egg Scroll Shield of Death [1] from Voter Mystic Egg Scroll Phreeoni Suit [1] from Digital Egg Scroll and Digital Egg Scroll 2 Kafra Uniform [1] from Kafra Egg Scroll Cursed Mad Bunny and Cursed Mad Bunny [1] from Mad Bunny Egg Scroll  Vote Shop Updates
    Kafra Egg Scroll is added for 80 Vote Points each. Cash Shop Updates
    Gem box sale end. Added new Balloon Wings WoE Updates
    Pets are auto disabled when entering GvG mode. CE Girl Updates
    Removed Drooping Eddga as requirement to craft Pipe of Carnation. Homunculus Updates
    Enabled Homcunulus rename feature, you will be able to rename it more than once. Zeny Value & Less P2W Updates
    Godly Enchanter is no longer a cash related NPC. No longer accepts VIP Coins, he only accepts Zeny Coin(Gold) now. 5 VIP before is now 8 G Coins. 7 VIP before is now 11 G Coins. 10 VIP before is now 16 G Coins. 13 VIP before is now 20 G Coins. 20 VIP before is now 32 G Coins. Mato Mato Safe CE unenchant fee is no longer VIP Coins, now accepts 5x Zeny Coin(Gold). Battleground unenchant service for Shadow Gears no longer accepts VIP Coins, now accepts 2x Zeny Coin(Gold) for safe unenchant. Battleground Updates
    Reduced the cost of most items from BG Supply Machine. PvP God Arena Updates
    New reward table 10 points = 1x God Egg Scroll 100 points = 10x God Egg Scroll 500 points = 60x God Egg Scroll 1000 points = 140x God Egg Scroll 2000 points = 300x God Egg Scroll Silk Mode Updates
    The following OP equipments will be added to black list:

    Players: More content please.
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed Deep Mines 8 to 10 Ores bug. Fixed calf deathadder effect. Fixed Shiny  teddy bear card bug. Fixed variable cast minor bug. Fixed minor issue with LP skill. Fixed some biolab mvp card bugs. Fixed Cursed magic boots. Gladiator Updates
    Retired Valkyrie and added Vesper. Deep Mines Updates
    Added new craftable accessories: Blacksmith's Gloves [1] and Elven King Ring [1] Mr Wise Hat Maker Updates
    Added Wing Headphone [1] Limit Group HQ Updates
    Iris has reduced her egg scroll costs. Added new egg scrolls: Digital Egg Scroll 2 Lava Egg Scroll Deepsea Updates
    Added Valkyrie Knife [4] Added Medical Boots Added Einherjar Armor [1] Biolab Nightmare Updates
    Increased drop chance of Fragment of Vicious Mind to 25%. 16.1 Quests Updates
    Honor Token is now storageable. The daily quests now gives more token rewards. Cash Shop Updates
    Added 4 new gemstone boxes, those boxes gives random Gemstones, which you can enchant into your Costume Hats. Gemstone Box(1st) (5CP first 2 weeks) Gemstone Box(2nd) (5CP first 2 weeks) Gemstone Box(3rd) (5CP first 2 weeks) Gemstone Box(Epic) Mato Mato now offers Safe unattachment of gemstone from Costume headgears! New Donation deals, more info on donate page. Old Glast Heim Updates
    Hugin's Associate has arrived. Offering to exchange 20 Temporal Crystals into a mantaeu of choice. Note: Those mants has been nerfed in LimitRO, double check description ingame or our web db. Temporal Str Manteau [1] Temporal Agi Manteau [1] Temporal Vit Manteau [1] Temporal Int Manteau [1] Temporal Dex Manteau [1] Temporal Luk Manteau [1] PvP Room Updates
    PvP God Arena You can enter thru PvP NPCs or @gopvp It's a Normal mode PvP Arena. Each player kill grants you 1 point and Limit Group Coin. Points resets every Maintenance! 4 NPCs inside PvP God Arena PvP Configure You can configure the sound effect and see ranking. PvP Reward Reaching certain points will grant you x amount of God Egg Scroll. 10 points = 10x 100 points = 50x 500 points = 100x PvP Craftsman Can craft following equipments Note: some items have been nerfed in LimitRO, double check description ingame or our web db. Sword Master Crown [1] Tatenashi Armor [1] Holy White Scrubs [1] Fafnir Scale Imperial Boots Enforcer Shoes Royal Guard Necklace Keraunos [1] Undead Army Dog Tag [1] Arena Guard Pay to leave this place ^^ Solar Temple Updates
    Switched out all "Player look alike" monsters with brand new set of monsters ~~

    Been a stable week, not much of changes.
    Mostly bug fixes as high priority!
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed hiding duration bug. Fixed Volcano removing insignias. Fixed Explosion Spirit SP regen bug. Fixed Weapon blocking duration bug. Fixed Espa element not changed by Mild Wind. Silk WoE Updates
    Fixed the max member of 24 bug, where ppl can have more than 24 members. Prontera Normal WoE is now Silk WoE. Battleground Updates
    BG 1 games will now reward 200 Battle Coin each game. Limit Group HQ Updates
    Forest Wave mode instance will now reward 20% to obtain 20x Limit Merit Badge each champion wave. Patch Updates
    Removed the Green aura from regular MvPs. Added new item description fix patch. Helper Updates
    New helper Ziemniak   
    Attack Formula Updates
    New Pets Updates
    Added 6 new pets to LimitRO, all evolved from other pets.

    As always, we put bug fixes as high priority!
    Bug Fixes
    Minor Farrah NPC issue not selling reset ticket. Fixed some buff status dissapear when teleporting. Fixed Curse Explosion bonus not applying on new Commander Curse. Soul research cap limitation fix. Fixed Water Evasion correct behavior. Fixed Illusion Huuma item bug. Fixed Soul Reaper Racing cap don't have effect. Fixed Illusion Immaterial sword bug. Fixed Illusion Iron Driver no set bonus. Fixed minor bug with Fancy Flower illusion crafting. Fixed minor mis behaving on Feint Bomb skill. Fixed status issue for Vanguard Force Fixed Lightning Jolt hitting thru wall. Fixed Spell Fist damage should not be reduced by DEF. Fixed Land Protector not blocking ground skills cast effect on it. Fixed bug in Wind Charm not giving correct bonus. Fixed soul collect status minor bug. Fixed minor bug with Soul Linker / Taekwon cannot wear Shadow gears. Item Updates
    Added item effects for Racing special job enchants. Server Time Updates
    Due to server daylight saving time change, we will adjust the time to the normal behavior. Refinery Updates
    Refining Armor/Shadow Equipment using HD Elunium(Cash) added. Limit HQ Updates
    Izaac accepts more items in exchange for Limit Group Coins. Burning Horseshoe Little Evil Horn Dragon Scale Hinalle Iris shop offers new Invisible Egg Scroll. Chance to obtain Costume Invisible Cap Costume Invisible Sunglasses Costume Invisible Flu Mask Heart Card in Mouth Cash Shop Updates
    Star Stones selling price to NPCs will be increased to Green = 10m Blue = 30m Purple = 90m Added Red School Bag and Black School Bag costume garment. Lunette Island Updates
    You can now enter with party members. You no longer auto teleport out when you die inside. You no longer get stripped of equipment when inside. You can use items when inside. You can obtain few more Keys when finnishing it. The monsters are much super insane harder now. Feature Updates
    Max character zeny increased from 1b to 2b. Hugel Player Race
    Entrance fee: 300k zeny. Top 10 Prize: 200x Mysterious Medal Event Time: 13:00 daily. Entrance NPC in Hugel More details, this NPC will explain  Discord Updates
    Exchange Discord Eggs into Kafra Egg Scroll is now available.

    I kinda forced Inkfish to do maintenance today with me
    We are on the same Iceland, he cant escape! A little vacation ;D
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug in Survivors Orb combo. Fixed combo for white knight and Khalitzburg. Fixed skill Fairy's soul. Fixed Sage spirit issue. Fixed item bug Combo Illusion battle gloves. Fixed bug with Equipment Swap for accessories. Fixed No longer need bullet use for Dragon Tail, Slug Shot and God of Hammer. Fixed Illusion Nurse cap bug. Fixed Ringleaders monster dont summon mobs. Fixed Illusion mushroom damage. Fixed Dolomedes wrong element. Hugel Race Updates
    Released two new Racing Caps: Racing Cap(Star Gladiator) [1] Racing Cap(Soul Linker) [1] Released Hugel Race Enchants More info here: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Hugel_Monster_Race#Hugel_Race_Enchant Monster Updates
    Added missing Butterfly Hairpin [1] to Celine Kimi. Cash Shop Updates
    Added new wings Valkyrie Wings Red Diamond Wings  
    185/65 Extended Class Updates
    Star Emperor Solar Burst - increased level from 7 to 10.  
    Full Moon Kick - increased level from 7 to 10. More info ingame desc Falling Star - increased level from 7 to 10. More info ingame desc Soul Reaper  

    This maintenance we have been focusing on bug fixes and minor adjustments.
    A little bit rest as well from the previous hectic releases!
    We thought slowing things down a little, would be a nice thing both for the team and the players to catch up.
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed Spiral Pierce wrong after cast delay. Should be from 5 second to 1 second on level 5. Disabled Shield Chain in main server, fixed a bug in damage formula. Fixed Fatal Menace delay issue. Fixed card kick kick and step kick. Fixed Yoichi's Shawl minor bug. Fixed King's Guard minor bug. Fixed minor bug in Sura Chen card. Fixed Ankou card proc rate. Fixed illusion goibne set. Fixed Illusion huuma combo. Fixed bug in Skill Plagiarism not giving ASPD. Fixed Crazi Uproar giving wrong ATK Fixed Volcano MATK bonus. Poem of Bragi not giving reduce variable cast. Fixed Ensemble Fatigue penalty time. Fixed Basilica buff missing bonus. Fixed Solar burst not working with Solar Heat bonus. Fixed bug on Gravitation Field. Fixed Encore skill always fail. Refine Updates
    Added missing level 4 weapon / level 3 weapon E.Ore boost. Costume Updates
    Changed the Costume Beanie dropped by Classic Costume Box into Costume Pink Beanie. This to remove the conflict between official costume Beanie ~~ Commands Updates
    Added new @battlestats shows your stats in details. @itemlock locks your inventory from item drop permanent. @nomemorial removes the instance window when open an instance. NPC Updates
    Town expansion, we are duplicating many asgard exclusive NPCs to other major towns. Louyang Amatsu Alberta Prontera Comodo Geffen Morocc Payon Added Kafra to Malangdo and Verus Limit Group HQ Updates
    Added a Secret Door inside HQ. Gladiator Updates
    Removed the 20000 points reward, max claim is now 10000 points reward. Gladiator reward is 1 per account bond per month. BG Shop Updates
    Added missing Siege Robe [1] to BG supply machine. Content Updates
    Released Illusion Dungeon Enchants More info https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Illusion_Dungeon_Enchants Cash Shop Updates
    Releasing new Amulets

    Oh yea! Let's go! This is goooooood!
    Been a very productive week, many thanks to my dev Team, Helpers and LTT members ❤️
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed Counter Slash, removed Cool Down, added 1s after cast delay. Added a fix patch for not being able to level up to 10 levels of Trap Research. Fixed an issue with losing skill points, added an auto relog fix for incorrect skill pts owners. Minor issue with Supplment Part STR / slotted. Fixed Phreeoni pet & bacsojin pet bonus. Fixed Phreeoni suit missing some item bonus. Fixed new slotted Verus Armors not enchantable. Fixed some missing bonus in illusion goibne set. Fixed "Avengeder shotgun", not giving correct ATK bonus. Fixed Shelter Resistence shield not refineable. Fixed few incorrect mob names and stats for Jitterbug instance mobs. Fixed Mecha skill requirements missing item needed. Corrected a bug in GMT random option enchant with "Neutral resistance" should be "all except Neutral". LG Rage count now works like Spirit sphere. Fixed few npc skills bugs. Rebels no longer being able to obtain spirit sphere as coins. Fixed Kaute recovery amount. Fixed Call Agni level 3 spirit passive mode. L-Phone now displays correct Vote Points and also Gladiator Points. Commands Updates
    Added @show_auras (this commands allows you to enable/display auras display) @show_auras 0 = enable all auras 1 = only show yourself 2 = disable all auras Vote Shop Updates
    Added Voter Mystic Egg Scroll Highlight drops: Crescent Princess Crown Mistress Horned Coif Alchemist Square Bag Snake Lord Scarf Shield of Death [1] 0 P2W Updates
    Special Party Bounty will give 20 Donation Tokens per complete quest. (no restrictions except for its cool down) Few instances will receive Mr. Cash who will appear at the end of instance and will reward full party with Donation Tokens. Automatic Events will receive more Donation Token rewards and more winner chances. Gladiator Tournement will be INSTANCE based - equal chances for all who joins - you can go solo or party, goal is to get as many Gladiator Points as possible and obtain the monthly Cash Reward from the Glad Manager. Costume Hat Updates
    CE Girl quests have reduces required mats for making most CE Hats. Removed all zeny requirements. All costume boxes now drops the hats inside equal chances. Affected are following boxes:  
    Refine Rate Updates (Custom LimitRO Change)
    Enriched ore refine table improved. More details: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Refine_System Under +10 average improved by 10%. From 10 to 14 average improved by 8% Added new item Refinery Use to open up the Refining window. You can buy it for 300z thru Tool shop or @refinery command. Quest Updates
    Added more Illusion Dungeon daily quests, more info check Wiki ~~ 185/65 Skill Balance Patch 1st/2nd/Transcendent
    (More details can be found ingame skill description.)
    Our update is fully based on latest kRO info, some forums/websites provides outdated info, such as divine-pride.
    Also few private server might look "official" but also contains customized info, please don't use them as reference
    There are few customized we added due to client version issue, but will be addressed when we update our client in the future. ❤️
    Swordman Branch Magnum Break After cast delay is reduced to 0.5 seconds. Added 2 second Skill Cooldown. Grand Cross Removed the self damage effect.  
    Pressure No longer fixed damage. Based on MATK ~~ Shield Boomerang  
    Spear Quicken ASPD bonus +10% extra. Shield Chain Increase cast range.  
    Bowling Bash Deals 2 times. Deals 4 times when equipped with 2-Handed Sword. After cast delay reduced to 0.5 seconds. Added 1 second Skill Cooldown.  
    Brandish Spear Deals 2 times. Changed to Long Range Physical Damage. After cast delay reduced to 0.5 seconds. Added 1 second Skill Cooldown Two-Hand Quicken Added additional 10% aspd bonus. Added Hit and Crit bonus. Charge Attack Removed Fixed and Variable Cast Time. Added 0.5 seconds Skill Cooldown. Spiral Pierce Damage increased Damage affected by monster size  
    Aura Blade  
    Merchant Branch Crazy Uproar Party buff with 4 str +30 atk Adrenaline Rush Party buff with additiona ASPD bonus + HIT Over Thrust & Maximum Over Thrust Removed weapon destroy chance. Demonstration Chance to destroy weapon increased a little. Acid Terror Works like a mini AD Chance to destroy armor increased.  
    Mage Branch Fire Bolt/Cold Bolt/Lightning Bolt/Thunderstorm/Fireball/Frost Diver/Meteor Storm/Storm Gust/Jupitel Thunder/Heavens Drive Adjusted cast related times. Lord of Vermillion Improved damage  
    Earth Spike Increased damage  
    Gravitation Field From fixed damage to depending on MATK.  
    Napalm Vulcan Increased damage Deluge/Whirlwind/Volcano Now uses blue gemstones Volcano Now also increases MATK Seismic, Frost, Flame Lightning weapon buffs Uses different catalysts Added improvement in elemental magic damage under buff. Autospell Randomly shows Lightning, Fire or Colt Bolt when using it. Added Thunder storm / Heaven's Drive choise on level 10. Memorize / Health conversion Adjusted Cast Time. Acolyte Branch Blessings Now increases additional HIT. Can combine with Clementia. Increase Agi Also increases % ASPD Angelus Now increase additional MaxHP Holy Light Cast time reduced. Magnus Exorcism Can hit all elements Additional damage to Demon,Undead & shadow.  
    Mace Mastery Increase additional CRIT Suffragium Changed to party buff ASPD bonus slightly reduced. Impositio Manus Changed to party buff Adds additional MATK. Basilica Is now a buff, no longer doing dps etc. Assumptio Now increases fixed DEF+ instead of %. Now also increase heal efficiency. Triple Attack Chance to trigger is 30% on all levels. Chain Combo 6 hits if knuckle weapon  
    Asura Strike If having 6+ spirits deals more damage Blade Stop Effective now on Boss for 2 seconds. Effective on use for 10 seconds on other than boss.  
    Investigate increased damage, even more if under Blade Stop. Finger Offensive increased damage, even more if under Blade Stop. Consumes 1 spirit Absorb Spirit Cast time reduced. Dangerous Soul Collect Cast time adjusted Palm Push Strike Damage depends on STR Increased damage. Tiger Knuckle Fist Increased damage, depends on base level. Chain Crush Combo Increased damage, depends on base level. Consumes 1 spirit Thief Branch Sonic Blow Removed Attack Animation (we cant due to client version, we remove the animation delay instead.) Increased damage to targets who have 50% or less HP by 50%.  
    Venom Splasher Removed Red Gemstone requirement. Improved damage.  
    Meteor Assault Improved damage  
    Enchant Deadly Poison Removed 50% damage penalty on Cross Impact, Counter Slash, Soul Destroyer and Sonic Blow. Reduces bonus damage from 400% to 300%. Raid Improved damage.  
    Back Stab Cannot be used while in Hiding. Automatically teleports to the target's back. 2x hits if dagger.   Plagiarism ASPD bonus added. Archer Branch Land Mine, Claymore Trap, Blast Mine Reduced cast time. Blitz Beat Damage depends on AGI & DEX.  
    Sharpshooting Cast time adjusted. Deals more damage depend on base level.   Falcon Assault Damage depends on AGI & DEX Bard/Dance Dance cant stack with dance buffs/debuff. Song cant stack with song buffs/debuff. Ensemble cant stack with ensemble buffs/debuff. Dance & Song & ensemble can stack. All ensemble skills can now be used when bard/dancer within 9x9 (before was 3x3) All ensemble skills gives penalty to both casters with 10 sec no skill cast and walk/aspd reduce. All dance/song/ensemble skills receied cast times and cool down. They are all now 1 time active buff or debuff with durations. 31x31 for most buffs 9x9 for most debuffs Musical Strike / Throw Arrow Attacks 2 times.  
    Music / Dance Lessons Improved skill effect. Frost Joker / Scream Received 1 sec cool down. Adaption to Circumstance Skill effect totally changed to  Encore Added cool down Dissonance / Ugly Dance Can only be used in pvp/woe Many other dance / song / ensemble skill details Please check ingame skill descriptions ~~ Vulcan Arrow Damage greatly boosted.  

    Oh yes! Finally, we have all the new 185/65 3rd job skill updates and the max level cap increase for extended jobs!!
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed Deco stone Ghost and Dragon not giving any stats. Fixed Crimson Knuckle had wrong drop rate. Fixed bug with Howling Mine. Fixed a bug with Epiclesis. Fixed Change material bug. Fixed some race/elemental bug for Rock Step, Lock step. Added a patch fix for Geffen Tournament buff icon crash. Fixed a bug in Shoes of Survival Should be: Increases the damage of Neutral property magical attacks on targets by 80%. Minor bug in Airship raid dialogs. Community Updates
    Our FB group is disabled because of trade topics.  For future posts, we will gather up here in our own platform  Forum > Trade/Buy/Sell Discord > Trade/Buy/Sell Assemble Hall will in future receive Polls for everyone to vote on different agendas. Please participate and be part of destiny of LimitRO. Vending Harbor Updates
    Renamed Cooking shop to Cooking/Book Shop. Added Elemental Potion Creation Guide. Moved Neck Protection Candy from "Healing" to Skill Shop. Added Catnip Fruit to Skill Supplies for easier access. WoE Updates
    Updated Farrah shop item pricings, rebalanced. Lowered for few items, some cost abit more. More info https://www.limitro.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium Crafting Updates
    You can now use Change Material as Genetic to craft Throwing Siroma Icetea and other +20 stats food throwings. You can also craft the Throwing Black Mass. Required 10 Bottle Throw + 10 original item to craft. Charleston Crisis Updates
    Added final part the Su Winterguard. She can add card slot to your Supplement Part STR and Upgrade Part - Plate Location: Verus City Battleground Updates
    Added BG Supply Machine Sells many skill catalysts, WoE related supplies and WoE equipments for Battle Coins. If we have missed something, please let us know   Moved consumable from Classic / War Shops to BG Supply Machine. Each Silk BG game gives 100 Battle Coins. Vote Shop Updates
    Added new item Voter Rainbow Egg Scroll Limit HQ Updates
    Granma now offers more maps for leveling. Feature Updates
    Added a Limit Training Ground in asgard and prontera. Gladiator Tournament Updates
    Gladiator Manager has now new rewards to be claimed. (resets each 2 maintenances) 300 points = Piamette Bowtie 1000 points = 3x Cash Point Coin 2000 points = 1x Costume Box(Ruler) 5000 points = 20x Cash Point Coin 10000 points = 50x Cash Point Coin 20000 points = 110x Cash Point Coin More info: https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Gladiator_Tournament 3rd Job 185/65 Skill Updates
    Mechanic Mado will be able to use most of the Black/Whitesmith skills. Sorcerer Spell Fist Max Level from 5  to 10.  
    Varetyr Spear Max Level from 5 to 10.  
    Warlock Freezing Spell Max level from 5 to 10. (Additional memory slots!) Tetra Vortex Max level from 5 to 10.  
    Arch Bishop Judex Max Level from 5 to 10.  
    Renovatio Max Level from 1 to 4. Increased % healing depends on level. Sura Fallen Empire Max Level from 5 to 10.  
    Knuckle Arrow Max level from 5 to 10.  
    Guillotine Cross Weapon Blocking New Counter Status 10 seconds. Counter Slash Max level from 5 to 10.  
    Shadow Chaser Fatal Menace Maxlevel from 5 to 10  
    Feint Bomb Max level from 5 to 10. Ranger Trap Research Max Level from 5 to 10. Aimed Bolt  
    Minstrel/Wanderer Severer Rainstorm  
    Metallic Sound Max level from 5 to 10.  
    Job Updates
    Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, Oboro/Kagerou, Rebellion will receive max level cap increased to 185/65. Summoner will receive max level cap increased to 185/55

    Today is Chinese New Year and I wish everyone a happy Pig year!
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed some Modified item equip job issues. Fixed Dustfire with ArmorPiercing bullet bonus. Fixer Republic hat item slot issue. Fixed Autumn headband Sp drain issue. Fixed an old bug where 2 different items that gave autobonus on 1 same equipment could not trigger autobonus at the same time. Fixed a bug in Rebel Scarf where the Crimson Mark doesnt trigger the special buff at 100%. Fixed old bug in Parade Hat for not casting lex on target when heal on target. Fixed Vicious Enchanted Obsidian card slot issue Fixed Genesis Ray can penetrate wall bug. Fixed Magma Erupt missing the 1st hit on Mado. Fixed Minor bug in Special Pharmacy, lack material. Fixed a Bug when player is under NPC Loading/progress bar and warped out of map will get stuck. Fixed Avenger bug no Axe Boomerang bonus. Fixed Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff now drops from Fruit Pom Spider. Fixed a very very old bug Frosty Misty is 19x19 instead of 27x27 AoE. Jack Frost is 11x11 to 19x19 depend on level instead of 27x27 AoE. Fixed Emergency Call bug - when relog and use any skill can remove the Cool Down. Event Updates
    Winter Amusement Park will end for maintenance etc, will be back next Christmas  Added 1st patch of Pet Talk event ! Chinese New Year events (Coming after MT) ~~ New Regulation: Custom Event related items will be deleted from our database after 3 months of event ending. Such as custom item material and consumable. Excluding Costume Hats. Next clean will be May 2019 for all 2018 related events. Tomb of Honor Updates
    Increased Cursed Fragment drop rates from 3% to 50%. (Until more data collected from official.) (chance to drop 2). Reset the Old Bio Hat now uses 10x Fragment of Vicious Mind Updated Chen normal mob no longer casts Phenuma. Updated Randel normal mob only cast Defender when long ranged. Limit Group HQ Updates
    Improved the Bounty C category and B category EXP reward (to previous version). Lowered Familiar spawn amount in Granma Training C map. Pet Updates
    New Metal Dragon loyal bonus 8% damage reduction against Neutral element. Low chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted to an enemy as HP. Low chance of gaining 3% of the damage inflicted to an enemy as SP. Monster Updates
    Added 30x Pouring spawn in Malangdo Dungeon (mal_dun01) Website Updates
    Added a brand new Wiki for LimitRO. Looking for wiki contributors ~~ Please DM me on FB or Discord if you are interested! Hat Quest Updates
    Balanced the required materials to craft hats in Mr. Wise. More reasonable mostly lowering. No longer have "Epic hat Category". Moved Deepsea Headgear quests to Mr.Wise Moved all "common hats" away from Mr. Wise. They are now in Vending Harbor sold in cheap zeny 100-500k. Many of them are also in HG Gear Machine.  Moved all Deluxe Hat Shop hats to HQ Gear Machine. Item Updates
    Added a custom way for Star Emperors to obtain skill Union (due to client issue, they can't add this skill, will fix in future client update.) Taekwon Shadow Weapon now gives skill Union if you are Star Emperor. Vote Shop Updates
    Added Token of Siegfried and Convex Mirror Cash Shop Updates
    Added Deco Stone (Dragon) for 1000 CP each, after next MT it will be 2000 CP. Battleground Updates
    Added Battle Coin to BG 2. Each finnished game, all participants will receive 10 Battle Coins. Battle Coins will be able to exchange supplies such as skill catalysts from BG Supply Machine. Disabled "Acceleration" skill from BG. (temp fix.) Removed CD of BG 1. Reduced CD of "Desserter" to 1 minute. Content Updates
    Added Charleston weapon enchants. More info https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Charleston_Enchants Added Geffen Magic Tournament enchants. More info https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Geffen_Magic_Tournament 3rd Job 185/65 Skill Updates
    Enchant Blade Max level from 5 to 10. (Details ingame skill description.)  
    Sonic Wave Max level from 5 to 10. (Details ingame skill description.)  
    Shield Press Max Level from 5 to 10. (Details ingame skill description.)  
    Genesis Ray Max Level from 5 to 10. Physical+Magic damage changed to pure Magic damage. (Details ingame skill description.)  
    Power Swing Max Level from 5 to 10. (Details ingame skill description.)  
    Arm Cannon Max level increased from 3 to 5. (Details ingame skill description.)  
    Cart Tornado Max level increased from 5 to 10. (Details ingame skill description.)  
    Spore Explosion Max level increased from 5 to 10. (Details ingame skill description.)

    Quite a productive start of year 2019 😮
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed - Blacksmith shadow bonus on all size monster. Fixed - Acceleration / Teleport not working on Madogear. Fixed - All items that has 3rd job mark on being able to equipped by Star Emperor / Soul Reaper. Fixed - A mob spawn bug in Devil's Tower instance causing instance stop. Fixed - Room of Consciousness npc respawn behavior Fixed - Missing bonus behavior and combo for Doram Shadow set. Fixed - Bard/Dancer Shadow shoes atk bonus bug. Fixed - A minor dialog stuck in NPC in rock ridge prison. Fixed - A bug in BG Chat for BG 1. Fixed - Illusion bow critical bonus issue bug fixed. Fixed - An ancient small bug, where SP/HP Regen always had 1 regen no matter what, should be 0 on players if put on NO regen cards. Fixed - Valkyrie Hammer missing the base MATK +50 bonus --- i wonder why nobody noticed before... Fixed - Paper, Rock, Scissorhand models lacking bonus. Fixed - Daily Melon farm will warp you to Asgard after finnish instead of Prontera. Fixed - Archbishop job mask for 3 items Lady Solace card bonus didnt trigger on ABs. Valkyrie Hammer AB bonus Holy Marcher Hat AB bonus Fixed - A bug that doesnt count Soul Reaper/Star Emp as Soul Link/Star Glads. Fixed - A minor bug that allowed ppl to enter Aldeg_cas01 without warping. Patch Updates
    Added in a Quest log info update patch to fix some typos and enhanced some quest log graphic. Example Monster Updates
    All Gigantes in Sarah & Fenrir instance has will havea a low chance to drop Gigantes Card. Evil Shadow Follower & Fanatic will now drop their card. Evil Shadow Card - from Evil Shadows
    Evil Fanatics Card - from MVP Evil Follower Updated Honor of Tomb monster stats to match with official info. Some buff, some nerf. Updated all Crimson weapon drop rates as official x25 ~~ higher rates now ~~ NPC Updates
    Added a warning text when slotting Temporal Boots (stating that u will lose refine/enchants). Item Updates
    Added Guild.Dun Invitation letters, you can give them to Marx NPC in Asgard, near guild area, to have 1 time access to guild dungeon. Guild.Dun Invitation 1 Guild.Dun Invitation 2 Guild.Dun Invitation 3 Guild.Dun Invitation 4 Guild.Dun Invitation 5 Mid Camp Updates
    Quadrille and Vesper Core 1 (same cost as other vesper cores.) will return to the shop. Valkyrie / Diabolus sets will also return. Limitless Island Updates
    Deepmine Celine Brooch will now require 10x Vesper Core [1] to craft. Limit HQ Updates
    Eve Natalia will now reward you 20-40 Limit Merit Badge for turning specific mvp loots. Her request list has been updated. Granma will now guide players up to level 165. (above 165 can't use.) Granma will allow you to select the map you wish to farm. Granma maps are now graded as C, C+, C++, B, B+, B++ and Special Group Map. Granma  Map C has all monsters spawns for Bounty C missions. Granma  Map C+ has all monsters spawns for Bounty C+ missions. etc Bounty Board C, C+, C++ missions cool down reduced to 15 minutes. EXP reward reduced by half. Coin reward remain same. Bounty Board B, B+, B++ missions cool down reduced to 30 minutes. EXP Reward reduced by half. Coin reward remain same. Bounty Expert will now offer 3 Party Bounties for you to select (CD 15 minutes.) Deepsea Dungeon Updates
    The items that requires valkyrie/diabolus or gobine items will be switched out to other items. Do not worry, nothing too RNG cancer, the team has evaluated and nothing too hard, similiar hardness to current ones. Malangdo Enchant Updates
    Added the following weapons to Mayomayo Malangdo enchant. (wiki updated.) Dark Rose [2] Finisher [2] Dustfire [2] Burning Rose [2] Revenge [2] Poisonous Violence Spear [3] Sealed Magic Sword [2] Sealed Evil Sword [2] Sealed Maximum Sword [2] Ghost Palace Enchants
    Mettos no longer enchants your Thanos weapons.... You can now buy Gray Abrasive items from this NPC for 50 Gray Shards Three types , Range, Melee and Magic. Gray Abrasive(Melee) Gray Abrasive(Magic) Gray Abrasive(Ranged) You can use Gray Abrasive to enchant equipped Thanos weapon. You can sell Gray Abrasive to other players. You can only use Gray Abrasive in towns. Website Updates
    Added call back check for all Vote for Point. How this works Now you must vote properly success on each site to receive points. All "click without vote" will no longer give point. 1 IP per 1 vote 1 account. If you have multi accounts, you must login and vote with different IP to work. Basically, if the vote site don't register your VOTE, you get NO Point and get CD. All vote pages are now 24 hours Cool down. Gives 40 points, except for 1. All old Vote Points are now stored as "old vote point", web site no longer show this point. To see how many Old Vote Point you have, visit ingame Old Vote Shop. All new Vote Points will be displayed on Website and ingame New Vote Shop. New Vote Shop contains Old vote point items New items (details coming soon). We do this update, because we really need more votes ~~ and too many fake votes  out of 1000 ppl who claim points maybe only 10 real votes lol... We will also offer good items in New Vote Shop, because now nobody can fake vote  Added Vote Shop (exclusive items) Guild.Dun Invitation 1 Guild.Dun Invitation 5 Marhaval Potion Voter Golden Egg Scroll Golden Bubble Fish Eleanor's Disguise(Gold) Golden Baphomet Horns Golden Angel Scarf White Gold Shield [1] Old Bio Headgear Enchants
    NPC: Wandering Mind Location: Tomb of Honor (lhz_dun_n 138/262) This evil mind can enchant following headgear, if you bring him Cursed Fragment to him. Old Rune Circlet [1] Old Mitra [1] Old Driver Band [1] Old Driver Band(Yellow) [1] Old Shadow Handicraft [1] Old Minstrel Song's Hat [1] Old Midas Whisper [1] Old Magic Stone Hat [1] Old Blazing Soul [1] Old Wind Wisper [1] Old Dying Swan [1] Old Bone Circlet [1] Old Crown of Guardian [1] Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood [1] Enchanting details It requires 10 Cursed Fragment each for the 3rd and 4th enchant. Those will always be random Stat 1-5. Once you've enchanted it twice, you can enchant the 2nd slot for either a Stat enchant or the special enchants. If you get the special, it will start at Level 1, and you can continue enchanting the headgear to level up the special enchant. If you fail the upgrade of the special enchant, it will downgrade one level (minimum Level 1). Reset the enchants costs 20x Cursed Fragment Special Enchant fee Level Fee Success Rate 1 10 60 2 20 30 3 40 20 4 50 10 5 70 10 6 100 5 7 150 5 8 250 5 9 500 3 10 1000 3 Special Enchant List
    Mettle Lv1 Magic Essence Lv1 Acute Lv1 Master Archer Lv1 Adamantine Lv1 Affection Lv1 Mettle Lv2 Magic Essence Lv2 Acute Lv2 Master Archer Lv2 Adamantine Lv2 Affection Lv2 Mettle Lv3 Magic Essence Lv3 Acute Lv3 Master Archer Lv3 Adamantine Lv3 Affection Lv3 Mettle Lv4 Magic Essence Lv4 Acute Lv4 Master Archer Lv4 Adamantine Lv4 Affection Lv4 Mettle Lv5 Magic Essence Lv5 Acute Lv5 Master Archer Lv5 Adamantine Lv5 Affection Lv5 Mettle Lv6 Magic Essence Lv6 Acute Lv6 Master Archer Lv6 Adamantine Lv6 Affection Lv6 Mettle Lv7 Magic Essence Lv7 Acute Lv7 Master Archer Lv7 Adamantine Lv7 Affection Lv7 Mettle Lv8 Magic Essence Lv8 Acute Lv8 Master Archer Lv8 Adamantine Lv8 Affection Lv8 Mettle Lv9 Magic Essence Lv9 Acute Lv9 Master Archer Lv9 Adamantine Lv9 Affection Lv9 Mettle Lv10 Magic Essence Lv10 Acute Lv10 Master Archer Lv10 Adamantine Lv10 Affection Lv10