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    Changelogs - 185/65

    By Lai, in Changelogs,

    Christmas is near!
    Feature Updates
    Max level for 3rd jobs increased to 185/65 Cash Item Updates
    You will now be able to upgrade your Gemstone from level 3 to level 4.  DELAYED, need to test a little more ~~ But it will come! The gemstone level 4 will not be pulled thru, because of a huge poll result against it. We will instead work on the official Costume CE Enchant stones ! Assembled hall topic has more info. Added Christmas Wings (200 CP until Xmas ends) and Deco Stone Snowfall to Cash Shop. Deco Stone (Elemental) Deco Stone (Fluffy) WoE Updates
    Removed WoE on Wednesday. Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug in PvP warper to GvG room with wrong map. Fixed Cursed circle bug. Fixed bugs in resistance sleep + stats. Fixed Furious hero card. Event Updates
    Winter Amusement Park Limit HQ Updates
    Changed Admiral name/sprite to a Corporal, to avoid confusion. Server Feature
    Enabled Trade logs for Admin, Trade Logs resets every maintenance. Gladiator Updates
    Entrance fee is now 100.000 zeny only, vote result by community!