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Limit RO 8th Anniversary Event



What's Limit RO without Lai? No Lai, no Limit RO! But not just Lai, Limitronians are also important because you help the server to grow by being part of it and that's why we present to you this event as our appreciation!

How To Join

  1. Talk to NPC Lai Fanatic in Asgard from May 15th to 29th.
  2. She will offer you to make a special Lai costume just like the ones in cash shop if you bring her the ingredients below:
  3. 1x Marionette Doll #5141
    88x Dark Green Dyestuff #979
    888x Old White Cloth #7751
  4. Once you give her the ingredients, she will make it for you.
  5. Unfortunately, she breaks her scissors during the process and she needs a sharper tool.
  6. Bring her a +8 Cutter [4] so she can continue her work.


  • You will be rewarded 1x Drooping GM Lai [1].


NOTE: The NPC is not available yet, she will come after maintenance.

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