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    • Aria


      I'm just writing this so maybe it can help someone too. Sadly I developed anxiety during my master degree, and it's being hard to deal with it. This week I had one of the worst anxiety crisis I ever had, and I was alone in my home. For some reason I remembered the Payon Field maps, and remembered that the background effects (forest sounds) always make me feel calm, and without thinking I loged in and teleported to a random map. What I didn't expected was that it would really help me calm down, and I've doing this since this crisis.

      This of course doesn't substitute  professional help, and if you have the same I have, ask for help immediately. But even with psychological support it helped me when I was alone.

      Good day everyone,

      Aria Diniz

    • Toushiro

      So~ Hiyao there! I'm Toushiro, new here actually, and I play as Xiao Yan Zi Huan (Ranger) so if we meet, pleased to make your acquaintance. I will be posting the story of a undecided character of mine, Lie Sheng Hue, as he grows along with the game story. I'm mostly using my own vision as settings for the story, not just copying the ingame info, so please bear with the differences between this story and the actual facts.

      [ Unlimited Ragnarok - Light Side ] [ Part 1 ]

      "E- excuse me?" A soft and trembling voice came in along with the creak of a big wooden door. The large dual door opened slightly and from the gap entered a young boy. His messy and obviously greasy hair was smoother than one would think at a first glance, and the yellowish color growing on the brownish black threads of hair gave off a sense of poverty from the youth.

      The youngster's black eyes roamed around the place like a curious explorer and slowly, but with bravery, he got inside the hall while the door closed with a loud sound. It was a large hall with a long red carpet going until the reception desk, and behind it was possible to see three ways to follow not including the two stairwells that curved upwards towards the second floor.

      His steps came to a halt in front of the reception desk when a woman, seemingly young but with an experienced aura, greeted him with a smile. He straightened his back in embarrassment as she said, "Welcome to Limit Academy, were you brought just now?" The kind-looking woman asked with a short but professional smile, to which he replied with a nod.

      "Do you know why you are here?" She placed her hands on top of a pile of large papers, like those with pictures or drawings. His neck shrunk shyly while answering, "Not really..." and then looking downwards or to the sides, thus noticing the two maid-looking women on each side of the reception desk. They stood there like guards, only moving once or twice to fix their dresses or glasses.

      ‘Kafra agency...?’ He thought for an instant before snapping back to the desk as the lady laid a large paper with a drawing, with an exquisitely childish theme, on it. Written by a pen above and below the drawing were the words, ‘Expedition Camp,’ and ‘Dangerous and Disastrous Creature’. Pointed upon by ink-drawn arrows was a large and grotesque brown monster, and the gates of a large city-like camp in a barrel land without grass.


      So I wrote the part 2, but the info on it is wrong let's just resume this first part here with a, To Be Continued...

      I hope you enjoyed this first part, I will make sure to fix part 2 and post along with part 3, so it will be two parts per chapter for a while. Thanks for reading and, Cyao all!




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    • Hi, I'm attempting the quest right now, but somehow Brown Rat and Swamp Arclouse are not dropping brown rat tails and Swamp bug shells? where am I to find them?  thanks.
    • thank you. it does work.
    • Just a few minutes ago I was banned for some reason that I don't know about. I was being idle in asgard when this happened. I don't think me walking around and doing trades is the reason for me getting banned so I don't know why.. Please help? 
    • Hello everyone! My name is Harrison and I play mainly as a RG named Poporingao. I'm starting a new guild called Popori Guild initialy for fun, to build friendship and a healthy environment for everyone who wants to join. The objective of the guild is mainly to help each other, do instances and DTs together and maybe on a far (or not so far) future play WoEs. Everyone is welcome, be newbie or veteran, as long you respect the rules.   Basic rules: Be respectiful to everyone Help your friends if you can Be friendly   We will not tolerate xenophobia, racism, lgbtqphobia or anything like that. The person who break this rule will be kicket outright. If you want to join just send a message to me here on forum or ingame, or contact the other leader. Or message me on discord: HarryHess#7969 Leaders: Harrison (Usually playing on Poporingao or PoporiLancer) Aria (Usually playing as Ariazinha or Aria Bandaid)   Thank you!  
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