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    • To LimitRO Donators LimitRO one of the greatest mid rate server with 3rd jobs formed back in 2009 with rates 100x100x25x. Then with years passing, slowly, customized, added a lot of things and past years transformed into a high rate server. And then came 4th jobs....and here we are... A new born server Limit Ragnarok formed March 2021 with rates 100x100x20x and is now stable for 4 months, and I'm confident to invite more Limitronians. All these years, the brand Limit has been supported by many Donators, and now it's time to join our new home the new Limit Ragnarok and settle down, together create the best, transparent, no corrupt and future of Ragnarok entertainment.  LimitRO Donations Convert to Limit Ragnarok  Wave 1 August 2021 From 1st August - 31st August You will be able to convert 30% of your total donations made in LimitRO, into Limit Ragnarok as Cash Points. Wave 2 September 2021 From 1st September - 30th September You will be able to convert 25% of your total donations made in LimitRO, into Limit Ragnarok as Cash Points. Wave 3 October 2021 From 1st October - 31st October You will be able to convert 20% of your total donations made in LimitRO, into Limit Ragnarok as Cash Points. Wave 4 November 2021 From 1st November - 30th November You will be able to convert 15% of your total donations made in LimitRO, into Limit Ragnarok as Cash Points. Final Wave December 2021 From 1st December - 31st December You will be able to convert 10% of your total donations made in LimitRO, into Limit Ragnarok as Cash Points. How to convert? This applies to all who have donated to LimitRO, even dated back to 2009. Auto Convert with Email Send email to [email protected] with your Paypal email (to verify your donation). Fill in form LimitRO Account: Limit Ragnarok Account: Limit Ragnarok char name: Character must be level 100+ Manual Convert contact Lai in Discord/Facebook. If you are unsure how to do this, email sending etc, contact me and I will help you out. Disclaimer As long as you fulfill the needed info above, you are qualified to use this program. This does not affect our Limit Ragnarok economy/market in any negative way, if it works out well, we will receive a lot buying power which is healthy to our server.  LimitRO 2009 to 2021, it has retired in peace. Limit Ragnarok 2021 and ongoing ❤️
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