LimitRO Full Client Download

Last update: 2021.01.28

Download from one of the following mirrors, whichever is closer to you:

Mediafire Google Drive
Filesize: 3.1GB
Content: All files needed to play.
AntiVirus: Make sure to allow all files on all Anti Virus, false alarm.


  1. Download the
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. Launch LimitRO.exe as administrator privilege
  4. Let it patch and Start the game
  5. MAC OS Users: Use WineBottler WS9Wine1.9.19 version to install and launch LimitRO.exe
  6. Mode details click here

Our installer comes with all the necessary files required to start playing the game!

Note: The extraction may take some time to respond depending on your computer specs. (Max 5 minutes)


Q: I launch the game and after Gepard loading finishes, nothing shows up.
A: Make sure you have setup the game resolution and graphic device use HAL.

Q: I receive sprite error messages.
A: Report the error message to Forums with screenshot. We recommend to download our full installer.

Q: How do I know if my archive is corrupted?
A: With 7zip you can right-click the archive and choose "CRC SHA" or you can install HashTab and do right-click -> Properties. There you can compare the checksums with the one above. If they're different, your archive is corrupted.

Q: My archive is corrupted and can't be opened.
A: Please re-download the archive, make sure the internet is stable when downloading.

Q: I can't patch LimitRO.exe, Failed to connect, what to do?
A: Make sure anti virus is disabled, also use a free VPN to change your IP to USA or Europe and then try to patch again. (google free vpn)

Q: I crash when using Fire Rain and enter certain maps?
A: 1. Close the game.
2. Open up lro.exe Properties.
3. Select the Compatibility tab.
4. Choose to run this Compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service pack 3).

Other Downloads

Homunculus AI

Custom homunculus AI no longer works in LimitRO.