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  • There is a +5% Paypal tax on each donation, which is compensated by love egg srolls.

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Thank you very much for considering to donate or donating to LimitRO, it really means a lot to us!

What is VIP Coin?

  • 1 VIP Coin is 10 Cash Points.
  • You can use Cash Points to buy items from Cash Shop ingame.

Package Deals

What is SEK?

  • Swedish Krona (google for currency convert ex. 100 SEK to USD.).

Paypal Verified?

  • Make sure your Paypal account is VERIFIED, it's big plus.
  • Check your account status on or contact PayPal Support.

After donation...

  • Now, wait for us to send you the items to your Main Character's ingame Mail (Rodex).
  • Can take up to max 24 Hours.

Please read Donation System guide for more information.

Tips: You can also get Cash Points from Lucky Roulette and Hourly Donation Tokens.