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Donation Packages

100 SEK = 10 VIP Coins (No bonus)
200 SEK = 20 VIP Coins (No bonus)
300 SEK = 30 VIP Coins (No bonus)
400 SEK = 40 VIP Coins (No bonus)
500 SEK = 55 VIP Coins (5 Extra)
1000 SEK = 115 VIP Coins (15 Extra)

Note: We only accept Donation Packages!
Note: SEK = Swedish Krona (google for currency convert ex. 100 SEK to USD.
Thank you very much for considering to donate or donating to LimitRO, it really means a lot to us!

Is your Paypal Verified?

  • Make sure your Paypal account is VERIFIED and has a VERIFIED Shipping Address.
  • Check your account status on or contact PayPal Support.
  • If you are NOT VERIFIED, you won't be able to receive VIP Coins after donation.
  • If you are already VERIFIED both in account and shipping address, please keep reading.

Get VIP Coins with Verified Paypal.

Manual donation
  1. Login to PayPal
  2. Click Pay or send money.
  3. Choose send money to friend or family.
  4. Fill in the form that follows, make sure you are sending in SEK currency.
  5. LimitRO Paypal account is:
    (Note: You can send as Goods or Services but it costs extra FEE for me :<)

After transaction

  • Send an Email to with:
  • PayPal Donation
  • <Your Paypal email>
  • <Your Transaction ID>
  • <Your Account Username>
  • <Your Character Name>
  • <The amount you sent>
  • <The number of VIP Coins, see above list>


  • We will process your transaction promptly as soon as we receive your e-mail.
  • We will send you a Redeem code / guide to your email, when complete.
  • Can take up to max 24 Hours.

Please read Donation System guide for more information.

Hint: You can also buy Cash Points from Event Shop.