Server Information

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Rates: 100x/100x/25x/10x/10x (Base exp/Job exp/Drop rate/Quest exp/MvP exp)
Max Level: 175/60
Jobs/Class: All 3rd Jobs, Rebellion, Oboro/Kagerou, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker, Ultimate Novice & Summoner (Doram)
Max Stats: 130
Max ASPD: 193
WoE Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Maintenance Day: Monday 14:00 (During 12:00 to 14:00 all instance are not available!)
Other: Following kRO latest content & updates!
Gepard 2.0 - Protection against bots, wpe, etc.

Server Features


  • Renewal Mechanism
  • Episode 15.1 Fantasmagorica
  • Instances: Hazy Forest, Octopus Cave, Wolfchev's Laboratory, Ghost Palace, Isle of Bios, Sealed Shrine, Endless Tower, Bakonowa Lake, Morse's Cave, Malangdo Culvert, Old Glast Heim, Faceworm Nest, Temple of Demon God, Nightmarish Jitterbug, Bangungot Hospital, Horror Toy Factory, Nidhoggur's Nest, Buyawa Cave, Charleston Factory, Infinite Space.
  • Much more!

Quest & NPCs

  • Hat Maker - Hundreds of hats for you to create!
  • Custom NPCs (Warp NPC, Stylist, Job Changer, Healer, Card Remover, Rental etc!)
  • Hidden Custom Quests - No guides!
  • Much more!

Event System

  • Event Box - Our special event reward with random Costumes Hat.
  • Event Clown - Event Point System
  • Daily Events - Shave the Lamb, Monster Catch, Disguise Event!
  • GM Events - Bomberman, Hide and Seek, Find the Lost Soul!
  • Global Events - Events related with holidays!
  • Much more!


  • Increased party share limit to 75!
  • Party Share +40% more Exp!
  • No death penalty.
  • Much more!
LimitRO Art


  • Style Headgears.
  • Special Pets.
  • 50+ Hairstyles, 2000+ Cloth Colors.
  • Giant House
  • Much More!


  • Normal WoE FE / WoE SE & Silk WoE & Trans WoE
  • PvP variations
  • BG special balance!
  • Vending Harbour - A place where all our Vendors gathers!
  • Useful @commands

Servers Status for LimitRO

We offer global proxy networking, to minimize your latency, lag and stability when connecing to LimitRO.
You may select the most suitable on our game login screen.

Proxy-Server Status IP for Ping/Traceroute Ping from Server to Proxy
Proxy - United States - CA Los Angeles Online 1 ms
Proxy - United States - CA Los Angeles Online 1 ms
Proxy - United States - NV Phoenix Online 10 ms
Proxy - United Stats - New Jersey Online 68 ms
Proxy - Canada - Montreal Online 69 ms
Proxy - Germany - Frankfurt Online 154 ms
Proxy - Netherland - Amsterdam Online 156 ms
Proxy - Great Brittain- London Online 167 ms
Proxy - Asia - Japan Online 109 ms
Proxy - Asia - Singapore Online 186 ms
Proxy - Australia - Sydney Online 150 ms