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On 8/19/2016 at 11:20 PM, Guest said:
  7 Year Symbol: 415ed506c3.png


Glory Emperium:









Pretty Sure I'm over qualified for this one.

Event Winner Level 1:  Be Our Partner 2.0


Reporter level 1: 




Helper : SC Tutor, free stuff giver, Advice giver. Still looking for dedicated Sc students


Question answer-er


The All Knowing: 12 years in Ragnarok Online, Extensive Knowledge on monster spawn locations to skill interaction to formulas. former tester for two private servers and worked pretty ****** hard testing when taekwon,TKM and soul linker was introduced ( gonna make some mass reporting later for the classes)

7 year veteran in LimitRO, extensive knowledge on roll-backs, and GM related screw ups, GM "secrect identities", Player names, Ex Guilds, time lines. scandals drama. WoE mechanics. In game interactions and some coding, grf mods,. My guildmates and friends can vouch for me as their Indian Tech support guy RO and Non RO related. All who oppose may face me in trial by combat. 



quoting myself after the account got fuckd

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On 18/06/2016 at 4:43 PM, Guest said:
  • Award Name: 7 Years Symbol
  • Character Name: Mercedes Yggdrasil, Ritz Malheur Viera
  • Evidences2eNVfR.png
  • Comment: This is actually my second account. Made the 1st one some time before that, but deleted the mail for that one. I won't disclose my account info/email so I'll just pm the rest of info to you @Lai.


  • Award Name: Dungeon Master 
  • Character Name: Mercedes Yggdrasil, Ritz Malheur Viera, Velvet Valentine
  • Evidence: I did the Instance Completion many times over.
  • Comment: Did ET, Sara's Memories as well everything cept for Temple of Demon God and Devil's Tower. No old SS left after I DL the new full installer and deleted them all.. Hope it counts.



  • Award NameFishing Master
  • Character Name: Mushishi Ginko (currently) / Master Keele Zeibel (formerly)
  • Evidence:N47IfqC.jpg^explicitly stated that I got 1k points. (season 4)
  • Comment: I held the 1st place for 1-2 season. Also I once reached nearly 2k points during the 3rd season that I got rebate of 500 fish points the next season.


  • Award Name: Helper
  • Character Name: Mercedes Yggdrasil, Ritz Malheur Viera
  • Evidence: I help answer trivial question mostly. Here's the newest.
  • Comment: Once held the Helpful Player title.. I guess?


5 awards.. I got them all.

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Wrong number
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@Lai Wheres mine? ~.~

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  • Award Name: 6 years symbol
  • Character Name: Lysred (Skylys or Lyssky from the previous account)
  • Evidence: @Lai through FB I've sent you our e-mail correspondence back from 2010 August. 

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Award Name: VIP

Character Name: Cukkia Cart Booster

Evidence: 15000 SEK

Comment: /gg 




hi @Lai broh 

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