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  1. Following iRO has another major advantage. No gear is given out there which kro doesn't approve of. Also skill formulas are upto date and Jro has edited mechanics and skill formulas which makes it a terrible source. They have weird builds on PvM which won't be possible on kro and iRO. For example Ad on iRO/kro/and here is 1 sec fct but in jro it's 100% variable afaik. You can understand this after noticing their gears have acid bomb cast time reduction options. And closing a thread even when solid proof is given even though it's from player experience from a lot of years on RO is weird. I know Ashuckel and he explained GOH to me just like he posted. Why do you think Sura on iRO is on red HP? So that they deal 100-150k unreduced damage. 100k unreduced damage in WoE. Let that sink in and listen to the orgasms from Tao Sura. LimitRO Sura's can get 200k hp I think so the damage is much higher.
  2. The GoH damage isnt reduced on iRO WoE on higher HP RK. It one shots Taoed RKs all the time. And we are talking about 150k+ HP full redux cases too. (iRO DB RKs run higher reductions then the ones that play here. . So just do what Ashuckel says because he is more knowledgeable then the devs on iRO.. Thats a fact that the entire community agrees on iRO. TLDR: Missing HP portion will still hit you(and kill you) if you are on 100% damage reductions if you dont meet the other cases (DA, E Coat, GR)
  3. DB cant be insta casted And if using higher delay redux its better to not have insta so that you can chain DB faster
  4. Yup It was being debated a lot here So i gave up DB is 0.5 FCT only FCT reductions will never apply on VCT
  5. I have done some tests here and there. And DB cant be insta casted imo. The FCT reduction if %based isnt additive. Like lets say your skill has 1 sec FCT, Sacra will half it. But any other FCT % modifers will not be added to 1 sec it will be added to 0.5 And Dexboots removes the FCT of 0.5 sec already so you dont need DPCE Cast time and Fenrir card.
  6. To successfully get off a stasis is really tough since it affects allies too.
  7. Just FYI, +9 Bellum Guilliotine is better then a +20 Glorious 2H axe
  8. To all minstrels who are reading this. Respect what you do in the game. But for the love of God please flash Apple and keep the bragi on all the time. Makes life a lot easier
  9. Items have no great value overall except that dragon breath buff gear for PvM. The requirements are pretty high which in turn should dissuade the usual crowds to not use it. I will actually suggest to make it tougher since the items are really meh. Same thing like epic headgears because there are nerfed versions of them available since forever. Which do almost the same job as them. As far as if you think those redux gears would help WoE, so wrong on that part. Could still use the ILC or Def bapho since the only thing that you want to slot into an HG is MayaP and Nightmare(which again is kinda situational and player preference) If people really want to get an item which gives 5% demihiman redux and slot in HG, they should just use the kafra hats which LimitRO does have but I doubt anyone uses. Could have made it simpler by adding the feather beret to the slotting NPC but you want people to play more so I agree to that. Again, a happy farming goal for the endgamers which is good for the game. So +1 for that. But again, unwanted stuff since replacements were already there. Except the DB buff hg, nothing else changes anything. So whoever wants it, should grind for it.
  10. Half of those items not that great to what we currently have any ways .
  11. Kinda a bad idea since its a staple skill to remove LP for all of us. Including SC and Gene
  12. Whom do you really loose against?
  13. Sorry about that. Dont have feelings for this game anymore.
  14. Dude. Apparently it was changed on Kro. Silence and Sleep is affecting at supposed immunity also. And SC been putting sleep arrow since a long time my friend. So its not a nowadays issue. It was discussed here way before it was reported here. I am not the problem here. The game is how it is right now. Read up
  15. Dude. This isn't an issue. Status resistances were changed a long time ago. And RJ removes it easily so why are you worried? We all are dealing with it so why is it a problem? And the game is indeed descending to anarchy. Its not off topic anywhere.