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  1. Can we have extension on the mato recycle thingy please one more week po! <3

  2. Please dont forget the Malaya respawn point thank you!

  3. patch ur Kro wkwkwkw mine works fine
  4. God Enchant for Face Worm skin pls :3

    1. Resist
    2. Best Kind Of Mess

      Best Kind Of Mess

      ty for the support haha

    3. F a i z

      F a i z

      -100 plz


  5. wt8 is this report wahahahaha
  6. @Yuuki is this one of your brilliant idea? making BG C Shadow Gears untradeable w/o warning? what about those shadow item that we aldy put on our vending chars? seriously wtf? we ddnt get those item for free! time are being spent on that shit bro. fix ur shit! peace!



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    2. F a i z

      F a i z

      Omg Lai u made Ken cut his wrist with a knife, 

      Now his wife is coming for you.

      Brace Yourself Lai

      Ken Ma's Wife is Coming.

    3. Akin (Master Keele Zeibel)

      Akin (Master Keele Zeibel)

      I knew something was fishy when those shadow gears were tradeable..

    4. ne0xin


      u might aswell remove the badges being tradable aswell then...?

  7. I am Jokiki Why Fight a losing battle all hail butt bleeders I am Jokiki Yes I found this on imgur Hurt By Chin's TT Hey you Jokiki you go Cry to your mom you cant handle TT move this report to this thread pls thanks!
  8. we dont accept ugly pips in our guild po git gud.
  9. Chinatos Tower
  10. git gud
  11. GGWP
  12. the guy cant defend him self here still bc farming at thana tower lolz
  13. GGWP @F a i z hahahaha solid burn bruh
  14. lols @Devourment you never learn bro hahahaha
  15. GGWP