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  1. Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Closing issue cuz there was never a bug, Misunderstanding on reporter's side.
  3. Changed Status to Pending
  4. Buffs in question: SC_QUEST_BUFF1 SC_QUEST_BUFF2 SC_QUEST_BUFF3
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Verus_Daily_Quests

    This is what I found

    #6962: OLD FUEL TANK

    3153 Excavator Robot
    3128 Kick And Kick
    3127 Kick Step
    3125 Step


    1. Yuuki


      I couldn't find that info in that link /?


  7. Crimson Weapon Removed current element options from all Crimson Bows and Revolvers as per official. All future crimson bows/revolvers won't have element options.
  8. Update: All Crimson Bows/Revolvers will have their current elements options removed as per official. This will benefit all current users as they can freely use any elemental ammunition. Previously, the weapon's element was overriding all current ammunition element, which was restrictive.

  9. Officially, Crimson Bow should not have random element when dropped. We will just remove the element option from all existing crimson bows & revolvers. And future dropped bows/revolvers won't have random element. All neutral.
  10. Changed Status to Fixed