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  1. I like this because its ninja class
  2. OMEGAD! I couldn't imagine lot of talented players here in Limit
  3. ohh really? okay thanks for info
  4. First complete the Limit Academy once you received the freebies, you can easily reach the level 100, using the mercenaries in your inventory at usable tab. use bowman/archer mercenary, every mercenary has a skill right click your mercenary>> status>>skill>>take the double strife and put it in your shortcut key and go to orc dungeon02 to go there talk to warper>> dungeon>> orc dungeon>> dungeon 2 until you reach level 60+, put all your stats on Vitality after that use the doppelganger contract, use @autoloot then talk to warper>> dungeon>> moscovia>> dungeon 3. you can start farming while leveling until your reach lv100. once you reach level 100 go to asgard and look for Infinity Space party. P.S. Dont forget to use the Field Manual to boost your exp
  5. Guide Updated
  6. it's not customized, gm's asked me to make a file report to fix this issue
  7. Ring of the Wise King

    Item Name / Item ID : Ring of the Wise King Describe the bug - this ring is an account bound, it shouldn't be drop. Give your source Ring of the Wise King Your Char Name: Master Orochimaru
  8. thanks ohhhh
  9. Finally ! we Otogakure managed to finish the Horror Toy Factory!

  10. until

    I'm sighing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: Master Orochimaru In. Point: Day 3: 360 Day 5: 150 Total: 510 Reward Given
  11. agree with this. I saw them one time when I'm farming and they are moving to just lure the monsters and standby until to kill the mobs, then they do it repeatedly,
  12. yes, you are right I realized my sentence is incomplete
  13. @Inkfish thanks to your effort to fixed my report but Kunai Explosion still acts like a forced Neutral.
  14. thats what I said in my report XD it act like forced neutral, both charm and element kunai(s) they didnt make my kunai explosion as elemental, so the skill is bug XD