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  1. Changelogs 2017.02.20 Mainly focusing on new players and mid gear players. Feature Updates Improved Limit Academy NPC dialogs. More clearer and easier to understand the steps. Up to date with today's server information. Re-organized Limit Group HQ NPC positions. Added exit warp for HQ to Asgard, top right building. (Near Cash area.) Moved some of the NPCs in HQ to make it easier to access. Updated Secretary Lime Evenor dialog to be more guided, more newbie friendlier. Added Grandma. For new players leveling spots under Level 100. Does not serve level 100+ players. Bounty quest update. Bounty quest is now graded by Class C, Class B and Class A. Class C, C+ and C++ (Each bounty has 3 hunting quests) (each quest 30 mob counts.) Class B, B+ and B++ (Each bounty has 3 hunting quests) (each quest 50 mob counts.) Class A (Bounty has 3 hunting quests) Bounty quests now gives small amount of Limit Merit per complete. Bounty quests is no longer level restricted, but it has "level recommendation sign". Newbies are referred to do Bounty Class C quests. Bounties have account based cool down. Added a Warp to Old Eden Group in Asgard, top left building. (Near Coin Exchanger NPC and Guild Base NPC.) Added Cheap Weaponry, Cheap Armory and Cheap Supply Shops in HQ. Event NPC Removed Lucky Lottery item from Genie Event Store. (Minor update, we plan to improve Event Shop with new items and new pricing in near future) - Ends Today. NPC Duplicated Shadow Refiner to Asgard, Smithery Table, for easier access. Added An Errand Boy quest to HQ - new player friendly for extra EXP Manuals. Client Patch Added in support for New Doram Skills. Added new little cute Bounty NPC - by GM Hilmir @Hilmir Updated LimitRO Atlas Vol.1 book content with more updated content and all typo corrections. Updated Quest log client side to match Bounty quests.
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    About Aladdin planned to have a secret valentines day with his loving Jasmine, but during the picnic, something terrible happened! Event Start: 2017.02.13 (After maintenance) Event End: 2017.02.20 (After maintenance) NPCs Aladdin Location: Morrocc Ruins Clue There are bandits involved. Reward Cupid Egg
  3. Changelogs 2017.02.13 Pet Updated Cupid pet bonus. (Now: High chance to cast auto heal and Heal Level 1 when loyal) Cupid Egg is now tradable. Battleground Balanced our the cost of item for War & Classic Shop. Cash/VIP Updates Valentine's Cash Event A simple Love Package added for all donors - much love to you all. Thank you all for the support Mato Mato Donation Recycle - will reduce CP on recycle, but Limit Merit Points are no longer needed. VIP Shop Removed all Epic Star Stones from the shop. Removed +7 Refine Tickets from the shop. NPC Warper - Added Lasagna Field 1 & 2 - Added Dragon Nest dungeon warps - Patch Added a fix patch to fix hair color issue. Limit Group Features Armory Lottery is now part of the Limit Group. You can buy Lottery ticket from Iris. You can no longer get ticket with zeny. Added Mad Bunny Egg Scroll to Iris. Moved AAW enchanter NPC from Malangdo to Limit Group HQ. Quest Maniac: Complete town quests and claim your Limit Merit Badge from this NPC. Bug Fixes Item Bug Fixes Corrected L-Phone stat saving for slots 2 & 3. Fixed NORMAL Stat food not healing correctly.
  4. Couple's memory contestants: 1 couple, 1 submission only. DO NOT post on the thread if your partner already did. 

  5. Thanks @Akin (Master Keele Zeibel) for the updates.
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    More details here:
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    Couple's Memory 2017.02.03 to 2017.02.13 More details here:
  8. Announcement: Mato Mato Donation Recycle will reduce CP on recycle, but Limit Merit Points are no longer needed. EFFECTIVE ON 13th Feb (next week)

  9. Changelogs 2017.02.06 Skill Bug Fixes Fixed Slug Shot cool down - now 5 seconds. Fixed Catnip cool down - 2s,3s,4s,5s,6s NPC Updated Silk Gear Rental NPC - both for WoE and for BG. Easier interface Added small rent fee Added Hat Quest Guide NPC in Asgard - contains two special headgear quests. Fixed Asgard wedding NPC to give proper rings. L-Phone now has 'upgrade' function. Cash Points Pre: Announce: Mato Mato Donation Recycle - will reduce CP on recycle - Limit Meri Point no longer need - this will happen on 13th Feb. Battlegrounds BG A Adjustments: BG A will allow all items. (No restrictions) Required members to start Rush: 4+4+4 = 12 Rush game is now 8 minutes + 2 min preparation, instead of 17 minutes. Required members to start Conq: 6+6 = 12 Rush Adjustments Format revised to "First team to shatter Emperium wins the battle". Increased Emperium HP for Rush Modes A and B. BG C Adjustments: Boss will no longer wander beyond their 'homebase'. Removed Gloom & revised to 2 rounds/bosses to kill. War of Emperium All skill damage reduced by 70% / Range and Melee damage reduced by 30% in WoE. Silk Mode 2017 Update:
  10. In the meantime, check out our L-Phone ad by @Hilmir:


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    World Fishing Tournament 2 30th Jan - 27th Feb About In the vast deep waters out there ..... there are many hidden secret within, waiting for you to discover. Requirement (How to fish) Buy the required items from NPC Genie in Asgard. Small Fishing Rod Baits Equip the Fishing Rod (2x for extra bonus) Find fishing spot and start fishing. Rule AFK Fisher caught will get their points removed. Fishing Areas North part of Prontera City Grass Carp Tiny Trout Enchant Book Raw Shrimp West part of Alberta Town Large Tuna Sea Squid Fire Octopus South part of Amatsu Flower Koi Red Snapper Golden Fish South part of Brasilis White Shark Small Octopus Bronze Treasure Box East part of Hugel Winged Fish Alligator Shark River Stickleback South of Dewata Black Eel Prickly Salmon Piranha South of Moscovia Baby Whale Blue Whale Big Shrimp Fisherman Ranking / Prizes Fishing Master (Asgard) has the Ranking list and your total Fish Points. The Ranking will reset every tournament. Each successful fish you catch, gives you +1 Fish Point. Fishing Master Prizes (January) When you reach the points, you can claim those items at Master. 10 Fish Points: 10x Earthworms 20 Fish Points: 20x Earthworms 50 Fish Points: 10x Raw Shrimps 100 Fish Points: 20x Raw Shrimps 200 Fish Points: 50x Raw Shrimps 1000 Fish Points: 1x I Love Games (Costume Hat) Tournament Prizes How to claim? I will publish the ranking on the end of the tournament - if you see your Char name, contact me on forums, facebook, ingame etc to claim ~~ Expire within 7 days ~~ (This method will be used until the in game mail box is back) 1st Place 10x VIP Coins 2nd Place 8x VIP Coins 3rd Place 5x VIP Coins
  12. Note: Battlegrounds guide under construction.

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    2. NornSai


      20 people bg is way too difficult to get started without AFKers...

    3. Satele


      Too many people required and time too long, it would imply playing bg for months in order to get shadow eq sets

    4. Akin (Master Keele Zeibel)

      Akin (Master Keele Zeibel)

      9 hours ago, NornSai said:

      20 people bg is way too difficult to get started without AFKers...

      Thats true. I thought we are trying to try discourage AFK in BG..

  13. Changelogs 2017-01-30 Bug Fixes Fixed Kirin Armor missing 1 slot issue. Fixed bug where castle owner can wear multi MvP when agit start. Battleground Battleground C updates Now available for all jobs. Now Silk mode, no need to bring own equipment, NPC in battle map will rent you class specified gears. Minister Reuix quest no longer gives Shadow gears, rewards Classic Badge. New Shadow gears added to Classic Shop. Battleground A and B updates Added mini maps for better guidance for those battle maps. (Patch) Added improved system guidance to increase gaming experience and less confusing on what to do. BG Rush game update: Game time is set to 15 minutes. The team that owns the Emperium at the end of the game get's full points, the rest team get's 0 from Emperium (even if they break). 3x Rebel Leader - is updated with more background story (now with their own names and improved outfit and feel.) Removed Mercenaries in Rush. Requirement to start Rush is set to minimum 12 people. Added Mapflags GvG to make sure that Emblem shows above the players head. Prince Croix quest - no longer gives War Badge as reward. Now requires 5 WINS to complete the quest. NPC Added shadow equipment refinement option for Safe Ore NPC.
  14. Changelogs 2017-01-23 (Let's welcome the new year!) Battlegrounds Classic Badge and War Badge is now tradeable. Added Daily Quests "Croix Request" (Arena A & B) and "Rieux Request" (Arena C). Added several 'Avenger Series' weapons to War Badge shop. NPC Added Entrepreneur NPC in Asgard. (speak to him for a basic L-Phone) Bugfix: Costume Roast Memory now properly increases heal efficiency of 'Grain' by 2017%. Bug Fixes
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