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  1. A Marriage of a Lifetime

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  3. Spring Festival 2017

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  4. Changelogs 2017.01.16 Event New Year Zeny Fundraiser will end. A Marriage of a Life Time Event added. Malangdo Octopus Festival, Payon Scholar & Cook and Mr. Pepper's Request added. Commands Pet Talk command now adds a [Pet Talk] sign on outgoing messages by the pet. Pet Rename, no longer has a *P* or [P] sign, you may rename your Pet again for a clear name ^^ WoE Updated castle treasure for Fadhgridh NPC Conversion of War->Classic Badge (1 week only). Added Battleground Talisman Rental NPC. Slightly shortened BG Rush Duration. Bug Fixes
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  6. About Traditions - Bring back a bonding activity we used to enjoy! 1. Information Before ET, IS, and other instance parties, Abracadabra parties (Abra parties for short) used to be big in LimitRO. Whether you're someone who needs a refresher on how to do this or you've recently come back to RO that you have know no clue as to what I'm talking about, dive in this guide to know more! First of all, it's important to learn what Abracadabra/Hocus Pocus does. A skill earned by mages once they ascend to the level of sage, it casts any random spell at the cost of SP and yellow gemstones. Now, your aim is for '????' to pop up on your window while you spam-cast Abra, and you must successfully cast this on the mob. (Hence, stationary mobs are better since they don't go anywhere, making it easier for you to aim at their location). '????' has the following random outcomes: Fortune - Increases your zeny by 100 times your current base level. Monocell - Changes the mob into a poring Death - Kills the mob in an instant Change Class - Now this is the outcome you'll want, for it can change a yellow plant into Thanatos, or a green plant into a TGK. So yeah, it changes the ordinary into an MVP. Note: 'Tame pet' skill is disabled as an outcome in Abra in this server. 2. What You Need Items: Yellow Gemstones (Abra requires this) Optional: Dead branch (especially for maps with non-stationary mobs or 'dead' maps - places with no mobs at all) Optional: Mistress card (to reduce gemstone requirement from 2 to 1) Faith that your party can kill the MVP Players: Sage/Professor/Sorcerer - Ideally, you'd want to use a sorcerer for bigger SP pool. Abracadabra (at least level 8), SP Conversion/Indulge, and Cast Cancel are a must. Some sorcerers also don't crank up their DEX at all so they can easily cast cancel skills like Steel Body. Dancer and Bard - Both of these characters need the skill, Into the Abyss. Abra consumes 2 yellow gemstones per cast, and that can be quite costly. However, you can make use of the dancer and bard's ensemble skill, which bestows the mistress card effect as long as the sorcerer is in the same party and within the skill's range (9x9). Support and killers (AB is a must to clearance the Sage/Sorc in cases of Play dead if another sorc isn't around to dispell it. In the absence of an AB/2nd sorc, the sorc who had play dead skill cast can just relog to remove the effect) No matter what the set-up or the number of people involved, remember that the sorcerer, the bard and the dancer should all be in the same party. Otherwise, the effect of Into the Abyss will not work. 3. Where to perform Any fields numbered 03 or 04 with dead branch (You can check Warper for the list of the fields) Fields with lots of plants (Sograt Dessert 13 is famous for this) House Guild Base 4. List of MVPs you can summon with Abracadabra 5. Additional Tips Okay, there's a debate on which level of Abra (8 or 10) is the most effective when summoning MVPs. I haven't come across any solid evidence that proves one is better than the other, but I'll leave this up to the players to debate. Abra set-ups usually have 2 parties (1 for the killers and 1 for the sage-abyss bards/dancers-ABs), but since killers have gotten stronger, everyone can be in the same party unless killers use Giant Fly Wing when hunting for MVPs while the sorcerer is still continuing to cast Abra. If there are no stationary mobs in the area, some party members like ABs try to lure a weak mob (e.g. poring) by hitting them once and stand near the sorcerer so these mobs can be used as targets for Abra. As of last time's testing, Vacuum Extreme + Cloud Kill doesn't make MVPs teleport away when the sorcerer has to temporarily get rid of them to continue with spamcasting Abra. Players can reply in this thread to verify if this is the case with others. MVPs are FREE FOR ALL TO KILL, meaning if you summoned your MVPs in a public area, don't be surprised if other players who'll see your MVP might be eager to kill it unless that's a Gopinich, If you have any questions, feel free to post it in this thread. Thank you for reading!
  7. Zeny Fundraiser 2017

  8. Changelogs 2016-01-02 Donation Removed BG related badges out of Cash Shop. Added 3x new wings exclusive to VIP Shop NPC in Asgard: Event End Clean the Dirt Xmas Selfie Xmas Galore Drawing Thanks to everyone who participated in our events! Event Start World Fishing Tournament 1 - Whale adventure Zodiac's Return ingame quests. New Year Zeny Fundraiser Patch Added some minor item fix patch. Feature Bug Fixes
  9. Happy new year / 明けましておめでとう / Buon Anno! 

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      Happy new year! Selamat Tahun Baru! 新年快乐!

  10. For those wishing to get rid of the colors on their character names, Embrace Off NPC can help you out. Check out the Cash service section on the guide.
  11. Christmas Kitty Bag

    More info here:
  12. Changelogs 12-26-2016 WoE New 20:00-21:00 Tuesday WoE Normal mode Battlegrounds Reduced respawn delay Fixed issue with clicking Warper NPC Added Mr. Xmas Kitty NPC in Asgard Bug fixes
  13. Christmas Contests #1 and #2

  14. Silk WoE enabled eq/item list:


  15. Changelogs 12-12-2016 Forum Events for Christmas 2016 Selfie Showdown Artwork Galore Bug fixes