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  1. Can you Please Post IP's of all the proxies we currently  at our disposal, along with the ping for that proxy to the main server?.which 1 is the main server's link at the login page?


    1. Lai


      None of the Proxy are main server, Main server IP will be secret :)

      but I will post all other proxy IP to our server info page in nearest future )

  2. Hello this is just the first report n no response
  3. It is actually true. but maybe lai should keep it customised to as it is right now. cz the Max HP we reach is Way beyond what we reach in Officials. (250k 1 shot damage is wot will be normal if we fix it ) .....
  4. 1st Used Demonic Fire Followed with Fire Expansion lvl 4 on the Right 2nd Used Demonic Fire Followed with Fire Expansion lvl 3 ont he Left. Both have the Same Colour, making it a gambling situation during woe as to which 1 is gonna give you buff and which 1 is gonna debuff you.
  5. The Game Keeps Breaking By every Item from jRO and we somehow keep getting items from jRO cz sm1 will keep suggesting. The Same people who ask for jRO items never mention about the disabled things in woe and pvp in jRO.......
  6. U revealed ur name in the chat window So much for witness protection
  7. Unless it's nerfed knowingly...... Probably nerfed cz the ingame description doesn't say additional ATK for every refine. Ended up wasting Stuffs to make it
  8. Yes I understand your trouble but plz bear with it
  9. LOL LMAO Good Luck Getting it back to Normal
  10. I still don't get wots wrong with her DP? Yes that's her. Yes she Ks'd It's also true that u tried ur best but still can't do shyt about her. So now all u can do is use her pic and make stories hahahaha. Git Gud
  11. LoL let him use the pic. His face fcked up so the poor guy can't show his face. Are u Mad bruhhh???
  12. Thanx Queen chinatos for saving the lives of these ppl. They might have died from excessive Butt Bleeding.