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  1. U revealed ur name in the chat window So much for witness protection
  2. Unless it's nerfed knowingly...... Probably nerfed cz the ingame description doesn't say additional ATK for every refine. Ended up wasting Stuffs to make it
  3. Yes I understand your trouble but plz bear with it
  4. LOL LMAO Good Luck Getting it back to Normal
  5. I still don't get wots wrong with her DP? Yes that's her. Yes she Ks'd It's also true that u tried ur best but still can't do shyt about her. So now all u can do is use her pic and make stories hahahaha. Git Gud
  6. LoL let him use the pic. His face fcked up so the poor guy can't show his face. Are u Mad bruhhh???
  7. Thanx Queen chinatos for saving the lives of these ppl. They might have died from excessive Butt Bleeding.
  8. Even Thana needs ally now?? If you call that insulting and harassment..... Try again with more sub id's plz "DICKWEEDS"
  9. Okay next report please. New id's again please...
  10. GGWP
  11. Wrong Spelling , Try again
  12. LOL Serge Rodriguez Are you just butthurt or buttbleeding?C'mon la I didn't force myself yet
  13. Lol calm down and move a floor downstairs? Cz apparently u can't kill faster than him. Or maybe use a ranger urself and get up to speed?? If noks limit of monsters is increased wots gonna make it certain tht no1 is gonna misuse it? Just look at other threads and see the response from the GM's....
  14. @Akin Does SS show the full story of w/e the fck happen in thana? and as lai mentioned earlier @noks. use that. Only the Last SS kinda looks like it was ur mob, the other's seem like it was her mob and u trying to cast severe rainstorm frm afar? Cmon we need more player in Thana Towers to help revive the Economy. Try Harder Guyz. Find a way....
  15. Ban Them Please Along with all the People who have been Using Aura in all silk WoE's. Ban The Helpers using the Helper Aura, And Other People using Aura's with No Stones for all stats +1. Just so you Know it was your GX Lewandoski Who wore the Aura and Entered, thats when we realised the aura's can be used. Allying and Merging wasn't Enough. So yes Plox Ban Them.