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  1. Changed Status to Fixed
  2. The reward from this event will be exclusively only during this event, will not appear in Cash Shop or VIP Shop in future.
  3. LimitRO Spring Festival 2017 Year of Rooster Event Malangdo Octopus Festival Event Mr. Pepper's Requests Event Poor Scholar & Generous Cook
  4. Lai's Wedding 2017.1.9 -Based on real life event- About Heya, I'm now a married man Thank you all for the support and encouraged me to make this happen! I must say, the wedding was one of the best things in my whole life ~~ During that day, me and my wife received so many Hong Baos(lucky money) from our over 300+ guests (relatives, friends etc). Each Hong Bao were like...worth over 1000CP But the sad part is...I didnt get anything... because Mao is now taking care of all the Hong Baos ~~ haha Event Time 2017.1.16 to 2017.1.30 Event NPCs Location: Asgard - north part. Flower Girl Will give you a Gift from Lai. Wedding Host Able to exchange VIP Coins into Hong Bao Hong Bao(S) = 20VIP Hong Bao(M) = 30VIP Hong Bao(L) = 40VIP Groom Lai Give Lai the Hong Bao and in return for the gifts: Hong Bao(S) 88 CP 1x Hong Bao in Mouth (Low DPCE) 10x Wedding Lucky Tickets Hong Bao(M) 188 CP 1x Wedding Musical Notes (Mid DPCE) 20x Wedding Lucky Tickets Hong Bao(L) 288 CP 1x Lovely Blink (Mid DPCE) 30x Wedding Lucky Tickets Bride Mao My lovely wife is taking care of the small Lottery game for the wedding. Give her the Wedding Lucky Tickets to have a chance for the following items. Lai's Ring of Eternity (Accessory) Adds a 3% chance of autocasting Lv1 Flip Tatami when the user receives Long Ranged Physical Damage. Harmony Plate (Accessory) Adds 3% chance of autocasting Lv5 Safety Wall when the user receives Melee Physical Damage. Lucky Cigarette (Low Hat) Adds a low chance of autocasting certain skills when attacking. Drains 88 HP and recovers 8 SP every 10 seconds. Star Stone (MATK) RARE Safe Refine Ore RARE Other items Lai Thank you again for all the gratulations on facebook and other media ~~ Your Admin is now a Married man ^^ We have the whole LimitRO community to witness our marriage
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Event New Year Zeny Fundraiser will end. A Marriage of a Life Time Event added.
  10. This event will end on 16th January ~~
  11. Play with no lag, read...


    1. Sheep Poo

      Sheep Poo

      Play with no Lag Kappa

  12. Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Battleground Merged KvM, Bravery and Valor badge, now using Classic Badge. Added KvM, Bravery and Valor converter into Classic Badge. Added Classic Badge Shop NPC in Battleground Lobby. NPC Updated Rebellion shop in Prontera & Vending Harbour. Removed Slug Shot L, M, H, SH, XH. Added Shotgun Slug (consumed by Slug Shot skill). Removed Flare Sphere, Lightning Sphere, Ice Sphere, Poison Sphere & Blinding Sphere. Added Flare Bullet, Lightning Bullet, Ice Bullet, Poison Bullet & Blinding Bullet. Added Garment preview in VIP Shop. Added KvM Battle Arena C 'Trans Job only BG". Removed War badge -> Other badge conversion. Added magnifier dog. Item Fixed issue of battleground potions not working in new maps. Bug Fixes Fixed Donation cash items cannot be unenchanted bug. First time we have Sunday maintenance, and its one time! Because of my wedding is tomorrow ;D