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  1. Thank you all for joining this event, and hopefully we have created real love here during this event 💏💏💏💏💏💏
  2. Changed Status to More Proof Needed
  3. Changed Status to Closed
  4. This is not really a bug, but just we haven't decided to make it teleport or not.
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Hi, The one selling in the Vending Harbor is 13221, which is for Rebellion only. I have updated the item description for this item to state "Rebellion" for misunderstandings. After the coming Monday maintenance, the Gunslinger Silver Bullet will also appear on the same shop. Thank you for the report.
  8. Changed Status to Fixed
  9. That is because Mad Bunny is a CASH Shield in official and official made a sprite for all jobs, so they can sell it to all jobs.
  10. Feature Updates Improved Limit Academy NPC dialogs. More clearer and easier to understand the steps. Up to date with today's server information. Re-organized Limit Group HQ NPC positions. Added exit warp for HQ to Asgard, top right building. (Near Cash area.) Moved some of the NPCs in HQ to make it easier to access. Updated Secretary Lime Evenor dialog to be more guided, more newbie friendlier. Added Grandma. For new players leveling spots under Level 100. Does not serve level 100+ players. Bounty quest update. Bounty quest is now graded by Class C, Class B and Class A. Class C, C+ and C++ (Each bounty has 3 hunting quests) (each quest 30 mob counts.) Class B, B+ and B++ (Each bounty has 3 hunting quests) (each quest 50 mob counts.) Class A (Bounty has 3 hunting quests) Bounty quests now gives small amount of Limit Merit per complete. Bounty quests is no longer level restricted, but it has "level recommendation sign". Newbies are referred to do Bounty Class C quests. Bounties have account based cool down. Added a Warp to Old Eden Group in Asgard, top left building. (Near Coin Exchanger NPC and Guild Base NPC.) Added Cheap Weaponry, Cheap Armory and Cheap Supply Shops in HQ. Event NPC Removed Lucky Lottery item from Genie Event Store. (Minor update, we plan to improve Event Shop with new items and new pricing in near future) NPC Duplicated Shadow Refiner to Asgard, Smithery Table, for easier access. Added An Errand Boy quest to HQ - new player friendly for extra EXP Manuals. Client Patch Added in support for New Doram Skills. Added new little cute Bounty NPC - by GM Hilmir @Hilmir Updated LimitRO Atlas Vol.1 book content with more updated content and all typo corrections. Updated Quest log client side to match Bounty quests.
  11. @Molin, text is wrong I corrected it, sorry for the issue
  12. It's time to activate, GOOD MANNER Lai protocol!

  13. Couple's Memory Winners are.... Xia Ah Miao hitarusaiko ndy huuxera Brynhildr
  14. Hi. If this is a suggestion, please post it to suggestion center.