Limit RO

10x10x10x - Renewal - Episode 17.1 - PK Server
(incl. Rebellion, Oboro Kagerou, Doram Summoner)
LimitRO 2009 to 2021. Hello, we have discontinued the server and no more updates will be added to the server.
If you want to continue the journey with LimitRO community, please join the new Limit Ragnarok with 4th jobs, with new a new account.
Link is visit


News & Update
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LimitRO Rankings
Know who is the best player and guild of LimitRO

Best Gladiator
Name: Amatzya
Points: 23,965
Best Alchemist
Name: Crystal Jade
Guild: Burger K
Points: 744,499
Best Guild
Name: CabaL
Leader: Rastan
Castles: 5 occupied
Top MvP Hunters
Name: Limited Eddition
Guild: Galaxy Guardians
Points: 20,091
Best Fisher
Name: Eileen sama
Points: 7,290
Best PvP
Name: CecilGamble
Points: 636

LimitRO Features
LimitRO offers a wide range of features features that will amaze you!

Mid-rate Renewal Server

LimitRO is a Mid-rate server with completely functional Renewal system to let you feel the full RO experience!


We might be on of the oldest server out there but we are very up-to-date, what's new on kRO? Expect to see it in LimitRO ASAP!


You'll never get bored in LimitRO, in case you don't have any farming or instance to do, we have hourly events for you. Not mentioning the awesome events hosted by our Helpers and GMs!

All The Help You Need

Helpers are here to help players to reach their maximum potentions, you can ask them anything and they will greet you with their best smiles!

Limit Academy

New to RO? Don't worry, through Limit Academy you will be able to master the knowledge about RO in just a few clicks!

Limit Group

Our server has been online for more than 8 years, that's why we make it easier for newbies to catchup by providing Limit Group and it's features.

Fishing System

LimitRO has a custom Fishing system to help you kill time. There's also a monthly tournament with awesome prizes to catch!


Curious why you can't progress with your quest? Check out our Wiki and look for the guides you need or visit our forum and share a discussion with our active forum members!

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